Arousing First Trailer for Julia Leigh's Cannes Film 'Sleeping Beauty'

April 14, 2011

Sleeping Beauty Trailer

"Such a pleasure to see such a unique beauty." Ohhh this ain't Zack Snyder's Emily Browning anymore! It was announced today that one of the 49 films in the 64th Cannes Film Festival selection is the feature debut of author Julia Leigh, a film called Sleeping Beauty. I stumbled across this trailer thanks to my friend @IONCinema who tweeted out a link to the trailer via the Australian website. But oh just wait, this is quite something to behold. It's just Emily Browning playing a high end prostitute, and watch out there's a little nudity so it's NSFW, but man does this look unbelievably intriguing. You must check out this trailer now.

Watch the first trailer for Julia Leigh's Sleeping Beauty:

A haunting erotic fairytale about Lucy (Emily Browning), a University student drawn into a mysterious hidden world of beauty and desire with prostitution, where her specialty is the 'Sleeping Beauty chamber.'

Sleeping Beauty is both written and directed by first-time Australian filmmaker Julia Leigh, who is a novelist making her major leap into cinema with this film. Sleeping Beauty is being presented by legendary Oscar winning director Jane Campion. The film was just slated for a Cannes Film Festival 2011 premiere, so there's plenty more to come as the festival gets underway in May. Stay tuned for updates from The Croisette.

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  • chilin
    hmm looks slow but somewhat interesting...
  • Danimal
    Has a strong Stanley Kubrick feel to it....I like it. The subject matter I'm not too thrilled with though...but looks beautifully done...I'm in.
  • Blackmanju
    Wow, she is white!
  • Blackmanju
    Wow, she is white!
  • Anonymous
    THAT! was not what i was expecting... like at all not only does it look interesting but im going to see it no matter what just because Emily Browning is so damn fine.
  • li
    What are you 15? What is arousing about this considering the plot and the trailer which are both disturbing. Is this supposed to be some glorified tale of prostitution? The trailer doesn't do anything at all for my interest, just borders on disgusting.
    • Anonymous
      valid argument. but this seems tamed compared to some movies I've seen.
    • I think the sexually disturbing nature of the trailer is exactly what makes it so arousing and intriguing.
      • Anonymous
        quit saying Arousing!
        • I'm aroused by you Xerxexx.
          • Anonymous
            no! back, back! The power of Christ compels you!
        • Arousing--present participle of arouse (verb): 1. To provoke (someone) to anger or strong emotions. It aroused me as well...To punch a hooker in the head.
          • Anonymous
            quit saying aroused! ahhh! XD
      • li
        Are you being serious, it's arousing that she drugged and passed out while someone acts out their sick fantasy. Then the other girl in the trailer being taken in some car. Intriguing, more like exploitation disguised as arthouse.
        • Anonymous
          whoa, I'm sure Billington didn't mean it like that. I hope at least.
    • Paige_fitton
      I think you are a little pathetic and pretentious if you dont want to watch it then thats fine.. It is still art and art is subjective and opinionated but saying that so rudely is not even an opinion it is just an insult and you should keep your comments to yourself thankyou :)
  • A movie where Emily Browning is a prostitute and has lots of sex? Count me in. As one of her clients :p Creepiness factor: 8 out of 10
    • Paige_fitton
  • Lebowski
    Am I the only one seeing the humor in the title of this post? Arousing? really? not hot or sexy or something else less personally descriptive. Because I'm pretty sure this title essentially says "This Movie Gave Me A Boner"
    • Gh
      ditto. when in fact it's not that "arousing"
  • Gh
    arousing and NSFW is why I'm here...loll
  • Gh
    having said the above and having watched the trailer... She is a babydoll, she can't be a prostitute.... I love the word "UNAFRAID" when plenty of a**es and p's are shown
  • Chris A.
    Nudity? I don't see any nud-ooohhhhhh there it is!
  • Marcus
    Seems Argento and Polanski inspired, although the trailer leaves me anxious to see more. I'm anticipating some greatness from this one!
  • It looks... Italian.
  • Redguy
    ...whatever, if Emily Browning shows some skin, i'm in. No? then what the hell this i just see, makes no sence.
    • arranged prostitution...THE MOVIE!!!
      • Redguy
        let's clear things up, i didn't see The Disappearance of Alice Creed for Gemma Artenton's boobs, i seen it because the trailer delivered and the movie was quite good. This seems just like a Kubrick or Polansky stuff, but not quite 😛
  • Guest
    What is "What rich men do on the weekends" for $500?
    • Anonymous
      • He's referencing Jeopardy is noting that this is what rich white men do on the weekends, lol.
        • Anonymous
          that's why I asked "What" I assumed the answer was Prostitutes...but I'm probably wrong.
  • Atodeeisme
    Her characters don't seem to change much...different settings..but it seems like the same person, lol. She has amazing facial features though!
  • kellie
    Who was narrating that trailer? It sounds a lot like Charlotte Rampling, but I couldn't find her listed in the cast on the IMDb page. Anyone know?
    • Anonymous
      I'm pretty sure that's Rachel Blake, the older red-head in the trailer. I thought it was Charlotte Rampling as well! sounds a lot like her. Actually, Charlotte Rampling would have been perfect for that role!
  • Wow, the trailer is really compelling... might watch this out of curiosity and intrigue...
  • Silencio!
    I wasn't apprehensive to play the trailer but that was worth it.
  • Looks pretty good..:-)
  • Anonymous
    strange :)
  • I love twisted modern takes on classic stories. No I'm not talking about 'Zombies meet a Jane Austin Novel'. I'm think more in-inline with Freeway (Red Riding Hood twist with Reese Witherspoon).
  • Hoo-Ha thanks. I'm not into sad, little hookers that show their hoo-ha's to rich, old white men flicks. That's right, I said hoo-ha.
  • Comodo
    she is young Katja Kassin!
  • BJones
    You might consider mobile users.
  • Mrdedwalker
    I saw Julia Leigh on ABC tonight. She made the comment "King David used to have drugged younger women in his bed at night". What an uninformed presumptuous idiot! Where id she get 'drugged' from, and where did she get for that it was for any nefarious purpose? King David was old (beyond sex) and in those day it was considered fair for a king to have a woman keep them warm in bed. She uses the bible for her own lying purpose - shame on you Julia!
  • Otto
    When I hear someone calling someone else "pretentious," "presumptuous," an "idiot," or any other similarly over-heated language, the accuser is almost always more guilty of those offenses than the accused.  It happens like clockwork.
  • Although I like the Kubrick like vibe, I fear this could be a modern re-imagining of "Salò, or The 120 Days of Sodom" which would make it a curiosity slash exploitation film dressed up in art house dressing. Only thing I fear is someone coming in here loving these sort of movies and then going on to claim "A Serbian Film" is Oscar materiel.




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