Watch: ET's Bland Behind-the-Scenes Video for Marvel's Thor

June 10, 2010

Marvel's Thor

I really frickin' hate Entertainment Tonight. But this is our very first look at any actual footage or anything, besides that one photo, from Marvel's Thor. Unfortunately, the people who edited this footage, and that reporter they sent to the set to do interview, are all big idiots. This whole thing feels like it was made by a 5th grader who has never heard of a comic book before in his life. Anyway, it does include a few seconds of footage, our first look at Anthony Hopkins as Odin (wearing an eye patch?), Natalie Portman appearances, and a long, boring talk with Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth. And Kenneth Branagh is there, too. Have fun!

Watch ET's behind-the-scenes of Marvel's Thor:

This epic adventure spans the Marvel Universe - from present day Earth to the mythical realm of Asgard. At the center of the story is The Mighty Thor (Chris Hemsworth), a powerful but arrogant warrior whose reckless actions reignite an ancient war. Thor is cast down to Earth and forced to live among humans as punishment. Once here, Thor learns what it takes to be a true hero when the most dangerous villain of his world sends the darkest forces of Asgard to invade Earth. Paramount has set a May 6th, 2011 summer release for Thor. Looking forward to seeing an actual trailer or some real footage, hopefully at Comic-Con.

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  • Brandon
  • Trey M
    lame interview
  • Matt
    So Thor comes to Midgard (Earth for the uninitiated) and runs around in Jeans and a t-shirt. Don't know how I feel about that. Also when in his cape - I noticed that Thor still seemed to be wearing black leather pants. Does this scare anyone else. Thor is my favorite from comics in the 70's and 80's so I've been waiting a while - just please do it right Marvel.
  • bart
    Plastic eye patch, really? The art direction so far on this movie worries me. Loki did look bad-ass though!
  • Ron
    Oh no! My fears have come true. Those concept pictures of Thor's costume depicted the real costume! I am a getting a real alien-sci-fi vibe rather than a gladitor-esque from the costumes. It actually reminds of the crappy costumes in Clash of the Titans, the ones the gods were wearing. I guess we have to wait till we see the trailer.
  • Daniel Felts
    I still wait for the trailer.
  • ocp
    He reminds me of Heath Ledger
  • Spencer
    holy shit that black guy is a fucktard.
  • cesar
    I really think they are going to ruin this movie because all that they care about is to set the stage to the avengers movie
  • ko
    That reporter is Kevin Frazier, who got his start at ESPN. He should have stayed there, because that interview sucked. And whoever produced that segment should be fired. I agree with #4 re the art direction. Looks like a bad 80s made-for-tv movie. Don't screw this up, Branagh!
  • jason
    better than i thought after seeing this. Before i saw the movie still and i was like wat the hell then i saw this
  • karub
    now all my hopes are up to the story cause when they f*** up the story i am f+++ing up the movie......
  • adgfsfgd
    Wait... did they just blow up a 7-11 in new mexico? Did Terminator Salvation also blow up a 7-11?....... In New Mexico?
  • 8=D
    um the way thor is not in his costume and cracking necks without his hammer is starting to scare me
  • i was exciting..but now...i dunno ..this loook very retard..hope not.. really..
  • deadpool 72
    cool,this gonna be better than captain america dunno bout green lantern. but definetly better than captain america.
    That was stupid and pointless but I'm sure the film will be somewhat decent...if it isn't it'll be the disappointment of the year. Can't wait to see a trailer.
  • 1-7
    Thor will be the funniest comedy of 2011.
  • moko
    #8 little brain, what 's your problem??..
  • blasphemer
    said it once, will say it again....this is going to FLOP big time...but maybe it will be a good lesson about trying to make too many comic book movies...enough is enough....lets get back to REAL film making...
  • sb
    Shocked... Really thought Kenneth was going to handle this project and keep it professional and noncheezy.... Man this movie looks like crap.... Complete and utter crap Dude is running around in black jeans and a blue shirt???
  • Rashad
    ""said it once, will say it again….this is going to FLOP big time…but maybe it will be a good lesson about trying to make too many comic book movies…enough is enough….lets get back to REAL film making…" Like adapting boring novels?
  • harm
    Odin has an eye patch yes, thats even a set piece of the mythology. That doesn't bother me. yes it looks like plastic in these videos, because they haven't been touched up in post or filmed with REAL cameras. So that doesn't bother me. Thor is thor without the costume. He's going to be a badass. The two shirts thing seemed a total reject from 1994. I have high hopes that the look of the film can be improved in post. PRAY BROTHERS! 😉
  • nadir
    is it just me....but natalie portman and chris hemsworth dont look like they have much chemistry together in the interview, that worries me a little for the film, are they gonna pull it off
  • DarkRaven18599
    Oh mighty Odin, All-Father and ruler of Asgard, I pray unto thee that you not make the movie of your son, Thor, sucketh. Smiteth the film that hast been recorded so far, and crush unto the costume designer to keep them from giving the gods of Asgard leather pants. In this we pray to thee!
  • Angry Chief
    I am worried. So much more could have been done in the art department.
  • Xerxex
    Optimism is nearly non-existent on this board.. Portman was the only good thing here.
  • "So what's it like being Thor?" "So what's it like being an orange?" "Tell us about the chemistry between you two." "Tell us about the chemistry between you and that rock." "Something, something, Dancing with the Stars, something something." IDIOTS ET SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS.
  • DeadlyDecker
  • Jimmy Love
    You people and that band wagon you all just keep jumping right on to it. how the hell can anyone really know whats going on with like 10 seconds worth of BEHIND THE SCENES footage. did you ever here of post production. anyway that was uninformative as hell I now know as much as I did 10 mins ago.
  • movie mike
    You can't possible judge this film on a bad ET special. However, it looks, a little, off. I am really hopeing for a genuine epic out of this. And right now it just looks like an action film. But a lot of the fault of this goes to the terrible doc skills of ET. We need to see a trailer before we crucify this. I still have a whole lot of hope for this. Don't let me down.
  • That really was a terrible interview and video. You'd think being on the set of Thor and having video footage would be well done, but that ET video was awful.
  • Brad Clooney
    Could it be anymore obvious that Portman wants to have sex with that guy? I mean she was giggling like a school girl.
  • movie mike
    However, i do like the explosion at the begging. Shell stations are too damn expensive anyway
  • movie mike
    oops, 7 11. Still to much
  • Uriah
    I really hope the cast and director were just worn out from a hard day of shooting because they all seemed either exhausted or bored to tears. I still have high hopes but they need try try to manage what press and PR they let out on this movie. I would have rathered a few more weeks of radio silence that this confidence shaking ET segment.
  • Craig
    Entertainment Tonight: blow me.
  • When they were talking about his dancing in length, then her rapping, I was waiting for it be an snal skit of some sort.
  • *SNL
  • silver
    "Nooo..yes." I support this actor for his Night at the Roxbury reference. Also seems like a pretty cool dude and looks pretty big (though in costume he looked kinda small)
  • lego
    man, natalie portman is so hot. that is all. wait, retarded interview, as previously mentioned
  • karl
    hate to be negative, plenty of people here who hate movies that they haven't even seen. but, ouch! did anyone tell Branagh that this was a movie and not a stage production? the leather pants are frightening and fruity. I almost want to go to sleep and wake up pretending I haven't seen anything about that "Thor" movie. I have seen plenty of bad superhero movies that I have enjoyed, so I look forward to seeing it. I wonder if it will be dark or comical?
  • dude…
    I like Portman and Branagh but this really needed to be pretty dark and stylised to work... not sure.
  • DC
    i wanna make babies with Natalie Portman.
  • Hey Wowza
    Chris Hemsworth looks great as Thor but.......I'm a little worried that there is NO HAMMER. But then again, this a crappy ET interview in which the interviewer barely asks any questions about the movie so I'll still hold on to some hope and give them the benefit of the doubt.....even if they have Thor running around in jeans and a T shirt and random buildings blowing up in New Mexico....
  • KB
    Kinda lame... but can't wait! Have high hopes for this. The little midget girl, lol! Nat is such a doll!
  • Hale18
    Seriously can all the idiots stop whining about the art direction and him in street clothes and no hammer. Its 10 seconds of behind the scene footage from E entertainment..What were you expecting. This is NOT a trailer. Wait till ya see some real footage than you can bitch if it looks bad
  • Eric
    Wow, that sucked! My guess is Marvel is all chuffed up after everyone loved Iron Man and just assume it can shit excellence. My guess is they seriously futz up the next few movies.
  • the slayer
    I am putting no credible insight to this little skit by ET...Marvel always plays things close to the vest and I don't think they were going to much out of the bag here...as for someone who lives in New Mexico, there is always a 7 2 11 around the corner needing to be blown up...that's why film makers come here in the first place lol.
  • the slayer
    ...and by the way, according to comic book legend, when Thor is seperated from his hammer for a length of time he no longer is the God of Thunder but a normal looking person...remember they found his hammer at the end on Iron Man 2. Might explain the "street clothes"
  • Shaun
    That had to be the most uncomfortable interview I've ever seen. Why the hell is Thor in a t-shirt and jeans? He should be in costume at all times. I thought someone else was gonna play his alter ego?
  • Sb
    So when will the reboot hit theaters? lol Seriously how hard is it to make a good/non cheezy looking movie. I mean Tarantino and Scorsese are able to pull it off every time.
  • sb
    So when will the reboot hit theaters? lol Seriously how hard is it to make a good/non cheezy looking movie. I mean Tarantino and Scorsese are able to pull it off every time. ...
  • Said
    ok... for those of you complaining about the costume designs... guess what! the movie hasnt gone into post preduction yet!
  • Glass
    ^ So that's why they have costumes ready to use, eh?
  • sb
    I just realized how cheezy that background music is... I think it has a lot to do with why I think this movie will be a flop.
  • Copperhead
    Thor and Captain America flops.. then what?




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