Incredible Teaser for Chinese Earthquake Movie 'Aftershocks'

April 16, 2010
Source: Twitch

Aftershocks Teaser Trailer

I'm pretty damn sure no one has heard of this film before today, but you won't forget about it after watching this trailer. Twitch first discovered this extraordinary teaser trailer for a disaster film called Aftershocks coming out of China about the devastating 1976 Tangshan Earthquake that killed over 240,000 people. This trailer reminds me of Schindler's List with the little girl and the way it uses the red to accent the terror and chaos of the situation. I would say this is China's big disaster film in response to 2012, but since this is about an event that already happened, it's very different and much more emotional. Check out the teaser below.

Watch the teaser trailer for Xiaogang Feng's Aftershocks:

When a mother is informed by a rescue team that, since her 7-year old twins are buried under the debris close to each other, digging one out would result in the collapse of the wreckage on the other, she is forced to make the most difficult decision of her life. Based around the devastating Tangshan Earthquake of 1976.

Aftershocks, originally titled Tangshan Dadizheng in Chinese, is being directed by Beijing-born filmmaker Xiaogang Feng, of other Chinese films like The Dream Factory, Happy Funeral, A World Without Thieves and The Banquet previously. The film will be released in China in July of this year, but it does not have a US release date. In fact, it doesn't even have a US distributor yet. We'll let you know if we hear more about it!

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  • Cody w
    Gotta say that gave me some goosebumps...well made TEASER.
  • Dan the Fan
    I was pretty impressed with this. It's a foreign flick I'll make sure to see. It doesn't help that we've almost lost 250,000 people from earthquakes this year already and it's the middle of April. This movie will touch a lot of people.
  • yep
    Could be good, provided someone else does the subtitles. *chuckles*
  • Roderick
    wow. i was tearing up watching that. it was only a small clip too. wtf?!!?? when is this comming out?!?!?!
  • Steve
    Does Sam Worthington speak chinese? I could of sworn he was one of the bodies.
  • I'm sold. Christ is that trailer shot well.
  • Sharlto
    That's how teasers and trailers are supposed to be
  • Rashad
    seems meh.
  • N. M. Singh
    Very very impressive. When is it releasing?
  • Impressive. Thats what real film making is all about. Can't wait till it comes out. Thanks a lot Alex.
  • De-pressing. lol
  • Ben
    Looks good, but that music was awful.
  • coswell
    This will touch so many people. Looks really good film-wise. Just kinda sad that its released this year with a body count rising as we speak in china from an earthquake (plus of course haiti, chile, etc...).
  • beavis
    wow..........very impressive. i hope it comes to the states.
  • casting couch
    The teaser English title at the end says "AFTER SHOCK".
  • america
    please dont support china, it is a nation of our enemies
  • no
    so many terrible movies, so little time...
  • Line O' Coke
    So many goddamn Chinese, so few earthquakes. More earthquakes please, mother nature.
  • c-r-u-x
    First Mr #18 Line O' Coke - stop trolling. Second - I'm actually extremely surprised by the reactions to this teaser... since I didn't find it too well made or special or anything. Usually I'm a sucker for emotional trailers and teasers of all sorts but c'mon, this just felt like it's "trying too hard". The lonely child, the almost completely desaturated image and then the intense red blood... Schindler's List, anyone..!? And then that horribly cheesy score. Come on people, this isn't great film making, it's kitsch!
  • Tom
    I couldn't agree more with #19. Sorry, Alex, but you really hyped up a sub-par trailer. Sure the cinematography looked nice and sure it was depressing, desaturated, and trying very hard to be artful, but it isn't that good. And I'm not even saying the movie will be bad, but this was not a very good trailer. Especially when you wrote "big disaster film" in the description. 2012 was a disaster film, a CGI-fest of the world going down in flames. This looks nothing like that.
  • lolsaur
    Please, stop calling non-american films 'foreign'. It's just ignorant and stupid.
  • I like the make up on the kids eye. It's just good to see a Chinese film without flying swordplay and a million arrows. The mood of it looks great, but the acting seems a bit off, maybe that's the subtitles.
  • Ricardo
    I agree with 19 and 20, was not impressed, at all. I'll wait for a full trailer, but my expectations are low. #21 why's that ignorant and stupid?!
  • jh
    this doesnt look anything like a response to 2012, which is a good thing
  • Geoff
    Meh...horrible music. @21 - you're an idiot
  • Duude
    So Haeundae is about before the event and Aftershocks is about after the event
  • Sharlto
    #21 then why can chinese call american films foriegn?
  • Roderick
    #16 Really? China is america's enemy? America is more like China's bitch seeing how we owe China 2.5 trillion dollars. #18 way to go douchebag.
  • M
    Lol Well said #28, seems many Americans don't even know that info. America owes China and Japan so much money. As for th teaser, it is interesting.
  • Roderick
    #29 cause most americans are idiots and think Obama poops and pees, cash. Sorry to break it to you folks, america is trillions of dollars in debt to the east and the debt keeps on rising.
  • ryderup
    Maybe USA shouldn't have invades countries without "evidence" then :) Vote for the "right" people to become presidents and not people with the intelligence of Paris Hilton. Hehe. Anyways, teaser looks good!
  • Osbourne Cox
    Great teaser.
  • chrisbo
    teaser looks like shit just like the current president. SHAZZAMMMM!!!!
  • arjones
    Um... I dunno... I need more to work with than this trailer is giving me.
  • radiogorillaz
    trailer was removed
  • The teaser said AFTERSHOCK without S .. and yes the trailer is i found one
  • Thank you Alex ...for this teaser
  • Um… I dunno… I need more to work with than this trailer is giving me.
  • Vick
    Hey man this trailer is not playing
  • Bearmon
    It will be much worse than this one.. According to the bible. I want to watch it. It is very terrifying and horrible.
  • #19 - actually, you're right. The trailer doesn't reveal that much. It's the movie itself that packs a real emotional punch. I just watched it with the Kleenex nearby. The acting was amazing, and the music was perfect.




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