Check Out IGN's 'Video Game Movies by the Numbers' Infographic

May 25, 2011
Source: IGN

Video Game Movies by the Numbers

We all know that video game movies are still cursed in Hollywood, bound to never be good, so while we wait the years it'll take to finally make a good one, our friends at IGN have created a new infographic: Video Game Movies by the Numbers. The chart visualizes, in typical cartoony style, various statistics including the highest grossing video game movie (which is Lara Croft: Tomb Raider hence the photo above) as well as best/worst reviewed video game movies, ranked by budget, ranked by opening weekend and so on. You can see the infographic below. This is interesting, but only confirms that most of these suck, no matter the cost.

Video Game Movies By The Numbers

I always find it weird exploring this genre, as it feels like there should be/have been more adaptations, but none really stick out, and everything is bad anyway (even Super Mario Bros!). I'm not sure why IGN even says: "To help convince your ladyfriend that VG movies are worth the time, especially if she wants to be your girl for the long haul" because there's nothing that impressive on this chart. Maybe it's just IGN being partial to gaming. Hopefully one day movies like Gears of War, BioShock, Assassin's Creed or Mass Effect actually turn out incredible. We can only hope there is a brighter future for video game movies. Thoughts?

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  • Gdej
    Movies that should be video games: Chocolat. That really made me lol 😀
  • David Banner
    Sure, some of this looks rather bleak, some looks amazing. If you add internationl box office + DVD/Blu-Ray rentals/sales worldwide + other misc merch related, the no# are enormous.   A movie that tanks at the US boxoffice, doesnt always in the rest of the world, and they often make a huge profit off rentals/sales.   So, no# like these dont even show half the picture.
  • Leeseymours1984
    Tbh we all know HALO is still deep in Hollywood's agenda..... However I say in order to get the studios to plug money into it, I'd say make KILLZONE first as there arent any alien creatures in it, (yes its a alien planet in numbers 2&3) but mainly it'll be men in uniforms. With a decent script and maybe plucking a damn good director like Bigalow/Scott (any of them thought Ridley more or less knows this area just look at BHD its so up his street) and give it an early summer release (yes it'll have to be hard R ) but I say KZ is the easier option to go before HALO is due. Maybe even get Paul Verhoeven to make Killzone. hmmmmmmmmm intresting
  • RhythmDave
    video games that should be movies: Metal Gear Solid!
    • Anonymous
      Omg, yes please!  *imagines Christian Bale in Reign of Fire or Rescue Dawn with a bandana* Mmm...perfect!  Also, I didn't see it anywhere up there, but I actually thought Silent Hill was one of the best video game adaptations so far. Maybe I am alone with this.
  • Cracky
    So basically we gotta stop making video game movies. They're a bad investment.
    • No, "basically" people that have made video game adaptions aren't true gamers and are only trying to milk the millions that'll go watch it solely due to it being based off of a video game. 
  • Anonymous
    …I liked the Mario movie…
  • Amoeba88
    Its a shame so many were voted higher than Silent Hill, still one of the better videogame adaptation/re-imaginations.
  • I also agree with the Silent Hill movie adaption opinions.
  • Xerxexx
    Silent Hill was fucking awesome.
  • Anonymous
    Actually, this is a fail. Resident Evil:Afterlife has earned $296,221,663 worldwide making it #1, and Tomb Raider now #2.
  • Somaman
    no mentioning Silent Hill booooooo!
  • I always thought Deus Ex would make a great movie. And, although they started as Tabletop games, any Battletech / Mechwarrior movie would be bitchin'.
  • David Banner
    Also, remove any VG made to a movie by Uwe Boll, and it doesnt look so bad, does it? :)
  • Most of these are crap for sure...but some of them are the best video games of all time -




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