Christian Bale Maybe Going from 'The Dark Knight' to 'Dark Tower'?

January 26, 2011
Source: New York Post

Christian Bale

At the end of 2010 we found out that Ron Howard's ambitious interlocking film and TV adaptation of Stephen King's Dark Tower series may have two frontunners to lead the project. Javier Bardem and Viggo Mortensen were reported to be the leading candidates to play Roland Deschain, last living member of a knightly order of gunslingers, and humanity's last hope to save a civilization that will crumble unless he finds the Dark Tower. But now a new, more enticing name has apparently surpassed those two actors as the top contender for the job with New York Post reporting Christian Bale is in the running for the project.

If this turns out to be true, it's kind of surprising that Bale would be interested in taking on another franchise, especially since this project would require three feature films and one season of television (the season between the second and third movie is a prequel story and would likely have a younger actor as Roland Deschain). However, Bale is no stranger to westerns after his work in the remake of 3:10 to Yuma, and he's certainly got the right look for the job, so I'm behind this potential bit of casting 100%. In addition, NY Post also says Jennifer Carpenter ("Dexter") is one of the ladies up for the part of Susannah. If this casting actually comes together, it's certainly the first step in the right direction. What do you think?

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  • Tlilab
    If they're casting a white girl as Susannah, I have much fear for this project.
    • ThaSaltShaker
      The first Susannah was white, gotta re-read the books homie. Remember, the one burnt at the steak. The gunslinger Susannah was black and totally badass.
      • Anonymous
        There was no first Susannah. Maybe you're thinking of Susan, Roland's first and only love from his time in Mejis? She was white, yes, but they also made countless references to her hair that looked like "spun gold in the sunlight". Plus, she was only 16 years old or something, so Carpenter still wouldn't fit the bill.
  • Susannah is black. Jennifer Carpenter is white. There is a whole point in her being black. I don't think she could pull off a Robert Downing jr like in Tropic Thunder
  • Thats what I was thinking.
  • Anonymous
    I'll support Bale in anything he chooses to do. and perhaps picking Dark Tower is way for him to stay grounded and near his family, whatever he chooses to do I'm sure he has good reasons.
  • Cjvander
    Bale, sure, i'm a big fan, and i think if they age him just a bit he would do very well as roland, he's a dedicated performer and i think could pull off the tragic indiffernece boarding on careless cruelty that roland has. But i feel like this rumor is completely false given the fact that every post about it accross the internet has coupled it with jennifer carpenter as Susannah, which is um.....well, there seems to be one glaring problem with it, i just wish i could put my finger on it...hmm, what coudl it be....
  • Christian Bale would be pretty cool, but yeah...Jennifer Carpenter not so much. Maybe she could play Susan Delgado, but not Susannah. Am i the only one who thinks Stephen Moyer could pull Roland off really well? He certainly has the look.
    • Ncofilm
      Stephen Moyer is perfect! I doubt he would be able to get away from True Blood long enough though.
    • Harm
      I agree Stephen Moyer could pull it off, and depending on budget certainly casting a lesser known capable actor couldn't hurt. I bet he could get away from Tru Blood long enough for a movie, but odds are not long enough for the whole franchise, it would require massive wrangling of schedules. That said is Tru Blood going to be around for many more seasons?
  • The girl at the window.
    I adore Roland Deschain... always have, always will. But I'm not sure I could watch the franchise if Bale fills his shoes. I've always had Viggo in my mind, and Christian Bale has been in EVERYTHING. And as for Jennifer Carpenter as Detta Walker/Odetta Holmes...? Seriously? She's a great actress, but she's not, well, BLACK! Next they'll cast Jake as a girl.... Sheesh. Long days and pleasant nights.
    • auraesque
      When news broke that the movie was being made and Viggo was in the running, I called my mom to let her know. Before I could tell her about who might be cast as Rowland, she interrupted, "Viggo?!" Christian Bale would be good, but Viggo would be so perfect, I think.
  • SirStevo
    Anyone else think that Bale would make an excellent Eddie? I don't see him as Roland, but I think he could do wonders going from drug addicted loser to apprentice gunslinger.
  • Andy Mensah
    I didn't mind the idea of Viggo playing Roland, but am seriously not happy about the possible casting for Susannah! What's the problem with casting a black actress since Susannah is black? Does that mean there would be a completely new and made up back story to this character?
  • NOT THE BALE. not on this one.
  • ThaSaltShaker
    Ryan Reynolds as Eddie Dean? Could work.
  • Fogman78
    No. No way. Christian Bale doesn't have near the road-worn look needed to pull off Roland. He is way too young looking. Growing a sweaty, scraggly goatee and mustache doesn't do the job that years and mileage does. Viggo. For sure. He has the chops.
  • Vithren
    Aw, god. Daniel Day-Lewis is still my first and only choice.
    • I'm Already Naked
      I would crap my pants with absolute delight if Daniel Day-Lewis jumped in on this project. Sadly I know thats not happening.
  • SapphireD910
    I'm not sure about Roland. Bale is a good actor, but that doesn't mean he's best for everything. So while I think he could do it, maybe casting should stop, and really consider if someone is just naturally better suited. As far as Susannah, I've heard Naomie Harris suggested, and that sounds like a perfect choice.
  • Micktool214
    I dont know about this! Im afraid hed do the batman voice through the whole move like he did on and off in TS. I really like Timothy Olyphant as Roland. I always imagined Roland as being tall and lanky. Or go out and find some one new and diffrent. I think Bale could be good as Eddie and maybe Ryan Reynolds but just seems like hes in everything. And Id rather have him as deadpool first!
  • Anonymous
    Omfg...if this really happens, I swear to god, I will bawl like a baby. And it will be tears of joy. For Susannah I want Tara from True Blood. She's got a very fit physique that works extremely well with the whole wheelchair business, and she sure as hell knows how to be a complete bitch as well as a sophisticated woman. I can think of anyone better to sit on Roland's shoulders, snarling and shooting a big diseased robot bear in the face.
  • tw_runninggrl
    jennifer carpenter is a badass sure...but she's not black...but she's got the badassness covered
  • I'm not a huge Bale fan, but he's a much better choice than Javier Bardem. I think Viggo is more suited to the role than Bale is, but at this point I think he's too old. I know Roland's no spring chicken, but you have to consider that, if successful, this is a franchise that won't be wrapping up for 7 years at least.




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