Watch: Full-Length Trailer for Animated 'Ultramarines' Movie

October 8, 2010
Source: Empire

Ultramarines Trailer

"And we shall know no fear!" So I know many of you weren't that impressed with first teaser we posted for Ultramarines, Codex Pictures' animated Warhammer 40,000 action movie featuring the voices of Terence Stamp and John Hurt, but I can assure you this new trailer is a must watch. Well, at least if you're fan of the Warhammer 40K Space Marines universe. Empire debuted a full-length official trailer for Ultramarines and I have to admit that I'm now pumped to see this. The official DVD ships in November. You never know, if it sells well, maybe it'll be the first step to getting a live-action Warhammer 40K movie made. Watch below!

Watch the full-length official trailer for Warhammer 40,000's Ultramarines:

Codex Pictures is developing Ultramarines, with Martyn Pick directing from a screenplay by Space Marines author Dan Abnett. There hasn't been an actual plot synopsis released for the movie, so we don't know much about the story. But as a recap on the concept, Ultramarines is an animated feature based on the elite force of Space Marines from the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop miniatures universe. This faction is called the "Ultramarines", identified by their blue colored armor and omega symbol (Ω). Ultramarines arrives on DVD on November 29th and you can pre-order a Special Edition Collector's Set on the official website now.

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  • Leo
    i wanted to root for this one but the CG looks really cheap i think they could have done better, right now it looks like a college project.
  • David
    "How do you recognize the taint... of chaos?" I laughed at this. Also, the animation looks like "Delgo," hopefully its better...
  • The trailer is REALLY good but I'm afraid the film won't be. Guess I'll give it a try though.
  • Ben
    A must watch? Movie looks fucking horrible.
  • Name (required)
    Holy fucking shit that looks awful. Purge this shit.
  • HHHHHHH ... It remind me by 300 !!! ... not a bad idea making a sci fi movie based on 300 story !! 😉
  • neonblue120
    so much potential... a lot of video game cut scenes have better graphics
  • josh
    animation looks like something from qubo, except for the blood
  • Orthodox Antimatter Communist
    The Lord Inquisitor up in this motherfucker. Toy Story is 15 years old, but still looks better than this. First I thought it looked bad because they had not finished all the lights and stuff, but now I see that they are not even trying.
  • Adam
    I can't get into this at all. The action scenes look awful - it's like a proof of concept with models in front of a place-holder background. Is that supposed to be a sandstorm or something? The scenes indoors don't look much better, with shadow obscuring most backgrounds entirely. And there is absolutely no fidelity to anything... I'm going to pass on this, without question.
  • Vazel
    It's a CG direct to video movie available exclusively from one website of course the animation quality is going to be bad. I really like the Warhammer 40k universe and Dan Abnett is the best writer Warhammer 40k has had so I may bite.
  • Was it done in Poser 7?
  • arjones
    I'm.....well I'm at a loss. Questionable, definitely. Coin toss anyone?
  • Lesley Lui
    Is this coming out on XBOX 360 or just PS3?
  • beltoballs
    After watching this trailer I hope they don't get a chance to make a live action version of this.
  • yankeescf04
    Wow. Must watch? This makes it look even more terrible than the first teaser. This is just awful.
  • Deved
    Not often does this happen, but #1 said it best.
  • Cracky
    Really bad CG. And it wouldn't be a big deal, if SOMEONE didn't tell me that it was a must-watch. Now my day is ruined.
  • smartpandora
    who wanna spend his fucking money for that piece of shit??? they think people are out of mind as they are.shame on them for that bad childish movie,they are wasting CG with that kind of movies.
  • Fisherr
    Looks cool, must watch.
  • Colt
    #20, looks like shit, must skip. there I fixed it for you.
  • Glad it's going straight to DVD. I wouldn't go see this movie for free on the big screen. The characters look like stiff manniquins. Awful!!!
  • nota
    feeding pizza to interns instead of paying them to work, and attaching "warhammer" to the name does not a good movie make.
  • Blu-ray?
    Are they waiting to release the blu-ray so they can try and make money on getting people to purchase both?
  • andi looks lile the cgi from 10 years ago...look at warcraft cgi cutscenes and cinematics. and then look at this...then look at wow cinematics...then look again at ultramarines. get the point? or if you really want to take a shit on this ultramarines look at the cgi from deus ex hrevolution trailer. gtfo with this...
  • andi be really mean about should go straight to torrents for 5 year old kids. yeah i'm like that...these days i expect a cgi animation to be perfect if it's a movie for..crying..out..loud.
  • andi
    no offence to you Alex B., good job for posting at least i know what to avoid. i'm channeling my rage towards the creators of this...crap.
  • Aine
    You trolls are like a herd of sheep's following the first person, if he's commenting it for good or bad.
  • The CGI looks like that of old game-cutscenes. On top of that, Warhammer is pretty much the only game franchise I'm not interested in.
  • Jester
    Okay so they didn't make a CGI equal the to Final Fantasy's movie. It's still 40k and has good voice actors. The time will come when our true 40k movie shall rise, but in the mean time...this is it. Enjoy.
  • Ricardo
    A limited movie, made for limited fans, you can only get from a limited website, for a limited time. Also, we had limited resources, so the CGI sucks, so does the dialogue, we're sorry, but hey, this is limited, you should want it. This is awful!
  • yowsaman
    well it's offical... GW has now finally screwed a good franchise. what the hell of crap is this. the cgi is awfull. i love 40K but i dont love watching this. Like alway's Gw wants to make some quick money uit of 5 to 10 year olds with this product.
  • All is not lost, hopefully the potential of the theme will be seen by the likes of Weta and PJ or even Blur studios. So future feature films can be made correctly.
  • krespartan045mrj45
    too much music, too much emotion.... but the cgi is awfull
  • arleas
    Another Dan Abnett shit fest. CGI looks shit, script cliched. What a waste.
  • DPing
    Way back in 2004 Blur Studios did an amazing cinematic for the game Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War. [sigh] What could have been...
  • stnprkl
    I am a great fan of warhammer 40k and also i like to read dan abnett's books from that world... but this is just abomination... like cutscenes from a very crappy game.
  • Ultramarines vs Chaos will bring in precisely zero outsiders to watch anything, and that's before we even get to the horribleness of the CGI. Dawn of War looked better, categorically, yep, even just during game play. There is just so much richer story available to tell, even within the Ultramarines Canon, and so many ways to do it better... Hell, even Fire Warrior looked better.
  • Allen Newby
    It actually reminds me of all the "LEGO" games... Pretty piss poor! (I do like the LEGO Games.. let me get this out!) 😉
  • I am…
    futuristic 300 :)
  • Badger
    Dissapointed you can only buy in a Collectors edition DVD pack at £26. Unless I am very much mistaken!!!
  • Darren
    #32 quite right dude typical gw marketing, when the movie was originally given the go ahead they would of had all these great plans then as soon as the first bill came in for more then £10 the profit risk alarms went off an every one in gw hq sh*t themselves, cut the budget and got there kids to finish the job at home. Trouble is plenty of idiots will pay for this crap.
  • J.Sibley
    i would only buy this if it was GUARANTEED that they would commision someone like blur studios to do another at least they have people with REAL talent
  • Doombringer
    You are entitled to your opinions guys. Simple dont buy it, dont watch someone elses copy and keep whinging, that will help your cause. For everyone else who actually wants to see a 40K movie spend the money, enjoy it for what it is and if you dont like it dont buy the next one.
  • Gingerfeller
    Well what can i say.........not alot really if that is the appetizer then i now have food poisoning. normally the trailers are the best part's of the film if so this is going to be poor at best, been waiting for years for this, feel totally let down. well done GW sold out to the cheapest contractor and you get a cheap product.
  • Brother Emund
    Well I actually got to watch its first screening on Saturday so I can comment on the Movie from a position of strength. To those out there who slag the movie off before you have seen it, all I can say is... just don't buy it, no one is forcing you too! For those of you who ARE interested, the trailers do not do the movie justice. Although not the best film I have ever seen, I really enjoyed it. 78 mins was not long enough, but hey, if more interested people out there buy it, there was a BIG hint that further films WILL be made involving other inhabitants of the 40K world. I watched the screening with about 50 others and the overall view was positive. And.... I have pre-ordered the DVD set already for your info. Lots of nice little touches throughout the film and there is a great emphasis on detail. My favourate scene was the Ultra's prepping for battle and going through all thier routines and Litany's. Lovely Landspeeder, ugly Black Legion and a nice swist at the end. Don't slag it off, watch it and then make comment....
  • Brother Emund
    Ps... it will be coming out on Blue-ray, and secondly, the only imput GW had on the film was its knowledge of the 40K world. They put absolutely nothing into it, and it was funded entirely by CODEX and its sponsors. This is not a film made by GW, they just gave it the once over and the OK.
  • TocTep
    Baaaad animation , really bad, esp compared to Down of war intros. And that was done several years ago - for a game!
  • Dan the Man
    I have just finished watching the movie expecting it to be epic. I have played the computer games and watched their intros. I have read countless books and could only think that this would be the icing on the cake so to speak... how wrong I was. I have no idea how they managed to get it so awefully wrong??! The graphics are the worst I have seen in over 10 years, in this day and age that's unacceptable, there's no reason for them to be so damned aweful. After reading soo many excellent stories I thought this would be just as good, as again there are soo many brilliantly written books from the black Library to choose from, again they can't go wrong but i'm sorry to say that the story, script and scenery was mediocre at best. After watching the intro to the very first Dawn of War game I thought the action sequences in this film would be just as fun and fantastic but I think there was only one short bit the whole entire 78mins that I actually enjoyed watching, throughout the rest I was cringing at the shear crapness and dissapointment that this film is! I want Games Workshop to try again, I do, but this time go all out, chose a story that begins the whole saga so anyone would understand who was watching what it is all about and then get a proper CGI movie company to create it. At the end of the day if they can make Avatar, they can make a f'ing better movie with Warhammer 40K but they gotta go big!!!!!
  • Tesler13
    BIG JOKE!!!.. Cut sences in video games look much better than this. You want me to give YOU money for this crap?....   lol... you couldn't pay me to take it. Try again....geeez




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