'A Thousand Words' Trailer with Eddie Murphy is a 'Liar Liar' Copycat

November 10, 2011

A Thousand Words

Honestly, after hearing that Eddie Murphy had dropped out as the Oscar host following Brett Ratner's controversial resignation as the broadcast's producer, I was disappointed we wouldn't be seeing the actor in some sort of stand-up comedy format. But then the trailer for his new comedy A Thousand Words debuted today, and the Liar Liar rip-off made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Now I'll be avoiding this movie at all costs, hoping The Muppets end up replacing him as Oscar hosts, and weeping for the days Murphy used to have a funny bone in his body about 20 years ago. Watch the trailer below if you dare!

Here's the first official trailer for Brian Robbins' A Thousand Words, originally via Vlicious:

You can also now download the official A Thousand Words trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Long delayed and shot back in 2008, Eddie Murphy stars in A Thousand Words, the story of a fast-talking man full of lies who learns that he can only speak a thousand more words before he dies. Norbit and Meet Dave director Brian Robbins worked from a script by Steve Koren (Bruce Almighty, Click). The film also features Kerry Washington, Clark Duke, Allison Janney and more. A Thousand Words hits theaters starting March 23rd, 2012, just in time to get pummeled by The Hunger Games. Thoughts?

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  • Verydairydave
    It honestly doesn't seem like that big of a Liar Liar ripoff. It actually seems kind of funny. Ethan Anderton why are you such a Debbie Downer?
    • Yeah... I'm not entirely sold, but I don't see it as a rip off,  other than that he's a liar. And I'm sure there have never been any other comedies about liars before.
    • Jj Xavier
      Your right the movie seems funny and doesn't resemble liar liar at all. You know what resembled liar liar? Jim Carey's Yes Man
    • Yup, it is definitely not a Liar Liar rip off. 
  • Moutchy
    Yeah, I'm not much of a comedy guy, but this doesn't seem all that bad. I'd actually watch it. Doesn't really look like a Liar Liar copycat to me either.
  • Richie G
    To be honest this looks like one of the better movies he's done in recent years. Still not gonna see it, but I wouldn't contribute this as being the reason I'm glad he's not hosting the Oscars. Ha, I was about to click 'post' on a comment about how it looks more like "Bruce Almighty" or "Click"
  • Doesn't look like I'm the only one who doesn't find this funny or thinks it's a carbon copy of Liar Liar, but still not everyone is going to see things the same way:
  • Mr. Knowitall
    I agree with most of the other replies. Not a "Liar Liar" rip-off, and I think it looks mildly entertaining. Why the Eddie Murphy attack? Do you just not like him?, or are you just hoping to get noticed?
  • jah p
    To me this looks funny!Has some good cameos in it too..I just don't understand all the Eddie Murphy hate right now...
  • JJ King
    Eddie is never going to be Delirious, Raw or Axel Foley ever again. I've learned to accept the new him. This looks mildly funny. I'll rent it when it comes out 3 weeks after it's release.
  • Thexn
    Maybe the reason this seems like Liar Liar to Ethan is that it has that quality of a guy who gets by with his flippant manner of speaking words which actually have no value to him.  Add in a dash of Bruce Almighty, with the spiritual guidance, and a small dose of Yes Man, with the quest to make himself a better person, and voila! You got this latest little dose of an Eddie Murphy snore-fest. This might be a renter, but no way I'm seeing this one in the theater.
    • Nailed it. Glad someone else can see what a waste of time this movie seems to be.
    • Anonymous
      werent those all Jim Carrey movies? 
  • Voice of Reason
    Eddie will never going to be those great comedic roles of Axel, stand up or anything ever again because Murphy became aggressively unfunny and sold out to crap-flick after crap-flick for the past 15+ years and by doing so he has forever distanced himself from what he was (once) great at. And for those of you who accept this "new him" and think this looks good: you have accepted poorly crafted comedies with crappy funnymen and perpetuate crap like this. Thank to all of you, go buy Norbit on Blu-Ray for all your holiday gifts and write daily letters demanding Haunted Mansion 2.
  • The drive-by line was pretty funny.
  • Armeetapus16
    A movie that requires Eddie Murphy to shut up.......? I am so down 
    • Realballa2k2
      i agree!!!!!!! lol
  • KeyserSoseOwnsYou
    Behold!!! Ethan Anderton the troll strikes again with another useless tirade. I wish Alex would get rid of this guy,he is a discredit to Firstshowing's staff. I wish those said muppets would replace him because his articles are the same recycled mindless blabber time and time again. He never has anything positive to say. From this point on I will be avoiding any posts by him altogether.
    • Never anything positive to say? Talk about a hasty generalization. I can't believe a terrible, generic comedy like this is getting this line of defense like it's the Super Bowl. Please, tell me what's so hilarious and fresh about this comedy from the guys that brought you Norbit and Meet Dave?
      • Tucq
        I happened to like Norbit. I never understood the big dislike of that movie, when most of the people I know were crackin up. The funny thing about the set up to "A Thousand Words" is that Eddie is always runnin' his mouth and in this movie he can't. If you like Eddie, then you'll like that idea.   It's not a "Liar Liar" rip off no more than comparing "Saving Private Ryan" to any other war movie before it. 
      • Twiddles
        I guess I am woindering why anyone is listening to your poorly articulated tireade when you havent even seen the movie yet?!?!
  • Jedibilly
    Good Riddance to Eddie at the Oscars! The Muppets would be really cool to replace him. But why not Betty White!?
  • Eddie Murphy fathered Scary Spice's child and worse than that he actually denied it. He's an odd man, I loved his films as a kid, Beverly Hills Cop was super dupers, but I can't remember the last time I liked anything he was in. I haven't even seen  the trailer, but I bet it'll be turd bowls, maybe it's a combination of bad writers, but he's pretty fecked.
  • Ells
    Oh Eddie
  • Oh Ethan, Ethan, Ethan...I don't really have a follow up to that. Just noticed everyone seems to be dogging you. Looks OK. Could be really funny. Hopefully has some totally sappy, tear jerking moments so I can use my monthly excuse to cry.
  • Aero027
    First the irony (as someone above mentioned): A film where Murphy can't talk? That's funny on it's own.  They could make a sequel with Murphy, Chris Tucker, and Vince Vaughn.   I see the Liar Liar comparison, but i don't see it as a rip off.  It seems less about lying, and more about how words impact us...and comedy ensues.  If this is a Liar Liar rip off so is any film where you take something away from a person's ordinary life and find humor in it.   I think this looks funny, and there's probably a reason they gave this role to Murphy and not someone else.  He's still got some funny in him, even if it's not the same as his glory days...which is where your bias stems from.
  • Chazzy
    Does this comedy look good? Not at all.  Does it look like a rehash of Liar Liar? Not at all.        
  • Anonymous
    A Thousand Words until one dies, and Not able to tell a lie for 24 hours. There is no similarities between the two movies.
  • KAKE
    Didn't see Liar Liar. This does look funny. I haven't seen an Eddie Murphy movie in almost 20 years. I might see this one.
  • Tsurumaru
    What kind of idiot hack would use that "threw up in my mouth" line in 2011?  Mr. Anderton, if you did actually throw up in your mouth, you are still a hack and you should also see a doctor.
  • Anonymous
    He'll use his final words to confess how much he loves his wife or something and the spell will be broken and he'll live happily ever after the end. Now none of you have to go see it.
  • Flounder
    Looks fine for what it is!....for now!
  • Ivo Popov
    I actually like it. I will see it fir sure.
  • Lebowski
    Eddie Murphy gets called derivative for the ten thousandth time and suddenly you all are shrieking like drunken 1950s housewives.
  • Realballa2k2
    I do not see any rip-off. This one looks promissing, anything that requires Eddie Murphy ( fast talking, trash talking ) to be qiet, is worth seeing!
  • darkwingduck20
    I don't see this as a Liar Liar ripoff.Now Due Date on the other hand was 100% a rip off of Planes Trains and Automobiles but everybody thought that was hilarious.
  • Anonymous
    I wouldn't say it has too much in common with Liar Liar. Looks fine to me.
  • cheap bras
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  • Shunutehu
    Eddie is the greatest and too damn funny
  • TacomaLeroy
    Bottom line is that it was shot 4 YEARS AGO...That says it all. 
  • Icu




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