Watch This: First Official Resident Evil: Afterlife (in 3D) Trailer

April 3, 2010
Source: Bloody-Disgusting

Resident Evil: Afterlife Trailer

Sony has debuted the first official trailer for Resident Evil: Afterlife, with Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter, today (via Bloody-Disgusting) and you can check it out below. I'm not sure why, but the studio is trying to hype up this fourth new sequel as much as possible, mainly now that it's in 3D, but because this is the fourth movie, I'm not sure why they think anyone will be excited for this besides the the usual fans. Anyway, this looks as action cheesy as it can get, but I am a bit amused by the fact that they chose to say in the trailer that this was shot in 3D. At least these guys know that converting to 3D is a bad idea! Watch if you're interested.

Watch the first trailer for Resident Evil: Afterlife, originally via Bloody-Disgusting:

She's back… And she's bringing a few of her friends. Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter co-star with Wentworth Miller, Kim Coates, Kacey Barnfield, Shawn Roberts, Spencer Locke, Norman Yeung and also Boris Kodjoe.

Resident Evil: Afterlife is both written and directed by British director Paul W.S. Anderson, who introduced us to the cinematic Resident Evil franchise back in 2002, then helped write the sequels, but hasn't directed another Resident Evil movie since. After last using Russell Mulcahy for Extinction, Anderson has returned to continue on this franchise with old faces but new excitement. Sony / Screem Gems is bringing Resident Evil: Afterlife to theaters everywhere n 3D on September 10th, 2010 this year. Planning on seeing this?

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  • dRailer
    This is going to sound sad and a little stereotypically "male" of me, but that still image with the two rain-soaked ladies does a better job selling me into potentially watching the movie than the trailer. Sorry if that offends anybody.
  • Moviegimp
    I was excited at first but then the Matrix rip off moments made me less excited. Being shot in 3D with Cameron's tech is awesome. I don't know. I'll see it but...
  • subcelsious
  • Guy
    Mad Cheese
  • People's Champ
    The whole thing is just so tired. The story, Alice, Umbrella Corporation.
  • Dave
    My God! It looks SO BAD! Some scenes remind me some Anastacia clips... Me sad :'<
  • Nacmac
    Milla Jovovich (yay!), shot with the same technology as Avatar (woah!) 3D (oh) Paul W.S. Anderson (ah, crap)... *tumbleweeds*
  • Jake the snake
    Looks better than the previous movies.
  • keggy
    I agree that this movie really isnt going to appeal to alot of people, but one demographic its going to really appeal to is the "gamer'' population because it looks to me like the movie took some pages out of the new Resident Evil game which i played and loved. The good news is that the "gamer" population is huge and that game was a best seller so i think it will do ok.. and another thing these movies are supposed to be fun to watch and im sure it will be.
  • TheLOLrapist
    Cool they used a monster from RE5! looks bad but not horrible ill watch
  • Al
    3D is awful. Converted or shot. It prevents my eye from wandering the screen, adds nothing to the narrative, throws me out of the moment, and gives me headaches.
  • DoomCanoe
    #2 The Matrix scenes turned me off as well. but at least there using the zombies from Resident Evil 4 in the 4th movie. thats kinda neat i guess not neat enough to sell me but hey there trying.... kinda
    looks alright,yet another 3-d film.
  • Not enough for a theatre.. but enough for a decent watch at home... This is more than cheesy, but it should be respected.... how many games turned movies work? Plus, how many games turned into movies span several sequels in Hollywood?... This is not Uwe Boll with Bloodrayne...
  • Fuelbot
    I didn't know they made a Matrix 4. Huh.
  • Cody w
    Meh...looks like a good action flick to catch on netflix...maybe not even that. I refuse to pay theater prices for a movie directed by possibly the worst action director in hollywood.
  • AjiNn
    1:30, The Matrix and Wanted. But as a fan of the games, im still gonna watch this. First one was good, second was fun, third was just ok. Curious about this one.
  • hbearfora
    ....I liked the Perfect Circle song they used, has to count for something right?
  • Sabes
    I'd watch it at home, or I guess if I got dragged to see it in the theaters. Not to say it looks terrible, but it doesn't make me want to run and pay money to see it. I do like the song they used. :) I'm a gamer and this doesn't appeal to me, lol. I'm picky sometimes when it comes to games I've played or books I've read. I did enjoy the first movie though.
  • Looks like a game changer, this is going to be bigger than Avatar! Just kidding. Zombies, guns, explosions and some weird guy from World of Warcraft with a mega axe. Looks watchables.
  • Daniel Felts
    I don't care that it's in 3D. They're going to show a 2D one don't worry. But it looks like a fun ride. All the resident evil movies were awesome. I can't wait to see it. When are they going to show this trailer in the theaters?
  • They could have cut a better trailer, and the song is terrible... But I do like that they are finally getting it back to its roots.... THE GAME...Stop making shit up and play with what you already have...
  • sickdoghats
    this might be the first good 3d movie.
  • arjones
    I like seeing chicks kick ass. Must be the sub in me. Jovovich and jolie are hot and inspiring. With all the Stathums, Damons, Stallones etc... the list is's great to see hot chicks kick ass. I say keep 'em comin'. The trailer looked good and I'll see it.
  • Fred Schepsi
    I like 3d but only films shot in it; converted to 3d movies can go suck an egg; Fred Schepsi will not shell out a dime for a converted to 3d movie. Not a big fan of these films but Milla and Ali in a movie that was designed to be shot in actual 3d is worth a go.
  • Spider94
    why is everyone complaining about the 3d? i think this looks awesome and ill be there in theatres watching this in 3d! and i also think 3d was a great choice to use
  • Marty Martin
    Looks better than the last 2. And, even though I can't stand the gimmick that 3D tends to be, I at least have to give them credit for shooting legit 3D and not attempting a post convert.
  • Kevin
    So we're remaking The Matrix already?
  • Cody w
    Actually #20 thats a character from the games and its one of the only things Ive seen in this series thats loyal to them.
  • tankmaster
    Matrix with zombies?
  • That Awesome Norwegian Guy
    Looks cool
  • Matthew
    Such garbage. This is a massive step backwards, clearly all the shots are trying to show off the 3D tech and with that, I don't even know a single plot point, other than zombies once again. 3D is not enough of a attraction to bring me back to this franchise. I tolerated extinction, the rest I threw up on, this one shall join the puke pile.
  • tra la la la la di da
    Matrix and Zombies = awesomeness! I'll see it but I love Milla and the series. They're fun and that's enough for me! I hate that they really pushed the 3D thing though like it's all that can sell the movie. I really hope that doesn't become a big thing, "SHOT WITH 3D CAMERAS!!!" Don't care, it's practically the same.
  • loser
    Really bad CGI I could not even finnish watching the Trailer. I will never watch this one, Hope you guys enjoy it.
  • RipRoyde
    I would rather slit my wrists while getting a blow job from the Kraken from Clash of the Titans then to watch this terrible fucking movie. Just the fact that the first 20 seconds of the trailer were boasting about the technology they used showed how much fat juicy cock this movie is going to suck. Whatever keeps the kiddies coming back I guess.... Fuck that... even my ten year old son said the trailer looks terrible.
  • Who does the music in the trailer?
  • Roderick
    Matrix much? lol
  • U.G.T.F.O.
    The first was good but not that good to warrant 3 sequels. Finally... no more!
  • Ray
    I'm there! I wish some of these snabby assholes would remember what its like to just go to the movies to WATCH a movie instead of them trying to pick out every last detail. Why dont you go to a film festival or something!
  • Colin
    Looks badass cant wait
  • Walker
    i agree wit #39 besides the trailer doesnt even look that bad i liked all the other resident evil movies and im mos def seein this one and milla and ali look so fuckin sexy in this so im sold
  • Hellboy
    I'm actually quite a fan of the series and action films in general - but I won't be seeing this. It's just another way to cash in on the 3D craze at present. There seems to be no story or no reason to care for Alice anymore. I might wait until it comes on TV.
  • Typhoon
    Why did I have to disable my ad-blocker to watch this? Anyways, I may not see it in theaters but I'll buy it, when it comes out.
  • D
    Would it be out of line to say that I don't want to see this movie just because of the glasses throwing scene in the trailer? Also the fact that basically all the text overlay was about 3d didn't help.
  • lolo
    AWFUL ;(
  • Daniel Felts
    @35 Jesus Christ man! No need to get so offensive about. No ones forcing ya. Don't see it then.
  • asfsafds
    meh... looks better than the past sequels but the problem I have with these freaking 3D movies these days is that there are too many stupid shots filmed just to showcase 3D. And those shots look extremely cheesy as hell.
  • LW
    Hmm... maybe if Milla and Ali kiss each other.... right on the mouth.
  • Chazzy O
    just.....just awful.
  • Billy Barou
    When's Zombieland 2 coming out? I've seen the first 3 RE's but should've stopped after 1.
  • JimD
    I would watch this only so I could see Ali Larter in a wet t-shirt in 3D.
    ridiculous, a waste of time, was that one guy with the huge axe from soul calibur? ๐Ÿ˜›
  • coswell
    In my opinion the trailer looks like shit... But yea Milla, Ali and Resident Evil.. Im in!
  • Bliss
    #1 @ least, you're honest :)
  • xCloudbox
    I liked the first movie, the second was okay and the third wasn't very good at all. This doesn't look much better, but I know I'm going to watch it anyway.
  • CRazy Olyphant
    WESKER!!! It looks corny but kickass all at the same time! People chill its just a fun popcorn flick, nothing more nothing less. Milla always rocks!!! September 10th here i come!
  • Scared S-less!!!
    Props to #35. You pretty much said what i was feeling in my heart when I saw the monkey crap tossing fest that was this trailer.
  • werdnafaz
    wow looks fun
  • ryderup
    Only time I would want something to be remade. Remake Resident Evil for god sakes.
  • Link1983
    I was impressed!
  • twispious
    i am immune to every bad element of any RE film I'm going to watch this 10 times,and enjoy it immensely every time I just hope the zombies are more hardcore this time though
  • DiR3cT
    Regardless of the fact it was shot in 3D or not (I couldn't give a shite either) this is still going to be a peice of shit film.
  • kmonk
    seriously? all your comparitives are useless, why not just enjoy the movie for what it is without making boring references to matrix and 3d technology. 3d cinema is the latest hype, deal with it, the matrix is cool and worth replicating, deal with it,matrix is infact not the god father of gundo style guns mixed with martial arts' style fighting, deal with it, this trailer reveals little and leaves the rest to the imagination, deal with it, its a trailer ffs thats what it's supposed to do, my typiying is bad, deal with it, i say deal with it alot, deal with it, why not drop your goddamn expectations for once and just watch a goddamn movie for once before pulling it to bits before it's even finished. goddamn. rant. completed.
  • Efrain
    This isn't even Resident Evil anymore. They turned a good horror game franchise into nothing but an action movie for money.
  • harrison
    youd think after 5 years and humanity near extinct theyd stop trying to kill each other.. looks okay
  • Baron the Curse
    Hollywood cultivates a culture of recycling films. I don't connect these Resident Evil movies with the game, just a separate alternate entity with similar sounding locations. Over all, I enjoy them. But maybe one day we'll get a good "horror" Resident Evil movie.
  • D
    Blah.........end it allready
  • johnny Crow
    Love Res Evil, so I will go see it. #1 was great, and this one adds RE 5 stuff, so hell yeah!
  • johnny Crow
  • Cody w
    Maybe Ill see it....if Larter and Jovovich have mad lesbian sex in the rain.
  • DoomCanoe
    #63 <-- get a load of this ass hole.
  • Mega Jet Jaguar
    I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. It looks like it will be pretty good.
  • ocnj179
    They should just rename the movie Alice and friends: Afterlife
  • This looks like garbage.
  • Joseph
    Well, I always enjoy a good action flick, but except for the infected horde, this almost looks more like a spinoff for Ultraviolet. ๐Ÿ˜›
  • jony jerk boy
    i think is gonna be a good movie to watch the majinis from RE5 and the big dude i cant remember his name too omg this is gonna be awsome i cant wait to see it thank god they came with a lot of zombiz i agreed on the scen of matrix but i think they got it with this one i dont kno but i played all the RE games and i think they got it i be he first on the line to watch it hahahaha
  • Ryan
    this looks a lot better then 2 and 3 imo, the fact they are using James Cameron as an add on, makes me double think paying to see this at the movies, he wouldn't jump on board unless they had something to give him and visa verse, does look interesting though grabbed my attention with the outsider great addition imo to the feel of the trailer :)
  • Robbie
    What the fuck.. Where's the story?! Visual effects look damn cheap, too much clichรฉ shots, horrible action. Disgusting.
  • Cineprog
    3D for this movie is a bad idea, you can see in the trailer for Resident Evil afterlife that all the set peace of action are set up with 3D in mind.
  • Tom Dearsley
    #76 the big dude is called The Executioner ๐Ÿ˜‰ but even so, I think throwing the game elements into the mix this late is an act of desperation to try win game fans back to a flailing film series.
  • Why does this look like crap even in 3/D? Really.
  • buddyboy
    looks fun, trailer doesnt reveal too much but showcases what they are trying to do with 3d... will certainly watch tho as milla and ali are too hot to miss in a 30ft high screen!! yummy
  • Moke
    Oh my god. This looks awesome, It even has the Uroborus virus?. Even the executioner..And my favorite band/singer. And fucking effects by james cameron. Stuff from resident evil 5. Would you people just shut up and learn to like this awesome movie. Instead of complaining
  • Vold
    Liked the first three. Definately going to see this.
  • Christ
    I love Milla and actually liked the previous RE movies but this one looks really bad. One of the worst trailers I've ever seen.
  • vondoom88
    @ 84 not effects by James Cameron it was shot using his 3D camera tech. that's all. this isn't going to be a zombie Avatar. Quite honestly that is probably the sole reason to see this movie if you aren't a fan is it "might" have some wicked cool 3D and I say "might" very sceptically. The films had potential if they would have just stopped thinking they were making a "video game" into a movie and approached it like they were just making a movie. I have totally lost interest in these movies but I may see this one maybe....
  • gosh, what the fuck is wrong with the world. why couldn't sony not be stupid and just used the original script for the first film. that would have been amazing,and actually stuck to the story line. :( this hurts me.
  • Jack Package
    I don't expect every movie to be The Shawshank Redemption, sometimes i wanna see zombies, guns and shit blowing up in epic Avatar style 3d. So ya ill see this movie.
  • Moke
    @ 87 Well. I Just want to see it because of the wesker scene. And the Uroboros stuff
  • ma_tante
    #84....i hope u do realize that this movie has absolutely nothing to do with James Cameron...It is the company that made the 3d in avatar, that worked on RE:afterlife. So dont expect ground breaking effects to come out of this like Avatar did. The difference in budget of both films is so large that it will prob only be considered a decent attempt(in terms of 3D). They are just jumping on the Avatar wave, hoping that people will automatically think this movie will be visually groundbreaking.....its not the case. trust me. As for the film terms of cinematic quality....well you cant even put that sentence next to any RE films. I think we all have to accept that these are cheesy, action, over the top films, that are only good for wasting time and hopefully seeing Ali Larter's nipple slip in the pouring rain...which we wont. Those who enjoy low brow action, correction, very low brow action, have a great time! everybody else, spend your money on something more valuable. Anderson is a hack, and only knows how to be a hack...its not his fault...its our fault for even entertaining the idea that RE has a chance of being a decent movie. Dont criticize a movie for not having any cinematic merit, when it is clearly an escapist assembly line product, intended to be forgotten about 10 minutes after it is finished. View the trailer for what it is and move on. RE=sub-par entertainment, nothing more, with the possibility for much less. Tread very carefully........(PS: am i the only one who thinks seeing the reflection of characters in glasses is very lame? especially when they are thrown through the air, as if it is was weapon, thats made of
  • Craig
    Looks like crap. They need to drop Alice and do a movie about Leon Kennedy.
  • zeldaprimed
    sooooo...what band plays the song during the trailer? I think I read A Perfect Circle somewhere...but no song name...
  • zeldaprimed
    k, never mind, found it... The Outsider by A Perfect Circle...
  • Excited to see it. What were they shooting at when they flew out of the window? There wasn't anybody there. Too much 3d.
  • TrapKick
    Looks alright to me. I like action flicks with cool effects.... Think its funny that someone would log on here and make a huge post about how horrible they think this movie is... I watched the trailer cause I was like "Oh sweet!! Another resident evil movie!" The people blasting this movie obviously sit around and spend a ton of time watching and commenting on movies they don't even want to see?!?! lolz get a life. wanna be movie critics.
  • TrapKick
    lol everyone is right though... that trailer is pretty bad. I understand the fact that you can't see the 3D animation and it's a marketing factor so they put that in and emphasize it... but whats with showing a plane flying around for the first 15 seconds of the trailer? And showing Alice pulling guns out and doing poses instead of kicking ass? Did anyone see a zombie?!
  • Nick
    I really with they would stop doing movies in 3D. I think it kinda ruins the movie.
  • jake the snake
    I agree with Nick. I think Clash of the Titans would/could have been viewed as a decent remake if it wasn't for the horrible 3D. It tainted the movie and would probably do even better if people just saw it in 2D instead.
  • DANtheMAN
    OMG THIS LOOKS TERRIBLE!!! But I gotta confess, I'm extremely excited about it! These movies are so entertaining just because they're soooooo bad. IM IN!!!!
  • Moke
    One of my favorite songs. The outsider(Apocalypse remix) By A Perfect circle
  • yasi
    my first impression is totally Resident Evil + Ultraviolet. and well, as i'm not expecting cinematic greatness... just mindless action and bizarre twists.... i'm totes looking forward to the 4th installment.
  • nico246
    When I was in the original Stargate movie it took 4 and a half hours for 200 people to get dressed with make up and another 2 hours to get to the set walking in the Sand Dunes in Southern Calif. I can only guess how long it took to put on some ugly mugs and walk to set and back and take the stuff off! We started at 4:oo in the morning . But the money , memories , and people you met will last a lifetime . ~Nicholas~
  • "Afterlife" is the same working title that was used in Resident Evil 3, before it became "Extinction", also, this is the first live-action movie to be in 3-D that is based on a video game. It was filmed on Cinespace Film Studios in Toronto. I wouldn't know if there's still some Resident Evil "juice" left for a 4th movie, although the 3D does make it attractive, will definitely watch it!
  • Resident Evil Fan
    They need to make a spin off for other characters from the game. These movies are going to far off just doesn't feel like the original games...
  • dave
    it looks cool, the matrix part tho, that was just to much of a rip off
  • Kenny12494
    I agreed with you #63 comment dude <-- Wat he says is right and truth and just fucking enjoy the movie dont make it have abunch of downers cause you dont liek how it looks
  • Sean
    #91 My thoughts exactly! Leon's a fan favorite besides Alice got old after Apocalypse... move on please.
  • Kenny12494
    God dam it i am sick of seeing haters i mean just stop it and leave the movie alone if you dont like it different people have different opinions and some actully like this movies trailer and look when will you dam haters give up fighting againest movies that dont have a fit or style you want why dont you just make some stupid movie that mocks it if you hate it so much . i myself would watch your movie and this movie and enjoy them both cause it doesnt hurt me when people mock a good movie in a movie . the fact you bring movies down for just a trailer when you havent seen half the movie yet is stupid if you people hate me for this comment see if i give a fuck but i know i take peoples word when i say this movie will be watched by alot of people and in the end you might end up watching it on tv while fliping channels liek this '' uhhh i am so bored i wonder wats on tv *click * hmmm resident evil afterlife , i think this movie sucks , 5 mins laterr (movie is past 30 mins) hmmm this movie looks kinda cool i regret saying i hate it '' or like this '' *click* ughh so bored i will watch it anyway nothing else on tv ''
  • nico246
    Who cares what they think ! You wasted all that typing and they don't care ! Remember , Opinions are like A-- Ho-les everyones got one !!!!!!
  • 3596dkgdsfucxkdsfsoff
    fuck off i need this violent movie
  • kayleigh
    i think this looks awesome but does anyone know how old you will have to be to watch this in the cinemas when it comes out
  • heather
    I like the Resident Evil movies, so when I saw the trailer I thought, "About damn time". Then at the end it said it was in 3D. Personally, I think 3D is the dumbest thing ever, especially to movies that don't need to be. For example, the 7th Harry Potter and the next Twilight movie, really don't need to be in 3D. Ever since they figured out how to 3D movies, they've been taking it overboard. Before we know it, every single fucking movie and tv show, and even commercial that comes out will be in 3D, and only 3D. It's bad enough they've made a stupid 3D TV. If Afterlife will also be showing in 2D, then I'll definately go see it. But if it's only in 3D, then they've lost my interest.
  • Wolf295
    Wish the main character could have been Jill or Chris, someone from the actual game, this movie being called Resident Evil doesn't make sense anymore. like someone said it should be called 'Alice and Friends: Afterlife' every movie is mainly about Alice, all i know for a fact is more people would like the Resident Evil movie if the main Actor was someone from the game, in other words, at least they added in some kind of reference to the game. like 'Umbrella corp. T-virus, characters form the game' but still they focus to much on Alice which ruins it for me. also i heard there might be a reboot of this series which would be perfect.




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