Watch: Nicolas Winding Refn's 'Valhalla Rising' Official Trailer

June 24, 2010
Source: Apple

Valhalla Rising Trailer

IFC Films has debuted the official trailer (via Apple) for Danish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn's Viking film Valhalla Rising starring Mads Mikkelsen. I actually saw this last year at the Toronto Film Festival and I hated it. I mean really hated it, like worst film of the year. One problem is that there is no dialogue in the entire movie; the little bit you hear in this trailer is about all there is in the whole thing, I'm not kidding. Mikkelsen isn't bad, but other than it's completely dull, boring and pointless. That said, this might interest a few of you anyway, so I thought I'd feature it anyway. Not sure what's up with that aspect ratio, but enjoy!

Watch the official US trailer for Nicolas Winding Refn's Valhalla Rising:

[flv: 560 420]

You can also watch the US trailer for Valhalla Rising in High Definition on Apple

For years, One Eye, a mute warrior of supernatural strength, has been prisoner of Norse chieftain Barde. Aided by a boy, One Eye slays his captors then escapes, beginning a journey into the heart of darkness.

Valhalla Rising was directed by cult favorite Danish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn, of the Pusher trilogy, Fear X, and the Sundance sleeper hit Bronson previously. The screenplay was co-written by Refn and fellow Danish writer Roy Jacobsen. The film already premiered at the Venice and Toronto Film Fests last year and was picked up by IFC Films. Valhalla Rising will hit limited theaters starting on July 16th in the summer.

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  • TheLOLrapist
    saw this movie awhile ago, its had some good parts but it just seems to get really long and boring for alot of the movie.
  • Hedgehog
    Seems... special, if what you say about the lack of dialog is true then count me out. I'm a fan of... words.
  • sickdoghats
    is this a joke? i mean those squishing sounds and that super cheesy cg blood this looks terrible.
  • Eli
    yeah. the action looks decent enough. the acting seemed good. but the film as a whole doesn't really live up to much.
  • This movie was so bad I'm not even going to waste my time explaining why.
  • lego
    my friend saw this the other day, and basically hated it in the same respect as you. too long a movie with no dialogue. not that he cared about it, as he watched for what could have been some good gory action, which apparently was far from what it could have been. i was still going to check it out cuz i like mads, but now...i dunno.
  • LinkfX
    So there needs to be dialogue for a film to work for you? I mean come in! Not saying the film is good or bad I haven't seen it, but is it the slow pace and lack of words that turns you off, that alone makes a film unique...the content behind the performance, directing, editing is what will make it good, right? There are plenty of awesome films out there with little to no speaking in them. My question is you not like it because there is no dialogue or because it's a bad movie...I'm mostly curious because I liked mads in casino royale and would watch him in another film if given the opportunity.
  • Kevin
    Looks pretty awesome to me... I'll have to check it out since I liked both Bronson and the Pusher trilogy.
  • Twisted. Dirty. Visceral. Not to mention the soundtrack sounds like Gears of War. Looks like everyone isn't liking it past the trailer. Production looks genuine, too bad that's all it has.
  • Guy
    What is up with the aspect ratio?? Is the film shot like that?
  • about an hour into it there is a strange scene that almost ruined the movie for us where every character is simply going crazy and we are trying to figure out if one of the characters is raping the other. Very confusing movie, if anyone can clear it up, that'd be great!
  • Daniel Felts
    I'll just wait for Thor.
  • Morlock
    Meh... I likes I'll tivo it when it's on IFC.
  • uhmm..have to see the movie to said something...
  • David
    This movie looks gorgeous!
  • Perturabo
    @# 12 what the f*** has this movie to do with the Thor movie?!?!?!?! i guess you missed something!
  • I managed to sit through the first 40 minutes of this before giving up. Incredibly tedious stuff.
  • frost
    this is very experimental, escpecially with the use of colour-wash screens over some scenes and, what somebody mentioned above, the scenes where ppl seem to go insane. it´s very hard to differentiate what is happening sometimes. the first half could appeal to a wider audience while the second half is more for open minded ppl that dont want to watch comic-adaption #17263533 or another brainless action flick and can interprete something in movies. nevertheless this film is great, very depressing as if a good blackmetal-album hits u right in the guts. great atmosphere and solid acting as usual from mikkelsen.
  • frost
    forgot to add that the soundtrack is great!
  • A good warrior flick that was missing a few things...not including the main protagonists' other eye. Valhalla Rising MOVIE REVIEW: "One problem is that there is no dialogue in the entire movie; the little bit you hear in this trailer is about all there is in the whole thing, I'm not kidding." That isn't true. The Christians talk all the time, about God and Jerusalem. The boy talks as well, giving the viewer One-Eye's inner monologue here and there and the Pagans talk about the growing Christian threat.
  • beavis
    #18.......thanks! your comments break away from the stupidity above and you actually tries to give us (who haven't seen it) an understanding of what to expect. the situations where you describe people going "insane "?.......that does sound odd. i'll be interested to see what sense i can make of it. i thought the action in the trailer was ok; although, it's apparent this didn't have a very big budget. this was never a movie i was planning on seeing in a theatre but i'll definitely be getting it off netflix.
  • beavis
    thanks #20.......more useful info on the dialogue.
  • Angry Chief
    There is dialogue. Not that much though. VR is a slow tale told in chapters. It is paced almost as if it were a play. The movie is very similar to the style of Antichrist (a GREAT movie), and VR is great movie up until the end, which leaves the viewer wanting a bit more. Or at least an explanation. This movie is a great watch. Haters can burn. Mads Mikkelsen is awesome in it and I will never look at him the same way. Shame, shame, Alex.
  • ConnachtFan
    This looks excellent, just because most of you are ADD/ADHD types like Transformers BIG EXPLOSIONS! style movies,,,this has character.....
  • JimD
    The trailer cinematography and music alone is interesting. The no dialogue was done in movies like castaway. Many people these days unfortunately have a very low attention span unless there is constant action. I'll judge this one for myself.
  • moonscar
    I saw this movie one month ago. It's amazing. It's different and strange but for me it really made sense. It's a dark, beautiful movie. The photography, the way its shot, almost like paintings. It's not a long and boring film!! Maybe for just five minutes in it that took a little too long. Mads has a great performance. Looks like some Lynch movie with Vikings...
  • tommyturner
    Main character looks like Christopher Walken. Now THAT'S a movie I would see! Walken as a Viking!
  • Shane
    I caught this at TIFF last year and I agree with Alex. It was a pretty huge disappointment. Near-incomprehensible.
  • Zpider242
    Most of the running time consists of the characters staring off into the misty landscapes interspersed with half a dozen graphic scenes of the main character's axe cleaving skulls and decapitating heads with exaggerated sound effects. That's as exciting as it gets. The dialogue consists of mutterings about The Holy Land and Hell. I stayed with it to the end hoping there would be some great relevatory meaning to it all. Nothing. Trust me, find something else to do with the 90 minutes you will never get back if you watch this.
  • snowutopia
    Agreed - Saw this movie about a month ago and hated it. INCREDIBLY BORING!
  • Eric
    I'm disapointed to see all these bad reviews. I wanted to see this movie since I saw the first poor quality trailer on YouTube.
  • Time
    LOLOLOLOL. Oh man - "heading for Jerusalem to reconquer the holy land". One-Eyed Warrior - Hello!! Antichrist!! They not hiding it now adays eh? Haha - They just throwing it straight into your face - saying this is what we are going to do. That's awesome. Illuminati crap this is.
  • jason
    Valhalla is my fav map on Halo 3
  • VOLD
    Everyone i know has loved this movie. I myself thought it was quite good as well. Very atmospheric.
  • Moon
    I think the filmmakers are trying too hard here.
  • brian ricci
    i loved this movie.
  • Well, there are certain movies that I think look horrible and everyone says is horrible so i avoid it and one day catch it on TV and say hey it wasn't that bad. However there are also movies that I think look awesome and everyone says it is and I 3watch it and it isn't. Also, there are movies that live up to expectations. My point is no matter what it looks like, unless you honestly do not like THAT type of movie in particular I say give it a shot. BTW, in response to the whole no dialogue thing. Wall-E anyone???? 50 mins into the movie and there are only 3 words of dialogue, Eve, Wall-E and plant. And that movie was fricking awesome so I will be giving this a try when it comes out on DVD as Jamaica will DEFINATELY not bring this out
  • Zpider242
    Nick. If you take away the dialogue completely from this film you are really left with a vacuous load of nonsense. It can't be compared to something like Wall-E which had a coherent story told through it's visual humour, which was in essence, slapstick. Much like films in the silent era where even without sound the movie makers could develop a storyline that anyone from any anywhere in the world could understand. As I said previous, the movie would have been more bearable if there had been some great revelation at the end but it fails to deliver. It made no sense. Don't get me wrong, I like to watch 'arthouse' movies that stimulate the thinking process and I am quite at home watching a Hollywood blockbuster just for it's entertainment value. This movie failed to do that on both accounts.
  • brian ricci
    Why is everyone complaining about dialogue? Has anyone ever seen J.T. Pettys "Soft For Digging"? There's no dialgoue in that at all and its a great and unbelievably creepy movie.
  • martini
    The trailer sucked, but I really enjoyed watching the movie itself. I like the sparse dialogue. Matches the mood of the movie, the terrain, and 'age' of the movie well. It let the musical score provide the feeling for the movie. Which did a good job. This was a simple movie that didn't rely on over done special effects to wow the watcher and give them a false sense of impression. Like others have said, this isn't a brainless action flick. If you're looking for that, go else where, or get gutted with a finger.
  • Edward Nigma qoute: "How cinephiles today won't love this film is inexplicable, but the reading by this guy( (who seemingly has the worst taste on the web) is brutal and completely off the mark."
  • jedmxr
    Much like most of the comments i read i was taking in by the early trailer and i am a huge Mads fan. That being said its not the lack of dialog that makes this a bad movie its the lack of any kind of explanation of what, where, why!!!! The ending just made me shake my head in disgust. One-Eye (Mads) was friggin bad arse though and the little boy did a good job. The part where everyone was going "insane" was because they drank shrunes.
  • DPing
    This film is really damn good. #26 gives a great is very much like Lynch's work. #43 I totally agree with that statement!!!
  • DPing
    Oops...i mean to agree with #42...about the worst taste on the web comment...
  • moonscar
    Thanks, DPing. I was feeling alone around here. You know there's so much to say about this movie but I guess this is not the right place. Open mind would help... but I understand: one has to be in the mood for Valhalla...
  • Ezza
    Saw it last night, it's two hours of my life I'll never get back! I seriously don't get some film makers, how can they possibly sit in front of a screen and look at their work and say, "Gees I made a great movie, how good am I?" Especially when they produce this garbage!




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