Watch: Liam Neeson Loses His Identity in the 'Unknown' Trailer

October 21, 2010
Source: Yahoo

Unknown Trailer

"There is no Martin Harris. He doesn't exist." Whoa! Apparently this is was a very popular script around town years ago that finally got made. Unknown, shortened from the original title Unknown White Male, stars Liam Neeson as a man who takes up from a coma to find out that his identity has been stolen and that not even his wife recognizes him. The cast also includes January Jones, Diane Kruger, Frank Langella, Aidan Quinn. This has kind of a Taken mashed with Bourne Identity feel to it, with a little hint of Mission: Impossible. For a moment I thought it was going suddenly go sci-fi, but it looks like a great action thriller.

Watch the first official trailer for Jaume Collet-Serra's Unknown:

You can also watch the Unknown official trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Unknown, originally called Unknown White Male, is directed by up-and-coming Spanish filmmaker Jaume Collet-Serra, who got his start making music videos and TV commercials first and then went on to direct the House of Wax remake in '05 and Orphan. The screenplay was co-written by Oliver Butcher (Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde) and Stephen Cornwell (Killing Streets, Marshal Law). This was based Didier Van Cauwelaert's book of the same name, first published in France. This was filmed mostly in and around Berlin, Germany last winter. Warner Bros is bringing Unknown to theaters starting on February 18th, 2011 early next year.

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  • Darren
    Looks Soooooo Good..Better not be short like Taken! taken was way to short and couldve done more! but i like these Roles for Liam, Alex you gotta agree that he is a badass now than he was earlier after Taken
  • Xerxex
    I like it. Taken was kinda...bad I mean the ending when he finally saves his daughter was my only favorite part, good not great. But this, this looks excellent, Neeson is looking badass as usual, and the plot seems very good.
  • wrongturn687
    Looks like Taken 2, but who the fuck cares ? Liam Neeson beating the shit ot of bad guys is always fun to watch. He pulls off being a badass so easily.
  • reason
    im in
  • Well let me be the first to say this, anything with Liam Neeson in it? I will will watch. And that actually looked like a really great movie.
  • LW
    If I heard that enchanting voice, I'd get my hands off him
    @ xerxex, that's funny. I really liked Taken up until the end where he saves his daughter, thought that scene seemed really "sound stagey" compared to the rest that felt very real location based. This looks way better then Taken, albeit similar and I hope he isn't getting typecast. @ alex b. I also for a second thought it was going to be like the new Matt Damon film "the Adjustment Bureau" or "Dark City"
  • Cody T
    Oh no...Screenplay cliche: "Is this some kind of a joke?!"
  • MiKe M?
  • Terry the Saint
    Dammit you know what go ahead and add Liam in the cast for Expendables 2 lol the guy is just bad ass
  • Xerxex
    LINKFX the film sways in so many directions its hard to find someone to agree on certain parts.
  • beavis
    guys, it's liam neeson..........i'm IN!! and BTW - i think the movie looks great.
  • dudle
    he was some kind of spy undercover as a doc and now he thinks that his undercover live was his real one. then at the end of the trailer he remembers that he is some kind of spy and kicks butts... i think that what the plot is like
  • Ben1275
  • Kevin
    Hell yeah... I LOVE Liam Neeson in action-star mode.
  • Ari
    @1:43 and 2:06, Thats Hitler from Downfall (Der Untergang)!!!! Bruno Ganz, he's the "do these mean anything to you?" guy. much calmer in this film i see.......
  • Zac
    @ #13 - I thought the same exact thing.
  • carlos
    When this was called Unknown White Male I thought it was the movie version of the fucking riveting docu from 2005, I'm glad it isn't. Seriously get a hold of that documentary, you're in for a treat.
  • Somewhere, Harrison Ford is screaming, "Give me back my life!"
  • whohurtyou
    Reminds me of The Net.
  • L
    Like usual, I feel that they showed too much of the film in the trailer. If they just kept everything about "a conspiracy" quiet, that would have been a nice surprise. But why sell the plot, while you can sell Liam being a Dr. that knows how to fight...
  • Will watch. throat Punch!
  • Darunia
    It's amazing how Liam Neeson became the most badass dude in town
  • Ross
    @20, was thinking the same, but much better obviously :) looks good but stopped watching about half way in. started showing too much, prefer short teasers to be honest
  • Robbie
    It's Hitler! Insta-win.
  • jjboldt
    Now that looks sweet. I agree with #1. I loved Taken but it was too short. This does have that look. I'd be happy to watch Neeson running around a Eurpean city kicking arse anytime. In Taken, there was no confusion as to why he was doing what he was doing. It was pretty straight up. Looking for his daughter. This one seems to add the mystery\conspiracy angle to it as well. Very sold.
  • Adrian
    "i didn't forget anything...i trained Chuck Norris" Zbang!
  • krespartan045mrj45
    coool!, Im in
  • werdnafaz
  • ocp
    Thanks for showing the whole movie
  • TumM
    YES!!! Liam is back to ass-kicking business ,I'm soooo in!!!!
  • D.
    Actually i'm with #ocp. i know that they need to sell more the movie (or would end like "Taken", famous in dvd), but too much was showed. A excellent movie, i'll definitly watch, but i would like with the mistery.
  • JohnDoe
    Liam Neeson kicking ass again?! I'm in. @#27 LOL
  • Nice!! I really love Liam Neeson kicking ass!! And it is way better in this smaller indie movies like Taken and Unknown than in stuff like the A-Team... Looks really really great!
  • max s.
    Liam Neeson is always awesome when he's in ass kicking mode. Taken was awesoe but like some are saying too short. Since this is a conspiracy movie that will probobally take a while to explain we're probobally going to see at least two hours of Liam Neeson kicking ass and taking names. anyways, I'm in
  • That Awesome Norwegian Dude
    I thought January Jones was his daughter until they said she was his wife.
  • pipo
    Nr. 27 LOL!!!!
  • "i have not forgotten everything" whammmm one line has all the punch there is to have... i love liam neeson in action this looks to be in par with Taken if not better cant wait to see it
  • JL
    @#13 dudle, I think you probably nailed it. In those last few seconds of the trailer I was thinking, "Apparently he remembered that he knew how to whoop some ass." That's kind of convenient, though, as opposed to being actually like a normal person and he almost loses and gets killed because it's just so much to go up against. But if the plot is that he's really a spy, it makes for a transition from mystery into action.
  • don
    @Alex this film is coming out February 18, 2011 not January 7th, 2011. check out the film's website
  • David 123




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