Will Smith Attached to Remake of 'Colossus: The Forbin Project'

October 21, 2010
Source: Deadline

Will Smith / Colossus

It's been over three years since we last heard about Ron Howard's remake of the 1970 film Colossus: The Forbin Project, an adaptation of the 1966 sci-fi novel by Dennis Feltham Jones. But in the recent news about writer Jason Rothenberg scripting the adaptation of The Twilight Zone, Deadline included a second story unto itself. The writer is also adapting Colossus for Universal and Imagine Entertainment, but the real gem in the news is that Will Smith is attached to star in the story of the world's first-ever sentient computer and the misunderstood genius who gains power over the world due to its unprecedented abilities.

Both the novel and the film are in the same vein as The Matrix and Terminator, but obviously these stories happened decades before those familiar films. In addition, the script will take cues from two additional novels that followed Jones' original story. This would mark the first time Will Smith and Ron Howard have worked together on a project, and the first straight up sci-fi venture for Howard as a director. This seems like it might be a little similar to I, Robot, but since Deadline describes it as a Frankenstein story, there's likely more than meets the eye. Sound interesting?

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  • cricketz
    I'll watch anything, Will Smith.
  • tir na nog
    Sounds cool,interesting that Smith passed on the Matrix.
  • Neo_3
    How sure are you this is Smith next movie?
  • I am
    I agree with #1 and yes #2 he is trying to catch up :) I am sure a lot of people are happy Keanu got the role for the matrix anyway but his sounds cool and Thanks for putting this pic of Will, he looks cool!
  • Prestron
    I wish he had taken The Matrix instead of a few of the roles he has. I'm afraid someday we'll remember him for a lot of half-ass action roles and a few dramatic ones.
  • Robbins Mitchell
    There was actually an entire trilogy of books that Howard ought to consider making movies of...."Colossus:The Forbin Project","The Fall of Colossus",and "Colossus vs the Crab"...lots of material for sequels if he has the imagination to take that on.
  • gshauger
    BOOOO!!!! Another sci-fi movie ruined by Will Smith. Guy can't act and plays the same character in every movie. Denzel is 10x the actor and is much more serious for these sorts of movies.
  • @ # 3, Neo_3, We never say that this is Will Smith's next movie, but he's simply attached to the project. It's unclear how soon this would get off the ground, especially since this is the first update on the project since it was announced over three years ago. Cheers!
  • Adam
    I mean, you can only act so much for a film: Take the matrix for example, on paper the sequels should be up there with the first. If only they were..... Adam Webmaster Assistance for single mothers
  • Neo_3
    Thanks Ethan. Where do you see this film being done? In 2 years, 3 years or more.
  • Bobby
    I wonder if he's going to yell real loud, look like he's about to cry for an instant, and then make an angry face.
  • @ Neo_3 Honestly, it's hard to tell. Will Smith gets offered everything under the sun, and his being attached doesn't necessarily mean he'll end up doing it. In addition to his acting career, he also runs his own production company Overbrook Entertainment, which has been quite busy as of late. In addition, Ron Howard will be hard at work developing the huge movie/TV deal surrounding The Dark Tower series, so I'd say it's definitely a few years away at least.
  • Ari
    Lovee will smith, I'm glad he didn't do the matrix movies. And will's been attached from what iv'e read to like 5 other projects such as MIB3, Irobot2, hancock 2 who knows what he's actually gunna do next. He's been really into his sons career and his family, whatever he decides to do I hope it's huge!
  • I would love to see Will star in this movie but wouldn't be surprised if he passes on it because he's too busy. Either way, sounds like it would be an interesting movie!
  • Ralph
    Interesting and I hope it gets made. The old movie is one of my favorites and the novels are a fun read. However, I have to ask how they are in the same vein as the Matrix? I don't see any similarities other than there is a computer involved. Terminator also is a bit of a stretch. I'd say Wargames is a slightly closer match. I wonder how they will handle the cold war aspect? Make it a period film?
  • Dave13
    I'm with #1. I'll watch anything with Will Smith. He is one of those actors that brings something authentic and real to a film. He makes me believe in even the most rediculous films. Not many actors can do that.
  • Caitie
    I thought I Am Legend was highly underrated, I though his acting was fantastic in it. I'll support any potential project with his name on it.
  • Dr Forbin, Jr
    Like the TV show "Person of Interest", remake-Colossus is the massive Homeland Security computer complex, that monitors everything, to guard against terrorists rather than soviets. remake-Colossus doesn't have to threaten nuclear destruction of Houston to get the govt to kill people, it merely has to mark them as "terrorists" to get them black-bagged to a Jordanian secret prison for torture and death. remake-Colossus doesn't announce its presence openly as before, it just quietly manipulates govt agents to act based on its "reports" (which might as well be McCarthy-era anonymous tips from a neighbor with a grudge). It doesn't have to make us love it, it merely has to distract us with facebook, and motivate us into action with a KONY youtube campaign to get us to do its bidding. Now or 1970, Forbin is fated to lead a team of good-intentions-all-the-way-to-hell developers sealing our doom with machine-powered big-brother and an attitude that civil liberties must be protected by ignoring them.




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