Watch: Badass Official Trailer for Robert Rodriguez' Machete!

July 8, 2010
Source: IGN

Machete Trailer

As promised, another new trailer for Robert Rodriguez's Machete, directed by Ethan Maniquis and starring Danny Trejo, has debut on IGN. Back in May, Rodriguez unleashed an "illegal" trailer for Machete (with a special Cinco De Mayo message), but this is actually a legit trailer and it's pretty badass (I mean it this time). Besides Trejo, Machete stars Jessica Alba, Robert De Niro, Cheech Marin, Lindsay Lohan, Steven Seagal and Michelle Rodriguez, most of whom can be seen here. I totally love this trailer, it's perfectly crafted and looks like so much frickin' fun, I can't wait to see it! Congrats on one hell of a trailer, Troublemaker. Fire this up!

Watch the official trailer for Robert Rodriguez's Machete:

After being betrayed by the organization who hired him, an ex-Federale named Machete (played by Danny Trejo) launches a brutal rampage of revenge against his former boss. Jessica Alba looks so awesome, too!

Machete is co-directed by both Robert Rodriguez and his long-time editor Ethan Maniquis as his very first directorial debut. The screenplay was written by Robert Rodriguez and is an expanded version of the "fake" Machete trailer Rodriguez made for the release of Grindhouse in 2007. He finally got a greenlight last year and shot this down in Austin, TX last year with quite an impressive cast. 20th Century Fox will be bringing Machete to theaters on Labor Day Weekend, September 3rd this fall. Can't wait to see it! Still excited?

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  • Spider94
    O_O MUST WATCH THIS MOVIE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *EXPLODES*
  • srdiaz
    Machete vs Steven Seagal??? daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!!!
  • Daniel Felts
    I like how they went from Spy Kids to this.
  • jeffrey
    Bring it!! Machete-Con!!!
    WTF no Chuck Norris............. Wait Jessica Alba looks Hot will be watching tis..
  • Chrisbo
    Looks like shit. An enjoyable piece of shit. Or as Machete would say, chit.
  • posssty
    OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!! that movie looks like a masterpiece!!!
  • Mr T (London, UK)
    at #3, true same film house/director & producer in Rob Rodriguez, but he did a couple films like this before he ever touched spy kidz...come to think of it, Spy Kids franchise and SharkBoy & Lavagirl, are the only exceptions to the stuff he usually comes out with; Sin City, Mariachi Trilogy, From Dusk till Dawn, Planet Terror etc. at everybody else. THIS LOOKS SICK
  • DawSon
    This looks pretty awesome, I must say! I also like how they leave Lindsay Lohan out of this entire trailer. Not even putting her name in it. Haha.
  • Some line-up, should be packed full of RAWSOME! Also it has a Luchador in it so that makes it instant gold.
  • Said
    Holy Sh** did it say Steven Seagal?!?!
  • Vet4Peace
    It cracks me up every time I read "introducing Don Johnson". Cheech's line is hilarious too. I'm looking forward to this as a guilty pleasure.
  • maybe best b movie ever
  • Al
    Can. Not. Wait. Love the B-Movie action. I wish the release date was closer to the Expendables, because that would be the greatest double feature ever.
  • #12, beat me to it: "Introducing Don Johnson", rofl, lolz, etc. :-) Trailer looks mad, loads of action, let's hope the story, characterization and pathos of the - oh, who am I kidding - EXPLOSIONS!!! MACHETES!!!! ALBA! Some bloke called Seagal!!! Looks like fun and a half :-)
  • Morlock
    Robert DeDe Niro and Cheech Marin. Ok...I'm in.
  • Lovemovies
    I will see this. I wanted to see Lindsay in the trailer. im sure she will be hot.
    yea 😀
  • Jesus.
  • blowtorch1919
    Has danny trejo ever had to cover up that chest piece for any of his roles. He's been showen it off since the 80's. Ive been tryen but cant think of another actor with a more recognizable tattoo. Just a thought. This trailer looks great.
  • Duane
    Si pendejo..... claro que si!!!!
  • notalent
    Hopefully this makes up for the box office bomb that was Grindhouse. If they market it well they could have a minor hit (given that it's opening Labor Day weekend which is death for most movies).
  • XXX
  • Deathtoll 2010
    I get that this Machete is the same one from the Grindhouse stuff, But I was wondering if this one and the Spy Kids Machete are also one in the same. That being said, I can't effing wait for this flick!
  • beavis
    i wasn't really "feelin it" until cheech marin...........that part hooked me - but chuch norris in this?????
  • Andrei M
    OH MY !!! BRING IT ON !!!
  • L
    Who gives a shit about Chuck Norris. This has Steven fuckin Seagal!
  • El
    It looks dumb but fun, here's hoping it's not another Snakes on a Plane!
  • chilin
    looks awesome in every level.
  • j
    Once Upon iin Time in Mexico had a good cast, too, and it royally sucked. I'm getting the same feel from this.
  • 1544K
    Grindhouse fun, I'm in !
  • Darren
    soooooooo fucking stuuuuuupiiiiiiiiiiddd
  • leinergroove
    Danny Trejo in a nasty machete fight wth Steven Seagal, Jessica Alba in her undies, Robert freakin' DeNiro, Michelle Rodriguez doing her Michelle Rodriguez (with an eyepatch this time!). The movie has it AAAAALL!!!!
  • leinergroove
    ... aaah, and the Avellan Twins... sweet!
  • Delvis
    I can't seem to place the instrumental music... Sounds so familiar...
  • this so gonna make my day 😀 i am gonna have so much fun this years gonna be very niiccceee 😀 A Team Expendables Machete predators what more can an action junkie ask for 😀
  • lamar
    Danny Trejo, explosions, Jessica Alba, and a gun toting priest...(shrugs) I'm in. Besides I'll see ANYTHING with Jessica Alba in it.
  • Lincoln
  • TOTALLY AGREE @37 !!! I will see it all in one weeekend..!!!
  • rachelReplicant
    hot damn!
  • Cheech
    @5 Damn Right!! They missed him or what or WTF??!!
  • This trailer was fucking amazing. After I saw the "illegal" trailer, I thought every trailer after that one couldn't measure up to the awesomeness that it was but this took basically the same footage and took a new look on it, put an awesome song in the bg(could someone tell me what it is btw) and made it just as awesome, maybe even better. I can't wait 4 this movie
  • Machete looks like some qualty b-movie goodness and I dig Robert Rodriguez's work. Ever since El Mariachi came on the scene, he's been one to watch. I've never seen his family stuff, but his adult action stuff is top notch. Machete es mui macho!
  • ou812
    awful and violent... send this to beirut.
  • Edy
    I prefer the original (fake) trailer made for planet terror but we'll see, at least most of the original cast is there. It's a pitty there was no nude scene :(
  • KING
    wow, cant wait to see that. looks like a whole lot of action and violence... my kind of movie.
  • B.P.
    It seems as though Rodriguez has a racist streak in him and his blasphemous imagery of a nun is more than enough to convince me that he's pushing an agenda with a special hate for White folk and Christianity. Then again,..what can you expect from a little "rod" anyway? The film ought to be retitled as: "MASHITTY" - as it too is small, mostly brown and stinks!




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