Don't Look: Taylor Lautner Rips Off Bourne on the 'Abduction' Poster

April 15, 2011
Source: JustJared

Taylor Lautner - Abduction

What if your entire life was a lie?! I wasn't even going to post this, but with Coachella it's dead this weekend and more than anything, I need to make fun of it. JustJared debuted the first official poster for Abduction, the Taylor Lautner action movie that we just saw the first trailer for a few days ago. I referenced Jason Bourne in that headline, but they've really taken the marketing almost too far with that. This poster seems suspiciously a rip off of inspired by some Bourne-like designs of past, referenced beneath the poster, plus Star Trek, too! Besides, who really wants to look at a humongous B&W photo of Taylor Lautner? Oh… right.

Abduction Poster

The Bourne Ultimatum The Bourne Ultimatum

A riveting new man-on-the-run thriller centered on a teen named Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner) who sets out to uncover the truth about his real life after finding his baby photo on a missing persons website.

Abduction is directed by veteran action filmmaker John Singleton, of Boyz n the Hood, Poetic Justice, Rosewood, Shaft, 2 Fast 2 Furious and Four Brothers previously. The screenplay was written by newcomer Shawn Christensen, a songwriter and screenwriter also of the Walter King and Enter Nowhere scripts. Lionsgate is bringing Abduction to theaters everywhere starting September 23rd this fall. Look any good?

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  • Fallendeathmetal
    really..what movie poster doesnt rip off any other posters these days
  • This is probably just his facebook picture edited...
  • Ravster
    What's with the headline? It's not Lautner who's ripping off Bourne, it's the marketing department. Great to see you've jumped on the bandwagon of those attacking Lautner for no real good reason. I suspect those who do attack him are actually really insecure. So Mr Billington, what are you insecure about? Your weight? Your looks? Or the fact you have no abs like Mr Lautner here? If any of these points annoyed you, you've proved my point.
    • Anonymous
      have you seen the trailer? the guy's performance seems wooden and stale.
    • Andy
      What's with the comment? Why do you feel that you have to defend Taylor Lautner? I suspect those who do defend him are actually delusional. So Mr Ravster, are you actually delusional? Do you think Mr. Lautner will come on this website and see your comment? Do you think that by defending him that you are his friend? If you deny any of these points, you've proven my point.
      • Lisa
        The point is it's always men criticizing him, suggesting they're insecure. And dude, we might be defending Taylor Lautner because we're fans of his. That is allowed y'know.
        • Anonymous
          I know plenty women who criticize Lautner... plenty.
          • Lisa
            Ok, cool. I don't know any. All my female friends love him. I guess everyone has different experiences.
        • Anonymous
          its all a matter of perspective.
      • xmen
        No Andy you are the delusional one. The facts are that many many critics have praised Taylor for his performance in Eclipse and New Moon. So this seems to be what is missed by some of these young insecure males.
        • Anonymous
          Critics can be bought Cheaper By the Dozen 2 (HA!), and stop all the "insecure males" bullshit. This kid is an actor. It's his job. His career. His lively hood. His dream. I will not shit on somebody's work just cause he's pretty. Sure I'm generally insecure, but if I let that affect how I perceive someone else that would make me a bigot. Sexist, Racist, Elitist... same prejudice different bullshit. The same bigotry causing some dudes to call Lautner a fag or wooden just because he's attractive is the same bigotry you "supporters" use when you call everyone ho criticizes him (in any way) "insecure".
    • Tracy
      Lautner's own personal production company is also involved in this film, so odds are his people did have some say in how it's promoted. And female here, who finds him utterly unappealing and thinks this looks awful.
    • Anonymous
      Wow. So you're supporting Lautner, specifically those who question his acting, by suggesting we are jealous of his looks and physique. Shame on you. Ignoring Ravster, sure his performance in Twilight movies are wooden, but I blame the director, producers, his agent... take your pick. He was showed some potential on SNL and keep in mind his resume is full of family channel tv and popcorn movies.
  • peter
    oh god.....the facial hair. its just..a hilariously awful attempt to make him look more mature
  • I expect Lautner to display this face throughout the movie
  • JJ
    Does this remind anyone else of "The Face on the Milk Carton" at all? Girl sees childhood photo on a missing persons ad on a milk carton and goes out to seek the truth, boy sees childhood photo on missing persons website and does the sameā€¦ updated to fit our tech world, and probably a lot of action 'cause Lautner can't really do much else, but same basic concept.
  • Bloody hell, he even looks wooden in the poster.
  • Anonymous
    I don't think this poster looks like that Bourne one at all. Clean cut headshot vs "gritty" 3/4 face closeup with photo shopped shadows to add drama. Sorry, but just because they are both Black & White and only show the main actor's face doesn't make it a rip off. I bet there are hundreds of movie posters just like these. Btw: Not everyone can grow a full beard, and stubble has been a subtle way to show "maturity" in movies for decades. Pun intended.
  • Bettybmusing
    Taylor has some background in the martial arts. The poster's intent I believe is to give the impression that TL is a character you do well not to underestimate. I am a fan of both Bourne & Twilight franchise . I like both posters.
  • Nans2693
    the bourne poster is but the other1 is just ...plain,.... often plain n simple is beautiful but this is not the case...
  • beatlechick
    There is nothing wrong with the poster. I am speaking objectively, of course. I am neither a fan or a hater of Taylor Lautner. It's a facial closeup. Used in a lot of theatrical shots. I wouldn't call it ripping off per se. It would be different if they deliberately ripped something off from the Bourne poster. In the example you have posted, it shoes Launter in a completely different postition than the one Damon is in. No need to complain unless of course, you're a hater of Taylor Lautner. Sheesh.
  • I'm a fan of Taylor, but I think that they should have included other names in big print on the poster like: Lily Collins, Sigourney Weaver, Alfrend Molina, Michael Nyquist, Jason Isaacs...all very talented.




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