Must Watch: Bruce Willis in the First Official Trailer for RED!

June 23, 2010
Source: Yahoo

Red Trailer

Retired Extremely Dangerous. Summit has unveiled the first trailer for RED, starring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Mary-Louise Parker, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Karl Urban and Richard Dreyfuss, basically a helluva lot of damn good actors. This is based on the comic book series written by Warren Ellis, hence the DC Comics tag at the beginning. It's about a team of retired hitmen who come out of retirement. One of the best parts of this is seeing the lovely Helen Mirren with guns, that's just pure badass. Plus, John Malkovich looks frickin' hilarious. This actually looks pretty damn good, I just hope it's not too cheesy. Watch & enjoy!

Watch the first official trailer for Robert Schwentke's Red:

You can also watch the first Red trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

When his idyllic life is threatened by a high-tech assassin, former black-ops agent Frank Moses (as played by Bruce Willis) reassembles his old team in a last ditch effort to survive. Based on the Wildstorm comics.

Red is directed by German filmmaker Robert Schwentke, of Tattoo, The Family Jewels, Flightplan and The Time Traveler's Wife previously. The screenplay was written by brothers Erich and Jon Hoeber, of Whiteout previously as well as the upcoming Battleship and Alice. This is based on the Warren Ellis comic book series first published by WildStorm in 2003. Summit is bringing Red to theaters on October 15th later this year.

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  • wally
    Loved the comic. This is going to be a real treat. Besides, like I need a reason to watch Helen Mirren kick ass with a machine gun. Badass!
  • SkaOreo
    As a comic book lover and film lover, I am absolutely torn by this trailer. On the one hand this has almost nothing to do with the original comics except for the name, and I should hate it on that alone. However it also has Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, and John Malkovich being badass. And that's kinda cool.
  • Justin
    Willis,Freeman, and Malkovich make the best team!! I know that movie is going to be AWESOME!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO
  • AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! thats all i can said!!
  • Helen Mirren loooks Totally BaDASSSSS!!!
  • Good trailer. Good talent. Bad name.
  • D
    Man I hate that. They just totally wasted that comic book. This is just like that show Human Target. Based it uses the comic's name and just the ever so slight detail of the book, but then that book is totally sullied and can never be used for a future project. It's like yeah this movie looks OK, but it's just barely based off the real book which would have definitely made a bad ass movie. I just don't get why they have to ruin a comic's chance at getting a true to story movie experience on something that's based off of 1/100th of the comic. It would be like making a Harry Potter movie about a boy who goes to school. Sorry about the tangent.
  • Sabes
    haha, looks good.
  • sickdoghats
    this looks horrible.
  • Why did they had to turn it into a comedy ? Loved the book will hate the movie unless they change the title and any reference to the book.
  • Ells
    I love Bruce Willis... but where are the Gorillaz?
    looks entertaining :)
  • lamar
    So...this is a comedy?
  • Don't know the comics so I can't complain... But those oldies sure look great kicking some ass, and is great to finally see Bruce Willis paired with someone is age instead of the traditional smokin' hot girl the same age as his daughter! Oh and someone should cast Helen Mirren for a movie where the Queen of England must save the kingdom by kicking some ass (or arse) and firing lots and lots of machine guns!
  • JimD
    Haha I love it. Damn thats a cast.
  • Cody w
    Ok Im sold, this looks awesome.
  • beavis
    this looks GREAT.
  • PHiZiK
    RED? really? couldn't they come up with a better name?
  • Cineprog
    this film look good Bruce willis, Helen Mirren and John Malkovich looks real badass "Cannot Wait".
  • Trip
    Love it, I'm in.
  • zuitigzit
  • Delvis
    I was sold when Malkovich showed up with dynamite strapped across himself.
  • DiR3cT
  • J-bizzle
    I Never Been Soo Turn On By An Old Lady
  • Eli
    Rather strange cast. It looks like a fail but i'll give it a go. BTW I dont go to the movies so i never see any of these movies until they hit dvd or bluray or netflix so...
  • Looks pretty badass/funny. I liked the ending about who trained who.
  • Daniel Felts
    Pretty awesome
  • solo calrissian
    "Wanted" meets "Unforgiven..." Especially since Morgan was in BOTH 😀 Looks good.
  • harm
    This looks AWESOME> I love John Malkovich as a tripping geriatrich former assassin. heh heh. And cmon, its always a treat to see Bruce Willis kick ass.
  • otphj
    @#7, I wholeheartedly agree with you. I only read comics when I discover they are being turned into movies and it's only because for some reason Hollywood picks the greatest comic books and then totally bastardizes them into movies. The comics for Wanted were spectacular, such an original idea (at least for me being new to comics) and the movie dumbed it down to the 10th degree. I know Hollywood is as mainstream as it gets and The Watchmen showed us how hard it is to stay true to the original concept (I loved it personally), but I'd love to see more comic book project being taken on in with their original concept in place. Though I have a hard time complaining in a time when Jessica Beal and Cameron Diaz get the bad ass roles since Helen Mirren and Mary-Louise Parker is just plain amazing casting. A+ there at least.
  • Xerxex
    Helen Mirren sold me. So I'm in, has the best cast ever.
  • Brandon
    An action movie with old people. At least they are trying semi new ideas. But I'll pass.
  • TheLOLrapist
    with you on this one Brandon
  • Brian
    That actually looks pretty good. I love how Helen Mirren has chosen films you would never expect her in. Awesome.
  • Kevin
    Hell yeah!!!! Sign me up!!!
  • Phi;l
    Fuckin' A
  • lol
    another brain washing movie
  • The guy Freeman's punching at 1:22 is Richard Dreyfuss by the way.
  • Oops...1:19 actually. My bad.
  • Nuika
    looks funny I wanna see the retired woman kicking major butt!
  • arjones
    #14 Pedro I thought the same thing about Willis with Mirren. And a great choice too the two of them together. This looks really entertaining and fun.
  • as i'm a massive fan of bruce willis, can anyone tell me when grand champion, fast food nation, alpha dog and die hard 4 will be available on dvd.
  • Eric
    I laughed, this could be good. However, I am begining to tire of Vampires and Assasins in movies. Is there nothing else to film? Oh, wait there's zombies and werewolves, and high school kids! The movie business is saved!
  • jjboldt
    Okay, I rarely say this, but I'm sold just based on the cast. I'm probably more of a Willis fan than most and you can't go wrong with Mirren, Freeman and Malkovich. #21 Don't put too much thought into it. #25 Strange cast? Seriously? Then what's a good cast?
  • CruzCostelo
    wow two of the hottest women on earth, and I really mean that!!!!!!!!!
  • Fisherr
    Looking more than badass.
  • pulp fiction212
    you no i thought the losers was gonna suck but it ended up being cool so i have alot of high hopes for this one
  • TwoHumpedCamel
    My reaction was to groan and poke my eyeballs out with a marshmallow stick.... haven't they made a stupid action comedy like this already. I'm sorry, but even having super stars can't erase the fact that this movie needs to go straight to DVD and spare the world another mindless movie. Movies like this are so common now its almost embarrassing for the directors to even make them - these kinds of movies are milking machines hooked up to movie super stars to milk the dollars out of a brainwashed population. Ugggh...gonna avoid this movie like I would avoid a movie about some retired hitmen who team up together to make a movie about retired hitmen in a movie
  • theotherbluth
    This looks awesome. For anyone around my age(28) Bruce Willis is pretty much the epitome of American Badassery. I even had to invent that word to describe his ability. He can do no wrong in my book so count me in. Of course, the rest of the cast are all rad. Mirren has to be the hottest over- fifty chick on the planet.
  • This movie looks great, Bruce Willis rules... John C Reilly was presumed to be in it also, the part was given to John Malkovic which is great, but John C Reilly would've been hilarious for that part.




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