Watch: Full Trailer for Zack Snyder's Legend of the Guardians!

June 15, 2010
Source: Yahoo

Legend of the Guardians Trailer

Warner Bros has debuted the full-length theatrical trailer for Zack Snyder's Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole (the full title) on Yahoo and it's frickin' epic. Okay, we've seen the teaser for this, so we know what it's all about, but I'm still pretty excited to see it. I just love how epic and beautiful this all looks, it seems like it'll be truly enjoyable and above all just plain fun to watch. And it's almost like, this is the Lord of the Rings-style epic (with family friendly owls) that we'll get to watch to hold us over until The Hobbit finally moves forward. Anyway, I'm speaking pretty highly of this, but it really is awesome. Enjoy!

Watch the theatrical trailer for Zack Snyder's Legend of the Guardians:

[flv: 598 258]

You can also watch the Legend of the Guardians trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Legend of the Guardians is directed by Zack Snyder, a former commercials director who has directed Dawn of the Dead, 300, and Watchmen, and is currently working on SuckerPunch. The screenplay was co-written by John Orloff (of "Band of Brothers", A Mighty Heart) & John Collee (of Master and Commander, Happy Feet, Creation). This movie is specifically based on the first three books in Kathryn Lasky's popular series of novels known as the Guardians of Ga'Hoole. Warner Brothers will be bringing Legend of the Guardians to theaters everywhere, in both 2D and 3D, starting on September 24th this year. Planning on seeing this?

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  • Xerxex
    John Orloff is a very talented writer so I'll see it. But the song was awful!
  • meatcarnage
    @1 yeah... jared leto should have stuck to acting
  • ChazzyO
    This looks so freakin sweet.
  • Craig
    The animation looks spectacular if nothing else.
  • Squiggly_P
    The trailer was worth it for the slow-motion lightning hit in the middle. Good lord that was pretty. The flick looks decent enough. I'm still a bit disappointed that they've turned this into just another regular, plain old kids movie with all the goofy slapstick and one-liners and bad jokes, but I guess it's not surprising coming from such a "visionary" like Snyder... That said, I do have a thing for birds, and an animated movie about owls is pretty much a no-brainer for me. The song IS pretty wretched, tho. Better than the shit Disney tends to use for their trailers, tho.
  • Bash
    I guess this is Snyders penance (to WB) for Watchmen bombing at the box office!
  • movie mike
    Looks ok. Kinda like vallaint on sterioids
  • Xerxex
    #6 it may have failed, but Watchmen was awesome. @meatcarnage too true Leto is better at acting than singing.
  • I agree that Watchmen remains as one of my favorite films of the past decade. I know this will be amazing, I was in awe through the entire trailer. The feathers, the rain, the eyes are just gorgeous. I'd love to see the specs on what it took to output something like this, Maya crashes on me when I try to render a tree not to mention a whole forest of owls.
  • shadow
    You know, some may not like Zach Snyder. I love him simply because he is one of the few directors today not using shaky cam like a drug.
  • Frank N. Stein
    This does not look like it will suck. And yes, Watchmen was awesome...
  • Jessguy12
    The song is more than enough to keep me far away from this movie.
  • death-like
    frickin' birds? why?
  • Mighty Mouse.
    Animation looks fantastic. lol @ the aussie accents. Some sound Abo. lmfao lol @ owls
  • I want it now!
  • Cineprog
    The CGI animation look brill and there is a lot of Aussie accents in the Cast. I think this film demi graph is aimed at kids but old kids not younger one's.
  • Hattori Hanzo
    "And it's almost like, this is the Lord of the Rings -style epic (with family friendly owls)" ALMOST and WITH FAMILY FRIENDLY OWLS ... 'nuff said about this one.
  • Lincoln
    Man.. I want Sucker Punch!
  • Eli
    um, okay watchmen wasn't bad but I can't say it was awesome. This looks interesting but yea, the idea that it's shaping up to be a kid's movie really doesn't help set it above the rest. Still, it looks a little dark which can be a goo thing or a bad thing.
  • chilin
    animation is "mind blasting!!" and as for Watchmen, it was awesome. As i'm typing this, there is an infinate loop of trailer + advertisement, trailer +
  • Yay..........................owls. Yes...........................sarcasm.
  • Manda
    That looks awesome. The song just sounded wrong, but I will definitely catch this one.
  • ChazzyO
    Lord of the Rings style epic? Come on.... really? Are you sure you aren't getting that feeling just because you hear Hugo Weaving's voice booming??? I mean, the movie looks awesome. But it doesn't feel a thing like Lord of the Rings.
  • Sabes
    It looked really good, but owls kind of creep me out. O.o Something with the faces. ( o_o ) Hooo!
  • this is gonna be a cool and awesome movie, i like the concept of this movie can wait to see this one
  • Dan
    Pixar who? Wow this look breathtaking, I wish Pixar films had these production values!
  • Look awesome, great voice overs!
  • Lar
    The song doesn't suck, but it's just TOO MUCH with this...
  • Jackson
    What the what? you guys, it's talking owls. Sure it's pretty, but I missed the point where that became the deciding factor on whether or not a movie was good. Based on his last efforts, this isn't going to turn out so well. Mostly because his experience doesn't include a single family or adventure movie. Watchmen wasn't even something I could stand to watch on a transatlantic flight (believe me, i tried). The 30 Seconds to Mars song (while itself is a great song) is way to "big" for this trailer. I'll give it a shot, sure, but I think you guys are being a bit generous with your comments.
  • Duane
    I'm with #4. The animation is jaw dropping.
  • Squiggly_P
    @ Jackson: What does the talking owls have to do with whether or not the film is actually good? Kids movies have historically featured talking animals. I have beef with the film, but it's not for the fact that it's got talking animals in it. It's due to the 'comedy' in the trailer. But like I said, if the comedy is limited to a few instances and isn't overly goofy, that's fine. What really, truly bothers me about this flick is the fact that Snyder has made two halfway decent films that both had extremely hard R ratings. I liked Watchmen, and I didn't hate 300. They announce he's making an animated film, and my immediate reaction was "holy crap, someone in the US actually grew a pair and green-lit an R-rated animated film about some birds tearing the shit out of each other!" And then the first trailer punched me in the gut. After the cold hard reality set in, tho, I took another look, and this flick really does look like it should be a solid little family flick. It's odd how many bird movies are getting animated, tho.
  • danielvutran
    There's nothing wrong with dreams.
  • Rick
    I'm very excited for this. I have high hopes. Seems like a great story
  • Lacey
    I think the comedy is charming, and I feel this movie is going to be more than just another kids movie with talking animals. For the record, Watchmen is one of my favorite movies, and thank god box office standings don't dictate how much I love and appreciate a movie. I have high hopes for this, talking animals and all.
    All you morons who keep putting this movie down because it has talking owls, just stop it. Toy Story had talking toys, Cars had talking cars, Happy Feet had talking penguins, IT'S A FUCKING ANIMATED FLICK!!! WHO CARES IF IT HAS TALKING ANIMALS!!!!! The last 2 movies I mentioned were critically acclaimed, with the latter winning an oscar, and Toy Story is widely considered the greatest animated movie of all-time. You idiots putting this film down for that obviously don't know what you're talking about, and obviously haven't read the books. The books are amazing, and the story is truly a great one. I loved these books when I was a kid, and I still do now. Don't worry Alex, I'm behind you. Coming from a guy who knows what he's talking about and has read the books, you're right when you say it looks epic. It's better than a little solid family movie. Parents who take their kids to this movie, prepare to be entertained, and be prepared to be wowed by the truly great story this movie has to tell.
    BTW, the battle scenes and the intensity of the battle scenes are LOTR's-esque, anybody who has read the books knows that. Knowing Zack Snyder, and after seeing the trailer, I'm betting that he will keep the intensity of the battle scenes. It's obviously not going to be blood and gore, but just watch, they'll be epic.
  • goudos
    Looks like a Lord of the Rings style epic alright...just a lot more flying then walking (and walking and walking...). No, it looks good.
  • Looks pretty decent. I love Zack Snyder. He is one of my fave directors. I read the 1st bk of the series that this is based on a few yrs back and remembered being ok so i'll give this a shota. Also...Hehe daymares. Nice touch.
  • Stephen
    Looks pretty good, but I FRICKIN' HATE THAT SONG! They played it all through the last trailer too, and it just ruins the whole effect. They better not play pop music like that all through the movie.
  • Bobby D.
    It's a fable, of course it has talking animals. What is wrong with you people seriously - what is this I don't even no punctuation
  • Alex Morrison
    If its directed by Snyder then i'm in
  • Leshawn T
    I thought that the trailer was awesome and beautiful, enough to get me to leave the house. Also I think that the song is great and fits perfectly with the little emo pre-pubescent owls voice, at least for the trailer. This is a movie that I will not miss. In fact the trailer for it looks so good thatcit motivates ne to both get the books and read them and to stay away from them at the same time with the fear that they'll ruin the movie for me. As long as they keep the attempted comedy under control, I predict that I'll love it, at least more than any of the other movies that have come out this year.
  • JKnaak
    The trailer leaves me hopeful, but not convinced yet that it will be good. I love Snyder and I saw some flashes of brilliance at times in the trailer that reminded me of 300 or Watchmen. I will have to wait to see more before I make up my mind
  • hoot




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