Andrew Garfield's Amazing, Heartfelt Comic-Con Spider-Man Speech

July 23, 2011
Source: Twitvid

Andrew Garfield - Spider-Man

If you didn't hear, yesterday's Comic-Con panel for Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man began when actor Andrew Garfield, who plays Peter Parker, appeared in a cheesy Spider-Man costume at the microphone where fans normally ask their questions. It seemed as if he wanted this to be his first reveal as Peter Parker to the fans because this was his first time at Comic-Con and he's as big of a fan of Spidey as us, "so here I am as a fan," he said. He then started speaking about his love for Spider-Man and how he "needed Spidey in my life" and went on to give one of the best speeches I've ever heard anyone give at Comic-Con. Watch it below.

I'm not going to lie - Andrew's speech really moved me and I could tell, just listening to his voice, that it was honest and heartfelt and came straight from his own heart. Thankfully his full speech has ended up online in video via twitvid or YouTube, and I must encourage everyone to spend a quick two minutes listening to this. I've also transcribed his complete speech below for anyone who wants specific quotes. Watch the video here:

I feel like I'll be watching this over and over even after Comic-Con is over, just to inspire myself and bring a smile to my face at any time. For those that can't watch the video or just want to read his full Spidey speech in text, here's the transcription of his introduction to The Amazing Spider-Man panel at Comic-Con 2011.

"Stan Lee says that the reason why Spidey is so popular is because all of us can relate to him, and I agree. I needed Spidey in my life when I was a kid and he gave me hope. In every comic I read, he was living out my—and every skinny boys'—fantasy of being stronger, of being free of the body I was born into, and that swinging sensation of flight. And upon receiving his power, unlike most who become corrupted, he used it for good. And I think we all wish that we had the courage to stick up for ourselves more, to stick up for our loved one more, or even a stranger you see being mistreated. And Peter Parker has inspired me to feel stronger. He made me, Andrew, braver. He reassured me that by doing the right thing, it's worth it, it's worth the struggle, it's worth the pain, it's worth even the tears, the bruises and the blood. And I wouldn't be able to stand here in front of you guys right now without feeling that Spider-Man was here with me, with his reassuring hand on my shoulder making sure I don't fall over and concuss myself."

"He has inspired countless people—girls, boys, men, women, all of us. And he has saved lives, and he saved my life. And I owe Webhead a lot, and I owe 'Stan the Man' a lot. And I'm humbled to be here—like you do not know—to share the work that we've done with all of you. And this is my first Comic-Con… this is definitely the coolest moment of my life and thank you for being here and sharing it with me."

In all my years attending Comic-Con, I have never seen any actor, or anyone at all, introduce a panel like this and read their own speech talking about their love for the character they play. Considering this is the second Peter Parker we'll see on the big screen, I think Andrew really wanted to address the fans directly as a fan himself, and tell them exactly why he loves Spider-Man as much as they all do. "You have no idea how much this means to me. I've always wanted to come here as a fan, and this is my first time, so here I am as a fan." It's one of those unforgettable Comic-Con moments that I know many people will be talking about for years to come. For now I'm just looking forward to seeing him as the new Spider-Man in theaters next July.

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  • HonestObserver
    Nice kid. But still would have preferred Donald Glover.
    • I agree. Now I'm shouting "Donald For Static Shock." On-topic: I like Andrew, but he's just too darn good-looking to be believable. Nerds aren't hot.
      • Jericho
        did you know both Johnny Depp AND Tom Cruiz were stuffed in lockers once? and Will Smith was supposed to make Yale but he changed to do rap instead....
    • Empi
      Donald Glover??? i dont get that selection at all.
      • I'm with you. At the risk of people calling me racist I feel that white characters should be white. I mean what if Storm had been played by a white woman? Let's keep characters originally true.
        • Larry
          agreed. the example i always use is John Shaft, but good call with Storm.
        • God
          Ridiculous! People like you are on the main forces ensuring that we keep getting terrible actors playing roles just because they *look* the part. Personally I couldn't care less about how little an actor looks like the original character as long as they do the role justice. And unless you're also criticizing other defining physical characteristics like hair/eye colour, bone structure, etc. (which would make it nearly impossible to cast these roles), you're a hypocrite plain and simple. Donald Glover is about as nerdy as they come both on and off of the screen, and he really proved his dedication to Spiderman. This, combined with what casting him would symbolize (imo, content/passion over shallow visualization) is why people hoped he would be cast as Peter Parker. Anyway, this is a wonderful speech and I believe it comes from the heart. Andrew Garfield is a great choice as well.
          • Jim
            Why didn't you just make them cast Glover, God?
        • HonestObserver
          If there are any wise-cracking yet nerdy young white actors who would fit the role, they would be an acceptable substitute for Donald Glover. Andrew Garfield just doesn't cut it.
          • Mornington
            how do you know he doesn't cut it? we haven't even seen the movie yet.
        • Pilgrim UK
          On the flipside look at Nick Fury in Bill sienkwicz's Electra he's white (google nick fury to see all types of different images) and nowadays hes black. I think both went done well. Its a lack of imagination that stifles characters.
      • Nick
        Donald Glover had a huge twitter campaign try to convince the producers to pick him for the part. #Donaldforspiderman
        • Redzot
          guess the producers have more sense than previously thought. Thanks for reinforcing their decision as the right one. 
        • Peter
           Actually, I just have to point out that Donald Glover didn't actually start the campaign, it was some fans who did, he just went along with it and then it blew out of proportion.
    • Lando
      dude, daniel glover would suck as spider man! 
  • It was a really nice speech but i dont think it will make the movie any better hope it proves me wrong
  • AllVillainsWearGreen-n-Purple
    "I don't think it will make the movie any better" But we won't know whether the film's good or not until a year from now. From what I've read about the supposed plot (if the source was genuine), it will tell a better story. Though the teaser trailer seems to focus on the origins, the synopsis I read suggests the movie will not be another by-the-numbers re-telling of how he got his powers. It will be touched on, but only as part of a larger plot involving Peter investigating the fate of his parents. Unlike the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie, where we got half an hour of origins (which was entertaining), followed by an hour of rescuing people from the Green Power Ranger, at which point character development and plot goes out the window.
  • Cracky
    Aww. Anyways. I'm glad he's a super fan. Doesn't mean the movie will be better because of it.
    • Why not? Most movies are linked to the amount of passion, care and concern the important creative people involved put into it, especially the lead actor. If he has this much love for Spider-Man, it means he truly gave it his all, and will most likely give a fantastic performance that honors the Spider-Man he grew up with. I'd take a movie with an actor saying this any day over one with some dickish wannabe-actor who just makes money and lives a celeb life and has never even dreamed of saying something so heartfelt to a room full of fans.
      • Redzot
        I agree. If Peter Jackson had not been a superfan and cared so much for the LOTR movies then they could not have been the amazing films that they are.
      • Awtan90
        I agree that passion has a lot to do with how well a film turns out, but I don't agree that it's the lead actor's passion that's key. Yes it definitely helps but it's not the end all determinate of a great flick. I'm not downplaying the job of an actor, but at the end of the day they are a tool for the director. A painter can have all the best brushes and paints, but if he has no vision he won't end up with anything great on his canvas. Redzot above me gives probably one of the best examples of a director being a superfan and the end result being a great series of films. 
        • Cracky
      • Anonymous
        Of course passion is one of the most important factors, I don't think Cracky denies that. But do you think that Andrew Garfield being a fan is the only thing the movie needs in order to become great? Not at all! It helps but it doesn't make the movie. And like others pointed, a passionate director is far more important than a passionate actor. I believe when he says he's a fan, but i still think the speech was a little excessive. Did he ran for 30 minutes before giving the speech?
        • Ukdeejay
          He had to run from the Exhibition Hall and somehow get blagged in by the Sony Pictures guys - he was spotted doing the main floor for the entire morning AS A FAN and was photographed with my wife thirty minutes before the panel (thought he was yer average Spidey, full American accent and everything!), then a mutual FB friend saw him sprinting for the rear of the Hall. The guy's yer everyday fanboy (with some serious stones. I'm guessing it would have been his name on his pass and it wouldn't have taken much for an eagle-eyed attendee to put two and two together...). Full respect due.
          • Anonymous
            That's nice 😉
  • Anonymous
    The video's still up on the Twitvid link.
  • ate
    I haven't been interested enough to follow this but Andrew Garfield is an actor. This could easily be a promotional stunt from Sony and the producers to convince people why they should see the new reboot and stop criticizing them for dropping Maguire, Raimi and the rest of the cast. I have no doubt he is professional enough to know who Peter Parker is and what he's like so he really just is lying about when, but still. Sorry to be so cynical, but I am honestly looking forward to this more than any SM movie before. Hated Maguire and Dunst in their roles so hopefully this is the first SM adaptation I like.
    • Yes, I've heard people make that claim... I could imagine the "note" he was reading being written by someone else, but I think he definitely does believe everything he said and wanted to do this himself. I've met Andrew in person at parties before where he is himself and I saw that genuineness come through in this speech.
    • I just hope it does well. I think Garfield is more likable than Tobey was. I'm really rooting for him. Garfield deserves for his career to take off after Social Network. This could be the vehicle to propel him into stardom.
  • curious cat
    i'm quite surprised at how emotional he was about spiderman, considering there is next to nothing about how it influenced his life. he says at one point 'it saved his life' , unless there's a specific anecdote he can tell it felt a little like overacting to me *keeping fingers crossed for j.k simmons still as jj jameson*
  • Joshuavillalta
    I liked Sam's movies of spiderman, but recently i re-watch all three and i have to say. its just okay. i can't wait to see this new version of spiderman as he is my favorite super hero. i agree with Ate, Maguire and Dunst, to me, were terrible. just me saying. 
  • Topher
    Why is everyone so pessimistic? I think his speech was genuine and definitely inspiring. I wish I was there to witness it. On the other hand, I am still very much excited for this movie. 
    • Redzot
      because its the internet where hate breeds 
  • Spider
    Excellent speech! I, too had my reservations about Andrew Garfield as I was unfamiliar with his work and was hoping for the next Raimi/Maguire sequel. But, after seeing the trailer, I think this is a grittier, darker, and balls-to-the wall take on the 'Spider-Man' story and Garfield just seemed to embody the actual Peter Parker I grew up reading about. I will check out, "The Social Network", to get familiar with his work..... I think we are at the brink of something really awesome with this re-boot! I'm in!
  • Tee
    really good speech. so far the prospects for this are good. fingers crossed, they don't mess this up, like they have ALL of the other maverl films
  • fem!anon
    I love him. I am one of those crazy fangirls for him. Maybe that makes me a bit biased (a lot), but I truly believe this film will be entertaining. And that's what movies should be about, right? Rhetorical question - don't answer that lol
  • Here's to hoping...Andrew's a good kid. 
  • Anonymous
    I don't care if this was a publicity stunt or what; I just want to see a decent  Spider-Man movie without the previous cast.
  • Anonymous
    Andrew Garfield sounds like he's speaking more about Jesus than Spider-Man.
    • Anonymous
      LOL 😉
  • this comment is not to offend peter parker, spiderman, marvel, garfield, or anyone else involved in this new revamp (or who is anxiously anticipating its release)...but im just not looking forward to this movie...these remakes and do-overs are starting to come way too frequently (i haven't even had a chance to forget about the last one!)...where have all the original scripts slipped off to and why is hollywood shoving everything new and creative into the 'indie' spot like its secondary and not worthwhile of a big audience? i guess fantastic 4 is next (sigh)
  • Rey
    i hope it is good i couldn't get in that day for hall h but my friend said that it looks pretty sick although he told me they showed the lizard, and that he didn't have his lab coat and his face looked different and i'm just hoping it doesn't look bad as it sounds!
  • Mornington
    Andrew Garfield is a great actor and a class act. I don't understand the cynicism, I have no reason to believe that Spiderman hasn't meant the same to him as it has for rest of us skinny dudes who've wanted to do great things. I'm rooting for this film even more than I was before 
  • FRed
    Hm. Cast me with the cynical. I found the speech a little over-the-top. Its exactly the sort of speech that what would appeal to a Comic-Con crowd. Which is to say ... a touch silly to anyone on the outside. He's an actor, folks, his job is to get people to buy into his role. I don't think you can really dismiss that from the equation. That said, I'll see the movie. I'm a Spiderman fan, but I can't say I ever sat around pining away, lamenting that I was not bitten by a radioactive spider so I could do great things. I mean, seriously?
  • Dom
    What a geek! Playing to the crowd.
  • Mornington
    You know what's great about the "Comic-Con crowd"? They love what they love and don't give a damn how silly the outside thinks it looks. There is nothing wrong with connecting emotionally to a story in the way in which Garfield and Stan Lee describe; in fact that is what art, especially fiction, is all about, feeling less alone as a human being. Spiderman inspires certain people for certain reasons, mostly having to do with how he still stands up for what is right despite all the terrible things that happen to him. I don't lament not being bitten by a radioactive spider; but I would lament if i couldn't be the kind of person who does the things described above. Being inspired, being "over-the-top", being silly, being emotional and honest, well I would take that over jaded cynicism any day
    • Hallie
      Well said. I think people are dying to look for a reason to criticise Andrew when really they're just frustrated at the existence/timing of the reboot.  I entirely believe he meant what he said and I think the cynics should have a rewatch.
  • Batmandude1977
    you guys are all jumping on the band waggon here i hate this reboot no one cares about peter parkers parents or his first love blah blah blah who cares i think sony made a huge mistake by not letting rami finish the franchise the way he wanted yes this will probly be a huge hit only cause of the new fans garfeild can kiss there ass as much as he wants for all i care the point is we got use to the story so far and now its like well forget all that here eat this.i mean what if they had stopped after superman 3 and said fk it you know what everyones fired and oh ya heres a pile of crap.granted superman 3 was a pile of crap but 4 wasnt that bad considering.and oh yeah they kinda did that umm superman returns thats what this is gona be like superman returns.a batman reboot did well only after batman and robin tottaly killed the franchise and many years had past wich made alot more since.but this i mean come on at least give us more time to wash that bad taste out of our mouths before you shove another sm movie down our throats.




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