Tom Cruise Officially Chooses to Accept Mission: Impossible 4

February 9, 2010
Source: Deadline Hollywood

Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible 3

Last summer we got official word that Paramount would be developing Mission: Impossible 4 and J.J. Abrams (who also directed the third installment) would return with Tom Cruise to produce. At the time there was no word on whether Cruise would reprise his role as Impossible Mission Force agent Ethan Hunt, but now Deadline Hollywood has word that the Hollywood superstar closed his deal at Paramount today to confirm his return to the franchise for a fourth go-round. But they're still looking for a director. Remember, we already know that "Alias" writers Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec are writing the new screenplay.

The plan is to make M:I4 Cruise's next movie and to start production sometime this summer. Say what you will about Cruise's personal life, I've always been a fan of his acting career. Great performances, plenty of spectacular films and the ability to do action, drama and even more surprisingly, comedy, Cruise is one of the best actors we have working today. In addition, the Mission: Impossible franchise itself hasn't gone stale yet, despite a very close call after the atrocious second installment from John Woo (you remember Kickin' Impossible right?). As a matter of fact, J.J. Abrams brought new life into the franchise by bringing back the team element of IMF, and never forgetting that the film wasn't just about action, but espionage as well.

I wonder who Abrams and Cruise will get to sit in the director's chair for this next one? Personally, I'd love to see Abrams return but I'd rather have him dedicate himself to the next Star Trek movie instead. So who else is left that could actually do a good job? Who do you want to see direct Mission Impossible 4?

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  • People's Champ 3D
    Ho hum
  • jjboldt
    Can't Abrams do both? Star Trek and MI4? Although if he has to pick one, definitely needs to be Star Trek.
  • Jackson Isaacson
    I'm looking forward to this. If M:I3 hadn't been what it was, i definitely wouldn't be though. But as for the director? I'd personally love to see what Marc Webb could do with it. Something about him seems like he could do an excellent job with it.
  • Plz, Abrams is awesome with TV and Produccing.. but directing movies. he def. sucks. Sorry! But I think MI3 was bad the New Stark Trek was like.. *iiiks* ... on the other hand LOST is like WUHU!
  • I'd take Doug Liman, but Abrams is definitely who I'd like to see direct it.
  • Dee
    MI3 was a bad episode of Alias! MI2 was great and MI had it's moments. If they get the right director it could be the best of the franchise or another Blade III (IT SUCKED)!
  • drnknjbbrsh
    I'm looking forward to this. I really enjoyed MI3 and agree that it was far superior to that awful mess MI2 wound up being. Anyone claiming that MI had "it's moments" and that #2 was great has an interesting taste in cinema. To each his own. On the other hand, Mike (#4) Star Trek was one of the most highly received movies of 2009, both critically and by the average Joe. I would be extremely excited if they could replicate the intensity and overall quality of the last project. If Abrams can't, perhaps they could bring in Kathryn Bigelow (I am in no way comparing MI3 to Hurt Locker, I just think she could do a great job). I guess we will find out soon. Can't wait!
    Abrams or Paul Greengrass.
  • Andy
    hmm this is good news! i really enjoyed mi3 and mi1 is one of my favourite action movies!
  • DukePhoenix
    @8 - Please no Greengrass!! I vote for any director that can keep his camera crew from bouncing around like epileptic ADD children.
  • JAY
    #8 C'mon dude..... Paul Greengrass would be the PERFECT director to continue this series. Look at the resume...The Bourne Ultimatum was easily the best of the Bourne films, "United 93" not only got him an Oscar nomination but was also a great film and with him being off the Bourne series this would be the perfect film to give them the finger for letting him go! He knows how to direct action, intensity and great storylines and should be at the top of the list!
  • harm
    I'd like to see this go to someone besides Greengrass. Too much shaky came. I'd also like to see what the guy who directed Cloverfield could do with an action/espionage movie. Could be fun.
  • last son
    This is great news I really hated M:I2, but M:i3 was very good. Personally I think Cruise should try getting David Fincher on board again. He was going to direct M:I3 but left the project.
    @10 DukePhoenix did you not like The Bourne Ultimatum?! how can anyone here not like Greengrass' Bourne?! that was simply badass. @11 JAY you the man...thank you.
  • clovie
    Matt Reeves
  • Xerxex
    @11 and 14 the best Bourne film was Supermacy. Greengrass as director would be awesome.
  • Mike
    "I'd like to see this go to someone besides Greengrass. Too much shaky came. I'd also like to see what the guy who directed Cloverfield" And Cloverfield wasn't to shaky?
    @16 What are you basing that on? Ultimatum was far superior in action scenes and car chases. If you prefer redemption and sentimentality, then I suppose Supremacy has more of that.
  • OG Khyam B
    Greengrass or maybe Martin Campbell? (how will that work with Green Lantern?)
  • Damo
    Now that Clash is wrapped maybe Louis Leterrier? Or Now that Predators is wrapped Nimród Antal? those guys have flair and a hard edge to them... a dichotomy that seemed to be in the Abrams version. BUT PLEASE...No Greengrass.
  • JT
    Neil Blompkamp anyone???
  • David Banner
    Just read J.J. Abrams will be directing it, crap. Wating time he could use on the new Star Trek franchise he invented
  • Loser
    Christoffer Nolan, Michael Mann or Darren Aronofsky to direct. Loved MI3.
  • Voice of Reason
    Paul Verhoeven Brad Bird Shane Acker Tom Cruise Kathryn Bigelow Justin Donais
  • gissele
  • Crazy Olyphant
    Love part 3! Bring it!
  • jimi
    I would love to see a Paul Greengrass or Kathryn Bigelow MI4, but it bound to be a another great chapter in the franchise. Can't wait.
  • april
    Tom Cruise scales the tallest building in Dubai for MI: Ghost Protocol. Check out these images:




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