Amy Adams Officially Cast as Lois Lane in Zack Snyder's 'Superman'!

March 27, 2011
Source: LA Times

Amy Adams

Wow, surprise casting for Superman: Man of Steel today. The LA Times reports that Oscar nominee Amy Adams will play the iconic role of Lois Lane in the Zack Snyder-directed Superman reboot. "There was a big, giant search for Lois," Snyder told the Times. "For us it was a big thing and obviously a really important role. We did a lot of auditioning but we had this meeting with Amy Adams and after that I just felt she was perfect for it." That completes the four main roles: Henry Cavill as Superman, plus Diane Lane & Kevin Costner as Ma & Pa Kent, respectively. Do you think Adams is the perfect choice for Lois Lane, too?

Amy Adams is coming off of another Oscar nomination for her role in David O. Russell's The Fighter and was just rumored for another lead role in Adam Shankman's Rock of Ages. For those that don't know(?!), Lois Lane is the intrepid reporter for The Daily Planet who is also Superman's #1 love interest. Unlike with The Amazing Spider-Man and the lack of Mary Jane, it looks like Lois Lane will be a central character in this reboot. "It goes back to what I’ve said about Superman and making him really understandable for today. What's important to us is making him relevant and real and making him empathetic to today's audience so that we understand the decisions he makes. That applies to Lois as well. She has to be in the same universe as him [in tone/substance]," Snyder says. I hope she delivers another Oscar worthy performance!

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  • Perin Lionshead
    I think Amy Adams is the perfect choice, I really wouldn't have guessed it but I think its great.
  • Anonymous
    Nice! Adams is a total babe and can act as well.
  • Ron
    Excellent! This movie is racking up a really good cast!
  • bltzie
    looking forward to seeing her as a brunette
    • Hold on there bltzie! Lois Lane actually started as a red head in the original Sunday papers. Her hair has gone through many transformations. I think we all need to remember that Snyder has said to not expect your traditional Superman. I think that includes the cast AND storyline compared to the original films and comics. Adams can act! She's been nominated for an Oscar 3 times, and a Golden Globe 3 times as well. I'm getting nervous for Henry Cavill. He's got a lot of scene stealers in this film. This is one incredible piece of casting news, and in my opinion the best one to date. I think Adams will prove to be the best Lois Lane the silver screen has ever seen.
      • bltzie
        Thank you, Modern American Man, I wasn't aware that she started as a red head. And yes she definitely can act! I've only seen Cavill in the Count of Monte Cristo and he was a kid back then, but I'm hoping for the best. Now how 'bout that villain???
  • Kalel
    Wasn't she the fat girl in Smallville?
    • She was the fat girl. That was way before anyone knew who she was though.
      • Chris
        whaaaaaa???????? she was????????
  • Mephisto
    There are enough selfishly evil bratty Britney Spears types out there and I'm glad that none of them got the part. They are really taking casting Lois Lane seriously!!!! Amy Adams is an Oscar Nominee and a serious actress. She practically changes personalities and sometimes looks from role to role. Lois Lane is a hard character to perfect, since the last person who played the part in Superman Returns played it one-dimensional. Kate Bosworth just came off as annoyingly b#tchy. Yeah right, if Lois Lane was simply b#tchy which she is not. Kate Bosworth was a flat chested and annoying. Amy Adams can bring in everything that she lacked. Amy Adams can bring in: 1. Subtle humor (which I have not seen in any of the Lois Lane's on TV or movies). Teri Hatcher acting like a dumb blond dork does not count. Hell Amy Adams is at Christopher Reeve level (who was roomates with Robin Williams in college). 2. She can bring in teary drama. Which let's face it, Terry Hatcher could NOT do on her best day. I've never seen that level of acting from Erica Durance either. But, at least Erica Durance tries to act unlike Terry Hatcher. 3. She can make her character's emotions three dimensional. 4. If Amy Adams amps up the s#x appeal and makes Lois Lane as s#xy as possible than it just might be the greatest Lois Lane of all time. The hottest I've seen Amy Adams is in Night at the Museum 2 when she was in the skin tight pants. I hope the camera man and wardrobe person is not gay on this one since if they don't take advantage of showing her perfect hiney than they are stupid and don't care about this movie making money. Kate Bosworth was dressed in a nun's outfit for Superman Returns. Amy Adams will be great as long as she steps up the s#x appeal. Since as we all know Lois Lane can very easily be a turn off depending on how she is portrayed. She will need the support of the Director, costume designer and studio to pull off the first Lois Lane that is not simply an annoying brat. This is the best casting choice possible. So, let's hope she is given the opportunity to create the greatest Lois Lane.
    • Anonymous
      Amy Adams has vast amounts of Sex Appeal.
      • Commonsensepeople
        He's saying that the role of Lois Lane can easily not be sexy. Did you read his post or are you ignorant? He clearly loves the casting of Amy Adams as Lois Lane. He also mentioned her rear, so I would take that as him thinking she's hot.
        • Anonymous
          wow, no need for the stab. I read it and my response was mostly a joke guy. Take a chill pill and put your "Jump to a Conclusion" mat away.
        • His reply was topical in reference to the post and your response was rude. Out of 1 billion people who post on the web every day you have to join the 95% who are obnoxious. Be a little decent, and be original. Most people are an ass online. Try being part of the small percentage that are kind. In that you become a rare commodity and someone who readers will take more seriously.
    • Everything you said made perfect sense, except Flat Chested and Sex appeal. That part doesn't seem to be as important to me.
      • Lookintomyeye
        Are you a girl or a man who's gay, because only then what you said would make sense. You are aware that there are hundreds of millions of guys who would disagree with you on wanting a sexy Lois. Just saying. :)
  • Angelfig
    im confussed about the time line for this movie are they gonna focus more on small ville, do the parents die. i dont know story
  • Superman is boooooooooooooooring. Amy Adams is good though.
  • Ryan
  • wtf? doesnt even suit her lets see on screen
  • Vito
    its an interesting casting. I don't immediately think of her as Lois, as Lois is very strong and confident, but Adams always has a certain kind of softness and vulnerability in her acting. somebody like christina hendricks would have been perfect I think.
  • Anonymous
    She's really hot and a great actress. Great choice.
  • John
    This is awesome! She's awesome! Now I'm excited for this movie!
  • Good casting, because she's just as annoying as Louis Lane.
  • Very Pleased. Love Amy Adams
  • fancy pants
    Amazing choice. The cast is really amazing me.
  • Danimal
    haha...ok so i just read the comments under the article on yahoo about this casting tidbit, and compared to the comments on here, it's like night and day....just sorta thought that was funny. But yes...Amy Adams is awesome, and I'm pretty excited for this movie.
  • Cruzer
    Great choice, if feels like the planets are lining up for this film.
  • HG
    this is such a great cast so far if they get viggo in this the geek community might explode
    • Anonymous
      we would go nuclear.
      • Chris
        expect an imminent meltdown if he does join hahahaha
        • Anonymous
          a massive cataclysm.
  • SlashFilm is Better
    SlashFilm found out first
    • Anonymous
      then go to Slashfilm...stop coming here.
  • Great casting. I hope they give her good dialogue and don't waste her the way they did with Scarlett Johansson in Iron Man 2.
    • kitano0
      Yeah, but Scarlett kicked major butt in the "hallway" scene...that was great!
  • good choice.
  • Cont
    Why is NO ONE complaining?? I couldn't be happier with the rest of the cast, even with the questionable british superman but HER as lois lane? Granted she isn't the worst (or best) actress out there but i've been reading superman comics for years now and in no way can I picture her as a great lois. Her acting skills lean towards the strong aggressive type like the performance she gave recently in the fighter but lois lane requires not just the strong reporter the character requires but a unique nurturing and caring side which ultimately makes Superman feel like he's part of earth and not just an alien. I think this is crucial because the past actresses who played lois in the movies weren't able to pull this off. The audience needs to truly understand why she Superman chose her out of everyone, and why she is so important. I don't seems I am the minority with this opinion but given her filmography, I think that when she tries to act as a softer character, she lacks the depth necessary for the viewers to connect with. I've been dying for a reboot and so far so good....please don't fk it up
    • Anonymous
      Adams was at the top of her game long before The Fighter, this is perfect casting.
      • Cont
        I certainly hope so but I'm not convinced yet. Superman and Lois Lane are a legendary couple but nobody seems to know why. I really hope the chemistry between Cavill and Adams as well as the direction of the film support this.
    • ultim8
      "Her acting skills lean towards the strong aggressive type".... Really? So as an Actress she could, Maybe, "Act" in a different manner... Like she did in Disney's 'Enchanted' (2007). Which was surprisingly entertaining, and she looked kind of Hot, too (in some scenes, at least!).
      • Cont
        Enchanted was a joke
    • Craig
      You should see Doubt.... she definitely wasn't playing a strong progressive in that movie.
      • Cont
        Thanks, I'll give the movie a shot. I think Doubt may bring out a side of her I haven't seen before.
  • Amy Adams... I dont know. She looks a bit too old I think and she has a harsh aura. The Lois I imaging is more ladylike, but let us gave her a chance...
    • Anonymous
      "More ladylike"? Is Adams not a lady?
  • Gh
  • Bad... choice...
  • gay_gary
    Are we going to see the same shit again.... Lois Lane, Lex Luthor and General Zod?? Come on.... lets see some different characters from the Superman universe. i saw Sucker Punch over the weekend and it was terrible!! Make me worried for this movie. Superman: Man of Steel is gonna suck, its not going to be in the same class as The Dark Knight. Everyone is hoping that it will be....but it won't
  • Craig
    I love Amy Adams to death, but she is too old to play Lois if they're going with such a young Superman. She's 36 and he is 27. I think Rachel McAdams would have been a better match for Cavill. And if they really wanted Amy Adams, they should have gone with Jon Hamm for Supes.
    • Anonymous
      I love McAdams, but if she as casted this article would be filled with all kinds of hate.
  • Babybashfulx08
    I was hoping for Jennifer Morrison... but Amy Adams is good too
  • George
    At least she is better than kate Bosworth




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