Watch: Amazing Live-Action Spot for Microsoft's Halo Reach!

August 27, 2010

Halo Reach Teaser

Remember that awesome short live-action teaser that Microsoft made for Halo 3: ODST last year, following a group of soldiers and one young kid who becomes a member of the ODSTs? Well, to top that off, Microsoft has delivered another incredible new teaser trailer for the upcoming game Halo Reach (which goes on sale September 14th) that was made in live-action using actual actors. They've been featuring a couple of these as commercials already, but they weren't that amazing, however this last one kicks some serious ass and gives us yet another taste of what it will (hopefully one day) be like to see a Halo film in its entirety. Watch this!

Check out Noam Murro's live-action teaser for Microsoft's Halo Reach:

Please tell me we're actually going to a see Halo movie that looks this good one day! If they can make teasers and TV spots like this, then the potential is there to make an entire full-length live-action feature that kicks this much ass, so why not do it?! Anyway, this was found by MovieViral on YouTube and can be seen in HD on the video site. According to SlashFilm, this was directed by Israeli commercials director Noam Murro, who also made his feature debut in 2008 on the indie comedy Smart People. Bravo on another amazing TV spot, Microsoft, now let's get a feature film into development, too. For more, visit

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  • Am I the only who thinks Halo is an extremely overestimated game?
  • Please tell me they're going to make something about Halo coherent or interesting. No, probably not.
  • dRailer
    Love Halo in general. They could work on the story, but the gameplay is always right up there with top-notch, if not THE top notch. Bungie is almost always ahead in some way. Forge is awesome, replay theater is awesome. 4 player co-op campaign back in Halo 3 was awesome. There's a reason there's a following. Firefight is also the best execution of a "horde mode" that I've seen, although why that's attributed to the Gears of War mode when Terrorist Hunt (Rainbow Six: Vegas) pre-dates it by a long-shot, I don't know. Sweet ad campaign.
  • deadpool72
    wow,that was awesome.
  • Weaksauce. Suicide bombers are so last week. Next they'll be flying spaceships into cities or something.
  • Joe
    This was a great trailer. But please tell me that you guys don't seriously believe that this was live action.
  • Gill
    ^#6 The characters were live action. You can see some set photos on the web. Yeah there was alot of CG but its still live action.
  • Xerxex
    lets talk about the music featured here, incredible. A live action film can happen, but it needs to follow a different character, only possible way for a Halo based film to succeed.
  • TigerClaw
    It looks very cool. If Microsoft wants a Halo movie, Why not make it themselves, They have the money and technology.
  • real talk
    does it still count as live action if 95% of the teaser is special effects....................
  • SuicidalOptimist
    The best thing coming out of the whole Halo franchise is Red vs. Blue. The game itself is terribly overrated, imo. Of course, that's only my personal opinion; it's just really boring to me. This trailer looked amazing, though.
  • jjboldt
    Certainly not a blow-me-over clip. Maybe it would make a decent movie, in fact I would like to see it, but didn't see anything too special from this ad for the game.
  • PinkSushit
    #1 i have to agree 100%, but i guess halo was at the right place on the right time. p.s halo ODST-s live action trailer was more intense, in other words superior..
  • Dreckent
    This really puts into perspective that article about a Valve-produced Half-Life movie...
  • ray
    What?!?!? the ones for ODST were far and above better than this...mediocre at best honestly
  • dee
    The man for the job should still be District 9 director, hands down!
  • Josef
    #1 I stopped caring after Halo 2. I played it all the time. But or a first person shooter it doesnt do much of anything. The ads show these action packed sequences that never occur and i know people who still hail it as the best game series ever. Each one is hyped up more and more and they all seem the same.
  • Sean
    After hearing the first 2 secs of that music I thought the Titanic theme was gonna start playing >_>
  • Achilles
    Seriously, the reason Halo is so popular and has such a devout fan following is b/c it defined the shooter video game genre and truly helped it to evolve into what it is today. Yes, there were great shooter games previously but it was Halo who really successfully created a console game with a great multiplayer aspect. The games are great, not all made equal, but still very high quality games. Halo was the game that created the popularity that Xbox has today. These trailer they put together for these games are phenomenal and I do hope they make a movie for the games and make it a movie that can satisfy all its fans.
  • Said
    i think whats hard about making a Halo movie is the pressure directors, actors, producer, etc. would face if they ever tried to make the movie... like Dragon Ball Evolution, or The Last Airbender, you guys said that it was bad because they crammed one whole season into a movie... for a Halo movie, where would the start?... if its Reach, are they gonna show the whole story from the book or from the game? you know what i mean?
  • Shige
    #2 Wrong. Bungie is never and has never been ahead of anything in their Halo games. Forge, replay etc has all been done (and better) in other games that came out before HALO. Just let Halo die already.
  • Shige
    Sry, that should be #3 not #2
  • beavis
    alex and everyone else - you want to see an intense (and excellent) live-action game trailer? watch the one for "resistance 3"'s very good.
  • cx
    reach falls
  • Icefilm
    Very cool trailer! I'm getting more and more excited for the game as its release date nears!
  • gshauger
    Neill Blomkamp > Noam Murro
  • John I.G>
    #21 a.k.a. Shige As much as I'm sure everyone will believe whatever you say, the topic on what game does something best is purely a matter of opinion. It is not an issue of 'best' or 'worst' nor an issue of 'right' or 'wrong'. As tends to be the case with most petty arguments online. So how about next time you can it, and release your irritation elsewhere, because your contributions to the conversation are probably unwanted by most people. I think the games are mediocre to good, but if someone thinks they are the best thing since sliced bread, let them have it.
  • Cracky
    The only reason I don't like the Halo games is because everyone and their mother is better at it than me-- it's no fun and I can admit that. But I think this looks very neat.
  • Hedgehog
    @ 10 : Yes, even if 99% of the movie is CG, if the actors are real then it is a live action movie. @ Topic : Wow, I'm really impressed by this, loving the helmet cam stuff. Makes me just that much more excited for the game, which will (hopefully) be the best in the series and make Halo a franchise that will life on for quite awhile. @ Halo : There are going to be more games / tv / comics / movies / whatever of Halo for sure. Bungie is done with it after this game but it's already been sold to another studio to continue it's legacy. The game is quite overrated as far as being the "best" shooter, I believe Halo 1 & 2 were practically the same game with duel wield but Halo 3 and Reach made (will make) it better. I'm most excited for the Forge World, I can't wait to develop my own maps on a giant scale.
  • M. Sri
    I agree with #19. Halo put XBox on the map. The biggest first person shooter game before Halo was Golden Eye on N64! I don't want hear a word from you Perfect Dark fans :-). Halo is probably one of the main reasons XBox Live was developed and blew up so fast. Ultimately, you can't deny Halo's 'trend setter' status. As far as the movie is concerned, I wish they wouldn't tease us so much. Somebody has got to jump in and do one, if it sucks, start over (a.k.a. 'reboot') just like these other franchises. I think it'll still make money regardless.
  • Nethanel
    Blomkamp or Kosinski are the only two people I want to hear being named for doing a film. Their work specializes in implementing CGI seamlessly with live footage. For the film to do well, it will have to have more than camaraderie and stuff blowing up because anyone can just play co-op for that and get the same high adrenaline. Those are my thoughts.
  • Jhon Q
    They should make a "Tribes" Movie, Id go see that.
  • dRailer
    @#21 YOU are. 😉 If you read what I said, it is pretty carefully written. They're always ahead in SOME way. I never claimed they were the first to do anything, because I'd have to do research to legitimately say that. Let's pretend I meant "ahead in Halo's unique combination of game modes" if that makes you feel better. That said I haven't really seen a theater mode of Halo's caliber in any other first person shooter, and Halo has had it since Halo 3. Anyway... look, like it or don't like it, Bungie makes a quality product. For 60 bones I can't believe what a package Reach is going to be... all those different modes... Forge/Firefight (with more options than you can count)/Theater/Matchmaking/Co-op campaign (scales up difficulty with each additional person)... I just wish they wrote better stories to go with everything else. Which brings us back to the point - would it make a good movie? I've watched the ad above 3 times without feeling bored. I figure they should give a full length movie a shot.
  • AC
  • Eli
    Nicely done although I watched it on my xbox. Score was brilliant. Never played through an entire halo game and don't plan to. I'm fallin away from videogames sadly. For what it's worth, I hope it does well and I hope this is the last Halo game... ever.
  • Yocke
    lovin' the music
    awzome 😀
  • tir na nog
    I thought Halo 3 was a bad game,but if the above teaser was a movie I'd go to see it.
  • Alex T.
    Like many other people have already said the music and action featured in this are excellent, but that brings me to my major belief about Halo. The games never live up to the level of epicness that the trailers depict. It's a shame really. If Bungie would put as much time into developing a good story and game as they do into marketing they actually might be making the "best" games out there.
  • ted4ever
    Still the same teenage-heroic-fantasy-cliche, but the production value is pretty high.
  • Xerxex
    What's so cliche about it, ted4ever?
  • Alex T.
    @41. I really hope that's sarcasm.
  • Should I select the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 for this? Adore to have bot 😀




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