First Epic Teaser Poster for 'The Dark Knight Rises' Comes Crashing In

July 11, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises

Are you ready for the first official teaser poster for The Dark Knight Rises? Because it's time. This teaser poster was discovered hidden on the official website and can be seen below. I'm more inclined to call this The Dark Knight Crumbles, more than Rises, but it looks incredibly epic either way. The Dark Knight Rises is once again directed by Christopher Nolan and stars Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anne Hathway, Michael Caine and more. We've been waiting for this poster ever since The Dark Knight ended, and here it finally is, our very first introduction to the world we'll see in theaters next July.

The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Poster

The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled for release from Warner Bros starting July 20th, 2012 next summer. As always, you can find the latest updates by following our TDKR category. Stay tuned for the teaser trailer!

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  • Big Boss
    I'm so ready for this.
  • Donkey
    I just blew my load...... and there it goes again.
  • nerdgasm
  • Zmyrick
    This is one series I wouldn't mind seeing go 6 films.
  • Holy super ominous Batman...I don't know if that poster bodes well for our hero.
  • Anonymous
  • +1 😛
  • Heckle0
    Did he just pull this from Inception?
    • Eric
      Haha.  So true.  The firs thing I thought of when seeing this poster was "Inception"  Sadly I didn't even notice the bat symbol at first 'cause I was too caught up with thoughts of Inception.  Did they plant the idea of batman in my head?!!!!!!!  eep.
  • Anonymous
    Did anyone see the Bat Logo? [/justsayin']
    • The Bat logo.... awesome... super awesome... !!!
  • Scared S#!tless
    I am now the 1,0001 geek that came when they saw this poster.
  • Anon
    batman is gonna get broken. fuck yeah BANE!
  • So awesome can't wait for the teaser trailer this weekend
  • Atg2040
    The Teaser is this weekend?????
    • The one that is supposedly attached to the new Harry Potter film
  • Junior
    This is ONE awesome, creative poster! 
  • Anonymous
    I'm so excited I'm showing up on random sites I don't read just to comment!
    • Alright good catching up with you.
    • Hey I know you from /Film!
      • Anonymous
        You think you know a lot more than you know. (he knows too much, he must be taken care of).
  • Deusdragon
    I just found this little image in the poster.  It obviously means nothing, but it is fun to pretend.
    • Outlaw
      I saw it too.  Pretty sure it's just a fun little easter egg for the fans to find, or maybe something thrown in there by the artist.  Either way, it's perfectly subtle.  Maybe it's there...maybe it's not.
    • Bltzie
      It took me a while! The Superman Logo! haha! great find! 
    • Anonymous
      open to interpretation. Nolan doesn't do easter eggs. 
  • Xerxexx
  • Phil
    Too bad this Batman's nothing more than a vigilante. What happened to the Batman that wasn't just at his physical peak? He's known as the Dark Knight, but he's also known as the world's greatest detective. I hope they have this movie explore that side of Batman and eventually end with him finally filling the role he was meant to have. If any series that almost ruined a superhero had a perfect ending, it was Smallville. Bringing Lex back and erasing his memory to make him the perfect enemy of Clark, bringing in the suit at the perfect time, everything was absolutely perfect. I hope the DKR movie makes up for this not-really-Batman series AND the retarded title through exploring the sides of Batman that made him great.
    • WTF?????
      Dude, what the hell is wrong with you?
      • Buttass
        Yeah man. Are you like, a Burton fan or something too?
    • Ludovico2012
      Bro, he's also a detective in these movies. Remember when he took fingerprints off a chunk of concrete in the tdk? Or when he deduced that it was a gcpd officer with a relative in a hospital who would try to kill that tattle tale dude? Or even in the beginning when he and the police had some kind of sting operation going, feeding marked bills to the mob. All detective work, amigo.
    • Anonymous
      The detective work is shown in very few scenes, the focus is on the plot  .
  • I really like this, absolutely love the lack of title text.
  • tice
    could somebody explain to me why the buildings are crumbling? i don't get it. did bane do that? is it symbolic? of what? an earthquake? i don't get the concept
    • Don't you remember when Ra's al Ghul said to Bruce that the League of Shadows was a group that was set to bring balance to those who become too powerful.  He said they had destroyed cities like Rome and London and was close to destorying Gotham but with economics.  Of course Wayne's father (can't remember his name) stopped the league, and Bruce stopped the league again.  I guess this is the League getting back at the Wayne's.
    • darkobe
      Since the buildings symbolize Nolan's previous film, Inception, this poster represents how TDKR is going to destroy it!                                                               ...... Can't Wait!!!
  • "Rocks fall, everyone dies."
  • tice
    what's that mean? 
  • when you zoom out far enough, it'll start to look like a splat of guano...
  • Besides the bat symbol, not sure what this is inferring, but I like it. Nolan's take on the Dark Knight reminds me so much of Frank Miller's "Year One" (I'm sure he drew from it). It's been enjoyable. I look forward to a solid end of the series.
  • Jericho
    BEST FUCKING THING EVAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • happy camper
    very weak, to much like Inception...
  • Cruzer
    It's a nice poster, but honestly nothing that really catches the eye...
  • Alleycat4444
    is this handdrawn or photoshopped?
  • Leo
    damn it took me a few seconds to notice that bat silhouette ont he buildings... very clever....
  • TTumMM
    Holy SHIT!!!!
  • stfugtfo
  • stfugtfo
    ann hathaway better be at least half naked in this
  • Hmmmmm, Cataclysm much? Look it up.
  • Manuel
    The Lazarus Pit it's boiling. Ra's Al Ghul Rising?
  • tir na nog
    Very nice poster, superman logo on left? a  hint or clever marketing,or neither.
    • Manuel
      haha! I haven't notice that. Good one. 
  • Anonymous
    WHERE ARE THEY?! We have to go deeper for that...
  • Definitely one of the best posters I've seen. Very nice!
  • Neuromancer
    You know a movie series is epic if there's absolutely no need for a large visual title. That and, of course, the many many replies that appear for a poster and an announcement of a teaser trailer ^^
  • Unique Jenique
    why are people saying that it took them "awhile" to find the batman symbol among the buildings? REALLY? Is that not THAT OBVIOUS? It was the first damn thing I saw!
  • JJ KIng
    Amazing! Screams "Epic" and I hate the popular overuse of that word. Oh you better believe the Dark Knight will rise out of this rubble.
  • Anonymous
    The image looks kind of 'Inception-y' ... no?
  • Postogirl
    This film will break it's own opening weekend record!...
  • !5AAK
    Can't effin wait!
  • saw this right here on my phone last night big thanks!!! it looks epic!
  • WB Exec
    Us fanboys just got a little more excited. Cannot wait for the teaster trailer infront of HP7.
  • ThaviusReed
    This is the first poster I've seen where the bat is white...Hmmmm....
  • Nick Dahlberg
    Has anyone noticed that there are hidden images within the teaser poser. Bottom left of the poster you can clearly see the Joker holding up a card!!! Top Right corner you can see Catwoman. Center left you can see a plane of some sorts.
  • Nick Dahlberg
    Has anyone noticed that there are hidden images within the teaser poser. Bottom left of the poster you can clearly see the Joker holding up a card!!! Top Right corner you can see Catwoman. Center left you can see a plane of some sorts.
  • Guest
    Its a rip off. Look:
  • IamNolan
  • Anonymous
    Nolan certainly likes skyscrapers haha 😀
  • KING
    Holy shit batman
  • Ross




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