Fan-Made For Your Consideration: Daft Punk's 'Tron Legacy' Score

January 17, 2011
Source: Deviant Art

Tron Legacy Score

Though it's hard to top the fantastic soundtrack that Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross put together for The Social Network (which took home a Golden Globe last night and will surely get nominated for an Oscar), it was very disappointing that Daft Punk didn't get any love for their amazing work on the score for Tron Legacy. However, there's at least one more major chance for the musical duo to get some award love this season since the Academy Award nominations aren't announced until January 25th. Though Disney hasn't been making a big push for the Tron Legacy score, one fan has created his own Oscar campaign poster to promote Daft Punk's great work.

For Your Consideration: Daft Punk's original score for Tron Legacy (click for a larger version):

Tron Legacy score

Meshing a light disc with a vinyl record complete with light cycles making laps, this poster from Deviant Art userĀ shokxone-studios (via Geek Tyrant) looks almost as sleek as the grid itself. Along with great quotes to praise the score and all the official looking credits, if I wasn't told this was a fan made "For Your Consideration" ad, I would've been completely fooled. Honestly, I really hope Daft Punk gets some love when the Oscar nominations get announced, because I've been listening to the Tron Legacy score in my car non-stop since it was released. Even naysayers of the film itself can probably agree that Daft Punk put their blood, sweat and tears into that score, and it paid off tremendously. Anyone else think Daft Punk deserves some Oscar love?

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  • Chazzy
    Pure awesome!
  • Snears
  • yes. YES!
  • Ben
    But the score was so boring, easily the most bland part of the whole movie.
    • Rob
      lmao are you kidding me?
  • Rico79
    looks a bit cheap m8
  • Robert
    I thought the score was actually half the movie, just awesome!, and I've been listening to it sometimes myself since it got released (including watching the movie itself twice on the big screen)
    Hans Zimmer did quite a bit more than just put the old Disney polish on this soundtrack he basically took some music Daft Punk wrote for the movie and remixed it with his most recent sample library from his Inception and Dark Knoght scores am I right? Is not the Third Twin album the actual music Daft Punk wrote for this film before Disney said "no way!"
    • voodoo2
      Zimmer is well known for recycling scores... despite often sounding quite good.
  • Anonymous
    I think it deserves a nomination... but I doubt it will get it. The poster is really good. Disney, buy it and use it. Quick, there's still time! :))
  • This film failed on so many levels as many knew it would. The score was just another piece of a bad puzzle. And to mentioned the brilliant Hans Zimmer ripped something off of the artist is just crazy talk.
    • Jericho
      i see you don't have many friends...because they were all watching Tron...
  • Brian
    Bravo! It's the BEST score I've heard in years.
  • Jericho
    my CD looks like that....anyways the entire thing is golden and i loved every second of it
  • Scottjamesnorth
    How anyone could have anything bad to say about the tron legacy soundtrack is beyond me. I enjoyed the movie loads but the score was by far my favourite part. I think all the people bitching probably watched it on a pirate copy or something. I went to the BFI IMAX IN WATERLOO AND THE SOUND ROCKED MY SEAT!!!
    • Firstshowing
      Agreed. It always confounds me when people post negatives on any completely subjective topic. You get a shared expression of enthusiasm, which comes from passion for the piece, then these nay-sayers feel they can get some attention or something by sticking an oar in. The motivation for this certainly isn't passion, or constructiveness, or interestedness - not with comments "most bland part of the movie". Just look-at-me contrariness as far as I can see.
      • Jericho
      • voodoo2
        So are you saying comments should only be positive otherwise they rain on this parade?
  • Scott
    They deserve to be recognized.
  • I really hope they get some sort of credit as it was truly an amazing score. But my hope really is for Social Network to get the Oscar if for no other reason then to see Trent Reznor at the Oscars.
  • Anonymous
    That is just one slick poster! Equal parts retro and innovative it's just graphically stunning. Very awesome and I think calling this "Dope" sums it up nicely:P
  • Anonymous
    I thought Inception's soundtrack was incredible and then Daft Punk made this. Definite Oscar in my eyes




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