Tom Cruise Says a Les Grossman Movie is Now in the Works?

June 7, 2010
Source: E! Online

Tom Cruise as Les Grossman at the MTV Movie Awards

Last night the MTV Movie Awards were the center of the pop culture world with the who's who of Hollywood watching Twilight: New Moon win every single award for which it was nominated. That's the bad news. The good news is the awards were made somewhat tolerable thanks to fictional producer Les Grossman, who showed up to inject some energy into the awards by busting some moves alongside Jennifer Lopez, all to the tune of some Ludacris beats. Apparently all this hype and the love for this character brought to life by Tom Cruise is now pushing forward development of a feature film focusing on the insane studio exec. Oh no!

Last night, Cruise told E! Online: "We're working on it. Yup, we're working on it." While I've proclaimed my love for Cruise's spectacular comedic performance as Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder, I don't think I want that much more of Les (see what I did?). While Grossman is an outrageous and hilarious character, I feel like he can only work in small doses the size of SNL sketches. Grossman is rude, loud, offensive and likes to dance to hip-hop beats. We get it. A feature film focusing on the character would be like watching a few Jeremy Piven heavy episodes of "Entourage" featuring crazy super agent Ari Gold. The only way I could see this being interesting is if the project came together as a mockumentary taking place at the heart of the film industry with plenty of celebrity cameos.

I'm glad that Cruise is having fun with the character, and it's nice to see him so well-received by audiences again, especially in a role as funny as this, but if he wants to get back into some comedy, he needs to figure something else out. Knight & Day, which I think looks quite entertaining, is a good start because it allows him to mix action and comedy, but if he truly wants to jump into a full-fledged feature-length comedy, Les Grossman probably isn't the best option. I'd rather see a long gestating project like The Hardy Men take off with Cruise and Ben Stiller joining forces for some laughs.

Coincidentally, both of them showed off their comedic chops together in an MTV Movie Awards featurette focusing on Tom Cruise stunt double Tom Crooze (Ben Stiller) and that always cracks my shit up. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens with this idea. Do you guys want a Les Grossman flick?

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  • Spider94
  • I never saw Tropic Thunder since I'm 13. But I did catch the commercials for the Movie Awards with the Twilight men. I actually think that an entire movie with Tom Cruise bashing on celebrities with swear words smothered in would be hilarious! So if it's PG-13, count me in!
  • xaudioprox
    Les Grossman = PURE WIN!
  • Eric
    I certainly understand the reservations about a Grossman oriented flick, but I think it would work very well. Yes, they'd have to develop a deeper personality for Grossman, but I would definitely be interested in seeing it.
  • Will
    Les Grossman is gold. I for one would watch it.
  • filmfan111
    While the grossman character can be a little funny. I would much rather have a movie with Frank T.J. Mackey. (from awesome tomcruise in magnolia 1999)
  • Al
    Most of my favorite film characters are the ones who aren't the central characters. (exception: the dude) So expanding his role, no matter how great he is, seems like a mistake. That being said, I think another film from the Tropic Thunder universe would be great. Not necessarily focusing on the same characters, but featuring them. Just like an Elmore Leonard novel.
  • pulp fiction212
    um im 14 and i saw it.Anyway everyone knows its gonna be like tropic thunder but worse and surprisingly im oka with that,im looking forward to this
  • Daniel Felts
    Nah. How bout the make more movies like Tropic Thunder and just put more of him in it.
  • Why not just a Tropic Thunder sequel where he plays a bigger role? I like the character, so I'd watch it for sure, but I'm with you in preferring Hardy Men. Although, on that note, what will Hardy Men do that Mystery Team didn't?
    "The only way I could see this being interesting is if the project came together as a mockumentary taking place at the heart of the film industry with plenty of celebrity cameos." So basically like an Ari-heavy episode of Entourage then but with more handheld?
  • Xerxex
    it should have Piven in it, then it would be epic.
  • movie mike
    YES! Im first in line. Get Him To the Greek proved you can do a great spinoff of a character like this, so I think this would be so much fun.
  • D
    I dont think cruise could pull off being funny for a whole movie. Grossman was funny for a bit in tropic thunder but a whole movie would get tired real quick
  • Deathtoll 2010
    I'm with 9 & 10, we need another Tropic Thunder movie with more Les, not a Les Grossman movie with some Tropic Thunder.
  • Am I the only on who's not a fan of Tom Cruise?
    Tom Cruise can be fantastic, when applied properly to the right property. Case in point, "Magnolia", and "Minority Report"..., however he sucks when he's overly macho, as in "Last Samurai", and "Mission Impossible 2"
  • Peace Love & GaGa
    @2- It would definitely be R like Tropic Thunder...and he will most likely not "bash on celebrities" seeing that, that isn't what he does. He was just fucking with the celebrities cause it was the MTV movie awards. Yeah so sorry but I highly doubt the movie will be anything like what you said.
  • vlad
    Will Ferrell should have used the same vehicle to push for an Anchorman sequel
  • Craig
    #17: I agree completely. And I've liked the trailers for Knight and Day so far, so hopefully it will be another one to add to the list.
  • Have Hope
    The idea for a mockumentary is an amazing idea. That would work perfectly; seeing his day as he swear at actors and agents.
  • L
    What a garbage idea. He isn't that funny or original to warrant 2 hours of just him. A mockumentary style is probably the best you can do with it, but only if it was like an extra on a DVD. Good for Cruise though. If he can pull out millions from this, he deserves it.
  • Neva Evah
    Tom STOLE the ENTIRE show.... hands down. That said, I'm leary that his shouting and cursing would get old in 90min-2hr movie. Sam Jackson's great when he iconically shouts one or twice a movie, if he shouted more than that it'd wear off. I'm all for it if they can keep me laughing. (stiller directed maybe?)
  • 1544K
    Hell F*%K YEAH IT WILL BE FUNNY. TC has an inside track to what satirically goes down behind studio exec's closed doors. Thats GOLDEN. Douchebaggery at its funniest and finest. Doesn't have to be 2hrs. 80-90 will work.




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