Fantastic 'Man of Steel' & 'Dark Knight Rises' Fan Art Poster Diptych

August 16, 2011
Source: deviantArt

Batman Poster

We've featured plenty of fantastic fan art and posters before, but what I came across today is particularly awesome because it pertains to two highly anticipated upcoming DC Comics projects - Zack Snyder's Man of Steel and Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. As we know, Chris Nolan is actually the link between the two, serving as producer on Man of Steel. Artist Al Pennyworth on deviantArt (via FYMP Tumblr) created two posters that hint at that link as side-by-side they form a spectacular diptych, one for Metropolis in Man of Steel, one for Gotham in The Dark Knight Rises. I just love this, check it out below!

Click on either one to see them full-size over on his deviantArt page. Great work, I really want these printed.

Man of Steel PosterThe Dark Knight Rises Poster

Pennyworth doesn't explain much behind his inspiration, but I'd say it's self-explanatory anyway. I only wish that Superman was a bit more visible on the Man of Steel poster, as I think that's him on top of the globe, but it would've been cooler to see him flying like Bats. He also designed a series of minimalistic posters for Marvel's The Avengers, which simply have an icon for each superhero - they're good, too. I just love that we're seeing fan artwork this fantastic this early on, since Superman: Man of Steel isn't out until June 2013 and The Dark Knight Rises in July 2012. And I love that these two look so perfect side-by-side. I'm sure this is only the beginning of lots of Superman and Batman fan art to come over the next two years.

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  • D Block
    Man! Those must have taken him at least half a dozen minutes to make both those.
    • Ohh come on, it's about the design and look, not the amount of time it takes to create them. Hell, you don't even know that anyway!
      • I grew up around artists. You'd be amazed at how long it takes, meaning: you're right. This didn't get whipped out in 5 minutes. 
        • WMDimes
          Disagree. Been around artists too. Looks like he got married to an idea - the shape of a city, the visual flow of a triangle - and stamped it on two seperate things. And he didn't work on the concept much, because I don't know about you, but when I think Superman I don't think Daily Planet.
      • D Block
        Are you saying it could have taken him less than 6 minutes to make those both? Because I said ≤ 6 minutes to complete. He changed the top of 1 building and pressed ctrl+u in photoshop to change the color of the BG. Color me unimpressed. With that being said I find minimalism to minimally enjoyable.
        • in response to D Block, in terms of production time these posters maybe relatively low, however there is also the creation of the concept to consider. Often people over look this, they simply look at piece of work for its production values, not considering the length of time it takes to think, apply, construct, tinker...etc. Should we create movies/music without planning or preparation? As a creative I would argee to Alex's comments about the superman poster, perhaps the artist would consider putting  something like superman shooting off into the stars leaving a red trail for obvious reasons.  toodles.   
          • TheFireisRising
            I'm sorry sir, but from the outside with little information, it seems rather uninspired. I know people are limited by their resources which can drastically affect an artist's vision. But if it had been the case for me, I would've tried to be more diverse. With literally the same copy and pasted background for each poster, (even with the stars in the exact same place!!) it almost implies both heroes live in the same city. They dont offer any mention of the villians (Where's a refrence to Bane or Catwoman for the Batman poster?) or the heroes. (That little red speck suppose to be Superman?? The Man of Steel?) I think a poster should envoke a feeling or imagery associated with the film. For example, though more professional by far, the official poster for TDKR shows Gotham crumbling in the shape of a Bat symbol, brilliant. We know chaos is in store for us and that Batman will rise or fall to the challenge, the feeling is hopeless and dark and there's a sense of doom. These posters...let's just say they could've used a little more creative thinking. Simple is fine, but make sure there's purpose behind it. Here's to a better TDKR poster...
    • Probably took him all day, if not a few days. I've designed posters and the creative process and the complicated rendering and layering take time. :)
  • lukebanham
    I love the simplistic style of the posters and also the distinct tone difference between the two (colour wise)
    • Dontevenask
      Uhh...distinct tone defference? He just went with a darker shade of blue for the Batman poster. And the light-blue doesn't make me think of superman all too much. Thats like looking at two identical pink flowers with one being a little darker pink than the other 😛
      • jayfive
        one is blue-green and the other is navy. it's not a simple case of just adding black. 
  • I'm confused: do they live in the same city?
  • Lebowski
    Meh, this strikes me as uninspired and lazy. And I don't care how long they took to make, that means nothing. Most of these posters seem to get by on the fact that they are so different from conventional ones. That's fair enough, but there is nothing going on in these two. Some folksy/crafty creased paper and watercolor fuckery, combined with some unsubtle use of negative space. boring.
  • Scott of the Antarctic
    Im all for minimalist posters, but these are..well..less then fantastic.
  • Ross
    Think I'd prefer them without the text, and as said Superman to be more prominent, flying with cape showing the S on the back (although the new moview probably wont ahve an S on the cape i suppose)
  • He could have varied the stars at least. I can see where the appreciation is laid, but it doesn't grasp me hard enough.  Not hating, just having both at the same time seems lackluster. Like how long would it take for him to make a green lantern poster off this?
  • Anonymous
    wait a minute.... MY GOD!!! if my studies are correct, the constellations in the sky are nearly... NAY!...  are completely identical in both Metropolis and Gotham! which can only mean one thing METROPOLIS IS GOTHAM!!! dun dun dun
  • Voice of Reason
    c'mon, FSN. This just reads like a slow news day....or a favor.
    • It's a very slow news week, its been slow since August 1st! :) Not a favor, I just stumbled across these on Tumblr, don't know anyone.
  • Avi
  • Mika
  • TheFireisRising
    A poster is suppose to comunicate a message about the story of a film. What do these posters communicate: That the stars shine the same over Gotham and Metropolis and/or that whoever designed these cities wanted the buildings arranged symetrically? Poor design choice in my opinion, sorry.
    • Yes, but these are NOT official posters. They're just FAN ART, minimalistic fan art, it was designed from the start to include as LITTLE imagery as possible. I just think they're great designs that look great together, they don't HAVE to convey a message. Neither of these movies are out for another year, and we've barely seen ONE poster, so why rag on some fan art this early? Goodness gracious, frickin' cynical bastards.
      • Lerryjee
        LOL... how do you deal with such inanity?
        • TheFireisRising
          Haha, was not expecting that response. Sorry just an opinion
          • No worries, that's totally fine, but just state that you don't like these, don't discredit the art and design in its entirety.
        • Ha who are you asking, me or all the endless people complaining about how bad these posters are? 😉
  • Al_Pennyworth
    Hi Alex, I just got linked to this article for my posters. Thanks for featuring them. I won't go into explaining my designs, I just wanted to thank you for having them up and I appreciate your feedback towards them.
  • Gigerbrick
    Why do I feel the urge to play Dominoes?
  • Croniccris
    i'm all for fan art posters but seriously? these are just stupid...
  • WOOOOOWWWW!! Listen all, these are "teaser posters" just like there's "teaser trailers"..... It's just a nifty and clever design to put in theaters/online to get people thinking about the upcoming movie. Think about it
  • andyc
    So many cynics! I think these fan art pieces are great. They work together to show the duality between Gotham and Metropolis. Whether by laziness or design, the posters would be less effective had the stars been different.




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