Watch: First Teaser Trailer for Joaquin Phoenix's I'm Still Here

August 16, 2010
Source: Yahoo

I'm Still Here Trailer

It's here. And he's still here, supposedly. Magnolia has finally debuted the first teaser trailer for the wacky Joaquin Phoenix rap documentary I'm Still Here directed by Casey Affleck. We've all been anxiously awaiting the chance to see some footage since first hearing about how crazy Phoenix got, but I don't know what to make of this. Sure it's just a teaser and they can't show too much in fear of the MPAA, but I'm not really any more interested to see this now than I was before (but I still want to see it). Is it going to be more like Borat or is it just an art film documentary showing an actor going overboard? Watch the teaser below.

Watch the first teaser trailer for Joaquin Phoenix's I'm Still Here:

You can also watch the teaser trailer for I'm Still Here in High Definition on Yahoo

I'm Still Here is a documentary (though it was supposedly mostly premeditated) directed and documented over the last few years by fellow actor Casey Affleck. As we head about when it was all taking place, Affleck followed actor Joaquin Phoenix during his transition from the acting world to a career as an aspiring rapper. The film supposedly features Phoenix "snorting cocaine, ordering call girls, having oral sex with a publicist, treating his assistants abusively and rapping badly." Magnolia Pictures recently acquired rights after it was completed and is now bringing I'm Still Here to limited theaters starting September 10th. Anyone else in?

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  • Knawx
    I felt the need to take a shower after viewing this.
  • Big Boss
  • Outlaw
    I was Joaquin Phoenix for Halloween.
  • Jon A.
    I'm in!
  • Xerxex
    I don't know what I just watched, but I want to see more.
  • Bash
    Fail. Phoenix was never a big enough star to warrant a movie of his "implosion". A guess it's back to the day job once this bombs. Anyone got M. Night's number for Joaquin?
  • Astroboy3000
    any movie that's trailer is a Tom Waits monologue is guaranteed brilliant
  • Tether
    10 bucks says this gets remade in 3-D within two years starring Zach Galifianakis.
  • matt
    This looks like a mocumentary starring Zach Galifinakis
  • McWilly
    Huh ...Casey Afleck has a way of making things intrigueing. Curiouse...
  • Brandon
    Pretty sure that's Admiral Adama from Battle Star speaking to him.
  • Dandooo
    Check this out, it's on YouTube Can't Tell Me Nothing" alternative video featuring. Will Oldham (Bonnie "Prince" Billie)and Zach Galifianakis, brilliant. And somehow more funny now than befor I just watched this trailer, but I'll be going to see this for sure, I just hope it gets a big enough release for me to see it in the cinema.
  • whomever
    I can dig it. It takes a lot of courage to make this movie if you're Joaquin Phoenix. So I won't be dismissive about it. Looking for to seeing it.
  • asgfsfds
    #9... I was thinking the exact same
  • beavis
    looks meaningless........... if i want meaningless - i'll watch least that has lots of naked chicks!
  • Al
    Obligatory Zach Galifanakis comment.
  • OK..I understand all the crazyness...but take a shower can be mad..but clean.. =)
  • Black Dynamite
    LMMFAO, either this dude has lost his mind or he's planned all this for a few years and is absolutely brilliant!!!
  • beavis
    i'm not sure how planning this would make a person brilliant?
  • #6 Wouldn't giving Joaquin M. Night's number mean double fail? I mean, you've seen the last few Shammalakalimmilimmdingdong's movies, right? 😉
  • Jimmy Love
    Gawd Hes STILL Here! why wont he go away! Forever!
  • Jimmy Love
    Rap! LOL he deserves to lose his career for that!
  • tEDDY bESS
    And the point of this film is....?
  • Brandon
    I am a mountain top water drop. I will probably watch this, but for the strangeness, not the bullshit "Hey I am a celebrity acting crazy for the spectacle" thingy.
  • JJ88
    I'm a rooster illusion
  • Cody w
    HA!, seriously this is a tremendous fail, like #6 said he was never famous enough for us to care enough. Though from a neutral standpoint this looks like it could be entertaining.
  • Casey Afleck !!! ... Directing ??? .. I don't know if such movie need a director 😉 ... However ... it looks terrible from what I saw ... Of course everyone want to see an actor become angry in real life or in real way specially when it looks kind a documentary ... or go in to a fight or see him drunk ... fighting in the bed with someone !!!! But I don't think so that Joaquin Phoenix is the actor people want to see in such situations ... !!! 😉
  • L
    I don't see why he has to be famous enough to warrant a mockumentary about... whatever this is really about. Joaquin is a great actor and it's kind of intiguing to finally see why he's been doing this goofy crap for a few years. I can't say I'll sink my cash into it, but I'll definitely see it at some point.
  • ek
    me thinks its an established actors take/spin on the 'reality' style shows u see on the tv.. just the reverse of the 'real' life peeps and make them act, in a show, but have an actor act 'real' in a doco with the added bonus of some crazyness thrown in.
  • DoomCanoe
    wtf am i reading? this mans been nominated twice by the academy. Once for best actor and once for best supporting actor. in 2005 people were eating this guy up and 5 years later we get to witness his fall from grace? i mean for god sakes this man could have been seen as a god amongst the acting committee by this time, instead he chose the life he did... be we get to understand why he went the way he went, we get to find out why someone who has had everything we look up to (in the acting community) would throw it all away ... and you don't want to see that?!
  • Dandoo
  • Robbie
    Must see.
  • chilin the saying, "Get the F#@% out of my way!!"
  • Ever since I heard about it I have been well up for seeing even more so.
  • Alex O
    I'm with the Zack G. crowd. I would pay to see a remake of this with Zack. Or at least a college humor remake.
  • Eric
    Personally I think Phoenix is doing something alla Andy Kaufman and I find that an amusing and fun idea so I will roll with it. I totally want to see this.
  • Angry Chief
    This isn't interesting or intriguing or anything remotely close to that. This looks just terrible.
  • pipo
    Nr. 6, u are just... right!
  • Zanzibar Wonko
    I hope they play this up as some weird religious journey like Holy Mountain.
  • Kevin
    It's the story of how Joaquin Phoenix apparently became Zach Galifianakis... I always wondered why we never saw the two of them in the same room at the same time.
  • filmfan111
  • chilin
    @40 Kevin like Superman and Clark Kent!! or Santa and Daddy!!
  • King Aweasome
    The heck is Joaquin's problem. What happened to Johnny Cash. What happened to Signs. Now he just looks like a fucking loser
  • David
    Peopl who compare him to zach galifinakis or however you spell it need to be more creative. those who say he isn't popular are idiots who don't realize he's been nominated twice. He is a popular actor. Last time i checked gladiator was a huge movie with a huge audience. . . yeah he got a nomination from that. last time i checked walk the line had a large audience because of so many johnny cash fans. . . yeah another nomination. Those of you who think its real can be idiots too. If you are interested in great performers and performances then this is it. If you like poorly acted crap like transformers 2 then you probably don't deserve to watch this anyways. You'll only misunderstand it because you are too stupid.
  • carouser
    Is he sincere? Perhaps the problem is nobody’s cared to consider an answer somewhere in the middle: that Phoenix could have reason to be both serious and ironic, real and unreal, simultaneously. Despite reports that he has the musical chops to pull it off (remember his performance as Johnny Cash), surely his star studded career and Hollywood history would hinder his hip-hop success no matter his skillset. Might, then, Jaoquin be looking for a way to call rap's longtime emphasis on 'being real' into question while trying to do just that.




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