Disney Officially Cans Robert Zemeckis' 'Yellow Submarine' Remake

March 14, 2011
Source: THR

Yellow Submarine

Looks like it's finally the end of an era for Robert Zemeckis. THR reports that after a disastrous opening weekend for ImageMovers' latest CGI feature, Mars Needs Moms (made $7M on a $150M budget), Disney is canceling The Beatles' Yellow Submarine remake that Zemeckis was directing for 2012. The CGI movie had a cast including David Tennant and Cary Elwes as various members of the psychedelic band, and they'd even secured rights to use 16 of the Beatles' songs. ImageMovers was already shut down by Disney last year and now this is the final nail in the coffin, though there's a chance the movie could end up at another studio.

This isn't the first time that we've reported about Yellow Submarine sinking. Last year, we wrote about how David Tennant said that "I don't think it's happening any more," later correcting it when ImageMovers said that was not the case. Obviously it was and Tennant was just ahead of the game. Word is that Zemeckis, who has been considering a return to live-action with various sci-fi projects, ran away Hollywood after receiving the news from Disney and traveled up to Montana, where he'll "regroup" and consider "finding a new home for Submarine." I'm glad to see Yellow Submarine sink, as it's another remake we won't see and to be frank, ImageMovers and Zemeckis' not-so-cutting-edge-anymore CGI movies aren't that exciting anymore anyway.

Update: Deadline's Mike Fleming wrote a post about how THR's story apparently isn't accurate. Although Yellow Submarine has been canceled by Disney, "insiders said that decision was made months ago. At that point, Zemeckis was given permission to shop the film elsewhere." So they're saying that Disney had already passed on the project months ago and told him to make it elsewhere. That said, it sounds like this project is now stagnant anyway, without a home, and Zemeckis is apparently considering other live-action projects - which is exactly what he should be doing. We'll continue to keep you guys updated on all things Zemeckis.

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  • Anonymous
    Disney Needs Ideas! Not rehashed CGI tripe... And I though the movie was "Moms" plural...
  • Yfffd
    Meh this idea was always a lame duck to begin with. Much more interesting things can be done with this tech than this.
  • Ryan Gosling
    So happy.
  • Anonymous
    Zemeckis has lost his touch and its a sad, sad thing.
  • Last Son
    I can't believe that the man that made "Back To The Future" "Forest Gump" and "Cast Away" turned away from live action films to make garbage CGI animated films like "The Polar Express" & "Christmas Carol". Bob wake up to yourself and get back to doing what you have always done best. Making live action films.
  • lane
    honestly, I see this as unfortunate news. While the technique he was trying to perfect wasn't there yet, we saw legitimate improvements from Polar Express, Beowulf, and Christmas Carol. I am a fan of all 3... he didn't lose his touch in being a good and interesting filmmaker and in my opinion, each film got better. Christmas Carol is seriously a well done film. I thought the major blunder was in trying to use this technique in trying to create photo-realistic images. There is no questioning the fantastic animation done with all 3 movies, except for the uncanny valley aspect. But Yellow Submarine was finally going to take the technology and use it to be as expressionistic and out there as possible. I have high hopes for the project and hope it finds another home. I think Zemeckis was exploring and expanding the film medium, and whether he was succeeding or not, is something worth getting behind. He was trying to perfect this technique before James Cameron did, and we'll see how Spielberg fares with TinTin. Oh well...
    • Damn
      Well said, but Polar Express was dull. Beowulf was dull, and Christmas Carol did NOT need another film. This project needs an organic indie feel that is difficult to achieve when you think your own crap smells like cinnamon buns.
  • Anonymous
    the end of an era for Robert Zemeckis? I don't believe it. or
  • Bjoern
    Well...."I told you so." Really not Tennant's style to declare a project dead just to avoid the question. (I also think he accidently let that slip... live show and all that)
  • Silune
    @lane good analysis (well, reflect my exact thoughts). Perfect realistic human CGI is still far away, even for Cameron, imho.
  • Voice of Reason
  • I thought Zemeckis was dead.
  • Stonemason89
    What, no octopus gardens?
  • weezy1
    Thank God...somewhere in rock-n-roll heaven, John and George are smiling!
  • Dan W
    Please just let this movie not be made
  • Desraider
    Wow, I really hope that nobody decides to put money in this shit.
  • good! i wouldnt have watched it
  • Jules
    Thank God
  • calvin klein
    Back to the Future 4?
  • Terry Craig
    Thank GOD. I agree with Dan W.
  • SlashBeast
    Hopefully, this will teach that idiot Zemeckis to make REAL movies again.
  • SlashBeast
    Zemeckis needs to cease his animated faggotry and return to making REAL films.
  • jude:)
    i wish he would have made it.........i love the beatles!!
  • Abbypilot
    NOOOOOOOOO!!! I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO THE MOVIE SO MUCH!!! even though it was gonna be made by disney, BUT COME ON!!!! I SAW THE ORIGINAL AND I WANTED TO SEE A REMAKE!!!! *CRIES* i really hope someone will remake it please!!!!
  • Abbypilot
    @jude lol some people call me jude cause i love the beatles.
    • Greyson Beadles
      Hey Jude, what's up?
  • Trailwaywalker
    James Cameron makes realistic submarine movies. Director Robert Zemeckis has to put the Yellow Submarine project back together with the techical help of James Cameron. Make the submarine experience more realistic than what was in a 2-D animated movie.
  • Damn
    Give it to Pixar or Sony for NON motion capture animation.
  • lennonschram
    what a shame!!! I pray that this project gets off the ground sooner than later! The original film is my favorite movie of all time and has helped me in ways I cant describe!!!How bad can a remake of this Beatle psychedelic classic get? Just to have the chance to hear the classic 16 song sound track in a state-of-the-art theater sound system alone would be worth double the admission price....then add the 3D HD element with it? Come on ! The Beatles= $




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