Benicio Del Toro Might Play the Villain in Abrams' 'Star Trek' Sequel!

November 4, 2011
Source: Variety

Benicio Del Toro

Whoa - some big casting news out of left field today. Variety is reporting that J.J. Abrams is looking at casting Benicio Del Toro as a mysterious, currently unnamed, villain in the upcoming Star Trek sequel, which will start shooting in January. Unfortunately, they don't know what role he's playing, and neither does Del Toro apparently, as they say "Del Toro has met with Abrams but doesn't [even] know what the role is, in order to keep in a secret." But he's expected to receive the offer by the end of the weekend, let's hope he takes it, cause this would be awesome to see, whoever/whatever he'll be in this highly anticipated sequel.

Star Trek 2, which doesn't really have an official title yet, reteams director J.J. Abrams with writers Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof penning the script. Most of the Enterprise crew from the first one are returning in their roles, but obviously we should expect some new faces. Speculation runs rampant on who Benicio Del Toro could be playing, from some Klingon (which I could see) to Khan to a brand new character like Nero, only time will tell. This is obviously early news to report, but I think it would be badass to see if he accepts the role and goes all out for it. What unexpected casting, but I love it! What say you?

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  • Nick S.
    exciting news-eager for more snip-its from the elusive, reclusive Abrams team... what happened to the Gorn?
  • Billy
    • Jeffrey
      Totally Khan.
      • Jeffrey
        Btw how come the only Latinos in Star Trek have been Khan (Ricardo Montalbahn). Were there other's?
        • Um, because, so far, only one actor has played Khan, and he just happened to be Latino.
  • Lebowski
    Looking the way he does in that picture, I'm thinking Benicio should play an immortal, zombified space-Elvis who arrives to menace the crew of Enterprise.
    • Ahhahaha that's hilarious! And sadly dead on accurate, ha! I may update the image later tonight...
      • Nick S.
        image looks MUCH better
  • Maynard G Krebs
    Hope he's a badass Klingon.  The most rotten, psychotic Klingon ever!!!
  • I'm not excited about Benicio in Star Trek. I'm thinking about his performance in "The Wolfman" and cringing.
    • Anonymous
      Hmmm...well, Eric, to judge Benicio by ONLY "The Wolfman" sort of gives him short shrift.  He's a bloody good actor, but hell...even the best actors make bad films sometimes.  It happens.
  • Darthstu
    Great news. Benicio always makes his characters interesting at the very least. Eric Bana's style is a bit understated, which unfortunately didn't help Nero. He was the most underdeveloped element in the, otherwise pretty fantastic, "first" Trek film. I hope this villain is given more meat this time. 
  • Perpare to get some lens flare porn :) Del Toro is always a sensitive and fitting casting. Looking forward to this!
  • what ever they come up with is going to be awesome.
  • Posthuman
    Sounds pretty f@ckin cool.
  • Risk
    Yes yes 1000 times yes. 
  • rennmaxbeta
    They should do something different rather than try and top 1982's Khan. Don't they have any original ideas for this franchise instead of recycling old stories? That has been the problem for Star Trek in recent years: to stay fresh. Also, Enterprise engineering better not look like they filmed in an industrial plant again (or that Willy Wonka moment through the pipes *cringe*).
    • Anonymous
      But who says it's going to be a recycling of "Khan"?  By all accounts, they are steering away from re-doing TWOK. Oh, and the reason why the Engineering section looked the way it did?  Well, blame the budget.  The designs for the new Engineering section looked amazing....but budgetary considerations prevented them from following them.  Oh well.
  • Mike McRorey
    I don't think it will be khan and I don't think it will be the Klingons.  Remember from the first that most of the Klingon armada was wiped out.  I don't think that the Klingons will even play a big part in this new universe.
    • Anonymous
      Hmmm...I dunno, 47 Klingon ships were wiped out by Nero....but that couldn't have been "most of the fleet"!  I guess the only thing to do is wait and see.
  • Khan!!!!!!!!!!




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