Update: Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Does Whatever a Reboot Can

January 12, 2010
Source: EW.com, Deadline.com


Last night, a pumpkin bomb of massive proportions was dropped on us all. Sony officially announced that Sam Raimi's Spider-Man franchise was no more. This spawned a huge debate between fans and non-fans alike both on our own comment board and, most especially, on Twitter. I was even compelled to share -- and defend -- my own jubilance as a fan of comics more than the movies. (Check out my thoughts in comment #71 of the above article.) But when the night was all said and done, the only thing that we could all agree on was that there weren't a whole lot of things we could all agree on. Read on for more new reboot updates!

Now that some more facts about the Spider-Man reboot have surfaced, let's explore this prospect with a bit of objectivity. (Before, you know, we let our hearts and guts fuck it up all over again.) To start, if you've read any of my articles even tangentially related to Spider-Man, you should know I'm not a huge fan of Raimi's movies. I'm also not a fan of Tobey Maguire's portrayal of Peter Parker. So, and this is but an assumption, I'm approaching this news from a different angle than a lot of you. I know my thoughts are quite different than Alex's. But even we could agree that Spider-Man 3 is atrocious. How they treated such a monumentally important character like Gwen Stacy is indefensible. How they used Venom was just plain poor. And how they ret-conned Ben Parker's death–by shoe-horning in Sandman's history is simply bollocks.

That's just the beginning. But this isn't about what's come before, it's about what's ahead. Strange enough, what's ahead is, unfortunately, what's come before. Entertainment Weekly says that Sony's Spider-Man reboot will be born of a script from Zodiac-scribe James Vanderbilt, and it will indeed be an origin story. It's widely know that Vanderbilt had been hired to write Spider-Man 5 and 6, and that those films were being developed (as a reboot) right along side Raimi's fourth film. Well, it seems that Vanderbilt's reboot timetable will simply be moved up and we'll see the next Spider-Man story come 2012, instead of 2011.

But, as I said, unfortunately this story is of the origin variety. It's being described with my least favorite Hollywood buzzword: "gritty." Peter Parker will be sent back to high school in a more contemporary setting battling today's teenagers's issues. As for everything else, not a lot else is known. There are a few names floating around who may or may not be in the running to helm this new Spider-Man incarnation. Among them are 500 Days of Summer director Marc Webb, Seabiscuit director Gary Ross, and the BOOM! himself, Michael Bay. This is all just conjecture and hearsay, based purely on who's hot and who's expressed interest in the franchise in the past. Though, if anyone's suggesting James Cameron out there, based on that treatment of his, they've probably been bounced around by The Rhino one too many times.

So, those are the facts and rumors. If you'd like to read Sony's press release in full, Nikki Finke's got it for you. Other than that, I've only got my own opinions to offer from now on.

While I'm very excited that Spider-Man will be sticking around for a while longer and that it's going to have its web-shooters reloaded, the fact that Vanderbilt's already-written script is an origin tale is worrisome. Just because it's a reboot doesn't mean it has to be an origin tale. As I was breathlessly telling Alex tonight, my ideal reboot would have been to return to Peter Parker's high school days, with him established as the wall-crawler, and simply tell a great Spider-Man story from that point forward. But as long as the origin isn't too reminiscent, and Parker's shown building some web-shooters this go-round, there's potential, if for no other reason than because it allows for Gwen Stacy -- the love of my comic book life -- to appear as she always should have: as Peter's one, true love. If there's a love-triangle between MJ, Gwen, and Pete, even better. But now I'm just waxing idealistic.

Basically, Sony is now left with a gaping hole in its 2011 summer release schedule. Will it be worth it? Will this reboot prove to be a cash grab directed at the Twilight-crowd, as some are predicting, or will it be akin to Marvel's introduction of Ultimate Spider-Man a decade ago. I'm excited -- and hoping against hope -- for the latter. As long as we can look forward to what might be, quelling our knee-jerk reaction to dismiss this new venture, instead of lamenting what might have been, it'll at least be interesting to watch this whole thing unfurl. I just hope J.K. Simmons and Elizabeth Banks survive the regime change. Your thoughts?

Brandon Lee Tenney is a screenwriter and regular contributor. Follow him @Brotodeau

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  • Metatasian
    Our prayers have been answered!
  • Metatasian
    Now just have one villain this time... Venom
  • ryderup
    First Movie Origin. Set up Gwen Stacy and the love triangle bewtween MJ, Parker and her. Set up the green goblin and one secondary minor villain (electro, vulture etc) Second Movie Execute the Green Goblin-story and kill off Gwen Stacy as the climax. Third Movie Dock Ock as villain. Introduce more minor villains (like a throw away first scene or something). Have the ending be that Parker can't be with MJ. SECOND TRILOGY Sinister Six and MJ finds out who Parker is. Maybe ends with their Marriage. And as I stated ion the other thread - Shia Lebouff will be Spider-Man.
  • Dirty Dutchman
    Sony should wait some years before releasing the reboot because the foul taste of the last film is still in my mouth... Perhaps they can learn some lessons from the Batman franchise.
  • tobi,leader of the akatsuki
    any of the following to direct,1.james cameron 2.michael bay 3.the bloke who done district 9 4.ridley scott 5.del toro 6.tarantino 7.nolan 8.jj abrams 9.the guy who done halo odst ad. just pick one.
  • David Banner
    They are rebooting a $ 3 BILLION franchise. This sounds so odd..... check it out: http://www.the-numbers.com/
  • If Michael Bay is directing any of these reboots, I will boycot all these productions and make sure everyone around me doesn't visit these movies.
  • ryderup
    yeah it's weird they are rebooting something that is unable to not make millions of dollars and got a fanbase. Whatever we think about Tobey Maguire or Raimi every kids love Spider-Man. But maybe it has something to do with Marvel wanting more control and "fusing" this franschise with the Universe of Iron Man, Hulk, Avengers etc?
  • stanisic
    i can see now sonny moving battle los angeles for summer realese,and i think that is better for them because its a big movie
  • jojoe
    i want peter jackson or steven spielberg for spidey!!! and i am fine with shia labeouf(or whatever you write it^^)
  • nelson
    brendon you hate the franchise and tobey it is no reason you want a reboot lolol yeah lets reboot a franchise that's last film came out 2 1/2 years ago LOLOL dark and gritty spidey lets make him all brooding like batman
  • dange
    I agree that they should scrap the origin and just start with pete just starting out as spider-man (have the origin in the credits like incredible hulk), maybe have an opening scene fighting off some villian like the shocker. Similar storyline to ultimate spider-man could be good, pete struggling to balance school, girls (mj and gwen, potentially same as spectacular story), and being spidey. big villian arrives, messes stuff up, (if green goblin kills gwen at the end) etc. Second and third movie should be still in high school with the finale of the third centred around graduation. Also think they should have an relative unknown in the vein of aron johnson in kick-ass. Shia would be rubbish i think. Director wise you'll never get nolan, cameron is a possibility but that would be in about 10 years after avatar 2 & 3 and battle angel. neill blonkamp a possibility but doubt he'd do it. prob be another up and comer like nimrod antal or maybe raimi's new guy that did that youtube video.
  • nelson
    also not to mention we reached as far as peter and mj almost getting married and peter being in college why go back to high school we saw that crap already
  • L
    I like how everyone thinks it's cool to tear down this franchise even though part 1 and 2 were awesome. Just because part 3 was a piece of crap doesn't mean that it should be the final name in the coffin
  • Smiley
    Agree with #13. I'm not interested in seeing him back at school.
  • Nada Nuff
    No. If the next movie is an origin story I'm gonna scream. We don't need or want to see that.
  • Chris
    You think Disney and Marvel have anything to do with this?
  • Kris
    Who gives a shit if you guys aren't interested in seeing him in high school. just don't post or do us all a favor and don't go see the movie. And having in the High school is better...Come on who the hell gets picked on at a freaking college? And at leastwewill have soemone better then Tobey he was good in the first one other then that he got old quick...Franco was the best in the series. And Shia better not be spider man, god that would really bad..he couldn't look anything near a peter parker..Maybe when he was like 3-4 years younger. Get a nobody or maybe Patrick Fugit?
  • Jake the snake
    Sounds like an odd mix of story elements.
  • Here's exactly what happened when Raimi met with the head of Sony, a retarded monkey: Sam Raimi: "Well, I’ve confirmed Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst for Spider-Man 4, and I’ve secured John Malkovich to play The Vulture, so it looks like I might be able to atone for the last one and make another great movie!" Retarded Monkey: "OO! OO! OO!" Sam Raimi: "Quite. The only thing is, I won’t have it ready for next summer like you wanted. It’ll take another year to do it properly because these things take time." Retarded Monkey: "AA! AA!" Sam Raimi: "Indeed. Well we rushed Spider-Man 3, and you made me cram too many villains in, and look what happened there." Retarded Monkey squeezes out a huge poo on the desk. Sam Raimi: "I’m sorry you feel that way, but what with my excellent track record as an innovative director capable of handling massive action sequences and nuanced emotional drama who’s made 2.5 billion dollars for this studio, I think you’ll agree I know what I’m doing." Retarded Monkey flings some of the poo at the wall. Retarded Monkey: "EEK! EEK! OO! OO! AA!" Sam Raimi: "What? You want to get rid of me and all the actors and start the franchise again with a completely different bunch of people and call it a reboot and put it out only five years after the last film and the script’s already written and it’s 'gritty' even though the comic was all about fun and bright colours and people don’t want a 'gritty' Spider-Man when they’ve got Batman, Bond and Potter all mooching about in huge piles of grit and could I close the door on the way out? Are you some kind of retarded monkey?" Retarded Monkey eats the rest of the poo. Sam Raimi: "Right you are. Good luck with that. I’m sure the audience can’t wait to see Zac Efron as Peter Parker and sit through another origin story." Retarded Monkey: "OO! OO! Do you have McG’s phone number?" Sam Raimi leaves to make billions of dollars for another studio.
  • zeldaprimed
    I am realllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hoping this sets up Spidey being able to crossover into the other Marvel Universe Films...I'd love me a Spidey Cameo at the end of Avenger 2...
  • Dirty Dutchman
    #20 just made my day! That is brilliant and I could not help, but visualize that scenario so easily.
  • Agent Zero
    Disney/Marvel's next Spider Man... Zack Efron. You guys wanted a new spiderman, there it is. You get what you ask for.
  • Wing It
    #20: Brilliant. No matter what they do at this point this WILL Fail. This is a terrible atrocity. Here's hoping Robert Downey Jr and Jon Favreau do 12 Iron Man movies. Iron Man was better than Spiderman 1 and 3 and just as good or better than 2.
  • metatasian
    John Cho for Parker...
  • Garrett
    Couldn't agree with you more, man. This would be a perfect oportunity to make an Ultimate Spider-man franchise. That is my favorite comic book right now, the story has been consistently great and it's all about Peter in his high school days.
  • They should do a Terminator versus Spider-Man movie, with Jessica Biel...
  • I kinda agree with Brandon on this. I was fan of the series but, I was not at all super-crazy about it as a whole and too me, it means that it was mediocre. The reason is I needed these movies to blow me away and be the kind that stay stuck in my head for weeks after seeing them (like Iron Man, Dark Knight & the 1st Transformers did). None of these movies really did that for me (not even the 2nd one) and I needed that. Unlike Brandon, I LOVE Sam Raimi's movies and think he's a brilliant director and creative in this industry. I think where these movies took a wrong turn for me was the casting. Toby was alright but, he was to much of a pussy and always seemed like he was whinnying. Dafoe was waaaaay overacting. Dunst as MJ....I STILL can not wrap my head around that. The only thing good about her was her perky, nipplacious boobs. I don't even want to get into the casting of the 3rd film (I don't have the strength). I'm just hoping that they really take there time with this one, casting and all. I'm gonna stay optimistic until I see something.
  • Subcelsious
    this is good if any more Raimi spidermans would come out they'd end up sucking eventually , like the old batman movies and their nipple neon wearin suits. maybe they'll give it a darker tone or bring back unrealized villains ..... like a Venom .
  • St. Joey
    To please the Twilight fans, Sony decided to line up the villain Morbius for the next installment. Stay tuned.
  • fafafannies holy batman!
    #3 I just spit out my fruitloops when you said Shia Lepewpew as Spider-man! No thanks.
  • ScottyR37
    A) New origin story? Nah. Seen it already. B) Make 'Ultimate' Spidey? The 'Ultimate' comics were designed to introduce the characters to an audience who could be intimidated by a story line which began in the 60s. Raimi's Spidey started in 2002. C) Spider-Man 1 & 2 were heralded by audiences and critics alike as enjoyable and profitable. D) Spider-Man 3 was disappointing due to the shoehorning of Venom into the story by studio suits and fanboys. While it was profitable, no one was looking for another Spidey flick except for Sony accountants. #20 had it right. Sony is flingin' poo.
  • Barry
    Or, you know, after 3 movies, we could just LEAVE IT ALONE.
  • Mr.Mr.
    ill give sony a gaping hole. i dont know about all this high school business, im not really interested in pimples and super powers. if they do reboot it, i definitely dont want to see the same villains. unless its a better venom, because SP3 was a shit storm. i fee like theres nothing to do but sit and wait. its not like im an exec, if i was id have a better car. i just hope they dont fuck it up.
  • Alec Baldwin
    Finally, people are realizing what crap these movies are. Such a great character smashed by Hollywood and Sam Raimi. Not to mention Macquire sucks. A reboot? Bring it. Make it bad ass!!
  • ScottyR37
    Venom is boring. Venom is the Sarlacc Pit of villains. All threat, all visual, no substance.
  • Dan
    Fuck Sony and their fucking arrogant board of directors!!!
  • Nada Nuff
    @ ScottyR37: I disagree. Although I'm not a comic-book fanatic, Venom was a huge threat. It fused with someone who already hated Parker and became one of his deadliest foes. Venom didn't care about secret identities. If Parker was on his way to class, Venom was right there waiting for him. Spidey couldn't detect the symbiote with his spider-senses, essentially making Venom the only person who could sneak up on Parker. Add to that nearly identical powers and a taste for killing, and you have a formidable foe. Having said that, I don't wanna see Venom in another Spider-Man movie for a long time. As messed up as the portrayal was in 3, it's still too soon.
  • Didn't we get a dark and gritty spiderman? The fag coming out of the shop wearing a tuxedo and snapping? The last time marvel tried making a reboot I was just as bored as their first attempt (The Incredible Hulk.) I would most likely end up giving it a try but I would like something that isnt just a reboot! The only series that it's okay to switch up the hero every few movies has been the James Bond series. Spiderman needs to have a very good story but that can't happen cause Marvel can't even handle their own shitty characters! I'd like to see Dare Devil in a spiderman movie... Maybe even the Fantastic 4 or Blade or Morphious but Marvel has so much trouble with every single one of their super hero movies that it'll never happen. Instead they'll just keep crossing their fingers and release shit upon shit upon shit. Don't they understand that we just want a good Venom & Carnage movie? Not where Venom is a fairy but rather a body building jock.... Personally... I think Jay Baruchel would be a great Spiderman.... He's supposed to be somebody that would be relatively easy to pick on... especially once brock comes into the picture.... As far as directing goes... I think someone like Robert Zemeckis should direct (give him a break from his shit CGI movies) or David Yates. I think they can deliver a spiderman that would be timeless. There's no need to try making the movie so epic with 2 or 3 villians... just give us one and stop having spiderman swing around new york city in horrible CGI
  • D.
    Gwen was the ultimate Parker's love? What is the comic book that you are reading? She was his school love, that's it. Mary Jane was always his true love. And if you think it's right begin again will take more time to go forward...
  • Ballyhoo
    FORGET THE ORIGIN.!!!! We already know that story..!
  • deltavoyage
    This definitely seems like a cash grab directed at the Twilight crowd. I have little to no faith in this "gritty reboot". I really liked Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movies, and I was really looking forward to seeing him correct the problems in the third one. Basically, Columbia Pictures has just said that they don't want a director with a vision. They want a director who will follow studio orders without any question, and that is never, ever, EVER a good thing.
  • Stevo
    Anyone defending the studio's decision is an idiot. Basically they are telling director's "Screw your vision, you do what we say or we will scrap everything and start over". If they can do it to a veteran like Sam, then a nobody's haven't a chance. The Uwe Boll's and Michael Bay's of the world will become the dominant directors just cranking out worthless films with big names.
  • Sedition
    Dear Firstshowing, You should fire whoever wrote this article and hire the guy who wrote #20. One of the two knows his asshole from a hole in the ground. The other thinks Zac Elfron would make a good Peter Parker. Sincerely, Everyone who enjoys good movies.
  • The One
    Agreed with #20 & #42. What a bunch of BS... This is just Sony's way of using the back door out... give me a break. I'm not saying that the reboot isn't going to be any good.. i'm still going to give it a chance, but do I like the idea of a reboot already... No! And what's up with all the Raimi Haters? Spidey 3 was Sony's fault, not Raimi's. 1 out of 3 movie is bad and everyone's on his case. This just reminded me of the Patriots game this past weekend... probably the best football franchise of the past decade, and one bad season/game... they get booed like crazy by their own fans... the world we live in.
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the first Spider-Man movie and origin story? Albeit it was less dark or "gritty" like Batman Begins (which is still all the rage in Hollywood). But that's still a different animal altogether. I mean how gritty can you get about a super-hero (being he is Peter Parker after all) in High School?? But as much as we fuss and fight, powers that be, as always, make movies that we will have little to no say about. Although, if you think about it you could kind of expect this from a Spider-Man property. I mean if you think of all the animated iterations of Peter Parker over the years, you have to imagine that a film version wouldn't be the only tale of Spider Man if they can't even stay loyal to a cartoon series:P
  • Darunia
    As much as i loved Spiderman 1 and 2, Spiderman 3 was a disaster of epic proportions. A decade has flown by, and by now comic book movies are at another level, and with Marvel tying up the universes of the characters it makes sense to have a reboot. 1st, Raimi has given the franchise all he has already. An origin, an amazing sequel, and a disaster. He has nothing new to give to the character. 2nd, Tobey was never the more indicated spiderman, the whole Clark Kent from Richard Donner vibe going on for Peter Parker is played out. Peter Parker isn't such an unlikable character in the comics. 3rd, characters were ruined and killed. Why does every villain have to die with Raimi? It's a comic book movie man, some of these could be useful in the future, like Doc Oct? For the sinister six. Now is an origin necessary? No it's not, but it is true that by then 10 years will have passed and for a new generation it might be better. Hopefully they will deal with the origin of the character rather quickly, but that said it's not uncommon in the medium its adapted from, and with the return to high school they are surely looking to be closer to Ultimate Spiderman. Which can mean GREAT things for the franchise. And hopefully they will actually get a teenager that can grow with the character. And from the writer of Zodiac....sounds good on paper. Get a director with some style and knowledge, like Alex Proyas and it's smooth sailing all the way.
  • Blue & Orange NY
    FK THIS $HIT!!!!!!! I know my heart is DC all the way but I do love MARVEL......AND LIKE I'VE MENTIONED BEFORE IN PREVIOUS STORIES......MARVEL, MR STAN LEE AND DISNEY NEED TO GET OFF THEIR ASSES AND TAKE BACK SPIDEY someone mentioned if Disney or Marvel had anything to do with this, I doubt it because Mr. Stan Lee loved Toby for Spidey. This is the work of the fk'ING money grubbing suits in SONY/COLUMBIA. I don't want a reboot, I want them to make up for #3, continue on with a kick ass movie. But again LIKE I KEEP ON SAYING we won't get anywhere until MARVEL/DISNEY take full control. This is pure shit, they'll going to F this up worst then #3. I'll only accept a reboot if MARVEL said we're in charge and it's in our hands. If this is not the case then fuck off and don't bother with it or reboot shit. Just imagine if Spielberg takes over he's bringing in Shia for Spidey, what! I don't want to see him as spidey. I have enough of him in Transformers. If Bay takes over there's going to be shit being blown up and cameras in 360 turns, Spidey is not meant for that. Oh lord one more thing, someone mentioned Zac Elfron, WHAT! Zac and a reboot Peter Parker in high school. It be seeing a High School Musical all over again. NOW WHO THE FK WANT'S THAT. Sorry I have to curse but enough is enough, MARVEL/DISNEY PAY THE RANSOM FEE, GIVE YOUR ASS TO SONY WHAT EVER BUT DO WHATS RIGHT AND TAKE BACK CONTROL OF SPIDEY......THEN I AND MANY OTHERS WILL BE HAPPY WITH A REBOOT.... here's the only 2 options IMO SONY/COLUMBIA EGO BASTARDS SUITS suck it up and make due with a great 4th film or MARVEL/DISNEY take it back reboot or continue who cares CAN I GET AN AMEN HERE
  • mrjzn
    Well, since Tenney decided it was a good idea to just rehash his comments in the previous thread into a new column, I'll do the same with my comment: Huge fucking fail. Sony must be comprised of some of the most incompetent idiots in the movie industry. All the people saying "Oh James Cameron will direct, JJ Abrams will direct!" Uh, wrong. Those two directors are actually smart and wouldn't touch this clusterfuck with a 10 ft. pole. Get ready for Bret Ratner's version or maybe a real jewel like Uwe Boll. Jesus H. Christ, Sony, a reboot? WTF…we already saw an origin story. This is just plain old fashioned communism (apologies to Buford T. Justice). Sony can chew my beanbag if they think I'm shelling out $10 to see a retread version of Spiderman. What's next? The Schindler's List remake starring the Jonas Brothers? Fuck's wrong with you Sony??
  • Whoa, whoa, whoa, all, I'm not sure how my feelings about Sam Raimi got so blown out out of proportion. When I said I'm not a huge fan of Raimi's movies, I was referring to his Spider-Man films. I love Raimi, otherwise. He's a fantastic, talented, visionary director. In fact, I can't think of another director who is so able--and comfortable--mixing genres the way he does. Evil Dead 2 and Bruce Campbell vs. The Army of Darkness are two of my favorite movies of all time. And after seeing that he's still got that spark after watching Drag Me to Hell, I'm excited that he'll be able to move away from the stress and bullshit of the Spider-Man franchise--caused most readily by Sony--and venture forth to tackle World of Warcraft, where I think his natural filmmaking tone fits far better than in the Spidey U. Second: Whoever is saying that Gwen Stacy isn't Peter Parker's true love obviously missed the point of her untimely demise. Sure, he had a school-boy crush on Mary Jane for, like, ever, but it's when he met and cultivated a relationship with Gwen that he felt what an honest and true and real relationship was for the first time. And then that was all ripped away from him by fucking Norman Osborn. I'm not saying that Mary Jane is second-rate 'cause it's obvious Pete loves her -- but he loves her in addition to Gwen. It's plain to see that Pete was never able to get over her loss. It haunts him still, to this day. But without reading the comics for years, I don't expect anyone to know this given how Gwen was treated in SM3. I do, however, expect her to be treated differently come 2012. It's interesting to read all of your reactions to this news. There are two things I'd like to offer as counterpoint to some of the bile. First off, isn't it better that Sam Raimi moves on, away from a project that has been causing him so much stress since the start of Spider-Man 3? He hated his experience on that film because of Sony (Which, for everyone pointing out that SM3 was Sony's fault, not Raimi's, I KNOW. I even said so in the article above!), so why would you want to see a director you legitimately love go through the same turmoil again. Sounds selfish, to me. Even if Raimi would have been able to get his way, take all the time he needed to make SM4 from a script he loved using the villains he connects with played by the actors he approves of, the stress and tribulations leading up to that point would have been maddening for him. And, as we now see, there was never a chance in the first place that he'd be able to make the film he, and all of you, wanted to see. Is it not better that he moves on and away from the web slinger instead of churning out a film that his heart was never in? I think so. Sure, could Raimi have pulled SM4 off against all odds? Of course he could have. What might have been might have been great. But you're failing to take into account that what might have been might have, just as easily, been bad. Really bad. Is SM3 even close to the shockingly bad Batman-series ender, Batman & Robin (a film that I hold very dear for the very reason that it is so horrible)? No, it's not. But the best predictor of the future is the past. And in SM4's past, there's SM3. Even though Sony will be puppeteering this franchise in the same way, perhaps Vanderbilt and whomever they hire to direct will be able to work better within the confines of Sony than Raimi was able to. By no means am I saying we're out of the woods; I'm simply trying to provide some perspective on the whole ordeal. It might be shit, sure. But it might be great. Let's wait and see, shall we? Last but certainly not least, I DO NOT think "gritty" should ever be used when describing Spider-Man. I've said that before, I said it above, I'll continue to say it. That buzzword is a plague on superhero films. Batman is gritty; Spider-Man is not. Treat the subject matter with a level of seriousness, make the stakes high and the obstacles severe and the emotions resonant, but the world of Spider-Man is not gritty. Finally, #42, Sedition: Thanks for finding my asshole, for me. I'm always misplacing it! To think that it's been puckering outside in a hole, well, it makes me shutter a bit. I really appreciate it, my friend. I've been all bound up for weeks. Now, if only I could remember how to reattach it... assholes usually go on the arm, right? No, wait. That's elbows. I always get those two confused.
  • Otacon
    I have an idea, to differentiate them from the originals. Name them after the comics! New Spider-Man1 = The Amazing Spider-Man NSM2 = The Spectacular Spider-Man Etc. I'm all for a reboot that adheres to the books more. Leave Peter in high scool longer. He's been Spider-Man since he was 15, let's start him there and see where it goes. Take a cue from Greg Weisman's Spectacular cartoon; its a brand new continuity but is handling all of the development of the characters beautifully and Peter's not even a senior yet in season 3!
  • mrjzn
    McLovin would make a great PP. I keed, I keed!
  • Pie9566
    I would love James cameron to write and direct the spidy reboot. I am fine with the fact that it will be an origin story. I don't want it too be too similer to the incredable hulk. But they must make the series a lot darker. I didn't like toby playing as spidy, I believe Shia lebeof would fit the role perfectly! Having zac effron as spidy would kill it. We don't want a marvel musical, with Disney controlling marvel, we will have donald duck as spidy and goofy as Mary jane... Let's hope it never comes to that... But yes in my opinion the films need a complete reboot. A darker trilogy and maybe we could also stay true to the comics
  • If they get a competent script & director, I could see Gyllenhaal as an older spidey. Let's say one as teacher and married to a better cast and hotter Mary Jane. Then again Sony suits suck cock, Gyllenhaal probably wouldn't want to be sloppy seconds and really who fucking cares?
  • Otacon
    Seriously guys, enough with the Disney bashing. They have nothing to do with this. Even if they did, they wouldn't cast blindly. They would do what any studio would do and cast based on demographic or who they feel would suit the part. They're not going to pick Zac Efron. Its asenine to even suggest it.
  • John
    Man, this whole thing of making spider-man again sounds good, but I believe that the new movies wouldn't be "good" just for the fact that the entire cast would be new, I mean the first 3 movies gave us all faces that we are familiar with, I can't imagine another spider-man than Tobey, or another Dr oct with another character, I believe sony should the old cast but change the script, because the cast was good, it was just the script that was not good at all....hope SONY thinks this one out, before they make any desicitions, because honestly I wouldn't go to see a spider-man movie if they get new cast.....
  • Drisc87
    2012 is stacked with great movies now cant wait
  • Xerxex
    why not just have Venom has the main antagonist, for two films then bring in Carnage and have Spidey and Venom team up and bring down Carnage?
  • Stevo
    #55. Oh really? Some one thought it would be perfect to cast Ryan Reynolds as the freaking Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. The GREEN LANTERN. His power comes from his willpower. He is supposed to uphold virtues and protect the Universe as a sort of police force along with the rest of the Green Lantern Corps. Come the freak on, don't be so naive as to think that studios don't just cast big names to get asses in the seats. Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern? Fuck, Zac Elfron as Spiderman makes more sense than that. Don't be surprised when the casting goes through.
  • Joe Ho
    #20 pure genius.
  • Donner
    Elizabeth Banks, the long underutilized BETTY BRANT, confirmed on Twitter that she's out of the franchise. http://twitter.com/ElizabethBanks/status/7654566362
  • guh
    I personally think this is a brilliant move on Sony's part. I was getting really fuckin tired of the current Spiderman franchise. Though i am a bigger Batman fan and always have been, this could make me respect the Spidey character a lot more than i do at this moment.
  • Hattori Hanzo
    This fucking reboot of every thing that's out there shit is getting as bad as remakes. Look, leave the first 3 Spiderman movies as they are and simply move the story along. For example, get Spiderman out of his geek period and being him back in his md 20's so he can finally kick some serious fucking ass for a change Christ, we've all been waiting a lifetime to see this, so enough of this lame fucking orgin shit and tell and show us something new for a change. Look how they fucked up Superman with all these asshole reboots and now they are talking about another God damn reboot of Hulk ... Jesus H. Christ, enough already!
  • The Man With No Name
    I hate my life. Oh... and Sony... I am never buying your products again. I hope The Metreon crumbles during the next big quake.
  • David
    hey, i did'nt like spiderman 3 either, but why can't they just make a good spiderman 4, with a slightly lower budget, this is pathetic
  • JCal
    Funny how all of this could have been avoided if they would have just taken their time with Spidey 3 and let Sam do his own thing like he'd been doing the first two films... No one seems to have any complaints about those and some even consider the 2nd installment to be one of the greatest comic movies ever made. An origin story at this point is a terrible idea and everyone knows it! Any movie they come out with though will inevitably have the stink of all this mess on it. No one is going to be happy, I think maybe it's best just to leave well enough alone. But for the love of God Please don't turn Spider-man into Twilight!
  • Want to see what Spider-Man 4 could have been? Read my feature-length screenplay here, loosely based on "Kraven's Last Hunt": ifiwrotespiderman4.com
  • Ben R.
    I'm really disappointed in Sony for making this decision. I know that the Spider-man franchise spun out of control around movies 2 and 3, but i dont think a reboot is necessary. It feels waaaaaaay too soon to have a reboot. The Halloween franchise, for example, a good example of a reboot. Yes, i know it wasn't critically acclaimed but I enjoyed it and thought it gave time between Carpenter's original and Zombies reboot for people to miss Michael Meyers. I dont miss Peter Parker right now. I feel Raimi did justice to Spider-man with the first movie. I don't thinks its the right time.
  • nktwrk
    20! Hilarious
  • Mega Jet Jaguar
    Yeah! What he said...,
  • Quanah
    Personally? Too soon. Although the last film did leave an opening for a new era. My only issue with the first film was killing Goblin. Stupid.
  • Richard
  • Nightshade
    Zack Snyder would be my ideal director....but yes Elizabeth Banks and J. K. Simmons should survive the cast revamp!!! Theyre perfect!
  • drnknjbbrsh
    Do you know what the best part about this is? Sony banked so much on the fact that they were making #4 this year that they booked most of their stages for this film and even started building sets before the script was even finalized. Saying that, now the film has been pushed for a release in 2012 and the lot is empty because they turned down other projects "knowing" that they would be doing spidey 4. So, that means that unless Sony Studios books something else, fast, hundreds even thousands of jobs will be lost because Sony banked on an incomplete script. Great business practices Sony. Just great. Love, Hollywood
    Thank god for you Brandon cause Alex is an idiot ....I too had a problem with the Ben Parker death bastardization that Raimi performed in part 3....Even though I think Spidey 1 and 2 were great, Raimi indeed fucked up with 3, and some of the blame should go to Sony and Avi Arad for shoving Venom down Raimi's throat and making him use Venom in 3. I am excited yet worried about the reboot, going to have to see how getting a director and casting goes before I am eased of mind for a while. Anyway bring on THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ( Yeah I bet my tender lovin left nut that this will be the title of the reboot )
  • Cody
    Omfg this is one of the funniest fucking threads ive read on this site.......#20 I was actually laughing my ass off the whole time I was reading your post.
  • DCompose
    AWESOME GRITTY! Peter Parker's new origin story: He gets AIDS but it gives him superpowers instead of killing him. Uncle Ben is a bi-polar rapist and Aunt May has Parkinson's. Mary Jane is a pregnant hooker. The movie will be a cross between Sophie's Choice and Hustle & Flow, with just enough Iron Man to keep everyone thinking it's the future.
  • ryderup
    What about the DIsturbia/Eagle Eye director?
  • Yocke
    Has Tobey McGuire been dropped as Parker!?!?!?
  • franklin williams
    This shit is so fucking stupid!! I'm sick of all the DARK dark bullshit!! HA!! HA!! Why stop with Spider fucking man. Why not make a gritty fucking Smurf movie next. With a kick ass head slicing Angelie Jolie Smurfette!! Chopping of smurfs heads that make a pass! This is excess! I'm bored with all this reboot, make it dark bullshit. No good fucking story, just make it dark! Yeah that's the fucking answer! Dark spidey! pleasse!! Fucking reboot the origin. That's like reselling me my fucking house after i bought it. THOR is our only hope
  • Eric
    I liked the first two and the third was disappointing, but the same group should continue the stories, I have no desire to see this start again. This is turning into the batman saga, a different guy each movie. The only problem is that the dark knight and ironman has raised the bar. If Sam can realize that sony should reconsider and move forward.
  • Hiro
    YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!! Couldn't agree more with your article Brandon. I hated Tobey Macquire so much as Spider-man. He was so whiny and pathetic, and his banter was couldn't hold a torch to the comics. Kirsten Dunst was almost as bad, not as bad as casting Tobey, but MJ was supposed to be this hot girl next door, who was way out Peter's league. Kirsten's MJ looked like she would have been picked on along with Peter. I like the idea of a reboot, but to make another origin story is just plain stupid. We've seen his origin a million times in each of the failed cartoons Marvel puts out every couple of years. There's really no other way to tell it, geeky little boy gets bitten by radioactive spider, his inaction ends up being the cause for his uncles death, and with great blah comes blah blah blah. Hopefully they decide to put a montage in the credits to establish the universe à la Watchmen. Hopefully they treat it like Batman Begins, where the movie can stand by itself and not be a setup for a trilogy.
  • Hiro
    Oh and I don't know what people loved so much about SM2. The messiah scene where they're passing him through the train, and then the whole "We'll never tell" moment rings loudly in mind when I think back to that movie. It was definitely a foreshadowing of the giant cheeseball that was SM3.
  • Still pissed off
    Fuck you all. Sick of all the whinging The first 3 movies were great. I got better things to do than read more shit about this.
  • Dre
    Maybe sony wont be so greedy and allow a crossover with marvel movies.
  • silver
    come on Marvel, hire a legion of lawyers acquire the rights, and put Favreu on it or even better yet Joss Whedon
  • Joshua
    If SONY just would have let Sam do his own thing this would have never happened.DAMN YOU SONY!!!!
  • Garrett
    Lest we not forget that it was Raimi who wanted Felicia Hardy to be Vulturess. Yes Sony is being a tremendous butt hole but Raimi has his faults in this whole ordeal as well. It was Raimi, not Sony, who wanted a Vulturess.
  • Dave P
    Zack Efron? Gritty? Back to High School to get spider-bit all over again? This is going to suck. The only ones that will want to see this are the girls into Jonas Brothers and other Disney crap. For you all who may not realize how horrifically bad this is take a look at this: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Zack+Efron&FORM=BIFD# That is the guy who is going to play Peter Parker? This is going to be awful. This is going to be worse than the last Superman reboot.. Only difference is, Sony has no excuse. It was all about ego for them and not liking the director. Sony made Spider-man 3 suck.. it was them who forced Ramini to include Venom as a villian.
  • EN




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