Watch This: Alexandre Aja's Piranha 3-D First Teaser Trailer

April 26, 2010
Source: Heat Vision

Piranha 3-D Teaser Trailer

We're re-running the same teaser trailer for Alexandre Aja's Piranha 3-D that first debuted this January because it's now officially online (via Heat Vision). This is the same post with the old comments intact, but the new trailer below. Any changes in opinion? I still think this looks fun, but will it be any good? I'm not sure. This horror film boasts an impressive cast including Elisabeth Shue, Adam Scott, Christopher Lloyd, Ving Rhames, Dina Meyer, and Richard Dreyfuss. If you haven't seen it yet or just want to watch it again, then check out the Piranha 3-D teaser trailer below. And let us know what you think of it after, too. Enjoy!

Watch the official teaser trailer for Alexandre Aja's Piranha 3-D:

A tremor under the surface of Lake Victoria in Arizona unleashes scores of prehistoric piranhas, an event which rallies the local sheriff Julie Forester (Elisabeth Shue), who risks everything to save her townsfolk.

Piranha 3-D is directed by French horror filmmaker Alexandre Aja, of High Tension, The Hills Have Eyes (remake), and Mirrors previously. The screenplay was co-written by Alexandre Aja, Josh Stolberg (Good Luck Chuck, Sorority Row), Pete Goldfinger (Sorority Row), and Grégory Levasseur (High Tension, P2, Mirrors). The Weinstein Company will be bringing Piranha 3-D to theaters everywhere on August 27th this fall. I Just hope this performs better than Halloween II, since that was their August release last year!

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  • Michael Radley
    Alex I saw this trailer back on the Monday after opening weekend of Avatar in Boston, Mass. The trailer played in awful blurry 3D.
  • Michael Radley
    Alex this trailer played in Boston back in December (21st if I remember). The 3D was awful
  • Antioch
  • matthew
    Um Yeah, How bout NO!!!!!!
  • Peter Parker
  • Daniel
    Lol, so bad.
  • Shelby
    is that chelsea handler at 45
  • Christopher Lloyd Fan
    What's the over-under for Ving Rhame's piranha kills?
  • Clarke
    I went to a test-screening of this, and I just want to say you may be surprised.
  • Post Human
    The sad thing is the movie will probably have a $35 million opening weekened. Looks shitty, but you know there will be lines around the block opening weekened. Eat it up America!
  • Sean
    LOL, piranha's! WHY?!?
  • trey
    I'm in. Looks like a lot of fun.
  • riley
  • Name Required
    prehistoric piranhas? look liked cyborg piranhas to me 😛 this will sell as the movie had an excuse to exploit the opportunity to show women in two-piece suits, half-a$$ naked, or even in totally awkward-poses in half-a$$ bikinis... bring on the babes and skip with the cyborg-piranhas! LOL
  • crotchsniffa
    Could of been worse....they could of used snakeheads...
  • movie mike
    This is a movie for people who found Attack of the Killer Tomatoes a little hard to follow. Pass
  • Cody
    Looked like a decent horror flick until the last 20 seconds....what the fuck looks like a straight to dvd movie, thats on scifi channel at 2 at night.
  • An "impressive" cast in a total waste of a film. What the hell are some of these previously acceptable actors thinking? Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil would have been a far, far better choice.
  • Xerxex
    good job Post Human with your snappy comment. Pass.
  • dex
    OMG! 3D this 3D that, im so fed up of seeing 3D on titles
  • Vincent Cipollone
    Why doc brown... why...
  • what the hell!? this is exactly like jaws. although jaws was a far better film.
  • Vegeta
    Personally... THIS WILL ROCK IN 3D!!!!!!!
  • harrison
    lol looks bad, funny though when the guy lights the flare and bam theres a plethora of piranhas and no way hes able to hold that boat engine while its goin, and then stick it in the water without it flying right into him, plus its about 5 times louder than that when its out of water lol
  • Denver
    @ #7 No, that's not Chelsea Handler. That is Elisabeth Shue.
  • wrongturn687
    Well I can't say I'm the least bit suprised by the reaction on this site. Obvioulsly people here don't get the intent of this movie because i see alot criticisms that point out exactly what this movie is going for. First off it's remake of a crappy 70's B movie. Second how can you take a plot about prehestoric piranhas coming out of fucking earthquake that begin attacking a bunch of spring breakers seriously. I mean this movie is set up to be a bad from the beginning, but does it look ridicoulously fun ? I think so. I'm not expecting anything other than Piranhas tearing people apart in 3D and from what I hear from advance screenigs this movie actually delivers what it promises.
  • giraffic
    You know, I thought that was Eli Roth somewhere in that trainwreck, and it turns out it was.
  • Brian Ricci
    I can't wait for this. I think it's gonna be fun and great. I saw the trailer before book of eli.
  • Madnezz344
    why? seriously why? super weak
  • Jebb Bush
    Why? All you morons say -- BECAUSE IT'S FRICKIN' FUN!!!!!!! That's why. Go back to your chin-stroking indie drama, and leave the horror films for the true fans.
  • Toucmyinfection
    "You mean to tell me that you built a time machine...out of a DeLorean!?" 😛
  • People's Champ
    Maybe some people have good taste in movies, instead of seeing every shitty horror movie and walking out wondering why did that suck. I'm sure you're the same people who thought Snakes on a Plane was going to be bad ass, and came out looking stupid. Was Jennifers Body rad too?
  • DoomCanoe
    haha yeah... this is going to suck. but if you know that then you'll enjoy the hell out of it. i can not wait to get drunk with my friends and watch this
  • What WAT
    Was that Ashlynn Brooke in teh yellow top in teh car???????????????????? Guaranteed some boob if it was!!
  • Mr. Pants
    Christopher FUCKING Lloyd!!!
  • DeeJay
    This looks like one of those so-bad-it's-good type films. Worth seeing if only for the cheap thrills and laughable plot.
  • Fisherr
    Looking good.
  • Cineprog
    This film looks from the first teaser Trailer Lame. There will have to be better trailer than this one for the film. It looks like it was filmed way back in the 70s. This Don't look like mutch to me.
  • HAHAH! I want it now!
  • tobi,leader of the akatsuki
    that genius james cameron if remember rightly directed piranha 2 attack of the flying killers,it was his first film he normally takes it of his list of films his made, so he looks like the perfect director.
  • Hattori Hanzo
    All you have to do is stay out of the water and they won't eat you. Problem solved.
  • chuppachupp
    The trailer was pretty generic, but you guys have to remember that this is from the guy (Alexandre Aja) who brought us the sadistically violent French import High Tension (2005) and The Hills Have Eyes remake. I can see this film being a blast to watch with a packed theater. And from the early reports that this is going to be one of the bloodiest mainstream films of the decade, with buckets and buckets of blood and gore, you can bet your ass I'll be seeing this during its theatrical run.
  • arjones
    Looks good and cheesy like the first one. Although the 3d trailer scared the crap out of my kid in the theater I'll wait to rent it.
  • Its being released on April 16, filmed on Lake Havasu, Arizona.
  • Tamsin
    It's Jaws with tropical fish!!!
  • King Aweasome
    What the fuck! Everybody out of Ideas. these days they don't make anything decent. All they do is just remake a bunch of old ass movies from the 70's and 80's.
  • jk
    looks just as shitty as KICK ASS and SCOTT PILGRIM
  • Xerxex
    #10 that drum has been beaten to death, try a new beat. This is the exact definition of Fail.
  • Xerxex
    "The Magic of 3-D has taken the audience..." Yeah there is nothing magical about 3-D, that V.O. is false. @JK you are JK'ing right?
  • pulp fiction212
    eli roth is in this movie,should be good
  • could be the best worst movie of the year, 100% dumb fun
  • Bob
    Jaws rip off
  • Dan W
    Seeing this infront of Avatar was the mos horrific experience watching a trailer I've ever had. The 3D was so bad that instead of things looking like they were popping out, they looked like they were inking in. Also the piranhas look too fake to be believable which ruins it. I know it's supposed to be a B movie, but it looks like it should belong on VHS
  • Cody w
    ELizabeth shue and Lloyd seemingly havent been in a movie in friggin years and this is what they decie to come back with?...looks great be there on day one....pffffffffffffttt.
  • jon
    2nd most anticipated movie of the year, gonna be hilariously awesome
  • Will
    Why on earth is Richard Dreyfuss in this?! He's better than that.
  • budbud
    Ooooh Elisabeth Shue.....i suppose you can hold out for only so long aye...?
  • I love ashlynn Brooke
    #34 that is deff Ashlynn Brooke. She is so effing HOT!!!
  • Bob Dylan
    No. Just no. Why all the big names in this?!
  • Daniel
    LOL you idiots all take movies way too seriously, it's entertainment dammit. Some dumbed down fun is great every now and again, helps de-stress. Stop taking yourselves so seriously and have some fun for a change.
  • BallyLD
    The fishes look really fake...
  • Kim
    #30 you are so right. Sometimes you need a bit of laughter in the depressing state everyone is in, and that's what movies like these are for. Wait - it will be a huge weekend for them.
  • 1544K
    C'mon folks, this is a total B movie with some A list actors. It's supposed to be cheese. I love that they have Dreyfuss in it, sort of a nod to his other character in Jaws. @ 60 I agree, stop taking yourselves so seriously, for that matter, every movie that comes out. Eat some popcorn, have some fun, catch a boob or two, sheesh.
  • Mark D
    I want to see this? What the hell is wrong with me! Oh, I know, I'm still inlove with Elizabeth Shue from my repeated viewings of Adventures in Babysitting as a child :) She's still purdy....
  • Lol this looks so bad it is actually intriguing... Also, this was already shown in theaters like months ago. I don't remember what movies it was (Transformers 2?)
  • Penny
    The video has been taken down.
  • Jimbone
  • giorgi
    its verry bad film.. but everybody can't watch this film... i can watch...




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