Craig Mazin Already Hired to Script Another Sequel to 'The Hangover'

May 31, 2011
Source: The Wrap

The Hangover Part 2

After the carbon copy of a sequel raked in nearly $200 million at the box office worldwide, it's not surprise that a follow-up to The Hangover Part II is already being planned. We'd already heard from director Todd Phillips that there had been talk of another sequel in the comedy franchise, but now The Tracking Board (via The Wrap) reports Warner Bros. is looking to have writer Craig Mazin, who wrote the second film with Scot Armstrong, return to script a third adventure for The Wolf Pack. And while we may not know where a third drunken escapade may take place, we may have an idea of how it will end. More below!

In a recent interview with Badass Digest, Mazin joked about how he might end the franchise:

I think the third movie ends with Doug staring at a row of crosses in a graveyard. It’s everyone – his wife, his family is dead, everybody from the first movie is dead. Somebody shows up and tells him his dog is dead.

As for the thought of The Wolf Pack losing another integral member of someone's wedding party, Phillips has previously said that his idea for a third film in the franchise would be something completely different by breaking the now familiar formula of the first two. Honestly, that's the only way I would really be interested in a third one. While the sequel brought a decent amount of laughs, the jokes and beats are almost exactly the same as the first time. While that's certainly entertaining, a third film really needs to pull out all the stops and do something truly original to finish the series. What do you think?


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  • Neo_3
    Wasn't it 205 million for the weekend. 
  • The Hangover 3 will be an interactive experience where the audience wakes up after the movie, groggy and with a headache, and tries to understand where they are, why they are in a theatre and what happened to their $20.
    • Anonymous
      So, in other words, exactly like Hangover 2. 
    • Jericho
      • rocKKicker
        empty your pockets, you know the drill
  • Annemarieevents
    The sequel was one the worst movies I have ever seen. I mean, if we have sunk so low in our intelligence, thoughtfulness and humor in this country...we really are doomed. Total peasant crap! I can't even explain how stupid it was. Nothing like the first one. Nothing. I felt bad for the cast. DON'T RE-sign on this project artists!
    • DCompose
       So the first one was great, and the second one, which was extremely similar, was peasant crap?
      • Annemarieevents
        Yes. Look at the writing credits.
    • Phthumes
      I'm sorry, but did you Really go into this movie thinking it was going to be somehow intellectual and deep?? Same exact humor as the first, granted, a little replayed, but if you liked the first one then that shouldn't be So much of a bad thing. It's a comedy get over it. Maybe you should've stayed home and watched Eat Pray Love...
  • Neuromancer
    Please add Justin Bartha to the hungover people this time, atleast it'll be slightly different!
  • Arzola Robert
    i think that the third one should have allan getting married to a russian mail order bride in cannada , that alone would free the sequel up to a new formula. 
    • Khalil7shabazz
      Oh my god; I love it!
  • Ok, they got away with a part 2, but I doubt that the audience is going to buy a part 3.
    • Neuromancer
      Tbh, I think the audience will buy it just fine. It's us film fanatics that don't really care for it. Sure, there might be slightly less people paying for it if the trailer will only unvail the same plot. But from reactions in my social circle so far, Part 2 has been well received. Do note that my social circle aren't people interested in movies, it's just your average 20-26 year demographic. By this I'm not saying they're dumber or anything like that, I mean they don't really care if the plot is point for point equal because some laughs were had regardless.
    • Anonymous
      Well said....  I think this was the equivalent of the last 2 Austin Powers flicks; funny, same formula and either movie could have been the sequel to the other.   I love this cast and i think it should go in another direction in a "not agaaaaaain!?' sort of way.   
  • Robroerig
  • Ken7eleven
    Amsterdam !!!!
  • Anonymous
    This will be a rental...if I see it at all.  I already gave too much money for the second one.
    The real joke here is that Mazin is hardly a funny guy at all. Scary Movie 4, Superhero Movie... WTF?
    • FandangoTango
      And is also apparently a real asshole in real life. You should read his blog - the guy comes off like a passive agressive jerk.
  • I'm sure there will be also "unofficial" copies of this which will be even worse.. If only people didn't give a shit..
  • Nikki Smith
    Alice in Wasteland was way better
  • Film Fan
    "The Handover". I just love how some people will buy anything thrown at them. There is nothing original about the sequel. Expect the same from the third.
    • MGL
      It clearly didn't have to be original because it was still funny! Granted it wasn't as good as the first movie but I never expected it to be. If you read the news properly Phillips said he would take the third in a different direction. I'm down for a third. Forget all the miserable know it all people who are moaning about it.
      • Cody W.
        Agreed, so sick of cinephiles(like me I guess) that see its the same formula and bash it because its unoriginal. The first one wasnt all that groundbreaking, it was just funny. When it comes to comedies like this you cant take every damn plot point so seriously....did you laugh at all? If your answer was no for either of them then you are a senseless cyborg. If your answer was yes then you should be happy because the movie did what it was meant to do.
        • DMR
          LOL!!! Someone is a senseless cyborg if they didn't find this funny!?
  • jah p
    I would rather see a sequel to Old School then these guys again! The old school guys were more interesting anyway! C'mon Phillips, give us a sequeal to Old School!
  • shitty movie is shitty, the 3rd will be equiv to starship troopers 2
  • greenerwit
    I think the 3rd one will be more domestic, with a possible vacation, without the intention of marriage. If the formula is broken, this leaves room for the franchise to expand even more. They're playing with a big Idea, that has endless possibilities, with a brilliant cast. zach galifianakis is keeping this franchise alive. The 3rd would need to bring in more comedy geniuses to play with. 
  • Cortesrichie16
    I say the hangover 3 should go to alan getting married to a woman just like him, then phil getting a divorce




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