Watch This: First Official Trailer for Jon Foo's Tekken Movie

January 15, 2010

Tekken Trailer

We've been trying to keep up to date on the live-action Tekken movie that's apparently shot and done, but there is a surprising lack of information on it out there. However, an early trailer for the movie has finally appeared on (via SlashFilm) and it looks pretty awful. They took the idea of adapting a fighting game literally and set it in the "King of Iron Fist" tournament arena, just like in the game, and even added character choosing like this was happening right in the arcade. But besides all that, there is actually some awesome fighting in this, so maybe it could be good? Although I'm not sure when or if it'll hit theaters.

Watch the first trailer the live-action Tekken movie:

Tekken is directed by Dwight H. Little of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Marked for Death, and Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid. It's based on Namco's popular series of fighting games, which first debuted in 1994. The story will follow Jin, who enters the "King of Iron First" tournament in order to avenge the death of his mother that he blames upon Tekken's powerful and controlling chairman, Heihachi Mishima. The screenplay was written by Alan B. McElroy of Spawn, The Marine, and the Wrong Turn trilogy previously. We don't have any US release info for this yet, but we'll still keep you updated!

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  • Corey
    What a completely terrible trailer.
  • Eric
  • eric
    looks like a poorly funded movie. if the action scenes are choreographed properly though could make for some cool fight scenes. i'll watch it on dvd.
  • would look nice as a coaster when its out on dvd...
  • AjiNn
    As a true fan of the Tekken games I can only that this trailer was dissapointing..
  • Serkan
    I kind of like it. The characterizations for the fighters look spot on and from what I've read of the plot so far it sounds like its following the games closely.
  • DoomCanoe
    i spent 4 hours playing Tekken 6 today stoned in my car. and i think this is exactly what a Tekken movie should look like. come on it looks like MK1, but instead of having characters that looked like they were ripped right out of your Sega we have them straight out of your Playstation. Dude's I'm totally going to be the only person to watch movie and ill be ranting about how awesome it is.
  • Bruce Darren Acosta
    I don't think that Tekken and The King Of Fighters are not going to be the best movies of 2010 but Tekken film should had start with a storyline based on Tekken 2, but why does this film have the arena in the film and a story with Jin and Christie making love bullshit and even people bitching that this movie will be rubbish. Well I will watch it it will be alright to see and that KOF movie will be horrible. Thank You. BRUCE ACOSTA AUSTRALIA.
  • Peter Parker
    Utter Shit!
  • tobi,leader of the akatsuki
    oh dear,where to begin some of the fights looked alright,the acting was shit,the script sounded shit some of them lines pretty fucking shit.
    Utter failure. The thing that I dislike the most is the fact that the movie is really about a tournament with an minimizes the seriousness of the fighting to mere entertainment. I loved the first Mortal Kombat film because although it was a tournament, it was about life and and death, and there were only one or two fights that had an audience, every other fight was private which increases its intimacy.
  • It's got "B-movie" written all over it...
  • Filmfan111
  • Nada Nuff
    Attention filmmakers: You cannot make a good movie based on a video game. So please stop trying. It'e embarrassing. Thank you.
  • K
    LOL! Wow that just looks horrible!
  • ChrisO
    I kinda liked it. I'm glad they stuck with a tournament rather than some inane plot about terrorists, like the Street Fighter movies have tried to do. Keep it about the tournament, let the characters show off their trademark moves, the fans will dig it.
  • Hmmm
    I honestly think I'm going to like this movie for all the wrong reasons. I know deep down that it will probably be God awful but as a long time fan of the series, I think I'll just enjoy the effort made.
  • Well it had to happen sometime. They should have toned done the goofy costumes though. The effects sound like crap. The girl is hot though so...
  • Larry David
    i will pay to see this movie if the panda and tree are in it.
  • scotty
  • duane
    i dont usually make comments about a film this early... but based on the trailer... i really hope the story has more mystical qualities than what was portrayed here. I at least wanted to see like a "Devil Kazuya" reference or something. I'm not asking for boxing kangaroos or anything.... but I want to see some other Tekken reference other than an Eddy Gordo ripped straight out of the game. hopefully this will at least be be better than both street fighter's and the horrible Tekken anime. So far, Mortal Kombat is still the VG movie to beat. And that ain't sayin much. (no disrespect to "Resident Evil")
  • Wellllllll........
  • Dreckent
    Cmon... this was the easiest videogame movie to make... and this is what we get?
  • ninjawt
    very very bad trailer my guess is a very very bad movie
  • blue & orange ny
    straight to G4 channel.....this is just bad!
  • Matthew Hansen
    I hate to say it, but this looks terrible.
  • Russell
    Were people clamoring to have this game made into a movie?
  • Andrew Geczy
    It doesn't look awful like everyone is saying it does. Have you guys seen Mortal Kombat Annihilation? What about Dead or Alive? At least this one attempts to do something more than cheese up the place. It looks to take itself seriously, and the main character seemed to have layers to him. I'm not saying this movie will be good, but seriously, why exaggerate? At worst I'd say the trailer was mediocre. Not "Awful" "Terrible" "The worst movie ever" like you guys are saying. If this movie is the worst movie you've seen, then you are horribly ignorant.
  • Chase
    Okay even the best fighting games that have been turned into movies have been bad, so what makes a studio think one of the worst fighting games would make a good movie? Hopefully this goes straight to DVD and is never heard of again.
  • Cody
    I didnt even watch it....I can already tell this is going to turn out like the street fighter movies.
  • Vincent Cipollone
    I dont know whats worse, the shitty music? the shitty sound effects, or the shitty wannabe jason statham. ..roflsss
  • Trevor
    I really hope theyre kidding and not going to release this. A film about bum fights would look better than this film. Thank you Mr. Little for creating such a heaping pile of shite and disappointing every fan out there of Tekken. Your talents are no longer needed if it has anything to do with a movie, film etc.
  • Victor
    Doesn't look THAT bad, I mean it's not gonna be a blockbuster I may see it when it comes out on DVD, but I'm willing to bet it'll be better than Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li... man that movie sucked big time!
  • Victor
    @28 Mortal Kombat Annihilation... Now that was a horrible movie!!!!
  • sonnychiba1
    You couldn't pay me to watch that. What a pile of shit.
  • trey m
  • arjones
    I can't compare this to the game because I never played it but as just a movie it looks predictable. I'd watch it anyway.
  • cineprog
    One of the Stars of Takken is Matt Goss of Bross fame I think. This film looks absolute crap to me it looks like another Street fighter movie, which was shite.
  • bo
    KAK.....the trailer is all you need to watch and you know whats gonna happen. oh the girl was hot though
  • lego
    @28, why would you call people ignorant if this is the worst piece of garbage they've seen. prick
  • Brian
    I'm with #2.
  • Cmurder
    Story sounds EXACTLY like Mortal Kombat except replace mother with brother and it won't be as good.
  • Xerxex
    Matthew Lillard actually got another film? I don't know why but I actually like the guy.
  • Link1983
    Oh My God, It is actually what it said on the tin. A live action movie of Tekken. I want this to be trashy. It won't over complicate things and make it interesting enough to watch. Besides, That trailer had more footage of Yoshimitsu, than the the entire animated movie did. On that fact alone I am in.
  • biggvel1
    I already knew this movie was gonna be shit from the very beginning when I first spotted the poster and what the hell is with the movie industries hiring directors who has previously directed horror-genre films and letting them direct live-action amine or video-game adaption film. GOD!!!
  • Kick-Butt
    I just don't get you geeks!!! If a movie steers just a but from the original source material (I.E. Comics, Video Games) you trash it and when a movie is made exactly like the source material (Like this movie looks like it did) you kill it even more!!! You cannot have it both ways!!! Don't get me wrong, this trailer look crappy as heck and I am not that much of a Tekken fan to watch it but at least it looks like it tried to give you "fans" what you want to see on screen! Thats why I'm all for any movie based on these things to take the necessary liberties it needs to make a GOOD movie provided it captures the spirit and imagination of the source material and has a complete and compelling story to it. (It helps to have talented actors, director, etc.) Take a good look Fanboys, this is what a movie would look like if YOU were making it.
  • sup191
    Sorta reminds me of the b-movie-ish Bloodsport back in the day... I'm sure the storyline won't be the best, but it may be worth a rental via Netflix just to watch the fight scenes alone - as long as they don't wire-fu the crap out of them.
  • Andrew Geczy
    @40 Do you even know what Ignorant means? ig?no?rant ??/??gn?r?nt/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [ig-ner-uhnt] –adjective 1. lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man. 2. lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact: ignorant of quantum physics. 3. uninformed; unaware. 4. due to or showing lack of knowledge or training: an ignorant statement. I stand by what I said. If you think this movie is the worst looking piece of garbage ever, you are ignorant. And this looks considerably better than Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li.
  • Mike
    Comparing bloodsport to this is like comparing a big mac to a pile of cat puke. Both might make you nauseous, but at least one is edible.
  • Ray
    I would rather watch a Mark Walhberg movie. This movie looks HORRIBLE!
  • Said`
    YES! YES! YES!
  • Raz
    looks like a decent popcorn movie, very much like mk1 people do nothing but cry and moan about game to movie adaptions.. its either a direct copy of the game in that case they call it cheesey and cry about their ruined favourite game .. or its barely anything like the game and more like a proper movie in that case they call it unfaithful to the game and then cry as its ruined their favourite game heres an idea..shut up and dont buy a cinema ticket for it btw 'worst movie ever'? really?! have you not watched starship troopers 2 and norbit??!
  • DoomCanoe
    dudes its going to rule and Jean-Claude Van Damme's speech at the end of Street Fighter was the best thing to ever come out of a video game movie
  • Kevin
    Whats the name of the song in the trailer ?
  • Uhh I think that the main character is slighty young for that role, maybe if they upped the age or used some computer generator to age his face itd be a better trailer.
  • guys.. guys..
    It must be a joke gone wrong like a leaked April 1st joke or this is just a fan made trailer.
  • yeah
    NUMBER 7. Sounds like a good time. Hahaha. Were you stoned when you watched the trailer. Lol
  • Marry
    @#47 i totally agree this might be the better game turned motion picture yet.. the street fighter motion and mortal kombat pictures totally sucked and had even worse fighting choriography.. this seems a bit better, although it still is just a trailer.. i bet every Tekkan fan will watch this regardless of what they say here..
  • mj
    f*ck to all haters...try to watch first before telling the outcome >_< hell yeah!
  • Crystal
    @54 Jin IS young! He's ATMOST early 20s. Also, the trailer makes it look like nothing interesting is happening in the movie and that its just revenge for the murder of his mother. But from what i've read it actually delves into the Devil Gene in the family. I'll rent it, coz i would still rather watch this than Dragonball.
  • i am excited for this one but from what i have seen from the trailer they have kinda held back on the awesome material that could have been put in to this pic. it looks kinda chip yeah we had MK, SF, and DoA attempts or even a DD (Double Dragons) but among them MK is the one that really stands out (the first one of course) i really was expecting better production values from such a huge hit franchise like Tekken. but then again this is only a trailer i will see the movie i will have the bluray but will i love it as i did MK1, i will have to wait and see it first 😀 so bring it on (ok i felt the urge to go and watch MK1 again with full throtle on the volume dials :D)
  • James
    wut . . . not even a "glimpse" of Heihachi Mishima? not even a veiw from behind? hahahahah . . . the only thing that looks remotely good is raven! like everyone ill wait for the DVD/coaster combo
  • raz
    @ 53 the song is sick puppies - going down
  • karl
    spent so much time playing Tekken we would often leave sweat stained outlines on couches or chairs. the trailer made about as much sense as Robin Hood. I swear the editors in films need to be beaten upside the head when they use these hyper kinetic quick edits. I want to watch the fights, not feel like I'm in one. looks like crap. there must be a formula for these type of films - cool idea + loyal fan base + cheap, crummy script which is only based on cool idea + b list actors, directors + cheap effects, sets + super fast editing with pounding sound track to cover up bad action sequences = maximum profit. I hope it magically turns out better than it looks. this kind of shit should be released straight to dvd or online only.
  • Rob
    LOL THIS LOOKS HORRIBLE!!!!! Dare I say it... Mortal Kombat looked better, seriously. This movie has cheap written all over it; sucks to admit it because I loved the games too.
  • Gangsta Geek
    This student film version is way better than that crap
  • Jamie
    So... I'm the only one who didn't think it looked terrible...
  • Tom
    It looks like Tekken. I don't understand why people expect some deep or interesting plot. Tekken goes like this: You press start, select single player, pick somebody and then you start to fight. If you die, you have 20 seconds to choose to continue. Either pick a new character or keep the same one. I do not see a strong plot coming from it. But I will watch it on DVD.
  • DoomCanoe
    #56 no... i was coming down by then 😉
  • Jack McJack
    I'll watch it, because I'm a fan of the games. Not because this trailer looks good.
  • Pete
    I kept waiting for the "awesome fighting" that Alex mentioned, but this looks horrible.
  • Teddy Ballgame
    this trailer reminds me of the Dead or Alive movie. which basically means, it sucks ass.
  • DS
    Sucks big big time. Would rather buy the latest Mortal Kombat game.
  • giraffic
    I shouldn't have expected much. I think all those fighting movies are going straight down the crapper.
  • will
    This "Tekken" Movie Looks like pure garbage!!! They could eve used that money to help the Haitians .... same with the dbz movie!!! Hollywood pisses me off!
  • jimmi allen
    weres the king
  • Muhammad Saeed
    What a nice 7 Awesome movie trailer. I had never seen the trailer like that in my life hope to watch that in cenima soon. Carry on Team of TEKKEN
  • sanji
    who can said me the name of the song in the fight between eddy vs rain?the song that begin at 00:30 thanks
  • Ells
    No one has ever successfully done the video-game to movie correctly. Look at Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Dragon Ball Z. Ouch. They should have hired a die-hard Tekken fanatic to direct/create this movie.... this movie should have been out AGES ago.
  • gido
    dont fuckin watch it if what youll comment is full oshit and shit! this movie is not meant for you. so why bother with this shit! shit in your pants! mutha fuckas!
  • bryan fury
    dis movie makes sense n evry ryte mind 2 me wen jin 1st appeared he kinda luk like the kid n the movie .l But anyways, its probably guna b bad character design wise but it makes sense 2 me its jus d first of many more to cum people 1st start off with the tournament then get into more of the Kazama family stuff n the next psyched to c dis movie fuck all d h8ters =)
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  • Wolverine
    it looks like its one of those nice ass i'll watch it once movies and when u come back to it u'll jus flip straight to the fight scenes that u really liked




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