Watch This: Crazy Trailer for Euforia Film's Norwegian Ninja

June 4, 2010
Source: Twitch

Norwegian Ninja Trailer

I don't know what exactly this is, but you need to see it. Russ Fischer of SlashFilm found this trailer today for a film called Norwegian Ninja that comes from the same production company who made the crazy Nazi zombie film Dead Snow (which I liked a lot more than everyone else). Norwegian Ninja is apparently the "true story" of how Commander Arne Treholt and his Ninja Force saved Norway during the Cold War. There's so much random cool shit in this I don't even know what to say. It looks like they use that reserve effect a lot as well to make the ninjas looks skilled. I don't think I need to say anything else - check it out!

Watch the first trailer for Thomas Cappelen Malling's Norwegian Ninja:

The story takes place in the time right before Commander Arne Treholt’s arrest on espionage charges in 1984, and reveals a spectacularly different version of our recent past than has been previously known.

Norwegian Ninja is both written and directed by first-time Swedish filmmaker Thomas Cappelen Malling. This is actually based on a real Norwegian politician, Arne Treholt, but is more fictionalized version of him and his history. Mads Ousdal plays Treholt and Trond-Viggo Torgersen (last seen in O'Horten) plays King Olav V. This was on sale at Cannes, but as far as we know it doesn't actually have a US distributor yet. Stay tuned for updates, I guess. Visit the official website: Anyone into this movie at all?

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  • Jeffrey
    Stopenz Zie Throwingz Zie Nunchukensteinz!!
  • lego
    LOL, that is all
  • viraptorski
    HAHAHAHAHA I have NO IDEA what I just watched...but I want to see more. Sheep???? SHEEP!!!! I'd put this on my list right after The Iron Sky movie. In fact, I'm gonna try to find a copy of Dead Snow, muhahahaha. See Alex? I haven't been at this site very long and already you've gotten me to watch more foreign films in the short time I've been here than Ebert and Siskell ever could.
  • sho
    full of win!
  • Looking forward to this. I think the world needs more of Norwegian Ninja.
  • ben chacko
  • Xerxex
  • 8=D
  • That Awesome Norwegian Dude
    Looks awesome!
  • Tom Dearsley
    This looks like it could be a Garth Marenghi production! but itll be certainly worth a watch
  • what are you.. I don't even..
  • Ben1275
  • Orangutang
    looks very much like a true story, freaky dutch...I mean norwegian bastards.
  • Funny trailer
  • Yes, yes, yes... I want to watch this.
  • DoomCanoe
    ha so so soooo sold
  • Jimmy
    Norwegian Ninjas. I'm sold.
  • Cody w
    I think I agree with some of you when I say....BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA
  • Vet4Peace
    Yes, this looks AWESOME.
  • Ben A.
    The people behind this movie have a production blog up on, a Norwegian movie site. It's even in english!
  • Lando is a system not a man
    not as good as "Latin American Ninja" but looks interesting! lol.. dead snow was ok, I'll watch this just because of its ambition! (They blew up that miniature city!) Im sure its a matter of time til it hits comcast onDemand...
  • SLee
  • Lazarus from Sparta!!! DEATHKLOK RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What just happened....
  • jjboldt
    Seriously? Why is crap like this even posted? Why would I even remotely be interested in something like this from the US, let alone Norway? There are hundreds of low-budget films from other countries. Why post this one? Whatever.
    • Because, ninjas are awesome. Okay? Simple as that.
    Wow ur ALL idiot sheep....this looks like complete shit ....hows this N E better that Pirahna 3D? which everybody rips on ....??? DUMB
  • Deathtoll 2010
    Ok, so how long before an "American Jedi" movie?
  • Jimmy Love
    Well that room does need painted, and since id rather watch paint dry than this crap, Ive got some work to do. Stupid Sweeds!
  • Scared S-less!!!
    I'm blind!!!!!
  • Kenji
    wow! WOW! and smoke bombs too!!
  • Hidde
    #24 So to you it matters if a movie is from the US of A or not? Whats the difference besides the fact that there are subtitles? Or are you telling me that you are just like the French and the Germans? and #25 That is because this movie is not trying to be anything else, Piranha 3D tried to look al fancy and nicely done...and failed, this movie is hardly even trying to be anything else than some weird Norwegian Ninja-film....and they pass with flying colours and #27 The movie is called Norwegian Ninja and you end with "Stupid Sweeds" was it to hard to think of something starting with a N?
  • chilin
    @24, 25 & 27 Hidde took y'all to school...props Hidde
  • Luis M
    All I can say is... Wat?
  • jojoe
    @ 30 a lot of german people watch movies with subtitles, and never again compare a german to a french they could take it rather badly...
  • Brandon
    Awesome and rather silly.
  • Lando is a system not a man
    NINJA PLEASE! People, lets strip this down to the bare bones... Ninjas trump _____ (insert Anything there) any time!!! thats why this is better than Pirahna3d (I havent even seen that but can tell you anything with the word NINJA in it beats fish with sharp teeth!) thats why its better than avatar, thats why even some Norwegian dudes can put "Norwegian" in front of it and it still makes sense! Look at it.. "Norwegian" ok, just a word, nothing fancy..but now add the word "NINJA" behind it and POW!!! that shit looks hot! try it with any word, it doesnt even have to be a country.. backyard (Ninja) influence (Ninja) barbecue (Ninja) penance (Ninja) pool (Ninja) cat (Ninja) paper (Ninja) trojan (Ninja) ... Add the word "NINJA" anywhere in there and you have something that I would pay to see!!! and props to anyone having the balls to be doing something "Different" than the average bullshit being put out as film! these are the people who should be paid attention to.. NOT the popcorn summer blockbuster crap!
  • arjones
    At first i thought it it looked ok. Then I thought what kinda crap is this? Finally I think it maybe become a classic so I guess I'll just have to watch it and see.
  • Eric
    Bad Ass!
  • Harry
    Sure this isn't an Aussie film? Couldn't be, budget looks too high.
  • JAJAJA WHAT THE HELL....!! Totally sold..
  • neonblue120
    Ninja-A-team XD
  • samurai hack
    to everybody dissing the title..ever hear of a horrible american film called "AMERICAN NINJA"? well...this looks way better at least!
  • Lemmings
    Ninja + wolf = supercool. Count me in.
  • Ole
    Kommandør Treholt & Ninjatroppen (Norwegian Ninja) Well, I've seen the film yesterday. Quite cool as a 70's/80's trash parody on anything James-Bondish, Star Wars, and the cold war. You'll enjoy it with some friends and some beers, I'm sure. However, the movie is not the plain, simple beer-with-the-boys fun as, e.g. “Store flate baller” was. The movie gets beyond simple, satiric trash non-sense based on both well-known movie clichees and bits and pieces from recent Norwegian history. It presentes the cold war situation of the early 1980s, where Scandinavians could not really trust on anyone, with the NATO countries creating a "Soviet Submarine" craze to manufacture consent for extended nuclear missile stationing in Europe. Consequently, Commander Treholt and his ninjas get sucked into a large conspiracy, fighting a secret organization that has its own agenda in the cold war. Who wouldn't think over the Norwegian borders, e.g. check the NATO's Gladio organization. However, in the Norwegian context, the bad guys are PST, the secret service, who during the cold war constantly was in conflict with democratic boundaries (see Lund commission in the 90's). The movie consequently depicts them as sabotaging their own people for the sake of a larger political agenda. The movie is rather unusually outspoken over issues than simply are not spoken about in Norway. One of the ninja recruits, being asked by a beautiful woman about why he joined the ninjas, simply replies that he actually is a pacifist, but faces 3 years in prison if he declines his invitation to the Ninjas. Remember that Norway may be the world's best country where it comes to woman quota in corporate boards, and to government-paid for "baby years" - but military service still is based on gender discrimination, where solely men get to enjoy cold winters in the north on government expense. The film contains numours references to the Norwegian heritage, society, and politics that might be harder to grasp for someone less familiar with history. In one scene, where king Olav shall be kidnapped, a whole loop of wordplay around "evacuation of the king" is played, ending with the order to "evacuate the king, and use any deadly violence necessary if he refuses to be evacuated." Which is a rather nasty joke on the fact that many Norwegians have their own opinion about the royal family being the first to flee the country during the German invasion in World War II. Nontheless, the ninja acrobatics framing the evacuation dialogue can be considered as one of the funniest in ninja parody. One philosophical insight, however, sticks. King Olav tells the young recruits the secret of a happy life. It is to follow one's destiny. Enough to create outrage - from the mouth of a king who inherited his job in a society of the "equal" - this statement is amended by these king's words: "Don't be worried about prison - the only true prison is that of choice." Well, at the end of the movie, one character will be in prison, happily running rounds on a running track under supervision of his prison guards. Somehow makes you think, next time all those coworkers who never open their mouth in a good norwegian workgroup meeting run off at 4 p.m. to fulfil their pensum in mountain biking, running or nordic skiing.... Gorgeous movie, but Norwegians, be warned, it may contain things you rather wouldn't talk or think about while you're workig out!
  • Andrew
    Alxex Billington, why they heck would you call Thomas Cappelen Malling Swedish??? The director is Norwegian!
  • lol wut




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