Watch: Newer 'Paranormal Activity 2' Trailer has Creepy Secrets

September 15, 2010
Source: MTV

Paranormal Activity 2

That photo above comes from one of the creepy hidden shots in the newly revised trailer for Paranormal Activity 2. The first trailer for the sequel to the cult horror hit of last fall debuted back in June, but in the last few days, Paramount has quietly released another revised version of that exact same first trailer (via the official website) that contains some tweaks and other scary Easter eggs, like that randomly freaky shot of the baby above (and second girl behind it!). MTV has a big list of the changes they found, but it obviously looks like the focus of this sequel is on the baby. Looks like they're going all out on the creepiness in this sequel.

Watch the newly revised trailer for Tod Williams's Paranormal Activity 2:

Paranormal Activity 2 is directed by American filmmaker Tod Williams, otherwise known as Kip Williams, who previously directed indie flicks The Adventures of Sebastian Cole and The Door in the Floor. The script was written by producer/writer Michael R. Perry, who has mostly worked in TV writing for shows like "The Guardian", "Stephen King's Dead Zone", "Law & Order: SVU." This is a sequel to the original Paranormal Activity shot by Oren Peli at his own home on a budget of $15,000. Paramount will be bringing Paranormal Activity 2 to theaters on October 22nd, a week before Saw 3D opens. Official site:

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  • joe
    trailer sucked ass!
  • D.
    That's something wrong. It's exactly the same trailer.
  • Martin
    It's the same trailer......
  • Eat the babieeeeeeeees.
  • beavis
    very lame........part 2 will probably be as boring as the first one. only the last 20 minutes of PA1 was any good. - here's a question i've been wanting to ask on here - has anyone ever seen "paranormal entity"? it was called a ripoff of PA............however - that movie had some very creepy parts and the end FREAKED me out! i was really surprised by how disturbing it was. i'm not saying it was a perfect movie; but, i thought it was much better than PA............anyone agree?
  • JTMoney
    I can't even remember the last film that scared me. I really can't see how anyone would be scared by this trash, but I guess some people are weak to this kind of thing. I hope some really scary movies get released sometime soon.
  • King Aweasome
    what a fucking rip off.
    nothing new on this one except the reflection on the mirror when the woman shows up u can see the baby and the dog seems to be on the chair....0_o???? paranormal entity?? whats that about?
  • Peter Parker
    Sofa King We Todd Did!
  • Outlaw
    Apparently there's some stuff in the middle according to the MTV site? Was that in the first one?
  • beavis
    #8 - it's kind of like PA - except creepier. as the film progresses - it seems more and more likely that something is VERY wrong. i watched it just because i had nothing else to do........and i came away impressed. you know how we always say - "why not just leave the house"? well, this gives one BIG reason why that might not be the best idea. watch paranormal entity. it's done in the same style as PA except it's much creepier and the last time the brother sees his sister is a FREAKY scene.........i found it disturbing and definitely not for kids.
  • Matte Blac
    that wasted my time, same trailer we've already seen.
  • Same old trailer I've seen a few months ago. Where's the new one? I was expecting to see the baby with eyes glowing and jump at the screen.
  • Darthpimpin
    OH MY GOD!!!!! A DOG IS BARKING!!!!!!
  • Cineprog
    This trailer is basically the same has the first one.
  • deadpool72
    nothing new their.
  • 1544K
  • Alex
    Yawn. Same trailer.
  • chickenpotpie
    OMG like SOOOO creepy. i mean a baby, now THATS scary. whenever i see babies in public im SOOOO creeped out. this shit is so pathetic, the worlds over, everyone is a brain dead retard. stop making movies for the sake of the human race.
  • Nikhil H
    @#5 -- Have you seen 909 Experiment? It was a movie made back in 2001 and it was the movie that Paranormal Activity essentially ripped off of. One of differences is that in this movie the demon actually physically does stuff to them where as the other one it embodies someone, 909 is an ok film but if it was actually picked up by studios back then it could have been better.
  • beavis
    #20 - thanks! i'm always looking for another movie to watch.....i'll try and hunt it up. if you haven't seen parnormal entity - watch it. as i said above - i thought it was pretty creepy with a disturbing ending.
  • Shaggy
    In the middle of the trailer right click the scroll bar when playing trailer and rewind it and see what happens freaky sh@#$.
  • Shaggy
    In middle of trailer try to rewind it and trip out.
  • Shaggy
    On the the website trailer just let everyone know
  • I Hate Shaggy
    #22-24 Thanks a lot Shaggy...Now I just shat my pants at work.
  • Syavash A
    I don't see anything different from the previous trailer
  • I Hate Shaggy
    The picture at the top of the page (the one with the baby) can only be seen by doing what Shaggy (#22) said to do. Basically here are the steps to see the new scenes. 1. Go watch the video at the movies website: 2. Watch all the way to the middle, right past the part in the trailer that the camera says: 12:31:16am 3. Grab the scroll bar, and try to drag it back to the beginning. 4. Watch as some creepy pictures scroll through the screen! Hope it works for you!
  • So the baby is the ninja in the next film because it's got black eyes?
  • Notscared
    "You demanded it"???? I sure as hell didn't. The first one was boring crap and this does not look better. If I want some noises to scare me I'll go around slamming doors in my house while gargling It's sad that people don't know what it means to be scared anymore
  • Shaggy
    Sorry you hate me but I was like the others like really, I thought it was the same trailer too then I try rewinding it and had to look again. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. It is crazy how they tweaked their website like that.
  • Shaggy
    I can't say the movie was scary like the original Exorcist cuz nothing can compare to that movie. But makes you think of paranormal stuff. If you believe in god or whatever, you have to accept evil part as well. But I guess that is just me.




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