Check This Out: Impressive New 'Netflix by the Numbers' Infographic

August 10, 2011
Source: GigaOM

Netflix by the Numbers

Ah Netflix, who doesn't use it? Time for another infographic to kick off your day, this one via GigaOM, all about that fantastic video service. As many know, Netflix recently exploded into the digital realm, becoming the largest user of bandwidth on the internet (to distribute streaming movies), and growing subscribers substantially by launching accounts for those streaming online only. Who still gets the discs anyway? (I'm only kidding, or am I?) This infographic is based on real traffic data and is impressive when you think about just how huge Netflix has become and how it really is the primary movie-watching method for many people.

Netflix by the Numbers

Click on the image above to jump to GigaOM to see the infographic full-size. There have been numerous Netflix-related infographics before this, including How Netflix is Destroying Blockbuster, which was a good one, the NY Times' Netflix Queues map app, and of course, Netflix vs. Redbox. I should also point out this /Film post from April about how Google searches for Netflix have been way up. I use Netflix almost every day on my PS3, so I definitely contribute to that 30% traffic share. I'm so glad they're around and thriving, and I'm glad they've continued to evolve with the times and stay on the cutting edge, its certainly paid off.

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  • Anon
    they forgot Netflix has more money than the US Government
    • Anonymous
      Who doesn't?
  • Anonymous
    i hope you're kidding about the discs, alex - until they get all of the new releases on instant-watch, i still use the mailed discs as well as instant watch.
    • I am kidding, but I get into debates every week with people who are selling their entire DVD collections and going digital, and of course tons of people signing up for the streaming-only Netflix accounts. It's going to happen sooner or later - they'll stop sending out discs entirely!
      • grimjob
        That's fine, as long as they stream any and all movies ever made.
      • Anonymous
        i hate those "going digital" debates. first - i (like MANY people) want a physical copy for my collection....whether it be my movies or books (i HATE the kindle concept). and personally, i LOVE the box art for movies.  i just don't see physical copies ever disappearing. as far as netflix - i'd LOVE to see them with all digital distribution as far as rentals go - that'd be awesome......again, i don't see how they're going to do it - too many issues connected to getting it done; ;but, it may happen in the next 5 years or so. i think a big hurdle is going to be getting every home  accessible for the internet AND improving speeds. i agree it will happen at some point - but not until internet access and speed  of said access is improved.
      • AP
        Ditto, I too use my PS3 and iPhone at times, but the gaming consoles/iPhone etc Netflix interface is inferior compared to the PC. I wish it was more intuitive. Its also pretty slow at loading compared to the PC. You will only notice if you have never touched the PC stream. Small gripe but its something I hope they improve in the near future.
      • Anonymous
        NPD: More People Buy DVDs Than Watch Netflix Streaming If no one is buying discs who is buying discs???  They are still a Multibillion dollar a year industry.
  • Moon
    The day they can stream in widescreen and with better quality is the day I'll use streaming.
    • JL
      They actually stream lots of movies in widescreen HD, as well as TV series that began after they started broadcasting HD signals on TV.  Almost every movie I have viewed on Netflix since becoming a subscriber has been in widescreen HD.
      • Anonymous
        They do stream in Widescreen but many are matted and formatted improperly in Widescreen.  They did their widescreen on the cheap thinking no one would notice.  Like putting a purple wig on the Mona lisa.
  • happy camper
    they wont stop sending the disks, not for a very long-long time
    • JL
      Right.  To do that, they would need to get the licenses to play all current movies on or near release day, because if they stopped shipping DVDs and BluRays before then, video stores would start having a comeback.  I probably wouldn't subscribe to Netflix anymore if I couldn't get DVDs unless they could guarantee I could watch a new movie the same day that I could buy a copy in the store.
  • Spider
    I still get the DVD's! Nothing wrong with that! Not everyone will stream flicks!    
    • Anonymous
      Thats correct.  Not everyone will want to stream.  Like not everyone will want to buy an iphone, they may prefer a android.   Some prefer Cable TV while others like Satellite Television.  Consumers will have choices.
  • Anonymous
    Physical formats have reached their natural endpoints with Blu-Ray. However, the streaming capabilities still have some catching up to do, before discs are done away with. I've done the comparison and HD streaming is still nowhere near as sharp looking as a Blu-Ray disc. The day will arrive eventually though; Blu-Ray is the last of the physical formats.
    • Anonymous
      Lets remember that Netflix is good for the renter. The buyer, not so good.  Physical media will be around for a long time.  Optical media is a multibillion dollar business still today.  With costs of netflix streaming boxes so low if you wanted to stream wouldnt you have already?   No so for those millions who still buy Physical Media. Also why does it have to be either streaming or Physical Media?  Why cant both be marketed?  Who says one or the other?? Also Holographic Storage Technology is being produced just announced may breakthroughs by GE a few weeks ago.
  • Lando
    I use the dvd rental service and the digital streaming and I love them both. I like that I can get a clean rip off a dvd or stream it if I dont want a backup copy. My only complaint and Im sure its just a matter of time till its null, is that my wife spends lots of money purchasing OnDemand from comcast because most of the new releases ARENT available for streaming on netflix. Once they fix that and can offer the same as comcast then Id be set!  I love physical formats, as a collector they are hard to avoid, but at the same time, as someone with endless shelves of books, walls of comic boxes, and over 16 crates of vinyl, I really appreciate the convenience of storage (I have hundreds of movies on 1 hard drive!-better than all the VHS tapes I have sitting in storage) so I can really see the easy sell of convenience and distribution of digital movies..
  • Anonymous
    Ultraviolet is coming for those of us who enjoy purchasing our films in digital formats:




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