Watch This: Early Promo Trailer for Jerry O'Flaherty's Samurai

June 11, 2010
Source: Twitch

Samurai Trailer

Okay, this is just another one of those fantastic proof-of-concept trailers, but it really is awesome and I've got to share it with you guys today. Twitch has debuted a promo trailer for a project called Samurai that will be the directorial debut of Jerry O'Flaherty, who has worked for years as the art director on Epic's Gears of War video game series. They're developing a samurai vs ninja action movie using hyper-stylized action straight from Zack Snyder's 300. But the kicker is that they're using the Unreal 3 video game engine to render the props and environments. And it's pretty damn impressive to see, although it's not in high def.

Watch the early proof-of-concept trailer for Jerry O'Flaherty's Samurai:

This trailer for Samurai (seen above) was a "no-budget piece shot in two days with a volunteer cast of five people against a white background. The background plates were created in Unreal with the intent of sharing all of the environment assets (rendered at higher res for the film) between the movie and the game." The project is being produced by Blacklight Transmedia and State Street Pictures. On IMDb, O'Flaherty is listed as the director of the Thundercats live-action movie, when or if that ever gets made. It definitely looks like he has a promising career ahead of him and I'm looking forward to seeing him finish a full-length feature.

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  • Nada Nuff
    Not bad, can't wait to see what they can do with an actual budget.
  • Me
    THIS... IS... SAMURAAAAAAAAAAA..................
  • Sabler
    I quote: "This trailer for Samurai (seen above) was a "no-budget piece shot in two days with a volunteer cast of five people against a white background. The background plates were created in Unreal with the intent of sharing all of the environment assets (rendered at higher res for the film) between the movie and the game." This is an absolute falsehood. Sabler
  • Brandon
    Not impressed.
  • taylor
    for a promo that's not to bad looks cool if it would have a budget. I enjoin the cinematography with it. the only thing i would change is make it a little farther from 300.
  • Trino
    About half the shots look were composited really, really poorly... the other half are pretty decent. VFX discrepancies make my brain go :(
    Not impressed, at all. Just like with the Gears of Wars videogames, image is too muddied and dark, not enough visual variety, and the story looks retarded as all hell.
  • 8=D
  • Sam i the only one seeing how bad this trailer sucks? this is like one of those dozens of crappy strait to video movies released every day. Why is this on here as a must watch? i dont get it sorry
  • Dreckent
    Its not Casshern... but at least its not Tekken either...
  • silver
    lol @ white ninja
  • Antoni05
    looks nice, cool point lost for the white guy though
  • Marty Martin
    Uh, this looks like crap.
  • Why does it always have to be a white guy who kicks asian ass, damn
  • L
    I think i was starting to get motion sickness from the camera shaking all of the time.
  • ted
    THIS....IS.......C R A P! really what is this shit. Bilington wtf. go eat cheese or something and next time put a REAL decent trailer. jerk. i still love you tho.
  • Craig
    The fights look terribly choreographed and executed, but given that this was done in 2 days, that's forgivable. I liked the art style.
  • Jack
    lol o noooooo, another occidental guy into samurai movie
  • movie mike
    cool short. but would i watch a whole movie like this, no.
  • We worked with Jerry on this proof-of-concept. It's not really a trailer. In fact, this would normally never be seen by the public. It is a technical demonstration of how the Unreal game engine can be used to produce background plates composited with live action. Besides looking badass I think the most amazing thing about the short is that Jerry was able to match the actors motion translations with the level elements at different speeds and angles. This is notoriously difficult without motion control data and only someone as skilled as he is in UnrealEd Mantinee - and there probably is literally no one else this skilled - could have pulled it off. So while the short doesn't look polished, it really is an amazing feat!
  • deadpool 72
    looks alright,don't like the idea of having a lead charactor that could be to look at be from a english speaking country. it would be acceptalbe if it was the will adams story. i personally would of gone for an all japanese cast.
  • Eli
    I don't mean to be rude, but this did nothing for me. seemingly flat characters, gearing towards a cheesy story, and so-so action. I don't know if it's real or not, but if it is i think i can do without it. I want the soundtrack though. Anyone know where I can find it?
  • dave
    woohoo white samurai more awesome then asian samurai and asian ninja
  • vik
    have to agree with #2 looks alot like 300. Shows promise though let's wait and see how it will be with a budget and without a white guy as a main character. how bout an asian instead the movie is called samurai after all.
  • Flydaddyfly
    Why is it that in all these films the white american must be the hero that unites the clan and saves all?
  • Spike Murdock, Poet-at-Large
    Boffo. I'm guessing they gave you a handful of video games.




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