Worth Watching: Impressive First Trailer for Disney's New 'Prom'

November 25, 2010

Prom Trailer

We're a little late to the game on this one, but not to worry. Below is the official trailer for Disney's Prom, their new high school teenage romantic drama comedy, surprisingly not a musical, following a bunch of kids leading up to the "big dance." I'm featuring this because our friend Justin Springer, who was also integral in making Tron Legacy everything that it is today, produced this movie; and because this actually looks pretty damn good. Okay, sure I guess I'm speaking from a standpoint of understanding the audience they're aiming at, but it still looks better than most of this kind of teen stuff. Check out the Prom trailer below if you wish.

Watch the official trailer for Joe Nussbaum's Prom:

[flv: 598 321]

You can download the Prom trailer in High Def here: 480, 720, 1080

Several intersecting stories unfold at one high school as the big dance approaches; Disney's Prom portrays the precarious passage from high school to independence as some relationships unravel and others ignite.

Prom is directed by American comedy director Joe Nussbaum, of instant classics like Sleepover, American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile and Sydney White previously. The screenplay was written by newcomer Katie Wech, who worked as an associate producer on the Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience prior. Disney is bringing Prom to theaters everywhere before the summer starts on April 29th, 2011. Anyone interested?

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  • Bleep!
    It feels like a nice throw back to the good old 1980s teenage rom-coms. Little bit of grit, lot of fun. Hope it lives up to expectations
  • Ben
    oooo The Naked and Famous are getting big, congrats to a great NZ band making it into a Hollywood trailer. Doesn't look to bad either.
  • One night can mean everything! What do Americans do for the rest of their lives after they leave school? There's so many films based around this concept it's crazy. I'd rather see it 10 years down the line when the jock couples are all fat, suicidal and experimenting with crystal meth and P&P. Just kidding, I'm sure it's going to be A for Awesome! Light up the sky Disney with your wonder.
  • Dandoo
    This looks good for what it is, I have to say Disney are really getting their shit together these days.
  • medley
    Its whats her face from Friday Night Lights, aimee teegarden? Mmmm
  • Ricardo
    This was actually a very nicely done trailer, I'm surprised.
  • beavis
    for what it is - it's ok . i might see it on netflix.
  • Kage
    Bad business decision since no one outside the U.S is going to see this movie. Btw, stop making baseball movies, they are dead in the water overseas.
  • David 123
    PROM IS NOT THAT SERIOUS. Just saying. aha.
  • crumb
    I don't understand all these comments; this looks like an unoriginal re-hash of every movie ever made. as if someone wrote a script only using scenes from other movies. Pass. Pass. Oh god, pass. More movies aimed at kids need to take lessons from BANDSLAM - now that was a phenomenal movie.
  • D.
    This is actually a shame "worth Watching", this DONT WORTH WATCHING EVER. Sorry, this look ridiculous and as Crumb said there are nothing new on this crap. Doesnt look good at all. I totally pass this.
  • SapphireD910
    Not impressed by the trailer. I was hoping it would look different, original, at least for a movie dealing with one of the most bland and over-dramatized moments in our life, or at least for a Disney movie dealing with that topic. The only thing that interested me was the clip of a fire, I'd really like to know what that was. Maybe they're actually touching on some true drama there, not the "omg my dress is all wrong" or "I want to ask out this girl I think is totally hot but otherwise see no real chemistry with" drama. Instead it looks like the typical teen movie that shows the not so popular guy (that in reality is nothing like the true nerds or outcasts any of us were or went to school with) trying to get that girl who is not special in any way other than he's had a long time crush on her (for reasons that probably started before they hit puberty). It feels like another movie trying to feed us the "it doesn't matter what things are like all of high school, dreams can come true in one night" idea. Life should get so much better after high school, so lets stop feeding the media that dwells on it (at least if they're not going to show it a little more realistically, good and bad).
  • Luis M
    I'll wait for Prom Legacy...
  • Cracky
    Everyone loves a bad boy on a motorcycle. Pass.
  • Adam
    Great song...
  • Stephen
    Yeah, I don't know anyone who cared THAT much about Prom. I mean, it definitely had some great fun, some awkward moments, the tension of asking the girl, etc. But none of it was movie-worthy. People obsess waaaay too much.
  • Lar
    I'm only seeing this for Nicholas Braun. Love that guy.
  • European
    Pathetic... I never understood americans getting SOOO excited for this event... (maybe I'm wrong and this is all another stereotype created by Hollywood movies)
  • ryderup
    So what if they are? I think the movie looks cute.
  • Richie G
    Ten things 2 hate about you
  • Ariel
    The part where the truck takes the sign, that kind of crap would happen to me. I'm for it!
  • fem!anon
    I'm a girl and prom wasn't even that huge of a deal! Geez.
  • Setebos
    Oh Wow! A film about a high school prom! Somebody twist my arm a little harder.
  • Guest
    This film was already made by a teenager from Washington. Just google "Senior Prom Nick Terry" and you'll see what I mean. The interview style, the kid with the sign, it's all there. It looks to me like Disney may have ripped off this teen's indie film, which just seems wrong.... GOOGLE: Senior Prom Nick Terry
  • arjones
    If I ever see this, it would be on the tube a few years down the road. BUT it's not made with me in mind. It's made for 13 year old girls in mind and I think they would love this. There hasn't been too many movies made for them and I think that this would be a movie they would enjoy.
  • max s.
    @18 it's a HUGE stereotype really, the last good teen movie i saw was 10 things i hate about you, which in my mind is probobally one of the great teen movies, everything else is just crap now. I hate how hollywood thinks that prom is a huge thing, it's not it's just one dance which just happens to be some people's last and blow it way out of proportion
  • I'll wait for the sequel showing all the post-prom sex.
  • Fisherr
    The movie doesn't look that bad, i might get it on DVD though.
  • ImaginaryVisionary
    #13. Hilarious. I'm impressed you all featured this and actually talked it up a bit. I think the teen comedy is ready to make another staggering comeback, and I agree this doesn't look half bad. Its got that half drama/half doc thing going for it which will make it a bit more unique, and yet still trendy because of how popular that technique is. Plus this has Amy Teegarden in it, a Friday Night Lights alum....and I think every actor from that show has huge potential to make it pretty big in the movies over the next 5 years or so.
  • John




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