Zombieland Writers Add the G.I. Joe Sequel to Their Roster?

January 7, 2010
Source: Collider, IESB

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick

Hot on the tails of official confirmation that Zombieland screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick would indeed be writing Marvel's Deadpool adaptaion, it looks like the in-demand writing duo have found their next high profile project in the expected sequel to last summer's G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. Late last night Collider discovered that a writer had been hired, but it was IESB who revealed today the identity to be none other than Reese and Wernick. This isn't exactly official yet, but the inside sources seem to be reliable. I hope that Reese and Wernick can bring the same fresh humor to a franchise that desperately needs some.

Obviously I understand that the film was meant to be more of a translation of the cheesy 80's cartoon series than a serious action film, but the writing was just atrocious, not to mention the terribly low quality special effects (which shouldn't be seen in a movie like this). A couple of cool action sequences, a pretty cool setup for a sequel, and yes even a kick ass transition left me entertained, but I was hardly blown away. But Reese and Wernick are the right guys to mess with the tone a bit, and if they've been hired for Deadpool, then they certainly know how to write for cherished characters and action set pieces. And knowing is half the battle!

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  • Xerxer
    do we really need a sequel?
  • TheTruth
    HECK YEAH WE NEED A SEQUeL> the first one was really good. yeah i do agree that the special effects were low quality. i was expecting them to be similar to transformers. but suprising to me the visuals somehow worked for the movie. my eyes couldn't stray from the effects. though it was good i hope the next installments cgi will be muchly improved! :^)
  • Batman
    @2 TheTruth...LOOOOOOOOOL!!! you're so far from the truth! the first one totally sucked cause it missed the essence of what gijoe is really about. gijoe is about each character's, hero and villain, individuality. the cartoon rocked cause each character wore their own costume, had their own weapons, and each specialized in something unique. the movie totally screwed that up cause it generalized everyone into stupid power ranger suits. the plot was fine, but it wasn't gijoe. have you seen the new animated movie, GIJOE: RESOLUTE?! now that was awesome. snake eye's fight with storm shadow was down right epic. i got my hands on the dvd the day it came out while walking past Rise of Cobra. nonetheless, i always say that regardless of who the writers are...the most important piece to a movie is its director...and that has yet to be seen for this sequel.
  • d
    sequel yes first movie was badass and the second could be better if they are willing to spend a little more to beef up the effects. i think tatum is finally learning to act based on the trailer for dear john and sienna miller is gorgeous which is always a bonus for the guys. plus i loved zombieland so if these are the writers for the sequel then i'm definately in and extremely excited.
    yo man...these writers have a high bar to reach if they wanna 1up GIJOE: RESOLUTE. forget the first one, they need to do a 180 with this series and do some bloody hardcore action sequences. all of us fans are adults now and demand more adult themes and storm shadow piercing his sword through snake eyes' palm. ...i know the seventh step!
  • Antioch
    I'm up for a sequel if they do a little re-casting...those two are definitely good writers, but better actors would be nice for a second one... I would be fine if they recast everyone EXCEPT Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ray Park- They are the only ones who made that movie tolerable. Down with Tatum.
    @2 & 4 why do some many people care about effects? effects are nothing when compared to a movie's story, character development, and action scenes. yes, most action scenes require effects, but look at movies like the Bourne series, MI-III, or any of Michael Mann's films...who needs effects to shoot a gun or film a badass gun fight?
  • sean
    @ #6: Tatum played the lead JOE, he's definitely staying put.
  • Janny
    start off by saying that even though i thought GI joe looked good (effects, production etc) the movie was awful... what i would suggest is that the people involved watch GI Joe Resolute (new cartoon movie) and take note. That movie was suprisingly hardcore for an animated movie. If they were to adapt that into live action then i'd go see it
  • Frightened Inmate #2
    I thought the first movie sucked, the only things good about it was Baroness and Cobra Commander and by the end of the movie I didnt even like them. Who really thought there's only gonna be one of these movies, dont be so naive, there's gonna be at least three or four of these movies.
  • Cody
    Yeah it sucked big time..ill be sure to miss this one. But I get the feeling not just because its Sommers but the way it turned out that this is gonna be just like the mummy. There all gonna suck...but there still gonna make lotsa money.
  • Chris H.
    I'm a big Joe fan, but the movie was pretty terrible. Better than I expected, but still terrible... even to kid standards. Zombieland writers may add humor, but it's the complete opposite direction they should have gone. Instead of getting less goofy and more militaristic, it looks like those stupid delta suits will come back and have some silly spring-loaded fists added on them to make them more hilariously rediculous. Bad move, Hasbro. This will only destroy G.I. Joe further.
  • tobi,leader of the akatsuki
  • bozo
    Please... no... why...
  • Lar
    #6 I totally agree with you. I could only sit through the movie cause I knew who Ray Park and JGL were playing. But I'm definitely not seeing this in theaters. Zombieland writers or not.
  • GoonieDog
    hopefully these 2 will keep the fun going. but more Snake Eyes/Ray Park scenes please!! his fight sequence with Storm Shadow at the end of the movie was way too short. and dont forget the ladies.. Duke's proposal scene had me smitten.




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