Watch This: Russell Brand in the Get Him to the Greek Trailer

February 11, 2010
Source: Apple

Get Him to the Greek Trailer

Right after Forgetting Sarah Marshall hit in 2008, Universal decided to make a spin-off featuring rock star Aldous Snow (played by Brit Russell Brand), the crazy idiot who is screwing Jason Segel's woman. This is that spin-off, titled Get Him to the Greek, about an assistant at P. Diddy's record label who has to fly to London and "get" Snow back for a performance in LA. Basically, they're selling it like The Hangover mixed with an annoying "sweaty little drunk idiot covered in puke" sidekick, played by Jonah Hill. To be entirely honest, I actually think this looks good. It's got some funny moments and I'm really looking forward to it.

Watch the official trailer for Get Him to the Greek:

[flv: 598 316]

You can also watch the Get Him to the Greek trailer in High Definition on Apple

A record company intern is hired to accompany out-of-control British rock star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) to a concert at LA's Greek Theater. His only warning: Turn your back on him at your own peril.

Get Him to the Greek is both written and directed by comedy mastermind Nicholas Stoller, the filmmaker behind Forgetting Sarah Marshall previously and a screenwriter for Fun with Dick and Jane and Yes Man as well. Jason Segel is also credited for the creation of the character Aldous Snow. Universal is bringing Get Him to the Greek to theaters everywhere on June 4th this summer. So is this something you'll be seeing?

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  • erik Keating
    i was wondering what this was since i saw the poster on the universal lot. looks alright.
  • Dark Fist
    The new Leaves of Grass trailer is much better:
  • Guy
    Looks pretty funny, hopefully the laughs last throughout the whole film.
  • MaX
    I actually saw the pre-screening of this and it actually was a pretty funny flick. I was expecting sort of a forgetting sarah marshall knock off but it was actually different.
  • FireWaffle
    It's really throwing me off that Jonah Hill isn't playing the same character he was in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I got really excited when I saw the poster because I really enjoyed how they interacted in FSM.
  • Colt
    "I'M ALIVE!!!" oh man...that had me rolling. this looks awesome
  • This looks really funny!
  • Zach
    I'm so pumped! Forgetting Sarah Marshall was so under rated and easily one of the best comedies of 2008 along with Pineapple Express of course. And with Apatow producing again. This is gonna be great. I suggest everyone see this, you won't be disappointed. I've been waiting for this since they announced it! WOOO! I'm stoked.
  • Nickk
    @ #5 I agree if they are gonna take Russell Brands same character from FSM then why not jonah hills? and if they werent going to keep jonah hills charater from FSM then why did they cast him...
  • Xerxex
    it looks good #5 and #9 Twin? maybe?
  • Haha I was an extra in this movie. Can't wait to see it!!!!
  • key
    man jonah hill REALLY let himself at how much bigger(physically) he is since funny people
  • beavis
    that looks really funny.
  • JP
    I thought Jonah Hill WAS the same guy in this that he played in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He's just an intern at a record label now.
  • Travis
    Tell me when the red band trailer gets here.
  • @FireWaffle #5 - Totally agree with you. Now I'm a bit confused by this choice and annoyed that they have Sean Combs in it. Fucking hell.
  • Al
    Looks good.
  • goliad
    Why dont they just remake My Favorite Year(1982)... oh wait thats what this is.
  • This one look s really funny, Jonah Hill is hilarious!
  • arjones
    Not a Russell fan but I like jonah. Looks ok.
  • manxome
    SOLD They had me at Aziz and '*kiss kiss* "europe"'
  • Atomic Punk
    Can't fucking wait.
  • Parker
    @18 "Live?! I can't go on live! I'm a movie star, not an actor!"
  • wtf
    russell brand can't act for shit. the dude has an annoying voice and it's not even funny. he's more one note than any other 'comedic' actor out there now. that includes that retard ken jeong, michael cera and seth rogen.
  • Levo
    Aziz and Nick Kroll = awesome, even if theyre in it for a few minutes.
  • awful
    Obnoxious x 2. Why don't they just shit on my lawn.
  • Vold
    I might rent this.... might but probably not. Looks more stupid then funny.
  • Blueflameagent3
    "Get Him to the Greek" is a funny movie, I have seen their sneak peek pictures and looks so hilarious! It is cast by Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, Rose Byrne, Aziz Ansari and more. It was written and directed by Nicholas Stoller. In theaters on June 4, 2010. You can check their pictures here: and also the trailer here:




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