WB First Look: Holmes 2, Hangover 2, Horrible Bosses and More!

November 23, 2010

Sherlock Holmes 2 First Look

With a few days left until Thanksgiving, Warner Bros has unveiled a good first look at their 2011 line-up, which includes brand new never-before-seen photos from movies like Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes 2 with actress Noomi Rapace making her big Hollywood debut; one shot of the guys from The Hangover 2, a first look photo at Horrible Bosses starring Jason Bateman, Charlie Day & Jason Sudeikis, quite a trio; plus some new shots from Something Borrowed with Kate Hudson, Final Destination 5 with Emma Bell, and The Apparition with Ashley Greene and Tom Felton. You can check out most of the shots below!

The Hangover 2 Photo

Something Borrowed Photo

Something Borrowed Photo

Horrible Bosses Photo

Final Destination 5 Photo

Final Destination 5 Photo

The Apparition Photo

The Apparition Photo

Sherlock Holmes 2 First Look Photo

I'm already looking forward to Sherlock Holmes 2, even though I'm not really sure of the story this time, but the cast is good; however, I'm not as excited for Hangover 2, to be completely honest. I think they're going to Thailand (hence the airport photo above), which just seems like a crazy concept, but maybe that's exactly the point. Final Destination 5, The Apparition I don't have any interest in, and Horrible Bosses looks like it might be funny, but we really need to see a trailer first. Besides their big guns like Green Lantern and Harry Potter 7: Part 2, it actually looks like Warner Bros still has a solid line-up for 2011. We'll keep you updated!

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  • A5J4DX
    awesome cant wait for hangover 2 and holmes 2 😀
  • Xerxex
    I only really care for Sherlock Holmes 2 as of right now. Rapace looks comfortable next to Downey Jr. and Law! Cannot wait for SH2!
  • ryderup
    I look at that airport shot and all I care for is Cooper and Zach.
  • Akirakorn
    Hangover 2... probably Hawaii for the Dentist's wedding and Bachelor Party.... unless they spending that 80,000 and going to Monte Carlo to try get rich off Galifinakis' character's card counting ability.
  • White People.
  • Cracky
    So many white people. The Final Destination/Apparition photos look horrible. Sherlock Holmes, all the way.
  • Astroboy3000
    hangover 2 is thailand, and wasn't the last "final destination" called "THE final destination" ? as in, THE last one ?
  • Colt
    #5, ...really? is that all you noticed?
  • RianM.
    I find it funny that the "first look" for Hangover 2, Horrible Bosses, and Something Borrowed are literally pictures of the cast staring off camera. Sherlock Holmes 2 is the only one with anything interesting going on in it.
  • Moon
    Charlie Day is the man.
  • Ben
    Ginnifer Goodwin is so pretty.
  • xtheory
    hudson got boob jobs? she's typically flatter than a pancake.
  • (_)_)llllllllllllllD
    #5 There Black People You Just Got To Find Them
  • Fisherr
    A great collection of nice movies, except Final Destination.
  • Hattori Hanzo
    No doubt Hangover 2 will be completely fresh and those whacky guys are way above repeating those same old jokes and gags from the first movie and won't suck the fans of the first one into spending money again for a lame sequel. Yeah, no doubt ...
  • Voice of Reason
    Is Sherlock dodging Death Eaters and rocking 'The-Boy-Who-Lived" scar?
  • Zeus
    Just because you can make a sequel, it doesn't mean it needs one.
  • Mr.Cookie
    Looking forward to Sherlock Holmes 2. Judging by the background of the photo they must be in some kind of a forest during an action scene.
  • I AM…
    What's happening on these pics??? The women have no curves....they will flop! all of the ones where the girls have no boobs and curves, I tell ya! I love the Hangover still. Glad to know the groom ; now husband is back!
  • I AM…
    I see you coming , of course Sherlock Holmes is not included in the above comment loll! I love Noomi and glad to know she is into sth that big, she deserves it! :)
  • I wonder if Rapace will have a speaking part. Personally I think it might be interesting if she played a part similar to Rinko Kikuchi's "Bang Bang" in The Brother's Bloom. But that's just me. Jazzed about The Hangover though!! That shot of Alan looks hysterical:)
  • Forget It
    Is this the club where it is cool to hate on "The Hangover?" Oh I see it is. Awesome! Now I can be cool too! Man I tell ya, successful and funny movies about guys having a good time are bullshit. A movie that made tons of money and now has a sequel coming? Absurd! What is Hollywood thinking? They should listen to me, I know everything about Hollywood and how to make money there. That's why I work at Einsteins Bagels, cause I'm totally producer material. In all seriousness though, Rapace needs to eat a sandwich. I look at her and all I see are those giant cheek bones. That isn't facial structure, that's lack of food.
  • Typhoon
    Ginnifer Goodwin looks fantastic. Something Borrowed is on my list, now.....;)
  • remember
    @22 -- Transformers 2 made money too and how good is that movie? I think you are trolling for The Hangover hate. Well, congratulations!
  • andrew
    Why does the lady next to Downey Jnr and Law look out of place? Is it becaseu she's so clean next to them? Does she look too modern? Has she been air-brushed?
  • SapphireD910
    I'll check out Sherlock Holmes 2, there's no denying that. But nothing else is that interesting just yet. I mean most of the pictures are showing very little going on. Hangover seemed like a good stand-alone comedy. I'm not surprised they're banking on the popularity of the first, but I'll see a trailer before making a decision to check out the second one. I really hope it doesn't try so hard to out perform the first that it actually fails to match it. Also, like a few people have said, I thought The Final Destination was 'The Final' one.
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  • Eliza-milo
    i dont want holms 2 to come out i need it to come out i cant wait to see downey jr dress as a girl




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