Watch: Bradley Cooper is Addicted in First Full 'Limitless' Trailer

December 16, 2010
Source: Apple

Limitless Trailer

"I was blind, but now I see." You know that movie we've been getting drug samples for (you probably don't), well this is the trailer for it. Relativity Media has debuted the first full-length trailer on Apple for Limitless, directed by Neil Burger (The Illusionist), starring Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Abbie Cornish and Anna Friel. Cooper stars as a copywriter who learns about the special NZT drug that provides him with a perfect body and superhuman mental abilities, but there is always a catch. It's an interesting premise, but it all looks so plain, unoriginal, not futuristic enough, like it lacks a real edge to it. What do you guys think?

Watch the first official trailer for Neil Burger's Limitless:

[flv: 598 338]

You can also watch the new Limitless trailer in High Definition on Apple

A copywriter (Cooper) finds a top-secret drug called NZT which bestows him with super human abilities.

Limitless is directed by German filmmaker Neil Burger, who graduated from Yale and previously directed The Lucky Ones, The Illusionist with Edward Norton and Interview with the Assassin. The screenplay was written by Leslie Dixon of The Thomas Crown Affair, Freaky Friday, Just Like Heaven, Hairspray and The Heartbreak Kid previously. This is based on Alan Glynn's titled The Dark Fields, which was originally used before it was changed to Limitless. Relativity Media is bringing Limitless to theaters starting March 18th.

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  • Now that was slick. I'd upgrade it from Watch to Must Watch...but that's just me. Impressed so far and don't mind that it looks plain...then again it's just a trailer:P
  • A5J4DX
    now i get what those pills were about lol looking forward to this
  • Xerxex
    looks good, minus the annoying rap track. The cast is great, might just see it.
  • Kason
    I'm with #1, I like the idea. I would watch it.
  • Cruzer
    I didn't see this coming. That was pretty f'n sweet!
  • Chazzy
    Yeah, this looks sweet. It originally sounded uninteresting, but this trailer proved me wrong, which is good.
  • ORionCOmplex
    It looks good to me. The idea is definitely interesting so who knows.
  • one
    could be interesting, but looks pretty blah.
  • Spider94
    wtf that was one awesome trailer come on people!!!??????? looks pretty amazing to me
  • Where can I get one?
  • Lar
    Not futuristic enough? That's not the point. I think it looks interesting. I definitely want to see it.
  • McWilly
    Cool concept...interested.
  • leinergroove
    I liked it. It makes you wonder... what if I could have one of those pills?
  • Ricardo
    There's just one thing bugging me, why wouldn't this be used by almost everyone one the planet? Why isn't this futuristic enough? I think we often tend to overdo the future, just look at how the 70's movies and books portrayed the 00's and look at the real thing. No flying cars or aliens, just a broken economy and different wars. Somehow this reminded me of "The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch" by Philip K. Dick
  • Jericho
    @14 they thought we wouldn't slack off in the 90s
  • zippy
    looks good....I'll definitely check this out....kind of surprised that the AB ripped must be fan of the current 1980's remakes trend...and I can not think of one movie with a plot line where a drug made someone super smart......anybody?
  • It looks to be only in the testing stage in this film, he seems to be a test subject. I like the look of it, should be alright to check oooot.
  • Bogart
    Hollywood's so vapid and devoid of originality they're resorting to trite books that rip off episodes of the Simpsons now... it's basically a protracted retelling of Bart's addiction of Focusyn - eventually leading to (apparently justified) paranoia... Referece:'s_Little_Helper
  • Ricardo
    @Bogart: Are you for real?
  • KING
    honestly, i was impressed. cant wait to watch this
  • ralphonzo
    @18 It's based on the book 'The Dark Fields'
  • Roderick
    like a modern take on the book, Flowers for Algernon, on drugs
  • Louis
    The lesson from this trailer: If you're really smart, then GET YOUR A** TO THE GYM!
  • movieguy
    i think this just turned into my march movie. For the last couple years there has been a movie i really look forward to that is either out in march or beginning of april and is always good. Kick ass and 300 to just name two awesome ones but then again Clash of the titans and 10000bc were terrible
  • Stanley Goodspeed
    The Social Network brought us "Facebook: The Movie" we appear to have "Adderall: The Movie." I'm really not sure where we go from here as a society.
  • LW
    Wait a minute... why isn't he telekinetic? =_=
  • DCompose
    Shut it, Billington; this looks awesome.
  • Haz
    I like the premise of this! Xerxex was right though; they can drop Kanye
  • Duane
    @3 I actually think Kanye's track works with the trailer. "21st century schizoid man...."
  • Fatal Error
    There is a review of this script up on ScriptShadow, it was one of the hottest specs out there and got snatched up for a pretty penny I believe. It looks like they're doing it justice.
  • lamar
    OK, now this really has my attention. I think the trailer looks pretty sweet. Let's hope the movie is just as good.
  • Robbie
    Cooper is the wrong guy for this movie.
  • Look very good. Cooper going from zero to hero, who wouldn't want to see that? I'm sure it will preach about about how the pills ruined his life, even though they'd made it but I'm in.
  • ocp
    This looks great
  • vegasdanny
    I never thought id say this...but the only week link in this movie is Robert De Niro! Its like post Heat he forgot how to act!
  • McQueen
    @ Xerxex, what's wrong with the music?
  • Jack-Sprat
    It's NOT based on some ADHD episode of The Simpsons; people should take the time out to read the book it's 'inspired by/based on/had one-time relations with'- The Dark Fields, by Alan Glynn. The Hollywood treatment appears to have played havoc with the likeablility of Eddie Spinoza (Bradley Cooper is as likeable as Kaa the snake from The Junglebook). Bad casting, plot changes- way to ruin a good book that had a memorable last line... Won't watch; gloss and greed over interesting idea and themes.




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