Building Smashing Video Game 'Rampage' Being Made into a Movie

November 17, 2011
Source: THR

Rampage Video Game

I knew we'd see this one day! Even though it makes no sense as a movie, it had to happen. THR is reporting that New Line Cinema has started developing an adaptation of the video game Rampage, the one where you take control of a gigantic monster and destroy buildings in a city while the military shoots you down. John Rickard, who's worked on A Nightmare on Elm Street, Horrible Bosses, Final Dest. 5, and Bryan Singer's Jack the Giant Killer, is producing and meeting with writers to develop a story for the film. That's exactly the question - how do you develop a story for a movie around this destructive video game franchise?

The original Rampage arcade game was debuted in 1986 by Bally Midway and has had many follow-ups on numerous consoles and otherwise. Players control one of three monsters that were created from mutated humans (okay so there's a story): George, a King Kong-like gorilla, Lizzie, a Godzilla-like dinosaur/lizard, or Ralph, a giant werewolf. The only hints that THR gives are that they intend to only use the "title and the visuals of the game," of course, since they can create a drastically different story anyway. Additionally, they mention that they want it to be "a smartly-budgeted monster movie in the vein and tone of Ghostbusters and Independence Day." Those sound like lofty comparisons, but let's make it happen if that is possible.

There's no writer officially attached yet and this obviously has a ways to develop, but it's under way. There's also always the Cloverfield comparisons (see here), which makes sense, but I'd like to see something more along the lines of Independence Day. If they keep the mutated humans element somehow it might turn out a bit weird, like Honey I Blew Up the Kid, and I don't think a comedic Rampage movie is a good idea, do you?

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  • Wakecycle
    And just when I thought Hollywood couldn't dig that hole any deeper... Wow.
    • Chip_Tha_Ripper
      Come on guys, look,what they did by buying the rights to rock em sock em robots! We got real steel. Besides I loved this game lol
  • Nick S.
    IM ALL FOR THIS! bring on the giant monster flicks!
  • Anonymous
    In for nostalgia and for giant monster movies. I don't care about grounding the characters with humans Rise of the Apes showed us a nonhuman can carry a movie.
  • Awtan90
    Are they suggesting that Independence Day and Ghostbusters have anything in common? Granted both are funny but I'm pretty sure Independence Day wasn't supposed to be.
    • Jericho
      as in both of the movies were fun to watch for anyone except the Amish....
  • Lebowski
    Hollywood Exec: "Bioshock"? What the fuck is this shit? Where are the points and mushrooms to jump on? How do I connect this joystick to the Xbox? Oh well fuck it, this is clearly to arty for the mouth breathers. *Rummages through desk* AHA! *holds up an 30 year old copy of Rampage*. Kids still play Atari 2600 right? Of course they do, gullible fools, they paid money to see Transformers 3. Ok, get me Shaun Levy or Brett Ratner, we have a hit on our hands people! 
    • peloquin
      This made my day...
  • im fuckin psyched!
  • Wylles
    crap crap crap, bioshock gets shot down, as halo, gears of war is on the edge, but yeah this crap has to be made...incredible...
    • Jericho
      Rampage: game with limited story that CAN be made into a movie ALL others in your list: too much story which ends up making the nerds angry and will pan the movie as horrible adaptation of game which result in lack of sales.....
  • Ghostbusters and Independence Day shouldn't coexist in the same sentence. 
  • Didnt Cloverfield knock them all down already?
  • The people take potions and turn into the monsters eh? Rick Moranis should do this.
  • Sigurjongt
    This is what they come up with in Hollywood.....bleh!
  • Voice of Reason
    Im saving my money for ELEVATOR ACTION: THE MOVIE
    • Frightened Inmate #2
      I'm waiting for Joust,  then Joust 2 "Survival of the Fittest"
  • guest
  • jah p
    One thing I know for sure is that this won't be as near a success as Warner Brothers/Lengendary's Pacific Rim or Godzilla in 2013...
  • rennmaxbeta
    I want whatever drugs those Hollywood execs are smoking! (I had the Rampage arcade conversion on my Sinclair Spectrum.)




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