Watch This: Sleek Cyberpunk Teaser for Indie Film Frame 137

February 22, 2010
Source: SlashFilm, Vimeo

Frame 137 Teaser

You gotta check this out! From ours friends at SlashFilm comes a teaser trailer for a new independent film called Frame 137, written and directed by Judd Tilyard. It's a sci-fi action film based on the work of James O'Barr, creator of The Crow, and made with his permission. It's kind of a punk, neo-noir, action flick and it looks interesting, to say the least. The craziest part is it's shot on the RED camera using a Lomo Anamorphic Lens which makes it look like it was shot Cinemascope, so it's extremely wide. It's based on a comic that first appeared in Dark Horse Presents and was expanded into a short before Tilyard turned it into a feature film.

Watch the first teaser trailer for Judd Tilyard's Frame 137:

You can also watch the Frame 137 teaser in High Definition on Vimeo

Frame 137 is written & directed by Australian filmmaker Judd Tilyard, of numerous short films but this is his first feature-length production. Sam Ransom, the 10-year-old boy who plays Jonny Z, the film's hero, performed all his own stunts including the fire breathing and wire-work, some of which we got to see in this teaser. We're not sure when this is going to be released or if they're planning to premiere it at some festivals, but we'll definitely be following. Looks cool enough, like it could be a badass indie that just blows us away. I'm sort of reminded of The Matrix, Road Warrior and Equilibrium all at once watching this. Thoughts?

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  • Tony
  • whatever
    this looks like crap. total B-movie.
  • The Man With No Name
    As I'm not a disturbed tween, I don't find this movie interesting. I'd rather re-watch The Book Of Eli.
  • 9mm
    THey should add 3d to it.
  • cintilla
    Meh, it ain't Ong Bak or Ong Bak 2.
  • Willy Wonka Balls
    This isn't a feature, it's a short. But after seeing the teaser I would say they should get this guy to direct the new Crow reboot (which will no doubt be a cluster-fuck train wreck anyhow).
  • Logntimer
    Seriously, Alex you have to grow the fuck up or risk alienating website visitors. Bad Ass? everything to you is badass. This clip definitely is not. You are like a little kid embelishing his weekend activities to get some attention on Mondays with this type of review.
  • Brian Barajas
    that kid isnt very convincing...
  • xaudioprox
    Hey look everybody its HIT-BOY. This doesn't look that bad ass. I'll watch it when it gets to cable.
  • DoomCanoe
    i can dig
  • Quaked
    1:06 minutes of my life wasted...
  • Cineprog
    My thought are has #2# The fight scenes look shit they look like Bill and Ben.
  • Dark Fist
    Very interesting! I'd like to see more of this. Are comments #1 and 2 the same person? Might as well be I guess. Whatever.. #3: I actually found this one-minute teaser to be more interesting than The Book of Eli in its entirety. #4: I'd be more impressed if they don't need to rely upon that gimmick, especially given that it wasn't filmed to be 3d. #5: What an idiotic comparison. Yeah, it ain't Enter the Dragon either, so what?
  • Dark Fist
    @Logntimer: Why don't you start your own movie blog? It's not like you're paying to view the content here and no one's forcing you to. There are plenty of other movie sites as well. Or are you so pathetic that all you can do is whine about how poorly someone who actually takes the time to work on a site like this isn't doing a better job? Be sure to invite us all when you've finished your superior and undoubtedly soon to be very popular new site. Show us how it's done!
  • Dark Fist
    @#11 Quaked: And then you decided to waste even more time by commenting about it.
  • #7 - Am I not allowed to say something looks badass? It's just a word, sure I probably overuse, but I try and use it properly. I just felt like this looked pretty cool, badass seemed like a good word, but whatever. Sorry if you didn't like it. I just wanted to feature this, didn't know if anyone would actually enjoy it.
  • Bob Dylan
    I think this looks cool, Alex. I don't know why everybody else has such harsh feelings after a short teaser.
  • Guy
    Visually it looked really cool. It lacked some energy, and was left wondering if the whole movie takes place in that one room? It IS very cool that they shot it with anamorphic lenses, and were gutsy enough to do something creative and different with how a film is presented. For an independent film, probably low budget, I think it looks very cool.
  • Nuika
    I'm a sucker for action, I'm interested. it's all I can really say at this point
  • Daniel
    People need to calm the hell down; Alex can post whatever he wants on his own site. The footage looked alright, a little too choreographed to me, but it still works. Wish that the trailer at least told us what the film was about though, it just looks confusing to the average viewer. Oh and have you heard of Mongrel's Creed, Alex? It looks pretty crazy imo, and might be worth checking out:
    yeah,it looks alright maybe this could be the year of kids in violent films(kick ass does look better though.) i want to see more of this before i pass judgement,james o'barr creation the crow is great comic/graphic novel charactor so i'm gonna give the man a chance.
  • Klaus_Komix
    Quit bitching everybody! Keep stuff like this coming Alex. Why don't you people understand this isn't like a big production. Its two guys who love cinema, like I assume most here do, and wanted to create a cool film on no budget. Lets see what the rest of you produce before you criticize others and there hard work.
  • DannyBoy
    And why is this considered good?
  • betsy
    um this is not a feature film. it's a 15 minure short film.
  • Quaked
    @#11 Dark Fist: I had a few mores seconds to to spear hahaha
  • Required
    @ #7 : seems like SOMEONE is the one looking for attention.
  • Robbie
    Action looks ok, but not my style.
  • Glendon
    I think it looks interesting. I also feel like you're pretty clear about what kind of movies you like. If people don't value what you have to say, they should probably go find a different source of news. Keep up the good work Alex.
  • Squiggly_P
    1) This is a short. Not a feature film. 2) It is probably not going to get into festivals. A quote: "We're not really planning to take the film on the festival circuit, instead we'll be holding a few exclusive screenings, and then putting it online. I figure this is a film for fans not your typical festival film, particularly when you see some of the stuff Sam does in it, its not really a "family" film. " I did five minutes of research and got better info than what you've got, and I even used a link you posted in your article to find this information. What the hell? That said, I think it looks interesting. I always loved the old wide-screen formats. This is pretty extreme, tho. It would be awesome to see a whole film shot like this. @Logntimer: First of all, I hope your name isn't Logntimer because you can't even spell the word "long" properly. Secondly, this site probably started off as just a fun project that grew into what it is today. The guys who run it can and should post whatever the fuck they think is interesting and if you don't like what they post then why the fuck do you come here? You want editorial control over a website then go make a fucking website. Until then, your opinion as it pertains to how some other website should be run is moot. I think this site has gotten better over the last year or so precisely because they've started to cover more interesting indie shit. If you're upset about the sensationalistic headline, go pester the mainstream media.
  • Crystal
    My first thoughts watching this were... Mad Max? My second was... 10 yr old? Either way, it looks interesting enough to watch. At least it has a bit of grit to it. Also, i agree with #29. #7 (aka LOGNTIMER), you are a twat.
  • David Banner
    Wow, what is the aspect ration, 3:1? :) C'mon! Neuromancer and Snow Crash(book seen in Pontypool, on a desk :) ) needs to be made!
  • Troy
    I wish this little kid would go kill the Hit-girl kid, and then I can finally watch grown ups Kick Ass. lol. I guess I'm just not in to this idea of little kids being some sort of killing machines... I stick to 3Ninjas for that
  • Xerxex
    could be something surprising.
  • Vold
    Looks like it could be good. Maybe... It's definately one i'd rent.
  • Gonnarentit
    I'm starting to realize that The only thing that sucks about this website is the reader feedback portion. I have returned to it for the odd witty comment, and increasingly rare intelligent insight, but I think I'll start to skip it. This IS a world of free speech, but there are too many trolls and haters posting angry and ridiculous comments to keep up the quality level feedback. Unfortunate. Thanks to those of you try add great feedback, and thank you to Alex for an always entertaining website. We may not always have the same tastes, but it happens often enough to keep me coming back.
  • kLO
    I'm so sick of this site giving blowjobs to every dip-shit trailer or movie - or idiot with a camera who has no idea how to direct a movie. Just because it's indie, doesn't mean it needs to be supported - or it's any good. Most indioe directors stay indie because they know shit about the craft of film making. Like #7 said. Stop being fanboys and just grow up.
  • Hm, could it be that this killer kids are the new trend? Hit Girl in Kick Ass, The Last Airbender, Conan Junior and now Frame 137... I mean its not bad but its strange to see all this killer kids in the same time. I hope this will not influence our kids in a bad way... :)
  • Evo
    Firstly, thanks for posting this, Alex. I'd love to see even more independent projects make it onto your site. It looks quite amatuerishly shot and I think it would take a skilled director to pull of shooting a whole film in that aspect ratio. But hey, we all have to start somewhere and I applaud the effort. Second, you obviously love movies and I like the format that you've got going here but, in regards to your statement, "It's just a word, sure I probably overuse..." This is often indicative of your word choice and I feel it detracts from your site and credibility. It comes off as very fan-boyish and non-critical. You've chosen a written medium to convey ideas to your audience (I assume you're not talking to yourself) and therefore, word choice IS important. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate your work and efforts and look forward to more in the future. You don't have to over-emphasize or exaggerate every post to get me to look at it, the post should, in a sense, speak for itself. Cheers.
  • YK
    The production values look great, but I personally can't stand children in the leading role of movies like this. Especially super emo children.
  • Cody
    I cant really tell if the actions good...the editing was kinda weird for the trailer but it is interesting and badass looking. I just hate emo looking kids they just piss me off. O yeah and #7 go fuck yourself...nuff said.
    My interest is definitely piqued, thanks for this find, Alex. I'm excited. Love the super widescreen of it. Definitely one to see in Cinerama dome(although it being screened there seems doubtful)
  • peter T'Sas
    That looks so bad...
  • James
    # 16 Alex, you shouldnt have to appoligize to some (for lack of a better term) child that needs to try and make you look bad. It is your site, your review, and your opinion, nothing else. Tell him to go somewhere else if he doesnt like it.
  • Craig
    It doesn't look particularly good to me. I really like the style, and I can never get enough of post apocalyptic movies, but it didn't look like there was much effort put into the fight scenes. It didn't look like a kid was overpowering a bunch of grown men, it looked like a bunch of grown men were just standing allowing a kid to beat them up. That said, #7 is a jackass.
  • korm
    Nice RED Camera work. I thought that's what they might have been using. Looks insane.
  • D.
    Love the style, it's a B comic book and i'm with Alex, looks fenomenal. See beyond your own world and try to enjoy another vision, jerk. It's Punk, pop lovers... if you don't know what this means, don't comment.
  • chlordane
    B movie or not, I can dig it. Of course I can dig any kind of cyberpunk. ^_^
  • I love the original Alex Proyas' The Crow, but man why has O'Barr approved such dribble and so many sequels/extensions of a perfect indie movie that was The Crow? This is a good portfolio like demo but anything else out of it would read to me as B movie rental.
  • MTHand
    Fight scenes look slow and the rest of it look sub-standard.
  • Moviegimp
    If the writing is anywhere near that of The Crow then it will be a movie I want to see. I think the trailer looks great. The kid reminds me of Edward Furlong in T2, the hair at least. Probably a whole lot better than most of what came out last year.
  • Said
    maybe for dvd
  • You naysayers are wack as hell! This movie looks pretty badass and I especially love what I see of the fight choreography. I used to hate seeing kids beat up grown ups and such but, since seeing this and the trailer for Kick Ass, I don't mind it so much. Just as long as the kids actually show that they can actually do the katas and moves. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MORE OF THIS!!
  • chaz
    Its a trailer you fuckin knobs, if you dont like it keep it to your fuckin selves if your gona complain. and if sum1 does like dont bag'em bcoz of it. Im an aussie and i was fairly impressed by it coz usually alot of aussie movies are the same old shit.
  • idogis1
    Cool. Really digin' the anarchist vibe, all put it on my calendar.
  • Spike Murdock, Poet-at-Large
    The kid is not even close to being an actor. His skills are store bought, the choreography plods... 54 - check your spelling. You look like an idiot. 52 - Get out more The Red camera has serious issues...
  • higgledyhiggles
    There`s something about most western kung fu movies that makes them all look clunky. I think the problem is that people are too interested in looking *cool* than looking like you`re in a fight. Stop posing and adopting `stances, it`s tired and it makes you realise they`re not actually fighting but dancing and showing off. People should get tired expending energy or getting hit, it`s a simple trick that makes the fight look like it takes more out of you. Blame the americans, and Michael Dudikoff.




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