Alex Pettyfer and Josh Hutcherson Both Up for 'The Hunger Games'

March 14, 2011

Alex Pettyfer / Josh Hutcherson

We've just heard that Jennifer Lawrence is the likely candidate to take on the lead role in the anticipated adaptation of The Hunger Games, but fans are still eager to hear who will play the lead male love interest role of Peeta. Well, a couple of names have surfaced over the past week with Josh Hutcherson (The Kids Are All Right) and Alex Pettyfer (I Am Number Four) have already had meetings about taking the role, but it sounds like there's likely just as many names in contention as there were for the role of Katniss Everdeen. Pettyfer hasn't read a script, but has met with producers, while Hutcherson may be in deeper.

Pettyfer recently confirmed to Access Hollywood that he is indeed in the running to play Peeta saying, "Yes, but undecided yet, still [waiting] to see a script.” However, Hutcherson told EW that he's already read an earlier version of the script and has even met with director Gary Ross. However, the young actor says, "But they’re meeting a lot of people right now. One can only dream.” And dream he does, as the actor talked about the character, "I love Peeta. The character is so much who I am—self deprecating, a people person. And he’d be such a great character to play! Like in the third book? Oh my God.” Spoilers were said, but EW held back so as not to ruin the books or the potential film series.

Personally, I find Hutcherson's talents to be a little more impressive. I Am Number Four saw Pettyfer as a somewhat wooden protagonist whereas The Kids Are All Right really showed Hutcherson's comfort in front of the camera in both comedy and drama. The fact that Hutcherson isn't blonde shouldn't deter anyone. It's called hair dye. Of course we still don't know the other names in contention for the role either. As of now, it's probably anyone's guess as to who might take the role, but The Hunger Games adaptation is quickly becoming one of the most talked about projects right now. Stay tuned. Who do you think should play Peeta?

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  • Casey
    I'd rather Hutcherson play Peeta for sure
  • Max s.
    Hutcherson over pettyfer Anyday of the week Hutcherson would be great for this and from what I've heard pettyfer is a terrible actor so I want Hutcherson for this
  • lane
    Hutcherson all the way
  • HG
    alex resembles Gale Hawthorne alot more gale is the rebel bad boy and heart throb and more mature looking than the short stocky boyish looking peeta
  • liv
    Hutcherson as Peeta without a second thought
  • Lizzie
    Oh man, Hutcherson better get this. He's do so well.
  • Teacherkid
    Hutcherson for Peeta, DEFINITELY. I love that idea. Pettyfer for Gale, or nothing at all. I do not like the idea of him as Peeta.
  • KAS
    Uhhh...can we put age into the equation here folks?? If Jennifer gets cast as Katniss, I don't think that Hutcherson will look old enough to be able to play her same age believably. He still looks like a kid to me--where as Jennifer most definitely does not. They need to be casting Peeta as someone who is going to look right alongside their potential Katniss. I personally don't know how he'd do with the role, because I haven't seen him in a whole lot other than The Kids Are Alright which, as a whole, disappointed me severely. But yea. Age and THE AGE THEY LOOK definitely needs to be taken into consideration.
    • Sam
      If they consider how old the actors look, Alex Pettyfer should be out of the mix. Peeta is supposed to be 16. Alex Pettyfer might be 21, but he looks 30. Hutcherson looks closer to the right age, looks closer to Jennifer's age, and would be a much better choice in terms of acting ability. Unless they're doing a reinterpretation of the Hunger Games starring Kate Winslet as Katniss and Leonardo DiCaprio as Gale, then Alex Pettyfer shouldn't be Peeta. I don't care how old Alex Pettyfer is, he looks way older than the characters and way older than anyone being considered to play Katniss.
      • KAS
        You're right--Alex does not look 16. But neither does Jennifer Lawrence, which was exactly my point. Josh Hutcherson could easily pull off sixteen--he's what? 18 now? So yes--age from the book, absolutely, Josh Hutcherson is the closer of the two to hitting that nail on the head. But I have to disagree that Josh Hutcherson looks closer to Jennifer's age. I mean--does this look like she could be sixteen years old to you?? I dunno about you--but I don't know many sixteen year old girls that look like that.
  • Anonymous
    I'm gonna be in Hunger Games there.
  • oliveeyes
    Alex Pettyfer all the way.
  • happy camper
    Both would be eaten alive by Lawrence in real life!
  • Rachel
    Alex pettyfer no doubt, he fits peeta exactly, dirty blonde hair, kinda shaggy hair, blue eyes, and a look that could make you believe anything he says, just like peeta. Also Alex is way cuter than Josh!
  • Guest
    Alex pettyfer, most defff. he's hot.
  • Magda Lesinski
    Alex pettyfer!!!!! I personally think that he should play the part!!!!! His acting in all of his movies is fantastic!!!!!!!! I loved them all because he was in it!!!!! I think the movie would sell better with him!!!!! And anyone who disagrees is wrong!!!!!! Plus, an actor should always be attractive! And he totally is!!!!!!!!!
  • O mck, age 9
    ALEX PETTYFER is my bffl. vote for him. he would be great for the role of peeta mellark. he is awesome :) owen mckinney
  • AlexLuveer
    Alex needs to play Peeta!!! I ♥ Josh as an actor and he's hot and all, but ALEX would make suuuccchhh a better Peeta!!! What is this?
  • Mobarksdale
    Alex pettfyer!!!
  • Kbhequestrian
    Hutcherson Def!!!!
  • Tossse15
    I Think alex should be in the movie however. Maybe peeta or gale, it does'nt matter, i just want him to be in the movie!!
  • Nour Talal
    errrrr...are you actually serious, they cast Hutcherson...what a HUGE mistake, that boy is UGLY and even worse with blonde hair
  • Iwillsponcerpeetandgale
    I think he should take the role of FINNICK odair
  • Maisie
    Alex should play FINNICK in catching fire
  • Hallie
    Alex should play Finnick and Josh could play Peeta, he has a better personality for the role.




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