Casey Jones from TMNT Has His Own Unofficial Feature Length Film

August 9, 2011
Source: Film School Rejects

Casey Jones Movie Trailer

With plenty of iterations of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on both the big and small screen, hockey player and street vigilante Casey Jones has certainly had his fair share of screen time. However, that wasn't enough for one indie filmmaker as Polaris Banks has taken it upon himself to give the masked crime fighter his very own feature length film. Film School Rejects stumbled upon this labor of love in the form of a dark and gritty trailer that looks pretty damn impressive. Unfortunately, looks are all we have to go on since the trailer is dialogue-free, but there's some truly fantastic work on display here. Catch it below!

Here's the official trailer for Polaris Banks' awesome-looking Casey Jones feature film:

I don't know about you, but I was pretty excited when one of our favorite heroes in a half-shell shows up on-screen, too. And what makes that moment all the more glorious is that Robbie Rist is the man behind the rubber mask and suit reprising his role as Michelangelo from the original TMNT movies. Now unfortunately, since this film isn't approved by the rights holders, it will likely never get a wide release. However, those of you living in Austin, TX can check out the entire film for free on Sunday August 14th, at 7:30pm, at Marchesa Hall. Details on that screening, and the film, can be found right here. Cool, eh?

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  • uhh...
  • debuting online at after the free Austin screening. Awesome! Can't wait to check this out.
  • Chazzy
    Lol no.........             And why was he beating up those poor bums?
    • Anonymous
      My thoughts exactly. Looks like the those bullies who hurt homeless people.
      • Andre
        Casey Jones vs. Hobo w/a Shotgun!
        • Kblza84
          those bums had it coming! you can't f with casey jones
  • Baseballkingx23
    Where the tmnt movie or new info about it!!!!!!
  • Arnaldo
    that looked godawful
  • Voice of Reason
    This is a joke, right?
    • JL
      August fools?
      • Anonymous
    • Anonymous
  • Misanthrope
    The fuck was that?
    • Anonymous
  • I love silent movies
  • Guest
    looks cool
  • Anonymous
    I'm ashamed to say that the first thing that came to mind upon seeing that mask was Slipknot and not anything TMNT related. >.<  Then I watched the trailer and was immediately reminded of Team America's "Everybody needs a montage [montaaaage]", which was probably the best part about this thing.
  • HealthyPoison
    This is free, no complaints here.  Don't even care about how bad it is, its free, and it could be a cool hour and a half or so.  I am in.
  • grimjob
    Sweeeet. I grew up LOVING the Turtles. Elias Koteas was bad ass as Casey Jones. Hope this dude does it justice. I got totally excited when Mikey showed, even more so when I read its the original actor in there. Damn you Austin, TX!!
  • Craig
    Kinda reminded me of Taxi Driver at the beginning.
  • Blackmanju
    A scrawny dude with hockey sticks..? Don't make me laugh. Anyway, it might be cool to watch since it's free.
  • I loved it! makes me wanna re-watch all the TMNT films again!
  • Smendoza
    hobo with a shotgun?
  • Thexn18599
    What the heck?
  • Was horrible up until he and Raph started fighting the Foot. First half made him out to be a thug, not a hero. That being said; God I am so ready for another TMNT movie!
    • ReddylikeFreddy
      ok maybe if u knew ur turtles better i would have taken anything you said seriously. but anyone who knows anything about TMNT knows that Micholangelo has nunchucks not Raphael
      • Iwishproductions
        Anyone can wield nunchaku. And the original turtles didnt even have colors. Raph and Casey were buddies and I am sure that was Raph. Also, I am sure the turtles are trained on all ninja weapons but have a preference of Sai to nunchaku. Sometimes you throw a sai and lose it, he prolly keeps a spare pair of chucks in his shell, they wont stab through if he falls. Its all fun and games till your sai stabs you though your shell.
        • Smarter Than You
          It was Michaelangelo. If it was Ralph, why would he introduce himself in the 3rd person when he takes Casey into the lair? "That's Raph. Don't mind him. He's cool, but rude."
  • ReddylikeFreddy
    I think for the budget these guys had or even just for it being a movie in general it looks fantastic i cant wait to watch this online for real. its a niuce lil appetizer until TMNT reboot comes out. also how can you say this looks bad its got casey jones doin what he does best kickin the shit outta low lifes with no PG rating to not show how violent he really was compared to the turtles. in my opinion casey jones was the best side character ever in the turtkes series, 2nd being baxter fly.
  • Lamar
    I saw this on Youtube a few months back and thought it was incredible. Glad there is a whole film to be watched now.




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