Wait - There IS Another New Rambo Movie Coming in 2011?

May 13, 2010


Wait, wait, wait… what the heck is going on here? If you remember, a few weeks ago we reported a big story about Sylvester Stallone himself saying, to Empire magazine, that: "I think Rambo's pretty well done. I don't think there'll be any more. I'm about 99% sure." Well, maybe that 1% slipped through, as I ventured through the Cannes Marketplace showfloor earlier today with Peter from SlashFilm and we picked up a new promotional flyer (and saw a poster on their wall) at the Nu Image / Millennium Films booth for Rambo V (see above). It doesn't say anything except "Coming 2011" on the back. So is it actually happening anyway?

We don't really know what is going on, and nobody else seems to know either, but we'll of course keep you updated. There's a possibility that Millennium had some contract with Stallone and is forcing him to return to make another, despite his desire to leave and work on other franchises like The Expendables (hence his statements). Or, although this is much more unlikely, there's a possibility that Nu Image hasn't been told by Stallone yet that he's not going to make Rambo V, and they're selling a (dead) film that will never actually get made. Who really knows if we'll see Rambo V or not, but we hope to get to the bottom of all this soon!

Update: After this news first broke, Ain't It Cool News got in touch with Stallone and asked him what's up with all of this. His answer was a plain and simple: "NO FUCKING WAY." As I predicted above, Stallone says he has "no clue" what's up with this poster and thinks that "it could be the rights holders trying to raise ludicrous funds to get Sly back in front of the camera. Sly said, 'Maybe, but it ain't happening.' He then told me that the folks behind those posters essentially said that if Sly didn't do it - someone else would. And Sly seems fine with that." Rambo without Stallone? Will that even work? I doubt it, but we'll find out soon.

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  • Voice of Reason
    I'd rather see another Rocky than a Rambo except that I'd rather see neither than one or the other.
    • Leegallego
  • Trey M
    I liked the last Rambo
  • chrisbo
    Rambo, John J. The greatest.
  • Roderick
    they need to stop playing with my emotions... is there going to another Ramdo or what... I CANT TAKE IT!
  • I could go for another Rambo movie. The last one was pretty cool and strangely, Stallone has grown into this role a bit better now than I had expected. Let's see him in New York killing terrorists or something on a larger scale.
  • Bash
    More likely that Nu Image/Millennium Films are trying to determine if there is industry demand for Rambo V.
  • Joe
    Send him to Mexico!
  • Harry Knowles of aint it cool news has reported that Sly called him today to say this is all BS.
  • Darren
  • Let`s hope there will be a new Rambo movie in 2011
  • Numark
    You saw a poster on the wall; this is not news. The man said it was dead. It's dead.
  • Cracky
    I liked the idea they had for the new one. I wouldn't mind paying to sit through more Rambo skull-crushing. But of course-- this one should definately have him die.
  • Dave Lister, J.M.C.
    It's not happening. This is leftover marketing material. Stallone is on record saying he is done, with the character.
  • Dave
    Rocky vs. Rambo. Now there's a movie I'd pay money to see.
  • Quaked2023
    @14 Wow! That would be so amazing!!!
  • Bauzer
    I think it was probably taken out of context. The 'its pretty much done' quote from Sly. I'm sure he meant after this current one hes working on, there won't be any more. The media misquotes shit all the time, we shouldn't be that surprised.
  • Colt
    I really hope we get this. Why not let Sly keep his momentum going? his recent movies have been a blast. if he has a story for Rambo, I'm very much willing to pay money to see it. same goes for another Rocky movie
  • 8=D
    oh cmon!! is there or isnt there another rambo?!!
  • Cody w
    Pfft #14 theres no contest Rambo would just shank him, or blow his head off, or lure him into a forest and put wooden sticks through his knees, or pick him up from behind and rip his throat out..or...or..yeeeah.
  • Hedgehog
    @16. That's what I got from his comment. Since the project is probably being filmed or finished filming and is just in a can somewhere waiting for the market he probably ment this coming one was the LAST film. The last Rocky was good I thought. For what it is. If you go into an action movie expecting to start crying over the emotional love interest that splits Rambo between his killing frenzy of awesome and some chick that has nice boobies, then you're an idiot.
  • really do we need to goto this well again Sly? please make the madness stop and just work on new projects like the Expendables now that looks like a good fun action packed movie!
  • Cineprog
    We shall Just have to wait for updates.
  • Colt
    #21, and Rambo wasn't a "good, fun, action-packed" movie?...i'd say that's exactly what it was. I'm all for another one.
  • casting couch
    This isn't going to happen.
  • David
    I think Rambo should do one last one where he hunts down Osama Bin Ladin...The movie should be focussed around another attack by Osama Bin Ladin that hits Rambo peronally, and he is dispatched to Pakistan to look for Osama Bin Ladin This would be killer!!! and in the the end, he cuts his freakin head off!!! we can only wish, it would be awsome to see on the big screen!!!
  • No stallone, no Rambo. Simple. I think the last one was fine as is, done, finished. Same goes for Rocky. I would have had Rocky knock out that fool at the end but die in the ring and end it all but oh well.
  • Manuel Carson
    The 2011 movie is probably going to be fucking awesome. I can't wait till it comes out. I recomend this movie to anyone who likes action movies. If you don't watch these movie Rambo is going to cut your fucking head off bitch.
  • Leegallego
    sly dont do anymore movies. just spend time with your wife and kids. take care Lee gallego. bye. woodridge il
  • Rambo - a cult movie! The last part very much. Sylvester Stallone, as always inimitable. Incidentally, I found also footage not included in the movie! It was very interesting to watch.
  • emma
    is there going to be a rambo in 2011 i would love to see a couple more as i think the story lines are getting better each time he makes one and believe there could be a few more good ones be for it time to hang up the collar plz plz plz make a new rambo at least a 1 final rambo
  • sweet rambo mash up
  • Txgungirl
    Hey, check out a music video by a band called 12 Stones!!! The song is called "Rambo." My GOD! That guy looks SO MUCH like a young Sly!!!!
  • Spookgiz1
    Well a person I know had there car bought so it could be used in an scene on the new rambo movie...I feel an new movie would be great...
  • Optimuscreation
    If sly is not in the new movie I. Will not buy it!!!!!
  • Horwarthchristian
    I give Sly alot of credit . The last Rambo movie where he goes to Burma to save church missionaries looked as the most authentic ass kicking movie I had ever seen . At the end he is shooting Burmese soldiers and their arms and legs were blowing off and it looked oh so real.
  • Dynamus79
    C'Mon guys! He had been trying to make it home since '82. He finally did. He got his closure and is finally at peace with himself. That is a solid ending to the franchise. Any Rambo made after would come across as a gimicky attempt to cash in on something that needs no further story line.




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