Watch This: Official Trailer for Jonah Hex is Finally Unveiled!

April 29, 2010
Source: Yahoo

Jonah Hex Trailer

What's it like to go through life with a face like that? Warner Bros has finally debuted the official trailer for Jonah Hex over on Yahoo. Josh Brolin stars as the disfigured bounty hunter in this western-comic-book-action movie. I know there seem to be mixed reactions to this, and besides Megan Fox (who is never that good), I actually think this looks pretty frickin' cool. How often do we see a western mixed with crazy comic book action with gigantic guns and dynamite cross-bows? I'm still pretty excited to see this, but I'm curious to hear what everyone else thinks after watching this new trailer. Will you be seeing Jonah Hex?

Watch the trailer for Jimmy Hayward's Jonah Hex:

[flv: 596 248]

You can also watch the trailer for Jonah Hex in High Definition on Yahoo

The story in this movie will follow Jonah Hex (seen with the gun), a disfigured bounty hunter who tracks a voodoo practitioner that wants to raise an army of the undead to liberate the South. Former Pixar animator Jimmy Hayward, who is a big fan of both comics and westerns, is directing. Josh Brolin stars as Jonah Hex and is joined by Megan Fox, John Malkovich, Michael Fassbender, Will Arnett, and Michael Shannon in the movie. The script was originally written by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor of Crank, who were going to direct this before Hayward. Warner Bros is bringing Jonah Hex to theaters on June 18th this summer.

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  • splinter
    megan fox will ruin this movie....
  • Bill Paxton
    Awe to the some!
  • J
    Will Arnett at 1:40? It must be time for illusions! *Final Countdown faintly plays in the background*
  • SuicidalOptimist
    I don't like how his makeup looks. That piece of tendon or whatever it's suppose to be just looks wrong. And Megan Fox needs to speak the fuck up, her wheezy voice is so weak.
  • Shelby
    yes please
  • Stan!!!!
    meagan fox could get it....but she's going to fuck up the flick, but its good to see Will Arnett playing something else besides a figure skater, or gay prisoner, or gay VP, just agay role.... but i'm a go see it!!
  • notes
    I think this looks unbelievably good. I really can't believe it. Yeah, was that Will Arnet? What the hell? Oh, and loved the "Fistful of Dollars" reference. This looks like a fun flick, hopefully it will stand up.
  • DRM
    So John Malkovich was too good for the Green Goblin in the original Spider-man movie, but THIS? Oh, This is an "art film"?
  • This looks like all kinds of fun. Michael Fassbender appears to be doing an homage to Clockwork Orange (or maybe it's just me.)
  • kevin
    Michael Fassbender was amazing in Inglorious Basterds he deserves better than this!
  • Xerxex
    I'm in, Fox and Brolin make sense for some reason (I'm one of the few that thinks she can one day prove the haters wrong, and I really don't knwo why.) Malkovich is perfect as the villian, and Fassbender is in it!
  • Angry Chief
    this looks extremely awesome EXCEPT for Fox. If she over sexes it, i am out.
  • DarkRaven18599
    Fox is an awful actress. Just plain awful. Knowing she plays a central role in this is enough for me to slate it to "rental" status rather than ponying up the cash for a big screen viewing. Such a shame they couldn't have gotten someone beautiful AND talented.
  • nelson
    STFU about megan fox already she is barely in the movie she said she shot for like 1 or 2 days
  • Faust
    I'm just not really feeling Brolin as Hex, I would have preferred Thomas Jane instead!
  • CLAW
    I think Fox should start doing nude scenes everytime she does a film at this point in her career what else does she got going for her acting chops, charm or screen presence. Let's see no, no and nope but at least she's hot so show some goodies and everyone will shut up and be excited when they hear she's in something. Now if she could find a way to stop coming off so cold and unfriendly everytime we see her that could help too.
  • Jason
  • cat
    Doesn't look bad at all. Rated R or PG-13?
  • Jimmy Love
    god i hate yahoo videos it only took 10 minutes to watch a 2 min trailer any other place you can pause the video and let the buffer load but not yahoo no.
  • Al
    Westerns dont need a gothic approach, or the whole modernized weapons thing. Look how far that got wild wild west. Frankly, I'll pass. Brolin does look like hes doing a good job though.
  • Cody w
    Wow, really hope #14 is right cause Fox looked pretty unbearable acting wise. She needs to start flashing boobs to distract from her horrid acting.
  • bubba b
    This is just Van Helsing 2.
  • eric
    Not seeing it.
  • Sabes
    I think it looked pretty good, but Megan Fox....I don't know. I have the feeling she'll detract from the movie...but I could be wrong.
  • one
    crap...michael fastbender will be great though.
  • newguy
    #4, how would you prefer they do his makeup? without the "tendon" thing, he wouldn't look like jonah hex... i know he's not a well known character, but if any part of him is recognizable, it's the messed up half of his face
  • pipo
    Looks really bad!
  • Bash
    As someone who is not familiar with the source material this trailer fails to draw me in - even as an action movie. Disappointed as I loved Josh Brolin in No Country for Old Men. And Megan Fox - when will people realise she is only good as eye candy and nothing else!
  • Farris
    Looks OK... but Megan Fox is going to ruin this.
  • Zantorian
    It looks good. Megan Fox looks like Megan Fox, which isn't a bad thing. Too bad her acting still sucks. I think I'll catch it on video and see if I can get someone else to pay for the video.
  • Trey M
    I dont like Megan Foxx...unless she is bent over in front of a camera in a skanky motel
  • Too bad Clint Eastwood is too old for the role. Can you imagine how awesome that would be?
  • Justin
  • Rops
    Agree completely with 22
  • harm
    I didn't think I'd be saying this... But this looks worse than the A-team... wow. thats just bad. Gothic Horror? And they went half way in between and it just sucks. Not near gothic enough, and not near western enough. it's just a steaming pile of turd... bad. Ironically Megan Fox looks like the best part of the cast. John Malkovich and Josh Brolin just look... AWFUL! Not to mention the set design, costume design, weapon design. Just balls AWFUL!. PUKE. Yeah I'll pass. Which pisses me off. Its going to ruin Mastadons music...
  • Jedibilly
    Megan Fox would ruin this movie. She's acting like a sexpot bimbo and the way she talks. Ugh!
  • PK
    Does no one seriously see this as the brother to Ghost Rider? -Hot Chick with no acting talent? CHECK -Awesome but corny main character? CHECK -Rediculous villian? Check -Supernatural element? Check? -Bound to make some money but obviously a crappy movie? Check Check Check
  • Xerxex
    Lot of Fox hate, I hate for her to need some sort of rescusing from a fire or wreck and someone from this board is the only one around. LOL.
  • Brandon
    Looks like a poorly done western that went too close to the comic. Should have gone the realistic route. As for the whining about Megan Fox... Grow a pair and enjoy the sexy woman.
  • beavis
    movie looks good...............too bad megan fox still can't act. i hope she doesn't have too many scenes/lines.
  • cream of sumyunguy
    mmmm nah
  • Moviegimp
    Walk into theater. Sit down. Turn off brain. Good movie. Fun Summer popcorn flick.
  • ImaginaryVisionary
    #38 I agree. This is like the Western version of Ghost Rider. Although I enjoyed that film enough to let it slide, and not be a total waste of celluloid. (and I think Eva Mendes is a decent actress) My other thought is that this is like Wild Wild West, which was a god awful spectacle of a movie. However this movie doesn't have the star power of a Will Smith. And my third thought is Brolin and Malkovich are two fairly credible actors who rarely choose bad movies, so there's got to be something decent to this film for those two actors to take on their respective roles. Megan Fox was just thrown in for pop culture star power. "It looks alright" becomes a little more worth taking a chance on if the package is a little bit more ....attractive.
  • Dandooo
    Shit shot shit, this film is going to be shit, everyone involved (apart from fox, obviously) should know better.
  • Chazzy O
    @ 38 and 44. A Western Ghost Rider was exactly what I thought when I watched it, except this looked cool, and Ghost Rider was one of the worst movies I've seen. While this looks awesome, I am truly confident it will be terrible. Anyone can make a good trailer, but when I imagine these individual scenes within the movie itself, I don't imagine anything good. ....... And Megan Fox..... I want to punch her in the face. I hate her.
  • Ben
    Lance Reddick! Awesome, I don't think I've ever seen Lance Reddick on the big screen. Looks sort of cool, I'd probably watch based on the fact alone that it is written by the dudes who made Crank and Crank 2.
  • DoomCanoe
    yep i got a Ghost Rider meets Wild Wild West #44 nailed it. this looks absolutely awful, i honestly cant believe people are saying they want to go see it.
  • Looks SOOO amateur bad. OMG.
  • kLO
    Wow, that trailer really blew.
  • Dan W
    His scares look STUPID!
  • I will definitely see it. It just looks like it'll be totally, over-the-top gun-slingin' fantasy action. Totally cool in my book.
  • Kevin
    Looks pretty awesome... I'm surprised.
  • arjones
    It looks pretty good. I wouldn't pay $10 to see it though. Netflixxxxx
  • wrongturn687
    You know I seriously want this movie to be good, but I'm still not the least bit excited for it. All the negative buzz is really discouraging and the last movie that got the same kind of reactions this early was The Spirit and looked how that turned out. It's a real shame because I really like the cast alot. I mean we got Josh Brolin, John Malkovich, Michael Shannon and Michael Fassbender. There all really talented actors, but I understand even great actors make AWFUL movies.
  • I didn't realize there were so many pro movie critics...who know everything about a movie based on a trailer...
  • Jacen Achilles
    I agree with #1. I really don't like Megan Fox. She is a skank.
  • Lana
    That trailer was too long. I got tired of the montage of shit blowing up. Though I still think it looks fun. Somehow, I like Megan Fox more with that Western accent. I don't care if everyone is faking it, Western accents are badass. The bit of tendon is a bit distracting, though. I thought I hated westerns when I was growing up, til I realized I LOVED them. So this, being vaguely supernatural and a western? Heck yeah. That bird coming out of his mouth was awesome. Aren't they adapting the comic Priest now too? With Paul Bettany. Gotta love this stuff.
  • Kenji
    hilariously awesome! i'll watch it! horse. with. miniguns!
    nah ill see it if a friend wants to tho 😛
  • Dandooo
    I can't even believe there's so many coments, this film will have a big opening weekend, then it will be gone forever, awful tripe...
  • Iron Knight
    @61 No it won't. Toy Story 3 will win the weekend easily. I predict a flop here with Jonah. Seriously this film is just plain awful the way you see it.
  • Bob Dylan
    Yes, Josh Brolin. No, Megan Fox.
  • drinky crow
    wild wild west meets van helsing
  • 1 and 45 may have points. Megan Fox will put people in their seats though:
  • Deathtoll 2010
    @3 lmao! GOB rules!
  • Robbie
    Josh Brolin is one of my favourite actors and this movie looks to be pretty awesome. Jonah's scar looks a bit cheap, but who cares.
  • L
    #67 agreed. His scars need to be more hidious than that.
  • KB
    Will be over the top but entertaining.
  • movie mike
    Just a fun B movie to see some people get shot up. Nothing more...but nothing less
  • D.
    32# was exactly my thougths, he would be the perfect one. But Brolin looks good either. And Western Ghost Rider??? Come on... Hex is to much older than that. I'm totally in, i love the caracter and seems faithfull to me.
  • Anti-Fox
    Everything looked pretty cool in the trailer until of course Megan Fox opened her mouth and to be honest some of the weapons are a bit too silly. It's a shame they didn't give HEX the messed up eye but I think Brolin will do a great job in this role but I still get the feeling that the rest of the movie is just not going to be as good as it could of been.
  • Ricardo
    Why so much hate? This looks pretty bad ass, it's just a fun popcorn flick. And was Megan that awful in the trailer? Because that's not what i thought, she's not the best actress ever, but she isn't that bad either. And it had some cool cheesy one-liners. Looks good fun!
  • jjboldt
    Like it! Looks like some good entertaining fun at the very least. Fox may not be the best, not by any means, but I don't feel she drags it down as much as others think. Definitely plan on seeing it.
  • Started off with potential but the moment he brought out those gatling guns out it went straight to Wild Wild West hell. Sorry.
  • Cineprog
    This trailer has changed my mind about this movie it not bad at all for a first movie trailer of the film Josh Brolin has Jonah Hex, its a good westen romp of revenge over all not a bad trailer.
  • randall morgan
    Its funny how comic book based movies bring out critics that know little or nothing about comic books. Most likely never seen the Jonah Hex comics. The scars are ok----------the wierd weapons make good special effects, and look they are going to have a good looking female in there somewhere. megan is OK in those regards. Forget the actors and acting------its about fun and comics. At least some people keep making comic book based movies. I like them. Think of the alternative. Buy the popcorn and enjoy. randy
  • Daniel Felts
    Will Arnett rules!!! Close my eyes at Megan fox's scenes. AND i guess i have to cover my ears too. Is she sick?
  • Bri
    Lucky for Jonah -- he developed the corn-ball Pushing Daises way of bringing people back to life! Ah! The pure magic of the gritty, wild west....
  • Fisherr
    Hell yeah, another movie on my list.
  • dan Gorski
    ah thats a shame, not looking forward to this movie at all, it's going to turn out like daredevil, a b-grade version with big stars in the comic book genre, what a shame.
  • Eric
    I can't stand Megan Fox, but this looks like it could be pretty cool.
  • LW
    Really? So much hate? Well... more room in the theatre for me then. :) Almost feel sorry for you guys... almost.
  • looks alright but megan fox wiil just ruin this one to.
  • Frank N. Stein
    I think all the Fox hate is one person changing his/her name over and over... Probably a rental, simply because I'm very picky about what I spend $8.00 to see in the theater. Still, this will be a good late-night movie after the kids have toddled off to bed...
  • Clover
    HELL YES! Sure Fox cannot act, but are some of you really serious? You don't want to look at her in frame? Seriously? Good job Randall!
  • jomba joose
    Vanhelsing, meets Wild, Wild West...................................
  • GG
    All indications are that this film is a poor adaptation and a waste of potential. I haven't read much of Jonah Hex, but from what I know it's got both conventional and unconventional elements that would have been interesting but have been omitted in this movie. Like the fact that Hex's chief love interest was a Chinese action girl and not a Megan Fox whore. Or that he fought fellow gunslingers of various ethnicities more often than Voodo shamans and zombies.
  • Dave
    i really hope that there is a sex scene in this movie with Megan Fox involved YUM YUM
  • max s.
    #14 looking at the trailer it looks like it was a pretty damn long two days
  • Gaijin
    Has anyone here even READ a comic featuring Jonah Hex? Let's do a short list; 1. They got his scar accurate to the comic. 2. They got his WEAPONS accurate to the comic. 3. Though they are ignoring his time-travel adventures, they got his HISTORY right. The only problem I have with this is the supposed powers. He never had those. And PS: quit bashing Megan Fox, already. If you think you could do a better job, then go get yourself hired in Hollywood.
  • jake
    LOL at the sheer mindlessness of the Megan Fox bashing. Don't you generally have to see somebody attempt to act to know if they can or not? Writing off anyone's acting ability based on a Michael Bay film makes no fucking sense. The girl deserves a chance, at least. But of course, with this level of prejudice, jerks will see her as bad even if she does well. As for me, I think she showed she was a decent actress in Jennifer's Body and I see nothing wrong from her in the trailer.




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