Watch This: New Red Band 'Director's Cut' Repo Men Trailer

March 9, 2010
Source: Official Website

Repo Men Trailer

Last night I saw an awesome TV spot for Repo Men that only contained quick cuts of these guys collecting things and no music. You can watch that here and I was planning on posting it until this "Director's Cut" trailer popped up on the official website. Universal just debuted this new red band trailer for Repo Men that was cut by the director. Usually studios hire their own marketing teams to make trailers, but some directors cut their own because they feel they better represent the movie. I don't think this trailer was as good as that TV spot I mentioned, but damn does this look good. Can't wait to see this! Check out the new trailer below.

Watch the new red band trailer for Miguel Sapochnik's Repo Men:

[flv: 598 254]

Set in the future, the story revolves around a man (Jude Law) who struggles to make the payments on a heart he purchased. He must go on the run before said ticker is repossessed by the company that owns it.

Repo Men is directed by British first-time feature filmmaker Miguel Sapochnik, of only a short from 2000 called The Dreamer previously. The film is based on Eric Garcia's novel called The Repossession Mambo. The script was co-written by Garcia and TV writer Garrett Lerner ("Smallville", "Boston Public", "House"). Universal is bringing Repo Men to theaters everywhere starting on March 19th. Planning on seeing this?

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  • ek
    this looks pretty choice and original
  • Xerxex
    I'm in, although the trailer showed way too much, it seems like a good flick to see with a bunch of friends.
  • sean
    ... this is a Will Smith movie...
  • dex
    Looks Like Jude is on a roll!!! good for him. Liked him in CLOSER and Sherlock Holmes... I'm in for this one.
  • Cmurder
    looks awesome....ever since I saw "Repo: The Genetic Opera" I always thought that would be an awesome idea for an actual movie and a shame that it was wasted on a shitty musical. I'm happy now that they made this into what looks like a great, gory, and original flick.....with no musical interludes or Paris Hilton!
  • Moviegimp
    So repoing organs is fine until they're yours. Thy name is hypocrisy. Trailer looks interesting. I know it won't be like the other one but Repo The Genetic Opera was a crazy movie, hope this is as good in a different way.
    kool :)
  • OCP
    What is the name of that song, was great with the trailer
  • Cody w
    Awesome...looks like some gritty good action too. 😀
  • james
    the producers of the opera should sue. way to take an original idea and put it through the hollywood cookie cutter...
  • Xerxex
    @James did you see the Genetic Opera? it was terrible. Only good concept of the travesy was the Repo man. Besides they probably cannot sue, the studio producing this film probably bought the rights, in other words tough titties for those producers, they should have made a better film.
  • DoomCanoe
    Personally i think this trailer was much better then the other.
  • sham-wow
    Repo! The Shitastic Opera was complete and utter shit. Repo Men looks worth watching.
  • El mariachi
    To #8 It's called "Pistolero" and it was first heard in "Once Upon a Time in Mexico."
  • People's Champ
    Repo! was good for about 5 minutes. I hope they went easy on the budget for this, cause I'm predicting Mega Flop. And I like Law and Whitaker, just dont see to many people checking this out.
  • Capt. James T Kirk Cameron's Growing Pains
    Now that's more LIKE it. This film's marketing needed to turn it up a notch. Make it seem exciting - cuz let's face it: Repo Men aren't exactly an appealing concept in this day & age. But making of fun of what they do is.
  • Cody w
    I agree with the above...I think it will be an awesome movie but the marketing for it sucks, and its gonna flop box office wise.
  • Cineprog
    This trailer look's intresting, it has the look of Minorty Reports/the Island about it. Nice to see Jude Law in a bit of action flick for a change he looks better than sherlock holmes.
  • Ross
    #2, I agree that it shows too much. Trailers over the last year or so have been getting far too indepth. Iron Man 2 looks great as well but I'd rather they kept some of the stuff in reserve
  • dom
    Sweet! This looks fun and crazy, and its not too far away!
  • SkaOreo
    #10 I don't think you saw Repo. The movie sucked and the only thing good about it was the actual Repo man. Hollywood is doing the right thing and making it what that movie should have been, about the repo men. Not some angst ridden, teenage girl singing horrible rock operas.
  • el_wray
    I think the song does not fit to the concept of this film. As you know the song comes from "Once upon a time in Mexico" and so this is a little bit too trashy...If this would be a Rodriguez film the song would be perfect, but....
  • tir na nog
    Looks interesting and original,dont know anything about the book or whatever but this looks good.
  • Branden
    #4, I think in order for it to be considered a "roll" the movies have to be released within 2-3 years of each other and not 5-6 like Closer and Sherlock.
  • :) very excited for it to come out!! loving these new trailers
  • Jessguy
    They couldn't have "stolen" the idea from the opera whatever shit, because the film is based on a novel who's author helped adapt the screenplay... But yeah, this looks pretty sweet. Jude Law totally bulked up for this role.
  • Brandon
    That other repo movie sucked. Plain and simple. Im not surprised that the director has hes panties in a bunch over this. Maybe two different genres but it still blew. This however looks like fun!
  • Maggie
    It's not even just a different genre - the novel (which Repo Men is based on) and the opera came out around the same time. Except for repossession of organs, the two things are unrelated.
  • Roxanne
    it looks like Repo! without the singing
  • Ells
    Looks like "CRANK" with a better story behind all the action :)
  • daniel felts
    Hey! I liked Repo!, but this one seems ok.
  • james
    the novel was put out in 09, repo the opera was written almost 10 years ago, and the opera movie came out in 08. but hey, whatever...this movie will flop, it'll be forgotten about in a few months, and the opera will remain a cult classic for years to come...
    HA!!! NICE one james!!! Very well put. although this movie was good it was nothing more than a good story put through hollywood blender... I enjoyed watching this one however tomorrow it will be forgotten...The genetic opera on the other hand will rein supreme and i will be enjoying that movie for a very VERY long time. It will sit in the collection with my other all time enjoyable movies...ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, CRY BABY, LABYRINTH, and LEGEND. Indeed these movies are all different but that is what unites them.




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