Watch: First Teaser Trailer for 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon'!

December 8, 2010
Source: Apple

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Teaser Trailer

Damn I can't believe another one of these movies is almost here already! Paramount has unveiled the first teaser trailer on Apple for Michael Bay's Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the third movie in Hasbro's epic franchise, which left many unsatisfied two years ago with the release of the second movie, Revenge of the Fallen. Now they're back and bigger than ever and Shia LaBeouf has returned, but the female lead has been replaced by the lovely Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. But we don't get to see either, as this is just an announcement teaser. I love how sci-fi this gets, it's a cool setup and a great first teaser. Check it out below!

Watch the first teaser trailer for Michael Bay's Transformers: Dark of the Moon:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the Transformers: Dark of the Moon teaser in High Def on Apple

In this movie, the Autobots and Decepticons become involved in a perilous space race between the U.S. and Russia, and once again human Sam Witwicky must help his robot friends defeat enemies like Shockwave.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is again directed by everyone's favorite explosive director, Michael Bay, of the previous two Transformers movies as well as Bad Boys I and II, The Rock, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor and The Island. The screenplay was written by Ehren Kruger, who co-wrote the Revenge of the Fallen script but went solo this time, and also worked on The Ring, The Skeleton Key and Brothers Grimm screenplays. Paramount is bringing Transformers 3 to theaters everywhere in 3D starting July 1st, 2011 next summer.

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  • Dave Lister J.M.C.
    The suckage continues.
  • Simon
    First, A5J4DX you're an ass. Second: I was excited but then I remembered that Shia LaBeouf was in this franchise.
  • Xerxex
    but the female lead has been replaced by the lovely Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. disagree. defeats the entire purpose of the romantic sub-plot in Bayformers 2. I'll end up seeing this...and I'll end not being too thrilled about least I won't pay.
  • Kevin
    @all the Micheal Bay haters .... STICK IT !
  • Mike
    Well said #4. I for one am literally giddy with excitement for this film and this trailer is everything I wanted. The one advantage of still being awake doing my lesson planning: seeing this as soon as it dropped! I've still got my fingers crossed for an appearance from Unicron.
  • Skeeter
    Somehow I know that i will end up watching this and it makes me sad
  • iceman
    an interesting'll be cool to see where they take it...hopefully.
  • kLO
    Looks badass! I'll be there. Fuck all the haters in the ass. Bay ROCKS!!!!!!!!
  • ChrisC5g
    first one was the best 1 :)
  • Kevin
    I really hated the 1st movie. Amazingly, the 2nd one was even worse. However, that preview was pretty awesome. Too bad it's Michael Bay in control again... dude's never made a good movie, doubt he'll start now.
    • dark_knight
      hate it? keep it.
  • daniel
    At least Fox is gone. I hated her.
  • I wish I thought of that
    Knowing Bay, he'd probably forget everything about the Cube and say it was located in the ship the whole time.
  • Roderick
    Yea screw you guys. This teaser was freaken awesome. Way to take a historical event and a seemingly minor bump, the 20 minuts loss of transmission, and turn it into one of the most epic occurrences in the fictional reality timeline. freaken sweet, im excited. And its all shot in 3d!!
  • Cracky
    My brain is saying "You never liked Bay's movies. This will be awful and he is a bad man." But my heart really liked those god damned sound effects (near the end) and the nicely done Moon stuff. Still though... I despise these movies.
  • tHeH1t
    COME ON UNICRON! im just going to see it with hopes of seeing him.
  • tatsuono
    @5 and 15, I just cross-referenced some images and that last robot at the end of the trailer looks a lot like Unicron. Your wish might come true afterall.
  • JeepFu
    I'll see it...but I'll be expecting a big pile of crap...
  • Dandoo
    @16 unicrons the size of a planet..
  • RFabry
    I am sorry, but I cannot handle all of those damn unnecessary lens flares! It's just too much!
  • tra la la la la di da
    U-N-I-C-R-O-N................................. *gasp* I can only hope as they already screwed up with The Fallen.
  • Clover
    So since the Moon landing never actually took place, the Science Fiction premise fits the trailer. The lens flares are the saving grace....very awesome.
  • Xerxex
    it was 1969 Clover and the Russians sent a dog to its death, so America had to do something...the AP program wasn't enough.
  • tatsuono
    @ Dandoo, I know Unicron is the size of a planet. But in reality there is no point of reference to know the size of that robot. We'll have to wait and see.
  • Jericho
    a lot of these comments are identical to when Revenge Of The Fallen showed here...and when the first one showed here...
  • Jesus
    Low expectations means i cant be disappointed.
  • jah p
    Looks slick!!! I think that is Unicron at the end! Hopefully he's bigger than that in the actual movie though...
  • Mark
    17 lens flares. 17.
  • weezy1
    According to my sources, the name of the robot is Omega autobot corrupted by Megatron through Dark Energon. I think this is a good idea taking a well known historical event and tying it in to a conspiracy theory. Hopefully, those stupid twins won't be in it and Bay manages to capture the magic of the first movie. We'll see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for July 1, 2011! :)
  • Terrell
    @10 - Pearl Harbor was a great movie. For this trailer? Sick. I had no idea what the plot was going to be, aside from the basic story (Dark of the Moon). I think this is going to be the best movie of the three, with a cool ending to the trilogy.
  • Chucho
    Rumor has it that it is Omega Supreme. But I love to think it's Unicron!!! I loved to see Megan Fox's cleavage in TF1 and 2... but Miss Huntington looks so damn good too!!! I know the 2nd one sucked big time... and I think this will too. With all those actors casted, I don't know how well a story will come together with so much persons in it. Grimlock was my favorite Transformer... I guess I won't get the chance to see him in this one, but still... I love Transformers!!!
  • Hmm
    Somehow I like this as a film more than if I saw Shia or The New Hot CHick. It looks frigin awesome.
  • Jay
    I realize it's cool to hate Michael bay, but man.. my inner 13 year old is really looking forward to this :)
  • harrison
    now thats what i call a teaser trailer, just enough to get you excited, hoping they dont show a whole lot more, but i know ill have already seen the movie by the time it actually comes out... and yea haters, we dont care that you think the movies suck, the rest of us have the ability to sit back and eat our popcorn and enjoy these movies for what they are, fun. they going to win any awards? probably not, but do we care? nope. think bay cares? highly doubt it.
  • Lars
    To misquote a Bay movie, 'dumb' just got real...
  • David
    What the fuck is up with that transformer??!! He looks like an old man!!!
  • Eh
    The first half of this trailer could have been an awesome premise for a different movie...too bad it's transformers....
  • germs
    The second one was so bad that I don't see how this could possibly be worse. Are those racist robots still in this?
  • Solo Calrissian
    Hey, I'm all about losing my mind and suspending reality and rational thought for a couple of hours...
  • Marbles
    Okay 1. Michael Bay movies have one purpose and one purpose only. To be entertaining i hope no one is expecting the next inception or dark knight because thats not what bay does. Also as much as i think megan fox sucked in every movie she has been in at least she was some what of an actress. Miss Whiteley is hot but common she has no acting experience what so ever, if your going to get a victoria secret model to just stand there and look hot why not get Adriana Lima, or Alessandra Ambrosio
  • Ryan
    Yeah old man transformer, kinda looks like Alpha Trion in a way which is cool, this is the villain? Anyway the trailer doesn't give anything away so I watched it and meh.. nothing exciting. Another movie, hopefully the last and Michael can stop saying... "The next one will be better" he's said that twice now. Give us G1 already, The REAL transformers.
  • hamish
    Replace the 'y' in Michael's surname with 'lls' and you already have an early review...
  • filmfan111
    T1 let down T2 bigger let down T3???? Trailer looked good but with the previous history we all know the movie/story/acting will suck.
  • That Awesome Norwegian Dude
    This was kinda awesome.
  • DoomCanoe
    im stoked
  • films for the dumb
    Looks like another Michael Bay disaster that somehow makes money.
  • James
    Thiz trailer wuz freakin awesome!! My box office prediction is 150 million opening weekend. And that includes all u so called bay haters who say u ain't gonna see this movie but in tha end i know yall will so quit BULLSHITIN!
  • WhatInThe
    This was horrible. I can only hope that the movie is about 100 times better than this trailer. That was a joke. I really hope that it is more like 1 than 2, this made me have a wtf face the whole time I watched this.
  • Trifid
    This will be crap on top of crap, along with even more crap, followed closely with a giant pile of crap. Just when the crap is finished, that crap will crap a monstrous crap, which will further explode into tiny pieces of incomprehensible crap. And just when you think the crapping is over... This piece of crap will drag on for another two and a half crappy hours. In conclusion... First one was crap. The second one was crap. The third one will invariably be a monumental crap.
  • That was actually alright until the Transformer showed up. I like how instead of explosions they used cogs, it was cogs coming out of cogs and turning into more cogs. Don't be hating playas cos y'all is biatches up in this hizooz, Michael Bay better have some good racist stereotypes in this movie or I won't be watchin, y' hear. I hope there is a unicorn in it too, it will lighten the mood between battles with it's beautiful hair. Concept model is here.
  • Cineprog
    this is agood trailer for the first teaser It don't give anything away? Who it the Deseptercon at the End of the trailer.
  • JimD
    It will be a good eye candy popcorn flick. Thats about it.
  • Mr.Cookie
    Unicron? Omega Supreme? Wasn`t Shockwave confirmed to be the villain?
  • Dandoo
    @tatsuono your right. But if u ask me the ship looks like Galvitrons ship, and I know hes supposed to be Megatron. But it could be either Unicron or Galvitron, I'm happy anyway because seeing one would mean the others going to be in it, which is going to rock. Can't wait..
  • Ross
    I'd have actually preferred if they had scrapped the current films and gone with this idea and set it in 1969/70 altogether (no LeBeouf, whahoo). They could have even had Sector 7 in it and a few of the photos that Simmons showed Sam in the (spit) second movie I'm still trying to reign in my expectations though. ROTF was so spectaularly bad that I'll only be let down if i get excited......... It does look good though... NO, STOP IT! MUST ... RESIST ... URGE ... TO ... HOPE!
  • josh
    i hated TF2, liked TF1... but dang if this isn't a good trailer it'll probably suck tho
  • Cruzer
    Hmm not bad, but not good either. It's a Bay film so it's probably gonna suck ass... Anyone wanna bet on the outcome?
  • hale18
    @10 I really hate when people say hes never made a good movie. The Rock was an amazing movie not to mention Armageddon. Pearl Harbor and Bad Boys were pretty good to. Those movies were good caue they had great action plus the movies had heart. Sadly he hasnt put much heart into his movies lately, just seems to be about the affects now, but he has done good movies.
  • Does anybody realize they just combined the premise of part 1 and 2 into this movie? Government covering up knowledge of aliens, ultra-badguy lying dormant to be awakened at some point in the middle of the movie to fight Prime at the end. HELLO PEOPLE!!!! Of course I'll see it anyway.
  • floppytall
    @ Crapola You win all the internetz for the day for posting that concept art of unicron.
  • Jared L
    the teaser looks good. of course i will be seeing this. one conclusion we can now make for the same of this website. if are you anti-transformers movie franchise: -PLEASE don't complain like a bitch in this post. take that shit home to your wives and girlfriends. you know what this movie will be about: giant toys fighting a war on earth. don't complain about stupid shit like the CGI quality of the crumbling buildings when the robots hit them, the length of the movie, and the story. so much unnecessary complaining when nmbr 2 dropped. it's not that hard to figure out these movies are meant for the viewers to have FUN. if you want to see a movie, take your bitch ass out of this post and see 'black swan.'
  • Thanks Floppytall! Imagine it though, I doubt it would be any less ridiculous that the other 2 films, he he.
  • RyGuy
    OUR MOON IS OMNICRON!!!!!!! Wake up and smell the coffee kids!!! 13 years olds, transform and roll out!!!
  • Damn now that's a really cool and intriguing premise. I just hope they don't screw it up with intelligence insulting characters and poor poor plot development like Revenge of the Fallen. God, was that a train wreck:( For now, I am soooo game for this!!
    its a mini unicorn 😛 hahaha
  • Docteur Baron
    I Believe here is all the info ya'll need for the speculation of a movie where we saw a teaser. (this one is for hardcore fans of G1 like me to get some facts straight that might of been in doubt for them) In my Opinion, they spoke of Unicron on the Blu-ray of the second film. If it is that. Then they can't do the world devourer. But they can do a transformer predating the ''Great War'' like in the cartoons and comics. But even if the original writers aren't coming is still a Bay movie and all his movies...are the same movie. Lots of style, fast paced action sequences, low character developpements, trimmed story. SPFX, hot women, good looking men, quirky characters and lots of fart jokes and of course...power ballad song at the end of the movie. My two cents on both movies so far.... Transformers-1: great mix of the lore from comics & cartoons, weak story for the over all epic scenes. Transformers-2: (coughs) well where do I start...too many robots for the sake of having robots die after a few scenes...excessive use of camera blur in fight scenes...long fight scenes for no reason beyond just fighting for coolness many bad jokes and so many bad puns and just a messy editing for the whole movie...But a good trial for the ''Matrix of leadership'' angle...but again a weak story in the end. The 3rd one...well we will see with a new writer and a maybe calmer Micheal Bay. Because in my opinion, he was tamed with his style of directing and storytelling in the first movie and in the second one....went INSANE. My two cents! :)
  • MrKelly
    We whine and complain, but deep down we know we're all going to go see it anyway.
  • Astroboy3000
    did anyone notice that robot had a mustache ? i don't think it's unicron, i think it's Burt Reynoldsbototron!
  • Likes2spooge
    #4... I hate Michael Bay. Michael Bay sucks. Michael Bay sucks so much ass. I hate Michael Bay.
  • Big Howard
    #30... You liked Pearl Harbor? You are gay. And why is everyone saying Unicron??? Based on what??? Your pathetic hopes and dreams??
  • Theatrix
  • A5J4DX
    hmmm wonder why my comment was deleted :s and simon why would u say that
  • Cracky
    Lol @ everyone who thought Pearl Harbor was a decent film.
  • I wonder if Transformers 3 will be another 3 hour long commercial for Chevy cars, Pepsi and the Army! USA! USA! USA!
  • harm
    Kills me that folks don't realize that the Dark Side of the Moon part is in reference to a FAKED trip on the dark side and instead a setup (hence the switch in the control center) to give them a few minutes to explore the ship.
  • wundercopia
    They transform -we get it already. Lame.
  • lumière
    irrespective of anything else (especially the quality of the films overall), the *teaser trailers* for these films have always been very well put together. this teaser doesn't do it for me quite as much as the teasers for the first two, but it still has something. roll on the three other *full* trailers that show you the whole film. least it'll save me my cash.
  • NeoSLyfer
    I am so excited 😀
  • Jimmy Love
    I just wish someone would actually make a transformers movie! so far all we've got is bayformers
  • SV7
    So far there's been one good Transformers movie. It came out in 1986.
  • Chucho
    @67 (MrKelly) you are SO right! I think this link summarizes what we all think about ROTF and the whole franchise: Anyway... I can't wait to see these giant robots kick each other asses!!!
  • I have no name
    So Neil Armstrong discovered Robots on the moon and its been kept for over 40 years hmmm......... that sounds like major bullshit!
  • eduardite
    Where is Megatron?
  • blue orange ny 31
    it's Alpha Trion
  • aaron bEE ambriz
    i dont think its unicron.. first hes bigger then planeth earth (i think so) but i think it would be silverbolt the head and chest and colors are silverbolt all the way and the spaceship it would be the ark!! plus the last robot got eyes blue autobots eye lights are blue and also had the structure eye like prime
  • Docteur Baron (a.k.a Lazarus Leonis)
    thank you @84 you're the only one who got it right! It is A3 or Alpha Trion, father of the autobot rebellion!!!
  • Brian
    I hope not, but.......I think the best part about this movie is that it will be in space in 3D.
  • Louie
    It has some "old-school" theme that attracts me. I hope I won't get disappointed :S
  • fredrick
    I agree with others.. this will be shitty but I will still gonna see this because I am a TRANSFORMERS fan. I just want to see THE robots and good stories about the robots AND NOT with that over rated shia or whoever his love interest is geezz..
  • Terrell
    @70 - So, me liking a movie makes me a homosexual? I can tell we're dealing with an intelligent guy here.
  • The Credenza Kid
    Looks like it won't suck completely... I'll pay to see it.
  • sharktopus
    The last transformers movie was terrible.
  • Bob
    TR3 will explode box office and eyes of Transformers haters!!! why they persist on enmity??? this movies(transformers) are a big magnet for people for taking them to cinema and job for peoples working on that.
  • Oz
    "At least Fox is gone. I hated her." Thanks for letting everybody know you're gay Daniel. No str8 guy wanted Fox gone. lol
  • Skyeblu8
    Alpha Trion
  • Johnson mcgee
    Fuck all the haters!!! Bay rocks and This trailers awesome!!! And for the asshole who said bay never made a good movie...What the fuck do you call the Rock? Transformers? Your a cocksucker!!
  • bbmcrae
    This is impossible since we faked the moon landings. Am I right, people?
  • 777flz
    i cant wait for this movie to come out so i can burn it...hummmm i mean watch it at the




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