Back-to-Back 'Transformers' Sequels Coming Without Shia LaBeouf?

October 17, 2011


Well, that was fast! After learning this morning that Hasbro was already in talks with Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay for yet another Transformers sequel, some more details have already come to the surface. In fact, Variety's report says Paramount Pictures is actually thinking of shooting two back-to-back sequels for the action franchise, and that star Shia LaBeouf will not be reprising his role again as our hero Sam Witwicky. Apparently this would make production cheaper so that visual effects, toy design/deals and contract negotiations don't need to be rushed for a quick follow-up to the fourth film. More details below!

Though screenwriter Ehren Kruger has some kind of idea for the new films, no story details have been revealed yet. One interesting factor that has been confirmed though is the wild rumor that Jason Statham is being eyed for a role in the new sequels. However, no offer has been made to the actor, so it sounds like he might just be on the top of their wish list. This would actually be the first time Paramount has decided to shoot a pair of sequels back-to-back, and for fans who don't want to wait multiple years between sequels, that can only be good news. There's likely more information just around the bend so stay tuned.

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  • Saenker time telvision release for TV series anybody? - unbelievable !
    • Anonymous
      Can't be a generic as Terra Nova right?
      • Lagoya
        I watched the first episode, what a waste of my life, it's awful!
        • Anonymous
          I'm stubborn and tend to watch stupid crap anyway. Made it through 3 episodes.
          • jah p
            I agree, all this human drama, no damn dinosaurs for only like 5 minutes!!! I hate Terra Nova, go watch Primeval instead! The English does it right!
  • Chris Amaya
    That's pretty sweet news to me. In a way I'm glad it's moving forward without Shia. I think they should cast an unknown so that way they can spend more money on more epic scale battle involving the bots. And hopefully Grimlock and Galvatron will be in there somewhere along with unicron. 
  • Said
    in the words of his character sam "no no no no no no no no noooo"
    • stfugtfo
  • Anonymous
    Shia LeGoof was a HORRIBLE actor. ANY scene with him in it was like nails on chalkboard.
    • Anonymous
      Agreed!  it was kinda funny the first couple of times when he was a teen trying to get through highschool, but when he was going off on the yellow P.O.S. in #3 it got BEYOND stupid.  His mom was cute in the first movie and his college send off, but she got annoying too.
  • ...seriously, why can't they let this movie franchise die?
    • Jaiyson
      yeah let a billion dollar franshise die.. hmmmm lol. you must not like making money. yes the movies aren't that good, but they rake in dough which means more movies. 
    • WMDimes
       Yeah, to let it die would mean that it was dying to begin with.
  • Nate
    I would like a movie without humans. Pure Autobots vs Decepticons.
    • ur_babys_daddy
      Belle yeah. Lets Mal on cybertron. No humane.
      • ur_babys_daddy
        Stupid auto spell.
  • John.E
    Hey, here's a wild story idea for the next ones. How about they make a movie about the actual transformers. Crazy, I know. I mean, who would think that an alien civil war would be more interesting than a douchebag getting a job and whinning about it. Also, maybe consider making the transformers look a little less like giant robo-turds. Oh, and make it good while you're at it, that'd be new. Seriously though, the fact that they're rebooting spider-man and not these atrossities fuels an anger I can't even describe!
    • JBrotsis
      I totally agree. Not that the first trilogy was bad, I enjoyed the ride, but instead of making sequels..why not make prequels, showing the war on Cybertron and why it started. That would definitely make a cool movie, then we'd see how the "bots" actually live their lives on their planet.  Oh and if I could make a request, please somewhere in the new series bring forth the Dino-bots!!
      • Prequels are the worst idea to happen in Hollywood.  It's like someone telling a bad joke and when they finish, they say "Oh I forgot to mention that part in the beginning." 
  • Anon
    i think the next step in humor for michael bay will be people eating shit and drinking piss
  • Hanie_2004
    oke deh
  • Blue Silver
    I sure hope Bay and Spielberg conjure up a kick-ass story and include actual robots from the 'Transformers' universe and not dozens of nameless, generic ones that get blown to scrap by the popular ones!!! For examples: Silverstreak, Mirage, Trailblazer, Cliffjumper, Brawn, POWERGLIDE, WARPATH, the AERIALBOTS, the DINOBOTS, STUNTICONS, etc..... Too many to choose from and yet, ignored by the filmmakers!
  • Chris Amaya
    They could do a War for Cybertron type movie. That game was pure awesomeness. 
  • Benchwarmer
  • WMDimes
    I don't know why they needed any humans to begin with. In the third one, the first half of the movie didn't even matter. None of the new characters they introduced had anything to do with anything. All the character of Sam did was bitch and moan the whole time. 
  • Billie
    A fourth and fifth film! Jason Statham! Yes ... yes. This is a great opportunity.
  • Arthur Marcus
    This franchise is hungry for greatness.
  • Anonymous
    all i ever wanted was a Devastator that was not a complete piece of shit. but no.
  • Ry
    Unicron dude, Unicron.
  • Anonymous
  • Johnny
    god! why Jason Statham? he is an under rated actor?
  • Haha2310
    Bay sucks. He made shockwave look like a panzy, he made Megatron look bad in two out of three films so far, he turned devastator into a vacuum cleaner. SCREW YOU BAY!
  • Haha2310
    May i add out of all the scene in the first three transformer movies was the rooftop scene with starscream and megatron.
  • Dom
    Great move in my opinion - replace a nerdy kid with a real action hero! Go Statham!
  • Computer Litrute
    I would say this More of film taste  to Tom Cruise, than any other actor I would like to see Micheal Bay back at the elm though. I hope they offer him the right kind of Money to take the elm again.
  • Manuel
    The mithological creature?
  • I love Bay, but I was hoping to see him do something new, like that "low" budget comedy he promised. I can't stand Statham, I really can't. As far as the people who only want an alien movie: it's never gonna happen, at least not with that budget. Get over it.
  • hansolo
    i want "Chris Nolan" to reboot this franchise
  • As much as i want an all robot transformers they wont be able to carry a whole movie, Shia was as good an actor as any to add some personality to the series 
    • Rpiin
      You're insane. Shia was the worst part of the film next to Michael Bay and Spielberg.
  • Optimus
    You fools! Despite Transformers 2, you all succumbed to Michael Bay's shameless pleas to see Transformers 3. You all helped make it a success and now we're looking a yet even more years of Transformers rubbish under the helm of Bay and Spielberg.  Vote with your money. If Bay makes another decline to see it. Make it a financial flop and he will leave the franchise. 
    • Stevenfreestyler
      you're absolutely right. We encourage Micheal bay to continue his work of crap by contributing money.. Take out Micheal Bay and at least we can see a little bit improvement......
    • Thank you, Lord Optimus...
  • .... it's funny how everybody complains about everythig Bay does and turn up in masses to watch his new films... I for one love what he does so I'm happy you all are giving him more money xD
  • Stevenfreestyler
    No Shia LaBeouf, thank god..  more transformers sequels from Micheal Bay, no thank you god.. we had enough.... his countless speeches on how he learned his mistakes and made improvisation wit transformer 3, we thought that he would have changed, gave an opportunity and watched transformer 3 but naaahhh..... worst than ever.... plus "not all of your jokes were funny", a verdict from a famous critic on transformer 2, Micheal Bay took it to the extreme and ended up as " All of your jokes stinks".. Why Steven Spielberg? why? how come you encourage Micheal Bay to continue to generate disasters? Wat have Micheal Bay learned from you? oh yah, nothing........ sorry bay
  • jswiss
    For real, if jason statham is in these, it will be baller. I dont care what you say.
  • Men Of Honor
    If Jason Statham is in this sequel, then he is about to be given a role of humping Galvatron's leg, after the humping he did in Crank. To honor the small robot who did the Megan fox's leg humping in Transformer 2 .. lol
  • ShawnKeim
    I thought that Bay said the 3rd film was the last. Man why can't they leave well enough alone.
  • jah p
    How come none of the other rival studios can pick up any other robot themed story and turn it into a franchise?Like "Machine Robo" or ABC Warriors perhaps....those would be awesome!
  • Anonymous
    Dude Id rather watch this than watch endless Resident Evils...
  • Mac_306
    Shia, even though he may seem like a douche in public, is the next Robert Downey Jr. He is a fantastic actor who obviously still has much to learn. The first Transformers flick back in 2007 was the best. I personally liked its sequel but it had too many flaws and was just too obvious; it didn't even felt like a Transformers movie that much, they just got from place to place. The third round in the series looked like it was going to be perfect this time around, and it was a big let down, it was a perfect disaster. Too many things that weren't needed like Sam's work problem, or his boss, or the problems he had with his car. Shockwave didn't deserve all the marketing campaign he got, but that was to hide the true villain (Sentinel), he said like two lines: "Optimus!", seriously, that was the only line I got from him. Megatron and Starscream (The true villains since the beginning) didn't deserve to die that patheticlley. Too many things going on and the last battle was just a rescue mission and a big mess. All of a sudden Optimus comes and he massacres everyone. Optimus says something that I didn't even got at the theatre (By the way, he didn't even say: "I am Optimus Prime and I send this message to...).  I believe the best things about this franchise is first of all the one and only John Torturro, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, and themes in the movies, like coming of age, and stuff of that nature. If Bay and Spielberg want more Transformers then so be it, but I would beg for them to not play Jason Statham the character of LaDouche (LaBeauf...hihi), that would just be too f**** up. I believe that he could play a NEST Solider or long time member, that ay they can bring back Duhamel, or they should just go with a prequel with the actual Civil War in Cybertron and explain how the All Spark was lost within the far reaches of space. Or they could even go with the Archibald Witwicky story line but that would bring the Witwickys on over again. Anyhow, I believe they can go which ever route they want, but please make it worth it this time around (The Special Effects in the third TF Flick were worth it tough hehe...but only that!).              
  • The third movie made me hate the first two ones. 
  • After the third transformers I do not want to see anymore. And I am a die hard transformer fan..but dark of the moon was garbage. Keep the actors the same and get a decent story. Wait 50 years and then try again and i'll be waiting
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