Warner Bros & MGM Want Peter Jackson to Helm The Hobbit

June 15, 2010
Source: Deadline

Peter Jackson

An interesting update on The Hobbit situation worth pointing out today. Mike Fleming of Deadline reports that his sources have told him that Warner Bros and MGM are "doing all they can" to get Peter Jackson to agree to direct the two Hobbit movies in place of Guillermo del Toro. Jackson said that he wasn't opposed to the idea a few weeks ago, but wasn't really that interested either, only if they they can't find anyone else and if his other production agreements allows him to fit it in. Well, once you hear some of these alternative candidates, you might crying out for Jackson to direct this highly anticipated adaptation as well. Read on!

Fleming says that "nobody has been offered the helming job" yet, but they want Jackson to "complete the franchise he started with three LOTR films." He helped co-write the scripts for The Hobbit and is producing, so it would obviously be an easy fit. "Warner Bros and MGM braintrust will keep pursuing him until Jackson gives a definitive no." As for some other potential candidates? Fleming says David Dobkin (of Shanghai Knights, Wedding Crashers, Fred Claus), which is just plain idiotic; David Yates (of the last four Harry Potter movies: Order of the Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince, and Deathly Hallows Part I & II) which SlashFilm reported; and finally, the infamous Brett Ratner (of Rush Hour 1-3, Red Dragon, X-Men: The Last Stand).

I don't know about you guys, but I cannot stand to see The Hobbit ruined directed by either David Dobkin or Brett Ratner, no matter how capable they may be of doing an acceptable job directing, with Jackson putting in most of the work as its producer. So now you know why Warner Bros and MGM want Jackson - they don't have many talented alternatives. And I think they're smart enough to know not to choose someone bad (let's hope). Part of the problem is they can't afford to pay much for a top director, and until MGM figures things out, I don't think they can throw more money at this yet. Though I'd be happy with David Yates. Thoughts?

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  • Cineprog
    I just watched the trailer for Neil Marshall's Centurion - what about him for the Helm of the Hobbit if Peter Jackson doesn't want to direct?
  • Linkfx
    If Bret Ratner or David Dobkin directs this, I will set myself on fire in protest. Sounds a little extreme, I know, but seriously, what the fuck?!?!?! What the fuuuuuuuuuck?!?!?!? I honestly hope their is no truth to these rumors.
  • Linkfx
    Neil Mashall would be a great choice....if they really are only looking to save money, there are plenty of great indie directors who would kill for this spot I'm sure. For me, only Marshall or Raimi seem like sane choices, they all & Jackson show a similar strength in portraying masculine classic characters with an over the top zeal for the fantastic.
  • adam
    DAVID YATES!!!! (if not peter jackson)
  • Alex Morrison
    DO IT, JACKSON DO IT, you made LOTR one of the best film trilogies of all time so do the same with this, everyone wants you to do it so DO IT, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY... DOIT
  • Either Peter Jackson or Fran Walsh directs it or I'd prefer to see them cancel the production before handing it to someone who doesn't get the material.
  • This is a brilliant move by MGM, there's no way they'd let Ratner or Dobkin direct the final chapter in arguably the biggest franchise in the past 2 decades. They're using that to get Jackson to direct because they know he won't turn over the script he's worked so hard on to a hack director who will ruin it. Haven't any of you seen an episode of Entourage? Those studio executives can be sneaky...
  • jim
    i want del toro, fuck it (he is way more creative than jackson ever was)
  • D. R.
    If Jackson will do it, fantastic. Fran Walsh? Good idea, if SHE would take it on. Otherwise, a Harry Potter director. But not the one mentioned. I say Alfonso Cuaron--whose Prisoner of Azkaban is the best in the series. Yates only in a pinch.
  • Cwn
    Why not Night Shyamalan ?
  • Bilbo Baggins
    Should have been Jackson and Jackson only right from the beginning anyway. As for #8 saying Del Toro is way more creative than Jacskon ever was, you sir are off your nut.
  • MeNotYou
    I'd rather see Justin Bieber direct this than Brett Ratner.
  • deadpool 72
    his the man for the job,he done a brilliant job on the lords of the rings trilogy.
  • Dave Lister, J.M.C.
    Ratner??????? Why not just give it to McG? Seriously, if you really want to ruin the project. Let's hope the studios involved are just using the names, of these terrible directors, to try and scare Jackson, into a commitment.
  • Clover
    Alex why don't you get it over with ? You and your family should buy MGM and get this film to start shooting.
  • Nick
  • Ben
    I would settle for David Yates, but I'd like to see either someone visual like James McTeigue or someone daring like John Hillcoat direct this movie. If Jackson directs it will seem like LOTR all over again, I think they need a director that works a little differently.
  • germs
    I'm with #7.
  • Robbie
    Peter Jackson or it shouldn't happen.
  • lego
    omg.... McG to ruin a movie? I think we us some Michael Bay.....that would be epic fail indeed
  • Cmurder
    #16 I dont think that making it seem like LOTR all over again is a bad thing considering this is in the same world with many of the same characters.....not to mention all three LOTR movies were amazing and some of the highest grossing films of all time.....Have you even read The Hobbit?
  • vold
    Peter Jackson or no one.
  • Xerxex
    BRET RATNER!? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! That would be one of Hollyweird's BIGGEST MISTAKES EVER!!!!!! Jackson needs to do it, he started, he needs to finish it!
  • Chances are James Cameron will drop Avatar 2: Beneath the Unobtanium Sea to take over...
  • harrison
    finally, this is how it should have been from the start
  • dave V
    YEEEESSSS!!!!!!!! Who else could direct it other than him. He's a freaking Hobbit himself, the real deal!
  • twittwit
    This is scary. I jokingly suggested Ratner in a related article a week ago.
  • Wylles
    David Yates FTW!!!
  • The movie man
    There is only one man that can replace Peter Jackson for this film. His name is............ UWE BOLLE!!!! Jk ;P
  • Gonnarentit
    These names are just a ploy to get Jackson to say yes. I mean really, can you imagine the guy who did FRED CLAUSE directing the Hobbit? Please. It's like, your pretty and pleasant girlfriend proposes to you... OK? You're like, hey, maybe there's other fish in the sea? And then, that fat hairy dude from High School wrestling shows and says "Hey dude, better move quick, cause I happen to know that her biological clock is tickin' and I've got a lotta scrilla she can spend. Now you're like WHOA DUDE. I don't want to see her end up with THAT! I know I'm gonna love this anyway, so let's ditch the cold feet routine and get down to business. Right? RIGHT?
  • JM
    I'm sorry, but Yates work with Harry Potter it's not the best in that franchise, so I feel uneasy with any of those 3 selections.
  • adam
    yates and cloumbus' potter films are the closest to the books
  • David Yates could do a good job with the Hobbit since he already has experience with the Harry Potter films which are in some way related to the type of film that the Hobbit would be... still, lets hope Peter Jackson accepts!
  • Jeeze
    As long as Rob "Chicago" Marshall isn't helming, I'm in. Terry Gilliam would be a good choice!
  • Skwoko
    Dont do it jackson,you ruined lotr for me and youre only going to ruin this,classic stories such as these should never be chopped to bits like you did with the lotr films.from poor casting to mixing up the actual characters personalities and adding scenes that never existed in the suck.stay away.Please warner anyone but jackson.




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