Brad Pitt's 'World War Z' on the Verge of Death Without Some Cash

March 22, 2011
Source: Vulture

World War Z

Last July we found out that Brad Pitt would lead the adaptation of Max Brooks global apocalypse book World War Z, and shortly thereafter a leaked Paramount e-mail confirmed the project's priority status. However, it's been about nine months since the, and no development seems to have surfaced. Now Vulture says that's because Paramount is having some trouble finding a co-financier to help fund the film's $125 million+ budget. But the worst part is that unless someone steps up to the plate, the adaptation from Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace) could end up dead in the water. Anyone have millions of dollars lying around?

Thankfully, frequent funding friend David Ellison (of Oracle Corp.) might be part of an eleventh hour effort to get the film off the ground. Paramount Film Group President Adam Goodman says, "We're really committed to making a big, kick-ass giant movie with Marc Forster and Brad Pitt." Though studios have had trouble with high profile, high concept properties recently (see Universal's misstep with At the Mountains of Madness), this one seems like less of a problem considering Forster has already agreed to a PG-13 version of the story.

Sounds like someone needs to make it rain millions pretty damn quick or we'll never see Brad Pitt in the undead apocalypse of World War Z. Tell Paramount how badly you want this project to come together below!

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  • Mantooth42
    noooo. hope they get the finds. =/
  • chestrockwell
    This project must live! If you make it, I will come.
  • xKlusive S0pex
    serious i was looking forward to this!!! Put all projects aside and make this instead lol
  • zombiehead
    make this movie NOW
  • WWZ fan
    Dear Hollywood.... You have a chance to make a film that people WANT to see, and your having second thoughts? Sure make more lame movies about Vampire that glitter or even better yet why not make ANOTHER rebot of an 80's or 90's flim.
  • Mindless Robot
    I have been all about this movie for years and now that I know it will be rated PG-13 I think I'm going to pass.
    • It does hurt the stomach, but PG-13 in the right hands can be a soft R.
  • Between the sad news over At the Mountains of Madness and now this I think Hollywood has no more sense or balls to make blockbusters as they should. Why can't Legendary Pictures save the day, they love this stuff?
  • Gigerbrick
    PG - 13?....Really?.......
  • Anonymous
    A Zombie film with a PG-13 rating? Pitt and Foster should take the project to Appian Way.
  • Mrjzn
    PG13 is horeshit. NOTHING about the book was PG13. Its hardcore and only an R rating would do it justice. What's next? A remake/reboot of Schindler's List with a PG rating? Fail.
  • Baron The Curse
    PG13? Really? I just lost all interest in this movie. I'll stick to reading over again parts of the book that I really liked.
  • Anonymous
    great to hear of *potential* new funding, but i have to agree with many posters above. i don't normally get drawn into whether a rating should affect a film's overall merit (the focus on what rating a film will be *before* it's shot is something i can understand from a commercial imperative but personally cannot abide). but having only recently read World War Z for the first time and absolutely loved it, the real, gut-wrenching horror of the situation described would be difficult to convey in a PG-13 world, no matter how 'soft R' they push that rating. my other concern is Forster. Quantum of Solace makes me pretty nervous as a guide to what WWZ might be like, but his earlier films are more reassuring. of course, none of them were zombie apocalypse films...
  • tir na nog
    Great book.....make it into a six part tv show like the brilliant Walking dead,dont know how they are going to squeeze the book into one film,that would mean leaving out story arcs which would be a shame.
  • JL
    If they're having money problems now, imagine what kind of money problems they would have if they tried to do a bunch of one hour episodes. Deadwood went off the air because it simply cost too damn much; an estimated $5 million per episode. Add to that huge explosions and jets and tanks and thousands of zombies. I mean, the special effects demand for this project must be huge.
    • tir na nog
      Ya your right,but the Walking dead cost 1million an episode and they only did six because of the cost. In the book WWZ the main guy is interviewing people about what happened,they give their perspective,describing it.Most of these perspectives dont involve tons of CGI,some do,eg the India segment. I dont know where they are getting 125mill plus.....District 9 only cost 30million and it was loaded with CGI.I think a lot of that budget is going on marketing and Brads check. Another example would be the tv show Battlestar Galactica.Every episode had shedloads of really good CGI and that lasted for 5 years.
      • JL
        Yeah, don't get me wrong. I'd really love to see this serialized, because there is just way too much content to cram into a two or even three hour feature. But, it's just unlikely it's going to happen. That is unless the Walking Dead keeps up its momentum and shows producers and the like what attention the zombie genre can do on TV.
        • tir na nog
          Ya,I cant wait for the next series of Walking dead,it was the best show of 2011 I thought.
  • Doomcanoe
    Pg 13!!! Fuckin No!!
  • Quazzimotto
    Wow. Another PG-13 rating for what the majority would say demands an R. WTF is going on in Hollywood? Studio execs lose their sacks? Or do they think the only people going to theaters these days are between 7-15? Don't fund this. What a waste.
  • Goliad
    I have been waiting for this movie since pitt bought it. someone pony up.
  • Craig
    Can't say I blame them- After seeing Quantum of Solace, I wouldn't finance a Marc Forster movie, either.
  • Dominic
    Bring in a more indie director and he'll deliver something much fresher and on a much tighter budget. Loose the PG13 or your just wasting time.
  • Lorod
    Since i first read this novel I have wanted to see it as a, think of the visuals that could happen up on the screen!! But I agree with some of the other comments, there is no way this film could be a PG-13 and do justice to the book. Plus I was never really sure on Forester as the director anyway. Hell, maybe we will get lucky and it will be taken over by Neil Blomkamp or Jonathan Liebesman or even Guillermo del Toro.
  • Harm
    eh the book sucked - lets be honest - the narrative was weak so unless Strazynski tightened up the script and made it blow your mom's socks off good - I'm not nearly as up in arms over this as I am At The Mountains of Madness. But I know a lot of people love it and it would have some pretty epic set pieces but any zombie flick at PG-13? Lame.




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